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‘TWINUS DE LA BEDDAS’ invention offers several new art disclosures. This invention is made of 2 standard sized baby beds that connects to a large lamp (pole) by metal hinges, which also attaches to the beds mainframe poles, allowing moveable swing in/out motion of the beds. The lamp has many artistic design features, such as impressed picture drawings, a whind-up musical carousel, a eluminating inner light bulb located inside the lamp pole, a safety snap panel, roller wheels, and rubber stoppers to slow movement. The 3 new bed artistic styles are named: ‘Fruit of Passion’, ‘Dove of Peace’, and ‘Independence Baby’. Other forms of this invention include LCD/DVD Computers with Monitors and Shield Accessories, Overlapping Adjustable Bed Rails, Inner Rail Prongs, several drawers that consist of clothing, toys, etc., and a double cubical Dry Ice Refrigerator. Children whom occupy these beds will experience enjoyment, enhancement, comfort, and protection.

Hill, Vonnie Chism (Memphis, TN, US)
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5/2.1, 5/905
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A47D7/00; A47D9/00; A47D15/00; (IPC1-7): A47D7/00
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Vonnie Hill (Memphis, TN, US)
1. “The claims of my invention (‘TWINUS DE LA BEDDAS’) are as follows: It conserves energy and helps prevent electrical waste by use of portable items, and the twin beds itself are nontoxic and nonhazardous if used and installed properly.”

2. “I claim that the ‘Twinus De La Beddas’ invention is child safety proof, that helps to disenable the child/children from physical harm in relation to these twin beds.”

3. ¢The ‘Twinus De La Beddas’ twin bed unit is also claim to be marketable appraised economical for the customer buying costs, in comparison with other new modeled baby beds that are on the same pricing scale and excessory offerings of this bed/s unit itself.”

4. “Both of these twin beds; sold as a unit or sold separately offers increased capable educational advancements,entertainment, excelled mental interlect and viewing pleasures to the child/children whom occupy these twin beds and to the customer (parents/guardians); by the use of the beds encased portable DVD Player or the portable (Laptop/Notebook) Computer Processor, in which the twin bed that the portable Computer Processor occupies; offers a way of communication by way of it's internet, e-mail, and possible voice/picture recognition computer services if there's an electrical power failure.”

5. “This invention offers much needed drawer storage space for the children's many necessity and accessory items; such as; their clothes, shoes, towels, diapers (pampers), toys, dvd's, cd's, comb/brush, baby powder and wipes, etc., in the several drawers that the beds contain that are located underneath it's mainframe (buttom) base.”

6. “One of the greatest items that the ‘Twinus De La Beddas invention offers is the portable (double cubical) Dry Ice Refrigerator, that insulates and temporarily regulates warm and cool temperatures of the babies milk bottles and parrishable foods by the use of dry ice for 6-12 hours; inside of it's stainless steel or plastic/vinyl cubicals, so that the customer (parents/guardians) may serve the babies milk, juice or food items at the temperatures and serving times as desired, when desired, at the babies bedside.”

7. “Most of all this new incredible invention offers Comfort, Peace of Mind, Convenience, Accessibility (of accessing all in one area), and 3 new decorative designs of baby bed furniture styles to the Baby Furniture Industry.”



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The ‘TWINUS DE LA BEDDAS’ (as previously mentioned) will provide for all of the babies comforts, needs and conveniences; all in one place, so that the parents/guardians can care for, attend to, and oversee both babies; in both twin beds; at the same time. Talk about convenience, a peace of mind, and less hassle for the parents and/or guardians, there will be no more long (dark) hallway walks or running up and down the stairs to retrieve baby bottles, food, or other items when unnecessary, and not having to have the babies hugely spaced apart from one another, their beds will be virtually side by side one another (taking up less space inconvenience), and when the home electrical power fails; the babies portable Dry Ice Refrigerator will continue to preserve their milk and food, and their portable Computer Processor will make it possible for the parents/guardians to communicate outside the home for help and current events, news, and forecasts. Besides all of the previously mentioned qualities these twin beds offers, its' also energy efficient, nontoxic, and very much affordable to the general public. The ‘Twinus De La Beddas’ will be sold over the internet (at a reduced price), cable and local T.V., and in children convenient retail Baby (furniture) Stores, nationally (nation-wide); and internationally (foreign and domestic). This invention is also great for the childrens' early education and mental intervention by use of the beds DVD/CD Player and the Combo Computer Processor that plays educational programs over the internet, and on the dvd's and cd's that increases the childs education levels without having to hire an expensive tutor for such learnings. Also, many people and certain qualified studies say that certain types of music can interlectually educate and calm one's nerves; well that's just what the dvd's and cd's will do for both the babies and their parents, intrigue, educate or soothe them right into an amazing awwwe; right from the convenience of the babies/children own (twin) beds. All of these additive comprehensive offerings of the beds will help keep the children whom occupy it exceptionally busy while their parents/guardians are able to take care of other near by tasks or responsibilities that they may have for a short duration. All original purchaser customers of the ‘TWINUS DE LA BEDDAS’ will have a 60 day warranty period from the original purchased date, under normal use and service, against defective workmanship and materials.


What Makes ‘Twinus De La Beddas’ (Baby Twin Beds) so Much Better than any of the Previous Inventions

There are several ways that the newly invention of the ‘Twinus De La Beddas’ (baby twin beds) are different and better than it's predecessor inventions and some of those differences and improvements are: 1. There has never been another furniturized baby twin bed of this outstanding magnitude mass creative (design,accessories, and increased technology intertwined) origin. 2. Speaking of these twin beds correlating with the newly increased up to date technology; these particular twin beds offer splendid viewing and listening pleasures, emergency communication routes, and also, capable increased educational advancements for the early learner and for the more experienced ones, all through the use of the beds' encased portable DVD Player and the portable (notebook) Computer Processor. 3. Next, the portable (temperatured insulator) Dry Ice (double cubical, stainless steel or teflon plastic/vinyl) Refrigerator is enhoused of the bed but underneath the mainframe of Bed # 1 for the usuage of temporarily storing and maintaining the babies/children parrishable milk/food preservation to the temperatures the customer (parents/guardians) desires. 4. These twin beds are made with many adequate storage spaced drawers for the childrens’ clothes, shoes, toys, towels, dvd's, cd's, diapers (pampers), accessories and many more micellaneous items. 5. There is a incredibly beautiful (bed connecting) huge lamp that centered in between both twin beds and it has an amazing musical whind-up carousel and a marvelous enlighted fabulous designed lamp pole that will entreat any child's view. 6. The ‘Twinus De La Beddas’ has 3 remarkable new decorative unique design styles that are somewhat different from the usual designs that are out on the baby furniture market today. 7. Also, the ‘Twinus De La Beddas’ provides an exuberant amount of convenience, accessibility, and entertainment to both the children whom occupy these twin beds and to the customer (parents/guardians) whom want to retreive all things needed in one locatible area. 8. Most of all the these twin beds of the future will provide a hightened Peace of Mind for the customer; of having all of the children's needed conveniences in one place, luxury pleasures and increased knowledge for the children and the customer, the customer will be happier and feel more secure to know that their children will be safe in a child safety proof non-toxic bed, and the beds will still provide a downy soft comfort and sturdy stability for the children to sleep in for many years to come.


The ‘TWINUS DE LA BEDDAS’ (which means twins (us) of the bed(s), which are baby twin beds) is a manufactured composition of matter, state of the art supreme baby beds. These twin beds are two standard sized baby beds that are jointly connected together by a large lamp (pole) that stands in between both beds, causing the beds to vere out in a ‘V’ angle from the lamp pole's front (forward) position. Also, these variably versatile twin beds have many advanced added new features, that no other baby bed has ever had before and some of those features are a Portable DVD Player, a Portable (laptop) detachable Computer Processor, two 15″-17″ LCD T.V. (monitor) screens (one for each of the previously mentioned units), a double cubical Dry Ice (a fixed portable) Refrigerator, a large Toy Trunk Drawer, a Enlighted Lamp (pole), and this is just to name some of the features that the beds and the lamp has to offer. All owners and occupants of the baby twin beds will be greatly satisfied with the product and the conveniences that the beds offer. Some of the many conveniences that the beds offer are education, viewing and listening pleasures of the DVD's, CD's, and Programs that the DVD and (LapTop/Note-book) Computer Processor offers, a charmed view, chimed musical and adjustable well lighted atmosphere that the Lamp/Pole offers, accessibility, peace of mind, relaxing comfort and a most pleasing decorative look that the twin beds (basics) offers, and cool and warm temperatures of parrishable (food) items; from 6-12 hours timing is what the Dry Ice Refrigerator offers. This bed of the twins offers enormous satisfaction and gratification to the children whom occupy the beds and to their parents/guardians; because it has so many features, comforts, and conveniences, and it is made to be child safety proof to secure the child/children from potential health and physical dangers. It's finally here, the baby bed(s) that offer all the conveniences of a baby's needs; all in one place; of one peice of furniture structure. The ‘Twinus De La Beddas’ (twin beds) may also be sold in single units. Meaning one of the twin beds will be sold separately; without the other twin bed and without the lamp, at a reduced; different cost.


