Stop the drop washcloth
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The claim in the “Stop the Drop Washcloth” in itself is the purpose of the invention. Which is to form a pocket to be utilized by a solid bar of soap and sealed to prevent movement of the soap in a wash cloth. What makes this washcloth different from the conventional washcloth is that it helps eliminate the possibility of the user resulting in bodily injury during a shower or bath from bending or any other unwarranted movement. These movements normally occur when the user tries to retrieve the bar of soap that has slipped out of their hands on to the floor or in the tub. The “Stop the Drop Washcloth” provides that security of the soap.

O'brie, Ramona Lisa (Elkhart, IN, US)
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A47K7/03; (IPC1-7): A47K7/02
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Ramona Lisa O'Brie (Elkhart, IN, US)
1. What I claim as my invention is a washcloth that consists of two pieces of pre-measured and pre-cut fabric that is sewn together creating a pocket or space design specifically for the fitting of a standard size solid bar of soap, with a Velcro fastening. The space of the pocket is sized enough to accommodate an average size bar of soap, and the Velcro fastening is long enough to accommodate the pocket for the sealing of the bar of soap that is to fit in the space.



This invention was created with the purpose of assisting physically challenged people with a safe way of utilizing the washcloth and a bar of soap, while eliminating the probability of having any accidents (do to attempts of retrieving fallen bars of soaps) while sitting or standing. The invention helps eliminate accidents for physically challenge people during bathing or applying any other hygiene care. This invention is called “Stop the Drop Washcloth”. This particular washcloth was designed to prevent the bar of soap from escaping the user's hands during usage. The soap is safely fastened in the middle of the washcloth in a sewn pocket, but allows the soap to produce a sufficient amount of lather out of the washcloth onto the user's body.


The “Stop the Drop Washcloth” provides a person with a solution that in itself helps lower the risk of having accidents resulting from bending or any sudden and unsettled movement while showering or bathing. This was the main purpose of ideal. The injuries normally occur when the person is trying to place the bar of soap on the washcloth while keeping it stationery. During maneuvering as you bathe, the bar of soap is prone to fall down (out of the users hands) onto a slippery surface, which calls for the person to bend or move around resulting in fatal accidents.


The washcloth consists of two pre-measured cuts of cloths that are sewn together forming the pocket. The pocket that is sewn into the washcloth has an opening on one side of it that is positioned horizontally, has a Velcro strip, permitting the bar of soap to be place into or removed out of the pocket.

When you use the washcloth, you open the Velcro strips by pulling them apart in opposite directions creating the opening where you apply the bar of soap into the pocket and reseal the Velcro strips and use as normal. The soap is concealed within the pocket and is stationery by closing the strips. When the user is through performing the bath or shower they simple open the Velcro strips and removes the bar of soap from the pocket. The user can repeat these steps as much as possible. The washcloth is very easy to handle and simple to make.

You take two pre-measured 10 inches width and 10 inches length cloths, (preferably Terry) and separate them individually. Take one cloth; put it aside as you measure your Velcro strips to apply to that cloth. The Velcro strips should be 4 inches long same as the opening of the pocket. Then take the cloth you set aside and base in the top or bottom Velcro strip. By basing the strips it makes them stationery for the machine to sew. For one cloth you need a bushy Velcro strip and needle one to have that adhesive effect on the pocket.

Then you take the other cloth and apply the top or bottom (the opposite) of the Velcro stripping to which you applied to the previous cloth, to form the actual closing effect in the pocket for which the soap is to be applied. After you have applied the Velcro stripping to both cloths, you join both cloths together by fastening the Velcro strips to each other. Now you should have one unit. Then you pin the Velcro stripping individually at the beginning of one strip, then at the end of the same strip, so it is pinned down. Hence, that once you have your Velcro strips pinned in after which have you based them on the cloths, you should have approximately 3 inches on both sides of the strips.

Now you proceed to pin down each corner of the cloths that are together just by the Velcro stripping. Make sure the pins penetrate through the cloths so the cloth can be sewn together to form the washcloth. Now you should have 4 comers plus each side of the strips pinned down. Now to form the pocket in the cloth, as you can see the Velcro strips are horizontally place on the cloth. Thus is the side of the washcloth that will open. At the beginning of the strip, you take a washable marker and draw a vertical line on each end of the Velcro strips that is approximately 6 inches long and then a base line a connecting them at the bottom to form a upward rectangle with the Velcro opening at the top. Then you pin down both comers of the rectangle at the bottom because it is already pinned down at the top by the Velcro strips.

The Velcro opening is the only side of the cloth that doesn't get sewn completely across. The rectangle pocket is sewn first then the 4 comers are sewn together, you can then turn the washcloth inside out, you will hide the sewn stitches but you don't have to you can easily just do like I stated above and leave the stitches visible either way is plausible. There is another line 1 inch, between the pocket line and the side line that is the middle line on each side of the cloth. On the left side of the pocket and the right side of the pocket then there is a line between the base line of the pocket and the bottom line of the washcloth. That is how the “Stop the Drop Washcloth was developed.