Multi-eyeglass holder
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A Multi-Eyeglass Holder for the purpose of hanging or carrying all eyeglasses and other articles such as cell phones, palm pilots and the like, securely in one place. Whether being used to store articles or not, said holder will roll up in a tubular shape for convenient storage in a purse, travel bag, glove box or suitcase.

Boyette, Mary Beth (Wetumpka, AL, US)
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A45C11/04; (IPC1-7): A45C11/04
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1. Flexible material of sufficient size a. Means #1 for securing outer perimeter of said material. b. Means #2 to attach and close top and bottom of said material. c. Fold for closure.

2. The flexible material of claim 1 is made of vinyl. A stitched seam secures the outer perimeter, a second stitched seam is used to join and close top and bottom of said holder.

3. A handle made of flexible material or hard ware, is of sufficient size. a. Means #3 for securing outer perimeter of said handle. b. Means #4 for joining said handle to said holder.

4. The handle of claim 3 is made of vinyl material of sufficient size to wrap over open end of said holder when rolled up in tubular position. A stitched seam secures the outer perimeter. A second stitched seam joins said handle to said holder.

5. Compartments of sufficient size a. Means #5 is to support, and separate said compartments.

6. The compartments of claim 5 are of sufficient size for standard eyeglasses and other standard size articles. Said compartments are separated, and fastened together with a horizontal stitched seam, each side sealed to form the side of the adjoining said compartment.



This invention is directly related to holders and the convenience of having multiple pairs of eyeglasses and other articles contained in one holder.


There are many times when we need to keep up with a number of pairs of eyeglasses and other articles, such as cell phones, Tampax, and the like to go through our day. Particularly, those of us who own more than one pair of eyeglasses, reading glasses and sunglasses are faced with the never-ending challenge of where to store them so they are handy when we need them yet neatly stored out of the way when not needed. While there are individual holders for all the items listed above, we need the convenience of one holder with a plurality of individual holders for items to be contained. This invention does just that.

U.S. Pat. No. 5,673,788 has many ridged walls that form a triangle of protection for containing breakable items. This invention collapses in fold position when not in use. It does not provide the flexibility or portability of the Multi-Eyeglass Holder.

The soft, flexible material used for a Multi-Eyeglass Holder is the secret of said holder's natural pliability and ease of portability. This flexible material allows said holder the ability for roll-up storage anywhere—home, office, automobile, purse, suitcase—while said holder is either filled, partially filled, or empty. Said material makes it simple and easy to quickly slide items in and out of any one of the numerous compartments that make up said holder. There is a handle for carrying or hanging the Multi-Eyeglass Holder. Said holder's simple design and easily acquired materials of composition make manufacturing extremely economical and practical. Further objects and advantages will become apparent from a consideration of the drawings and ensuing description.


A Multi-Eyeglass Holder is manufactured of flexible material. Said material is of sufficient size. The number of compartments desired of said holder determines size. Fold edging of the outer perimeter of said material. Means #1 is used to secure edging. Double said material to create a fold for closure for one side of said holder. Means #2 is used to attach and close bottom of said holder.

A flexible material is used to make a handle. Said material is of sufficient length. Fold edging of outer perimeter of said material. Means #3 is used to secure edging. Means #4 is used to join and attach each end of said handle to said holder. Means #2 is used to attach and close top of said holder. A plurality of compartments is created by a horizontal means #5. Means #5 is used to separate one compartment from another. Said compartment is of sufficient width to contain standard size eyeglass holders, eyeglasses, and other standard size articles. Each compartment is like a pocket: open at one end, closed at the other end. Simply slide eyeglasses or other items in or out, of the open end, of said compartment. Means #5 allows said compartments to pivot independently of each other. Whether in use, partially in use, or not in use, said holder can now roll up in tubular position. Said handle will wrap over said holder when in tubular position to secure items contained within.

Said holder can be made of two or more pieces of flexible material. Means #2 is used for attachment and closure for side, instead of fold used in example, in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 of drawings.

There are a multitude of variations for said holder. Examples for flexible material are leather, vinyl, fur, polyester, cotton, and the like. Different materials can be used for said handle. Examples are rope, hardware, elastic, and the like. Said handle can be relocated on said holder to fit securely on a visor of an automobile. Means for closure such as snaps, Velcro, and the like, can be added at the open end of said compartment. The same means can be added to the body of said holder to secure and close said holder when in tubular position. This particular style will free said handle to be used for convenient carrying or hanging while said holder is in tubular position. Beads, fringe, fur, rhinestones, and the like, can be added for an unlimited number of styles, from fun to sophisticates.


FIG. 1 shows the front view of the Multi-Eyeglass Holder. Shown are the means to secure, join, attach, and close the flexible material. Also shown are a handle, the means for joining said handle to said holder, and several compartments.

FIG. 2 shows an exploded view of flexible material used for said holder. The flexible material is doubled to create a fold for closure to one side of said holder. The outer perimeter is shown before the means to secure the edging are used.

FIG. 3 shows said handle and a means for securing the outer perimeter of material used to make said handle.

FIG. 3A shows an exploded view of the outer perimeter of said handle, before the means to secure edging of said handle are used.

FIG. 4 shows an exploded side view of said holder. While looking through open end of said compartments, the closed end of said compartments can be seen. The last compartment is dotted to show there can be more or less compartments to said holder.

FIG. 5 shows that said holder has pivot action for each of the individual compartments. Shown is said handle wrapped over said holder to secure items within.


20handle22means #1 for securing
24means #5 for separation and closure26fold for closure
28compartment30means #4 for attachment
32means #2 for closure34means #3 for securing
36open end of compartment