All Design Models are the Replication of each other, except for the Design itself All Picture Views are Looked at from forward (front) views unless otherwise stated


1. Floor (Bed Base) Wood Panel

a. This strip of wood is located closest to the floor, underneath the mainframe and at the base of the Dresser Drawers, Dry Ice Refrigerator, and Toy Trunk.

b. The Floor Bed Panels are located on the right and left sides of both twin beds, serving as a (buttom bed base) boarder.

c. This base wood boarder runs 52½ inches wide in horizontal length, across the beds entire side mainframes, in between the headboard and footboard mainframe bed poles and is 3 inches long vertically and about 2 inches thick (from a horizontal side view).

d. The purpose of the Floor (Bed Base) Wood Panel is to give stability to the bed's mainframe structure, also to help hold the Mainframe Structures, Drawers, Dry Ice Refrigerator and Toy Trunk into it's affixed places, and this wood panel boarder addes a decorative touch to the beds complete image.

2. Vertical Divider Strips


(These Measurements are for Both Sides of Both Twin Beds #1 & #2)

a. The measurements for the (Inner) Vertical Divider Strips located between the dresser drawers of the right side of Bed #1 and the left side of Bed #2 are ¾ inches wide horizontally (from the front view), 2 inches (thick) wide; horizontally, from it's side view and about 5 inches long in vertical length. There are 4 of these Vertical Divider Strips of these particular measurements, 1 being over the top of the Horizontal Divider Strip, and 1 being underneath it, (2 being on both beds of these approximated measurements and locations, totalling 4 vertical strips).

b. There are 6 (Outter) Vertical Divider Strips; having 2 apeice located on the left and right sides of Bed #2, which makes 4 and 2 on the right side of Bed #1, all 6 Strips are located on the outter edge of the dresser drawers, one location being between the Mainframe Bed Pole and the (outter) Dresser Drawers/Toy Trunk and the other Strip is between the (outter) Dresser Drawer/Toy Trunk and the Decorative Engraved Wood Panel. These (Outter) Vertical Divider Strips approximated measurements are 1¾ inches wide; horizontally (front view), 9 inches long in vertical length, and 2 inches wide; horizontally (side view).

c. There are 4 (Thin)Vertical Divider Strips of the longer measured version of Strips that are located only on the left side of Bed #1. Of these Thin, Long Divider Strips there are 1 apeice located on each outter side of the Dry Ice Refrigerator which is also the same area as the inner side of the dresser drawers and 1 apeice located on each outter side of the dresser drawers of the left side of Bed #1. The Thin Vertical Divider Strips measures to be approximately 9 inches long of vertical length (front view), ½ inch (thick) wide in horizontal width (front view), and 2 inches (in depth) wide; horizontally (side view).

d. The purpose of the Drawer Vertical Divider Strips are to help give structure and stability to the dresser drawers and to help hold the drawers in an affixed place, and to provide ‘installation’ and spacing in between the drawers and other panelling or poles.

3. Horizontal Divider Strips


(These Measurements are for the Right/Left Sides of Bed #1 and the Left Side of Bed #2)

a. There are 2 of the same kind of (Longer) Horizontal Divider Strips, one being on the right side of Bed #1 and one being on the left side of Bed #2. These Divider Strips run horizontally between the upper and lower sets of drawers that are located beneath the buttom of the mainframe bedding, of the beds dresser drawers.

b. These two of a kind of Horizontal Divider Strips is approximately ½ inch long in vertical length, 2 inches (thick) wide in horizontal width (inner, side view) and 19 inches in horizontal lengthy width (front view), for each of these kind of Strips×2.

c. The third location of Horizontal (Short Length) Divider Strips is on the left side of Bed #2, it's measurements are slightly shorter than the previously mentioned Strips. The (Shorter Length) Horizontal Strips of the left side of Bed #1 are also located between the upper and lower sets of dresser drawers of this side of the bed, on each side of the Dry Ice Refrigerator.

d. The measurements of the (Shorter Length) Horizontal Divider Strips are about 12 inches wide; horizontally (front view), ½ inch long; vertically (front view), and approximately 2 inches wide; horizontally (side view), measurements of Strips×2.

e. The purpose of the drawers Horizontal Divider Strips are to help divide the upper drawers from the lower drawers, to help hold the drawers into an affixed place, and to give framework and structure to these buttom base dresser drawers.

4. Dresser Drawers Face Panel

DESIGN 1, PAGES 1 & 2 FIG. I. & II

(Measurements and Views are for the Right and Left Side if Bed #1 and the Left Side of Bed #2)

a. The front view wood panel covering is the Face of the dresser drawers.

b. The Face of the Dresser Drawers are about 5 inches in vertical length, about 19 ¼ inches wide; horizontally and approximately ¼-½ inch (thick) wide horizontally (side view), for the dresser drawers located on the right side of Bed #1 and the left side of Bed #2. These are the Long Length Dresser Drawer Faces.

c. There are a total of 8 Long Length Dresser Drawer Face Panels (4 of each bed) that are attached to the front of 8 Dresser Drawers, and all Dresser Drawer Face Panels have 2 stainless steel or metal, alluminum or teflon plastic knobs per Face of Drawer attached to it.

d. There are only 4 Short Length Face Panels and they are located on the left side of Bed #1, having 2 on each side of the Dry Ice Refrigerator; covering the fronts of the Short Length Dresser Drawers.

e. The measurements of the Short Length Face Panels are approximately 12½ wide; horizontally (front view), about 5 inches in vertical length and ¼-½ inch thick (wide) horizontally (side view).

f. In total there are 12 Face Panels, 8 Long Length Face Panels and 4 Short Length Face Panels.

g. The purpose of the Dresser Drawer's Face Cover Panels are to provide closure to the dresser drawers so that it may enhouse it's items located within, and the Face gives the dresser drawers it's decorative appeal.

5. Bed Dresser Drawers


(Measurements and Views are for the Right and Left Side of Bed #1 and the Left Side of Bed #2)

a. There are a total of 8 Dresser Drawers with the measurements of 19 inches wide in horizontal width (front view), approximately 4½ inches long in vertical length (front view), and about 14¾ inches (in depth) wide; horizontally (side view), and these dresser drawers with these particular measurements are located only on the right side of Bed #1 and on the left side of Bed #2, with 4 dresser drawers being located on each of these previously mentioned bed sides, totalling 8 drawers.

b. There are 4 Short Length Dresser Drawers that are located on the left side of Bed #1, having 2 dresser drawers on each side of the Dry Ice Refrigerator.

c. The measurements of the Short Length Dresser Drawers are 12 inches wide; horizontally (front view), approximately 4¼ inches long; vertically (front view), and about 14¾ deep of inward horizontal depth (wide; horizontally) side view.

d. The main purpose of the Short Length Dresser Drawers are for small items and accessories storage drawers, for storing items such as hand/wash/drying towels, comb/brush, lotion, powder, diapers (pampers), swabs, shoes, socks, thin covers.

e. The purpose of the other larger 8 Dresser Drawers are basically for storage of the childrens clothes, blankets, and other various; larger micellaneous items.

6. Engraved Decorative Wood Panel (Drawer)


(Measurements and Views are for Both Twin Beds #1 & #2, for Both Left/Right Sides)

a. The Artistic Engraved Decorative Wood Panels are basically a beautiful, thin peice of wood that has art drawings engraved into it's wood, and it used as a covering to cover (hide) the sides of the portable DVD and portable Computer Drawers, so that these sides of the drawers can not be shown, and the Art Wood Coverings adds an beautiful appealing view to the drawers base unit.

b. The Art Engraved Wood Panel Coverings may be found on Bed #1 & Bed #2 right and left sides in between the outter perimeter of the distant dresser drawers and the inner side of the mainframe bed poles, near the footboard side of the bed.

c. The measurements of the Decorative Engraved Wood Panels are about 10 inches wide in horizontal width (front view), 9 inches long in vertical length (front view), and about ½ inch thick (wide); horizontally (from it's side view). It's purpose was previously mention in section a., of this topic.

7. Mainframe Bed Poles


(Measurements and Views are Shown at the Headboard & Footboard of Both Beds)

a. There are 4 Mainframe Bed Poles that are the main (bed unit) structure poles that stabilize and structure the bed, helping to hold the bed together as a complete unit.

b. The Mainframe Bed Poles are located at the (front and back) Headboard and Footboard corners (outter edges) of both beds. In all there are 8 of these Bed Poles, 4 per bed×2 beds.

c. The measurements of the Mainframe Bed Poles are 3 inches of horizontal width (front and rear view), 1½ inches (thick) wide; horizontally (side view), and approximately 41½ inches long in vertical length (front view, rear view).

d. These Mainframe Bed Poles are attached to the beds mobile roller wheels, which will be mentioned about in the next topic.

e. The purpose of the Mainframe Bed Poles are as previously mentioned, to help hold the beds frames together as a complete unit; giving structure to the beds, and to stabilize and support the beds entire bed frame unit.

8. Mainframe Bed Pole Roller Wheels

DESIGN 1, PAGES 1,2, & 3, FIG. II & XXIV

(Measurements and Views are Shown at the Buttom of the Headboard & Footboard Mainframe Bed Poles of Both Beds Bed #1 & Bed #2)

a. There are 8 Mobile Roller Wheels in total, having 4 Roller Wheels per bed×2 beds, and these Roller Wheels are attached to the buttom of the Mainframe Bed Poles, which are located on the (outter) corners of the Headboards and Footboards, for the purpose of giving the entire bed unit mobilization.

b. The approximated measurements of the beds Roller Wheels are about 1 inch in vertical length (circumference view), 2 inches wide; horizontally (front and back side view) and 1½ inch thick (wide); horizontal (vertical front and back view).

9. Adjustable & Unadjustable (Fixed) Mainframe Bar (Railings) & Stationary Prongs

DESIGN 1, PAGES 1,2,3 & 7 FIG. I,II, & XXIV

(Measurements and Views are for Both Beds #1 & #2, and for Both It's Right and Left Sides)

a. The first thing I would like to mention are the measurements of Mainframe Bars as a individual tool, not as a complete railing set, as of yet. The measurements of the Unadjustable Individual Vertical Mainframe Bars that are located on the right side of Bed #1 and the left side of Bed #2; are approximately ¾-1 inch wide in horizontal circumference width (full encircled view), about 25½ inches long of vertical length (full encircled view), and about ½-¾ inch thick (wide); horizontally (circumference, full encircled view). These Mainframe Fixed Bars are spaced approximately 2-2¼ inches (horizontally) apart from one another, and this goes the same for the spacing between all the Vertical Mainframe Bars of both twin beds, Beds #1 and #2, around the complete entire bed.

b. Now, let's look at these Unadjustable Mainframe Bars as a one structure Bar Railing unit (that comes in 1 whole sectional peice) instead of as Individual Bars. As, a unit it still has the same bar and space measurements as the individual bars, but as a unit it's one complete, Fixed (permanent), Unadjustable Mainframe Bar Railing that extends out 52½ inches in lengthy width; horizontally (front view). This structure is acheived as 1 unit is by having 2 (Fixed) Horizontal (Individual) Bars, that measures to be 52½ inches wide (long); horizontally (front view), 1¼ inches long; in vertical length (front view), and ¾ inches (thick) wide; horizontally (side view); one Horizontal Bar is attached over the top and the other is attached under the buttom of the Individual Unadjustable Vertical Bars (that was previously mentioned, above) and all this makes up one whole side of the bed's mainframe, which is on the right side of Bed #1 and the left side of Bed #2, keeping in mind the previously mentioned measurements of the Vertical and Horizontal Bar/Railings combining as a unit. These particular measurements of these particular sides of the beds, of Beds #1 and #2 are known as the Longer Length Unadjustable Mainframe Bar/Railings.

c. On the left side of Bed #1 and on the right side of Bed #2 are the shorter version of the Unadjustable (Fixed) Mainframe (Individual) Bars and Bar Railings. These Fixed (permanent) Individual Bars and as Bar Railings are located as a 2nd set of Bars/Bar Railings, beneath the Upper Adjustable Mainframe Bar/Railing (short version) on the left side of Bed #1 and the right side of Bed #2. This 2nd set of Fixed Unadjustable Mainframe Bar Railings of both beds have 4 small protruding (hard teflon) plastic or metal prongs, per bed, per 2nd set of Fixed Mainframe Bar Railing, totalling 8, that are about an ½ inch in diameter and length that are located at the ends of this 2nd set of Fixed Horizontal Bar Rails, which are located over the top and under the buttom of the Individual (short length) Vertical Bars, making this Bar Railing structure to become one unit.

d. These ½ inch length and diameter prongs fits into 8 (small) engrooved openings that are about ½ inch and 3 mm in (circumference) diameter and length, having 4 per 2nd set of Mainframe Bar Railing, on the left side of Bed #1 and 4 on the right side of Bed #2, and these engrooved openings are made (drilled) into the inner sides of the Mainframe Bed Poles that are located at the corners of the Headboard and the Footboard. The engrooved openings holds the protruding prongs into place, stabilizing the Mainframe Bar Railing Unit to remain affixed (still) in one immoveable place.

e. When the child/children grow older the Adjustable & Unadjustable Mainframe Bar Railings of the left side of Bed #1 & the right side of Bed #2 can be detached and removed, so that the child may be able to get in and out of bed on their own freely.

f. The measurements for the 2nd set of Unadjustable Mainframe (Individual Vertical and Horizontal) Bars and it's Bar Railing as a Unit are as follows; the small Individual Vertical Bars of this 2nd set Unadjustable Mainframe (short length) Bars that are located on the left side of Bed #1 and the right side of Bed #2 measurements are 9½ inches long in vertical length (circumference, encircled view), ¾-1 inch wide; horizontally (circumference, encircled view), and ½-¾ inches (thick) wide; horizontally (circumference, side view). These Individual Vertical Bars of the 2nd set of Unadjustable Mainframe Railing are attached to 2 Individual (Fixed) Horizontal (long length) Bars, that measures to be (the same measurements as previously mentioned for the Horizontal Bar) 52½ inches wide (long); horizontally (front/rear view), 1¼ inches long in vertical length (front/rear view), and ¾ inches thick (wide); horizontally (side view). One of these Horizontal Bars is attached to the top of the Individual Vertical Bars and the other Horizontal Bar is attached to the buttom of the Individual Vertical Bars, and this makes up the 2nd set Unadjustable Mainframe Railing Unit, and this whole unit structure is located between the Mainframe Bed Poles of the Headboard and the Footboard. Also this 2nd set of Unadjustable Mainframe Railing and the 1st set of Adjustable Mainframe Railing Unit are located on the left side of Bed #1 and the right side of Bed #2, both face each other because they are located on the inner sides of both beds, that vere into an ‘V’ towards each other so that parents/guardians can stand in between both beds and raise and lower either Adjustable Mainframe Bed Railing Unit, of either bed; in order to conveniently attend to the children whom are located in their beds.

g. On the left side of Bed #1 and the right side of Bed #2 there are 4 Horizontal Bars per bed, totalling 8 in all, of these particular bed sides. I'm going to give the factors for the measurements and locations of only one bed (Bed #1), but these same factors and measurements stands the same for the other twin bed (Bed #2). On the left side of Bed #1 and the right side of Bed # 2 the first horizontal bar shown is the ‘Upper (Top) Adjustable Horizontal Bar’ that has the measurements of 50 inches wide; horizontally (front/rear view) and has 2 (1¼) inch metal/plastic prongs attached to it's sides, now measuring to be 52½ inches wide as one full width structure, 1¼ inches long in vertical length (front/rear view), and about ¾ inches (thick) wide; horizontally (side view), which is located approximately 1½ vertical inches down from the Headboard/Footboard Upper Curved (Top) Wood Panel that also lies between the Headboard and Footboard Mainframe Bed Poles. ‘The Upper (Top) Adjustable Horizontal Bar’ Railing Unit is just what it states, it's adjustable, enabling the entire Mainframe Adjustable Bar Railing Unit to move up and down, so that the parents/guardians can reach over into the bed with ease, when handling the baby. Down under the Upper (Top) Adjustable Horizontal Bar (that enhouses the beds Adjusting Lifting Lever Squeezable Prongs that makes it possible for the bed's Bar Railing Unit to lift up and down) is the ‘Upper (1st Set) of (Individual) Vertical Bars’ that measures to be ¾-1 inch wide; horizontally (circumference, front/back encircled view), ½-¾ inches thick (wide); horizontally (side views) and approximately 12¼ inches long; vertically (circumference, encircled view). Now, the buttom of the (Top) 1st Set of the Individual Vertical Bars is attached to the (1st) ‘Middle Adjustable Horizontal Bar’, which also measures to be 50 inches wide; horizontally (front/rear view) with the two 1¼ inch horizontally long width prongs that has the same diameter, now extending the entire horizontal width of the full unit to 52½ inches wide; horizontally (front/rear view), and the exceptional change in both of the (1st and 2nd) Middle Horizontal Bars vertical length is now only 1 inch long, but the location is still the same as the other Horizontal Bars, which is between the Headboard and Footboard Mainframe Bed Poles, and for the record that's the location of all the Mainframe Horizontal and Vertical Bar (Railings), with the exception of the Headboard/Footboards (own) Bars. Next there is a small 3-4 mm spacing between the 1st Middle Adjustable Horizontal Bar and the 2nd Middle Unadjustable Horizontal Bar. The ‘2nd Middle Unadjustable Horizontal Bar’ is located under the interspacing of the 1st Middle Adjustable Horizontal Bar, which is connected to the entire Upper Mainframe Adjustable Bar Railing Structure Unit. Therefore the 2nd Middle Unadjustable Horizontal Bar is approximately 14½ inches down vertically from the very Top Upper Adjustable Horizontal Bar. The ‘1st Middle Adjustable Horizontal Bar, the 2nd Middle Unadjustable Horizontal Bar’ and the ‘Lower (last) Unadjustable Horizontal Bar (that's located beneath the 2nd set of Vertical Unadjustable Bars), have the exact same same measurements, which have been previously mentioned slightly earlier in this section, of section g.

h. The (Upper) Adjustable (Bar) Bed Rail Structure Unit is moveable, and can be mobilized by lifting and extending up and over the (Lower) Unadjustable (Bar) Bed Rail Structure Unit for the parents/guardians bed entrances conveniences.

i. The purposes of these Adjustable and Unadjustable Horizontal and Vertical Bars and it's entire Railing Units are for several reasons and those are: 1. Actively Mobilizing the Bed Rail Adjustable Unit to an up and down position for convenience

2. Provide Encasement and Enclosure for safety, protection, and security reasons.

3. Help to give the Beds a Stable Sturdy Structure for endurance and durability.

10. Headboard/Footboard Upper Curved Headrest (Podium) Wood Panel


(Measurements & Views are for Both Beds #1 & #2 Headboard & Footboard)

a. The purpose for these particular (designed curved style) wood panels that are located at the very tops of the Headboards/Footboards Mainframe are there to help hold, combine/unite, and give structure to the beds headboard unit structure and the footboard unit structure, helping to make it one total unit.

b. This decorative peice of curved wood panel structure that uniquely designed, measurements are approximately 31 inches long/width of horizontal width (front/back view), 1½ inches long in vertical length (all sides view), and 1½ inches thick (wide); horizontally (side view).

c. These Curved Headboard/Footboard Wood Panels are positioned over the tops of the Headboard/Footboard Mainframe Bed Bars, which holds these Bars into it's affixed positions within the framework alignment of the bed unit.

11. Headboard/Footboard Mainframe Bed Bars


(May be Viewed for Both Beds Headboards/Footboards)

a. The measurements for these particular Individual Bed Bars are approximately ¾-1 inch in diameter (thickness); circumference/horizontally (encircled view), about 26-29 inches long in vertical length (encircled view, all sides), and 1 inch wide in horizontal width (encircled/side view).

b. These Headboard/Footboard Mainframe Bars are located at the headboard and footboard, underneath and attached to the Upper Curved Wood Panels and these Individual Headboard/Footboard Bars extend down to the Footboard's solid peice of Wood Panel Divider and to the Headboard's Decorative Engraved Wood Panel structure, therefore the bars are sandwiched in between these two structures; making it one complete unit structure.

c. The purpose of the Headboard/Footboard Mainframe Bed Poles is to help enhouse, enclose the child within the bed for safety and protection reasons, mainly to keep the child from falling out of the bed and implementing physical harm to him or herself.

12. Footboard Divider Wood Panel


(Measurements and Views are for Both Beds #1 & #2 Footboards)

a. This solid peice of wood panel is used to encase the Individual Footboard's Bars into it's engrooved holes affixing the Bars into an immoveable steadfast position, and this particular wood panel is also used as a divider peice of wood separating and giving space between the DVD Drawer or the Computer Drawer and the Individual Footboard Bars

b. Therefore the Footboard Divider Wood Panel is located beneath and attached to the Individual Footboard Bars of the Footboard Mainframe Unit Structure, and above the DVD Drawer (of Bed #1) and the Computer Drawer (of Bed #2).

c. The measurements of the Footboard's Wood Panel are approximately 3-3½ inches long; vertically (front/back view), about 26 inches wide; horizontally (front/back view), and ¾ inches thick (wide); horizontally (side view).

13. Decorative Engraved Headboard Wood Panel


(Measurements and Views for Both Beds Headboards)

a. The Engraved Decorative Headboard Wood Panel is located and attached to the buttom of the Individual Headboard Bars of the Headboard Mainframe Unit Structure, in which the Individual Headboard Bars are engrooved into affixed position in the top of the Decorative Engraved Headboard Wood Panel. This Engraved Headboard Wood Panel is the base part of the Headboard's entire Mainframe Unit Structure, between the 2 of the Mainframe Bed Poles of the headboard.

b. The measurements of the Engraved Headboard Wood Panel are for the first vertical length of 3 inches is solid plain wood that's 1 inch thick (wide); horizontally (side view), and 26 inches long width; horizontally (front/back view), after the first 3 inches of vertical length it extends down another 12½ inches of vertical length (totalling 15½ inches) (front/back view) and the wood becomes thinner; measuring only ¾ inch thick (wide); horizontally (side view), but still maintaining the 26 inches wide; horizontal width (front/back view). After the first 3 inches of solid 1 inch thick wood panelling, beginning at the top point of when the wood becomes thinner of ¾ inches thick is when the decorative engraved or impressed art drawing are made or impressed in the wood of about ½ inch thick (art engraved impressions).

c. The purpose of the Decorative Engraved Headboard Wood Panel is to help give the bed support, attachment and structure, helping to hold this end of the bed unit together as one. This beautifully decorated Engraved/Impressed Headboard Wood Panel also gives the bed an fabulous, beautiful, glorifying, stylish view for all to see.

14. Sqeezable, Adjustable Bed Rail Levers with Inner Rail Prongs & (Hard) Plastic Bed Plates


(Measurements and Views are for the Left side Upper Mainframe of Bed #1 and the Right Side Upper Mainframe of Bed #2)

a. The Squeezable Adjustable Bed Rail Levers and it's Inner Prongs are made of stainless steel or metal, or aluminum, or a hard teflon type plastic. The Levers and the Prongs are made as one continuous unit (all in the same).

b. The Inner (Long) Prongs of the Squeezable Adjustable Bed Rail Levers are located inside of the Upper (Top) Horizontal (Wood) Bars and these previously mentioned Squeezable Levers are located on the outside of the Upper (Top) Horizontal (Wood) Bar, but still connected to the Inner Prongs as one continuous (inner, protruding outward) unit. Once again all of these items mentioned are located on the left side of Bed #1 and the right side of Bed #2. So, the look of this one long continuous unit of a Squeezable Adjustable Bed Rail Lever and it's Inner (long length) Prong is horizontally long width. In total there are 2 Inner (Long) Prongs, 1 on each side of the centered Lever.

c. When the Squeezable Adjustable Levers are squeezed by the customers hands the Inner Prongs are contracted out of it's approximately ½ inch diameter orifice (hole) that's located in the (wood) Headboard/Footboard Mainframe Bed Poles, and lifted upward by the customer, lifting the entire Upper Mainframe Bedframe, up and over the Lower half Mainframe Bedframe of the left side of Bed #1 and the right side of Bed #2, in order to lower the Bed Railing and reach in and properly handle the baby. There is only one Lever per bed.

d. The Inner Prongs glide (slide) through an (teflon) plastic surface called Bed Plate that's made onto the Headboard/Footboard Mainframe Bed Poles, surrounding the orifice (holes). This allows the Prongs to easily move up and down the Bed Poles for the raising and lowering purposes of that entire side Mainframe Bed Rail Unit. Once the Inner (Long) Prongs have been lowered to it's full length of approximately 14¾ inches, it reinterlocks into another orifice (hole) of the same previously size and status, lining up evenly with the 2nd(lower) Mainframe Bed Rail Unit, beginning at the 2nd Middle Unadjustable Horizontal Bar.

e. On the lower sides, near the buttom of the 1st Middle Adjustable Horizontal Bar are 2 small Short Length Prongs that are about ½ inch in diameter (circumference), and about ½ inch and 3 mm long in protrusion length. These Short Length Prongs also slide along the Inner Plastic Bed Plates (that are located on the Inner Bed Poles of the Headboard/Footboard) when the Lever is squeezed and the Upper (Long) Prongs are contracted out of it's orifice and slide along the Plastic Bed Plate. These Short Length Prongs are attached on and made into the outter sides of the 1st Middle Adjustable Horizontal Bar, having only 2 of the Short Length Prongs per bed in this mentioned location.

f. The Plastic Bed Plates are approximately 15-14¾ inches long; vertically (front view) and approximately 1¾ inches wide; horizontally (front view), and made of a hard teflon type of plastic. These Bed Plates have hallowed openings engrooved into it, approximately ½ inch deep for the purpose of the Long and Short Length Prongs to easily slide within it, up and down. The Bed Plates are held steadfast to the Bed Poles by ½ inch diameter screws and the Plates have deep curvatures where the prongs designated stopping points are suppose to be, so when the Prong sets have come to it's stopping points it is encurved into this deep narrow curvature so that it is basically affixed for temporary nonmovement of that side of the bed Mainframe Structure Unit.

g. The measurements and view stances of the Inner (Long) Prongs are approximately 26 inches long on each side of the Lever, totalling 52 inches in horizontal length for the both; (front views), and about ¼-½ inches thick (wide) in diameter (encircled, circumference view). The Squeezable Lever is about ½ inch thick (wide); horizontally (side view), 3½ inches long in vertical length (front/back view), and 2½ inches wide in horizontal width (front/back view).

h. The general purpose of the Levers, Prongs, and the Bed Plates are for protracting and contracting (in and out) of orifices (of the Levers and Prongs). The affixed Bed Plates are to enclose and stabilize the Prongs so that it can slide up and down only in one directional way. The Levers are for adjusting the raising and lowering of the Upper Mainframe Bed Railing Unit, because when squeezed and simutaneously moved up or down it allows adjustable movement of the entire Bed Rail Frame Unit of that particular side of the bed's Upper Mainframe level. All of the previously mentioned items such as the Long and Short Prongs, Squeezable Levers, and Plastic Bed Plates are all located on both the left side of Bed #1 and the right side of Bed #2.

15. Drawer Face Cover Decorative Engraved Wood Panel of the DVD & Computer Drawers


(Measurements and Views are for Both Beds #1 & #2, Beneath the Upper Mainframe Footboards of Both Beds, at it's Buttom Base)

a. The Front of the Decorative Engraved Wood Panel Facing of the DVD and Computer (enhousing) Drawers have the same measurements and views, and it measures to be about 12½ inches tall; vertically, and approximately 26 inches wide; horizontally, (both front views), and about ¾ inches thick (wide); horizontally (side view). The (pictured) Art Engravings, or Art Impressed into the Wood is engraved or impressed about ½ inch deep into the wood.

b. This Front Engraved/Impressed Drawer Panel can let up or down using it's protracting and contracting lower, base metal coiled spring. When the Engraved Panel is in an (upward) closed position; it's held into it's affixed closed position by a small Squeezable V shaped Protruding metal or (teflon) plastic Prong that's about ¼ inch diameter (circumference/front view) and ½ inch long; horizontally (side view) and this Squeezable V shaped small Prong fits into about an 2-3 mm opened (snug) slit thats made into the Upper Solid Wood Divider Panel. Also, there are 2 small narrow Magnets attached on the inner ends of the inner part on each side of the Engraved (DVD/Computer) Drawer Panel for the extra affixiation of the secure closure of the Drawer's Panel to the Drawer's (front) Unit Structure. Therefore, when one is wanting to open and retract the Engraved Front Panel in order to display and properly operate the Portable DVD base unit and the Portable Computer Processer, the only thing they would have to do is to slightly squeeze on the V shaped protruding Prong (to loosen it in the slit) then pull (giving a slight pulling yank) to ungrip the Magnets from it's place and removing the Prong out of it's slit enclosure.

c. The above mentioned process is done and created for child safety and the technical equipment security reasons, and the Engraved or Impressed Art Work gives these Front DVD/Computer Drawer Panels enhanced beautiful decorations to view, and these particular Panels also gives it's attached drawers a full closure.

16. Drawers of the Base Units of the Portable DVD Player & the Portable (Laptop/Notebook) Computer Processor


(Measurement/Views are for Both Beds 1 &2 at the Buttom Base of the Footboards)

a. The purpose of the DVD and the Computer Base Unit Drawers are to safely and securely enhouse and enclose these 2 units of highly, expensive technical equipments, so harm (damage) will be limited to it, and it will not help cause any harm and these drawers are also used to enhouse any wiring connections from the LCD (DVD/Computer) T.V. Monitor that's located in the Upper Footboard Mainframe to the DVD/Computer base units that's located on the inside of these drawers.

b. The measurements and views of these particular drawers are approximately 24½ inches wide in horizontal width (front/back view), about 12 inches long in vertically (front/side/back views), and 10 inches in depth; horizontal (s. view).

c. The DVD/Computer Base Unit Drawers are located underneath the Mainframe Footboard at it's (buttom) base and between both Bed Poles of each end of the Footboard at the rear of the beds.

17. Mattress


(Measurements for Mattress of Both Beds #1 & #2)

a. The Mattress is located in the center of each bed upon the bed's metal boxspring, in between the right and left Mainframe Unit Structures, and between the Headboard and Footboard.

b. The measured Mattress measures to be a standard size mattress of 51-52 inches long in vertical length (front (top) view, back (buttom) view and side view), about 27½ inches wide in horizontal width (front (top) view, and back (buttom) view) and approximatimately 5 inches thick in vertical (depth) length (side view).

c. The purpose of the Mattress is for the comfort, resting, and sleeping pleasures of the child/children whom occupy the bed/beds.

18. Metal or Aluminum Bed Boxspring


(Measurements & Views are for Both Beds #1 & #2 Boxsprings of the Mattress)

a. This Boxspring can be made of metal or aluminum qualities, and it is used for the purpose of holding, stabilizing, and securing the mattress that lays on top of it, so that the child may lay or sit safely and comfortablly; while resting in the bed.

b. The Boxspring; like the Mattress; is located in the very center of the entire bed's frame structure; at it's lower level. Therefore by looking at the Boxspring, you will see it being located in between the Headboard and Footboard and also in between the right and left Mainframe Bar Bed Rail Structure Units.

c. The Boxspring has 4 metal/aluminum Attachment Holders that's approximately 1½-2 inches long, curved; vertically, having 2 each; located on each end of the Boxspring. These 4 Attachment Holders of the Boxspring are screwed into the (buttom) Headboard and Footboard Solid Wood Panels and they help secure and hold the Boxspring to the Bed Structure for firm stability and affixation.

d. The measurements of the Boxpring is approximately 48-52 inches long in vertical length (front,back, and side view), about 27½-28½ inches wide; horizontally (front/back view), and approximately 1-1½ inches in thickness; in vertical (depth) (side view, encircled, circumference view) length.

19. Bed Dresser Drawer (Lower) Wood Slat's & (Upper) Metal or Aluminum Slat's


(Measurements and Views are for Both Beds #1 & #2 at the Buttom (Base) of the Dresser Drawers)

a. The Wood Slat's are approximately ¾ inches tall in vertical height (side views). There is one long Centered (flat leveled) Wood Slat that's only about ½ inch tall; vertically (side view) and 1 inch wide; horizontally (side view), and it runs right down the middle of the Dresser Drawer Compound and it's vertical length is about about 52½ inches long, having the first 42 inches extend from the the Headboard and run all the way across til it reaches the beginning point of the Decorative Engraved Panel where it's last 10½ (vertical length) inches become upraised to a height of ¾ inches vertically high (as previously mentioned) in a domed triangular shape, so that the DVD or Computer Drawers can slide over this particular (part of the) slat. This Centered (partially flat and partially raised) Wood Slat is located on the floor base of the Dresser Drawer Compound.

b. There a total of 8 smaller and shorter; raised leveled domed triangular shaped Dresser Drawer Wood Slat's per bed, having 4 on the right side of each bed and 4 on the left side of the bed for each Dresser Drawer, except for the right side of Bed #2, where there is only a Toy Trunk Drawer, no Dresser Drawers. Therefore, in grand total there are 12 Dresser Drawers for both of the Beds (of Bed #1 and Bed #2). The measurements for these Shorter (Dresser Drawer) Wood Slat's are ¾ inches in vertical (length) height (all around, encirlced view), 1 inch wide; horizontally (front and back view), and approximately 15 inches long in vertical length (side views).

c. These Shorter (Dresser Drawer) Wood Slat's are attached to the Long Centered (Flat/Raised) Wood Slat and the Shorter Slat's vere off of the Centered Long Slat in (east and west) opposite directions.

d. The other Centered Long Flat Wood Slat is located on the Upper Lever of Dresser Drawers that's connected to the Horizontal Divider Strips (in between the Dresser Drawers). The difference between the Centered Long Flat Wood Slat and the Centered Long (Flat/Raised) Wood Slat is that the Centered Long Flat Wood Slat continues to remain flat of only ½ inch in vertical height, it does not raise to a higher height at its end, but all of it's shorter slat connections and everything else concerning this object remains the same. Both the Upper and Lower Wood and Metal/Aluminum Slat's presence are hid mainly by the Drawers, the Headboard and the Footboard.

e. The Overlapping Metal or Aluminum made Slat's are attached to the buttom of the Dresser Drawers and are hollowed out in it's center for the purpose of fitting snuggly over the Wood Slat's for easy sliding purposes. The measurements of these Overlapping Metal/Aluminum Slat's are approximately 1 inch to 1 inch and 2-3 mm wide; horizontally (front/back view), and about ½-¾ inches of vertical height (side views).

f. The purposes of all the Slat's, both the Wood and the Metal or Aluminum Slat's are for the easy sliding purposes that they give when connectively sliding over one another, and it helps the Dresser Drawers and Other Drawers to slide very easy, in and out.

20. Cool/Warm Dry Ice Refrigerator

DESIGN 1, PAGES 2,5, & 10, FIG. II,XI, & XXIV

(Measurements and Views are for the Left Side of Bed #1 Base Level)

a. The purpose of the Dry Ice (Insulator) Refrigerator (double cubical unit) is to regulate and help insulate cool and warm temperatures to the parrishable food, milk and juice items that's stored inside it's binary compartments, for up to 6-12 hours at a time. Now, customers (parents/guardians) can keep foods, milk/juice, and medications cool in the Dry Ice Refrigerator Cool Side Cubical when wanting to leave these particular items and others, in temporary storage of the cubical for near future use, or the baby's jar foods and bottled milk can be stored in, on the Warm Side Dry Ice Refrigerator Cubical to help these items and others to remain warm for current usage or very near future use.

b. Both of the Dry Ice Refrigerator Cubicals have an great amount of adequate space that's useful for several needed items to be temporary stored. It does not matter which cubical is used for the cold side or the warm side, because which ever side a cool dry ice pak will be stored in, then that particular side will be cool and the same goes for if it's a warmed dry ice pak to be stored in a cubical.

c. In order for a dry ice pak to cool or warm inside the cubicals, a dry ice pak has to be placed in the freezer until frozen then placed inside of the Stainless Steel or Vinyl/Plastic Dry Ice Refrigerator Cubical and this insulating cubical will keep it's stored items cooled for several hours, especially if more than one frozen dry ice pak is stored inside of the cubical. This is also true for the heated warm dry ice pak, if the dry ice pak or paks are heated in the microwave then placed inside of the cubical (insulating) unit, the cubical will keep it's stored items warm for several hours to come.

d. The Dry Ice Refrigerator is located at the buttom base of the bed, on the left side of Bed #1, in between the two sets of Dresser Drawers. This small/medium unique double cubical, temporary warm/cool temperatured insulating refrigerator makes accessibility of some of the baby's foods, milk and juices very convenient by being able to store some of these needed items in one near-by, local area for easy reach, and this 1 refrigerator serves it's purpose for both babies in both beds.

e. The measurements and views of the entire Dry Ice Refrigerator Unit are 16½ inches in width; horizontally (front/back view); which includes it's ½ inch Steel or (teflon, hard) Plastic/Vinyl Strip that is in between the two cubicals in order to help regulate each cubical's temperature own differential variations. Therefore, of the other previous mentioned 16 inches of the (16½ inches); the cubicals measure to be only 8 inches of horizontal width apeice, totalling 16 inches, both together. The cubicals are also 14 inches of inward depth width; horizontally; for each cubical (side views), and 9 inches, each, of vertical length (all sides, circumference views).

f. At the buttom base of the Stainless Steel or Plastic/Vinyl Dry Ice Refrigerator is an Stainless Steel (flat, thin) Overlay Sheet. This Stainless Steel Overlay Sheet overlay's over a ¾ inch thick (long) in vertical length (all sides) peice of flat surfaced wood that sit's or is positioned under the Dry Ice Refrigerator Unit, to help insulate the cool and warm temperatures of the refrigerator unit from underneath it's buttom and so that the refrigerator does not damage it's underlying or surrounding wood in any way. Also, the Stainless Steel Overlay Sheet and it's underlying Wood other measurements and views are approximately 16½ inches wide in total horizontal (front view, back view) width, and about 14¾ inches of inward depth width; horizontally (side views). Although, this Stainless Steel Sheet lyes under the Dry Ice Refrigerator, it and it's attached underlying wood is attached up against the inner side of the Floor (base boarder) Panel and attached to the wood structure of the (buttom) Bed Dresser Drawer Wood Slat's.

21. Toy Trunk Drawer


(Measurements and Views are for the Right Side of Bed #2 Base Level)

a. The Toy Trunk Drawer is located underneath the Mainframe Bed Rail Structures of the Upper Bed Unit on the right side of the bed of Bed #2 lower, buttom, base level, next to the Decorative Engraved Wood Panel, being separated only by a ½-1 inch Vertical Divider Strip that's on each side of the Toy Trunk Drawer.

b. The measurements and views for the Toy Trunk Drawer are approximately 14¾ inches of inward, in depth horizontal width (side views), 9 inches long of vertical length (all sides, circumference view), and about 39 inches wide; horizontally (front/back views).

c. The Toy Trunk Drawer will be used for storing (putting away) a moderate amount of the childrens small to medium sized toys. There is only 1 Toy Trunk Drawer that will be used for both of the childrens usage, and as previously stated it is located only on the right side of Bed #2, in this one location.

22. Footboard Encasement & The Computer/DVD T.V./LCD (Monitor) Viewing Screens & It's Protective Covering & Lachet (Snap) Lock


(Measurements and Views are at the Footboards of Both Beds #1 & #2)

a. The LCD (T.V.) Monitor Solid Wood Encasement will begin approximately 3-5 inches down from the buttom of the top curved beveled wood panel of the Footboard (which begins at the top of the Individual Bed Bars). The LCD Viewing Monitor is centered right in the middle of the Footboard's entire upper frame structured unit.

b. The LCD (T.V.) Monitor Solid Wood Encasement is approximately 1-2 inches thick (wide/depth); horizontally (side views) and it has an in depth; inner hallow (spaced) area that's about 2-3½ inches of horizontal side view inner depth for the Screen Monitor to snuggly fit inside of, and the Encasement is approximately 14½-19½ inches long; vertically (circumference view, all sides views); and this includes the size (length) of the LCD Monitor and it's accessories, and the ½-1 inch spacing that's above and below the Monitor. Next, is the 2 inches of Solid Wood Encasement above the LCD (T.V.) Monitor and the 3 inches of Solid Wood Encasement below the Viewing Monitor. Last, this Solid Wood Encasement is about 14-18 inches wide in horizontal width (front and back views); and this includes the ½-1 inch spacing on the sides of the Monitor within the Encasement. On both sides of the Solid Wood Encasement that's located at the sides of the LCD (T.V.) Viewing Monitor are 3-5 inch wide Engraved Solid Wood that has the Roman Column look appeal to it. These Engraved Decorative Roman Style Column Solid Wood (as extra 6 inches of Encasement, 3 inches on each side, being one continuous unit of Encasement) are approxmately 1-2 inches thick (in depth width) horizontally (side views), and 14½-19½ inches long; vertically (front view).

c. Also, the hallow part of the Wood Encasement (that frames the LCD Viewing Monitor) starts from underneath the top ledge of the Solid Wood Encasement and extends down to 14½-16½ inches long; vertically (front view), til it reaches the upper ledge of the buttom part of the Solid Wood Encasement; which enhances in on an inward LCD (T.V.) Monitor sitting ledge depth of 2-3½ inches; horizontally (side views). Now extending from the upper ledge of the buttom part of the Solid Wood Encasement; down to the very buttom of this one solid peice unit of a Wood Encasement is about 3 inches of Solid Wood of the Encasement. There are 2 (½ inch) upraised wood or rubber Stopper Pegs that made onto the flat surface of the Ledge, located in front of the LCD Monitor Screen that helps to keep it from moving and securely positioned steady.

d. Also, included on the top surface of the 2-3½ inch in depth (side view) horizontal Wood Encasement Ledge that extends down vertically about 3-5 inches more; is a Engrooved (hallowed) Wood Base Extended Track that extends the entire width of the Solid Wood Encasement which is 14-18 inches wide; horizontally (front view). This ½-¾ inch wide Engrooved (hallowed) Track enhouses the trail for the ½ inch Wood Encasement Protective Covering Roller Wheel that rolls along the Engrooved Track for it's mobility of coming to an opening and closing position of the Protective Covering and it’ Latchet Lock.

e. The ¼-½ inch Protective Covering Roller Wheels are attached to and under the actual Protective LCD (T.V.) Screen Coverings that is about ¼-½ inch thick and 7-9 inches wide of each of the two Screen Coverings. The 2 Protective Screen Coverings are made of a (hard teflon) Pliable Plastic or a Pliable Vinyl product, so that this Covering may bend or flex over or around the LCD Viewing Monitor when both side are pulled together (inward toward each other) for closure. The Protective Screen Covering is used to enclose and protect the LCD (T.V.) Monitor/Screen when it's not in use, from damage and to protect the child/children from any harm.

f. At the beginning (or the starting points) of the 2 Protective Screens are a long Roller Pin that's about 14½-16½ inches long and ½-¾ inches thick in diameter that's made out of wood or hard plastic; that has an small inner spring that helps to automatically roll or rewind the Plastic/Vinyl Protective Covering when extending or interceeding it's use. These Roller Pin's are located between the LCD (T.V.) Screen and the Impressed/Engraved Roman Column of the Solid Wood Encasement. The Roller Pins, the Track and the Protective Screen Coverings are all located within the 2-3½ hallowed, in depth, interspacing area of the Solid Wood Encasement of the LCD Viewing Monitor area.

g. The Latchet (Child Proof) Snap Lock (male and female adapter) are located at the inner ends (about half centered down it's vertical length) of the Protective Screen Covering. The Latchet is made of (a hard teflon) plastic and on one end of the Latchet that's located on one of the Protective Coverings is an male protruding oval or (side angle view) shaped “u” but it's end is an solid closed end. On the other Protective (slide)Screen is the female adapter of the Latchet Lock, it's also oval or “u” shaped but it's end is open and slightly larger than the male, which allows the female adapter to slide over into/onto the male and snap into a locked snappleable position, and remain child safety proof interlocked until the customer or parent/guardian resqueezes the Latchet Lock outter diameter (female) and the locked position is released and reopens.

h. On each side (right/left) of the Solid Wood Encasement (for the LCD Screen) are the Individual Wood (Rail) Bars of the Footboard. Remember that the entire Solid Wood Encasement is made inside of (or shall I say in between) the Footboard and it's Individual Bars.

i. The purpose of the Solid Wood Encasement and it's attachments is to enhouse the LCD Monitor (T.V.) Viewing Screen for it's stability and secured position.

23. Both Beds Have & Show (1) Connecting Lamp/(Pole) & It's Attachments


(Measurements and Views are Centered Between Both of the (Baby) Twin Beds)

a. Measurements of the Lamp's Structure in it's entirety are approximately 7½ feet tall of it's entire length (which is 90 inches), about 9 inches thick (wide) in diameter, and the Lamp's Pole itself is around 5 feet, 8½ inches tall in vertical length (which is 68½ inches).

b. Located at the very top of the Lamp's Pole is it's Light Bulb Lamp Fixure Structure. This is the starting point of the lamp. There is an halogen light bulb located on the hollowed, in depth part of the inner Light Bulb Fixture. The outter portion of the Light Bulb Fixture is about 6½ inches in depth/height (vertical length), and 16½ inches wide (around) in horizontal width/diameter, both the vertical and horizontal measures are of circumference (all sides) views.

c. Located within the Inner (length of the) Lamp Pole and a partial (inner) length of the Pole's buttom base are the Lamp's electrical wiring. Within the Lamp Pole is a special Inner Pole Wall Enlinement and it is approximately 1-2 inches wide and it's vertical length is the entire length of the Pole, down half way through the the Lamp's Buttom Solid Base that's located beneath the Lamp Pole. This portion of the Lamp is also located on it's back side (which is not the side that faces the children or the front or beginning portions of their beds), and it's located along the side (or beside) of the Safety Snap Door. The purpose of this Inner Pole Wall Enlinement is to help protect the electrical cord from any intense heat from the light bulb and not to cause a fire hazard.

d. Come down approximately 1 foot (12 inches) from the buttom base of the Lamp's Light Bulb Fixture Structure (that's located at the very top of the lamp), at the 12 inch drop vertical location is the Lamp's Musical (manual mechanical whind-up) Carousel (that's attached to the lamp) and it is approximately 9 inches in vertical length and about 13-15 inches in diameter width (circumference view). The Manual Whind-Up Musical Carousel will play enhanted, chimming, la la bye music for the babies whom occupy both twin beds to listen to with much pleasure, and also they may enjoy the Carousel's splendid view of it's horses', and other animated character's and figurines which slowly spinds/whinds around the Lamp Pole as it's music play's for it's whind-up set time.

e. Now, come down about another 1 foot and ½ inches (which is 12½ inches) in vertical length from the buttom base of the Musical Carousel to the Lamp Pole large 2-2½ feet long; horizontal length, and about 3½ inches thick in diameter (vertical length) (hard) teflon plastic or vinyl (bow) Curved (affixed) Connecting (bed) Arms. There are 4 Curved Connecting Arms, and they are located on the (front) side portions of the Lamp Pole and are spaced approximately 13 inches apart (top over bottom) from one another on the same side of the Pole, having only 2 on each side of the Pole. At the end portion of these long Curved (plastic/vinyl) Connecting Arms are a small peice of square shaped wood that's about 1½ inches thick in diameter, 3½ inches of vertical length that fits snuggly up against and screwed into the ends of the Arms. And, at the ends of the wood blocks that's attached to the Arms are (regular, standard sized door type) Metal Hinges that are screwed/bolted into the end wood blocks. These Metal Hinges are also affixed and attached to the outter edge of both twin beds; Bed Poles that are located on the sides that comes in contact with the Lamp Pole, which are the left side of Bed #1 and the right side of Bed #2. The attached Lamp Curved Arms and it's Metal Hinges allows both beds to be able to swing inward and outward for adjustable varying degrees, so that the parent/guardian, customer can pull the beds inward for close management association with the children while standing in between both children in both beds or the customer may choose to swing the beds further outward by the use of the Hinges for more applicable space between the beds.

f. On the backside of the Lamp Pole at it's buttom base is an small/medium sized Safety Snap Door. When one squeezes in and slightly downward or inward on the (teflon) plastic Safety Snap Segment, the Door opens and just push inwards to reclose the Door until you (the customer) hear it resnaps. The Lamp's Buttom Base Light Bulb Structure is located inside the Lamp Pole at it's buttom base behind the Safety Snap Door. The Lamp's Buttom Base Light Bulb Structure encases the 40-100 watt Light Bulb (that comes in many different primary colors) that lights up or eluminates the entire Pole of the Lamp Pole, giving the (teflon) Plastic (sightly see through) porous Pole of the Lamp a eluminating, glowing affect of the different marvelous primary colors (which ever color the light bulb is). The Safety Snap Door helps to protect the child from easily getting inside of the back of the lamp and causing themselves some possible harm.

g. 14 inches down from the 2nd set of the Lamp Pole's Curved Arms, to the Base of the Lamp Pole, now to the top portion of the Lamp's Solid Buttom Base Structure is the Lamp's Semi Solid (Base) Portion of the total solid part, and this Semi Solid Portion measures to be 3 inches long in vertical length and approximately 13½-15½ inches wide in horizontal diameter width when it reaches it mid-section, which is the section that connects to or interlinked into the next section of the Solid Base, which is the heavy solid part of the Solid Base that is the actual solid part. This actual solid part of the 2nd half of the Solid Base Structure is made of either concrete overlaid with aluminum or metal, or it's iron or stainless steel that ‘can’ be overlaid with a metal or aluminum. This solid portion of the Solid Base (of the entire Lamp) is also 3 inches long in vertical length and 14½-16½ inches wide at it's very buttom base. This entire Buttom Solid Base Unit of the Lamp purpose is the give heaviness, affixation, and stability to the entire Lamp Structure, so that when the customer adjusts the beds by swinging the bed inwards and outwards that connects to the Lamp Pole, the Lamp entire structure will be basically affixed and stable without falling over.

h. At the very buttom of the actual solid portion of the Solid Buttom Base of the Lamp are the Buttom Base Lamp Roller Wheels. There is 1 very large Roller Wheel that's centered in the very middle of the Solid Buttom Base (at it's buttom). This 1 Large Roller Wheel is approximately 3½ inches in diameter (length/width) and it's surrounded by 10 Smaller Roller Wheels, which is 5 Smaller Roller Wheels located on each side of the 1 Large Centered Roller Wheel, 2 on the front side, 2 on the back side, and 1 on the outter horizontal side portion side, on each side of the Large Roller Wheel. The Smaller Roller Wheels are about 1¼ inches in diameter, and all of the Roller Wheels are spaced porportionately apart from one another to give the Lamp complete balance and stability and mobilization (if needed to be rolled or moved).

i. In between the Roller Wheels are small Rubber Stoppers that slightly rub or braze the floor, this is to help the Lamp not to be able to move in mobility to fast on it's Roller Wheels, to slow the rolling/moving process down, to stabilize it, so that the Lamp won't easily turn over or harm anyone, causing inadequate movements of the Lamp. Like the Roller Wheels, there are 10 Rubber Stoppers located in between each Small Roller Wheel, and are portionately spaced.


‘TWINUS DE LA BEDDAS’ is one of the most magnificent computer enhanced, portable, electronic, nontoxic, harmless/hazardousless, safety (speciality) featured; state of the art baby twin beds that the world has ever seen. These twin beds are connected by an enormous, large, wonderous (halogen) lamp that has many special featured additives. This lamp stands right in the center (middle) of both of the twin beds; at the head (headboards) of the beds, and it measures to be approximately 7½ ft. (90 inches) tall in it's entire vertical length, and approximately 9 inches (thick) wide; horizontally; at different variational parts of the lamp's diameter circumference. The lamp's positional distance from both of the twin beds is approximately 2½ ft. before it reaches the front of the beds headboards. The lamp connects to the two beds with 2 long 2½ ft. (28 inches) vertical length (teflon, hard) plastic or vinyl poles that has an square peice of wood at the ends of the poles that's approximately 3½ inches in vertical length, 1½ inches wide horizonally and 1½ inches thick in diameter, and the ends of these peices of wood that's at the ends of the plastic/vinyl poles are connected to the same sized metal hinges (3½ inches long vertically), and (1½ inches wide horizontally), and these hinges connect to the sides of the headboards mainframe wood poles, and this allows the twin beds to swing inwards and outwards at various angles (such as 90, 45, 25, and 15 degrees); just as door hinges is able to freely swing inwards and outwards at various angles. The lamp pole itself is a decorative peice of furniture that measures to be approximately 5 ft. 8½ inches (68½ inches) tall and 9 inches in horizontal width. The pole is made of a pourous (slightly see through) (teflon) plastic that comes in an array of different pale (light) colors and it's decorated with various styles of raised impressed decorations such as stars, suns and half moons, clocks, abc blocks, the american flag, fruits, frogs, birds, rabbits or bears or other creatures etc. There is a 40 to 100 watt light bulb that illuminates mostly the entire inner lamp pole that's located at the upper portion of the buttom base of the lamp. The light bulbs comes in various primary colors. On the back of the lamp pole, behind the inner light bulb setting is an safety snap door (segment), that allows the customer to gently push down on a slightly raise cleft that located on the outside of the snap door and pull out on an raised (hard teflon) plastic arm lever that's located on the inner safety snap door (that's only about ¼-½ inch long and ½ inch wide), this function allows the customer to be able to change the inner light bulb when needed, and when the customer recloses the safety snap (light bulb) door, the plastic arm lever recatches to secure a closed position for a child's safety proof. There's even more to this wonderful lamp, at the (top) upper middle portion of the lamp's pole is a beautiful (manuel) whind up musical small carousel made of different animal (animation) figurines. This added feature of the lamp pole gives the children even more viewing and listening pleasures to entertain their senses. The musical carousel measures out to be approximately 9 inches of vertical length and 13-15 inches of diameter (circumference) width. Now, moving above the carousel to the very top of the lamp pole is the lamp's metal or aluminum (halogen) light fixture that is approximately 6½ inches of vertical (depth) length and 16½ inches wide horizontally, and it has a halogen light bulb located in on it's inner portion of the light fixture. Extending back down to the very buttom of the lamp pole is it's solid metal inner concrete buttom base that gives the lamp it's solidarity. Located on the buttom of this solid base is a large roller wheel that gives the lamp it's confined slight mobile ability, but on each side of the large roller wheel is 5 rubber stoppers; totalling 10 rubber stoppers that continues to control the lamp's stability and loosidly moveable motion oppression. For safety, health and physical precaution reasons, the lamp pole is the only furniture (device) that has an electrical cord for it's workable usage The ‘TWINUS DE LA BEDDAS’ standard (regular) sized connecting baby twin beds is truely and surely a must for any and everyone to see and have that has twin children or children that are close in age, or even if a customer just wants to own one of these remarkable twin beds. Anyone whom wants to view the pictures or know the measured viewing points; they must view the twin beds from the front of the lamp pole and at the beginning of the (main frame) headboard status of both beds. These all new inventive baby twin beds comes basically in 3 different (bed frame) designs; and they are: design #1; called ‘Fruit Passions’, design #2; called ‘Dove of Peace’, and design #3; called ‘Independence Baby’.


Baby Twin Bed # 1 is located on the right side of the lamp (front view), and it has many exhilarating features. It has 4 multipurpose (clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.) drawers; underneath (at the buttom) of the main frame (bedding) structure; on the right side of Bed # 1. Located at the foot (footboard) of the bed of Bed # 1 buttom base; is an DVD (base) Player Drawer that enhouses an portable dvd player (base) control portion, and above the DVD Player Drawer is an 15′ (inch)-17′ (inch) LCD (T.V.) Monitor Viewing Screen that's positioned in an wood encasement that's made and snuggly fitted into the upper footboard main frame structure; for the child's viewing and listening pleasurable enhancements of learnable and enjoyable DVD's and CD's. On the left side of Twin Bed # 1; beneath the main frame (bedding) structure is a permanently affixed portable Dry Ice (double cubical) Refrigerator that keeps the babies bottled milk/juices and other parrishable food items either cool or warm, and dry. This stainless steel or vinyl/plastic Dry Ice Refrigerator has 2 cubicals, one cubical for the cool side and the other cubical for the warm side. In the cool side cubical a frozen (cold) dry ice pak is placed into the cubical to keep all milk/juices and other parrishable items cool for 6-12 hours storage time. Yet, in the other cubical next to it is the warm side and in this cubical is placed a microwaved heated dry ice pak that keeps all parrishable items warm from 6-12 hours at a time. Between the 2 cubicals is a solid ½ inch of solid stainless steel or a solid (hard teflon plastic) or vinyl strip that separates the two cubicals in order in maintain two separate constant temperature variations. Now, the parents/guardians can serve the babies milk/juice bottles and/or food at the correct acceptable temperatures at just a step away. This Dry Ice Refrigerator (cubical) unit sits on a block of wood that's overlaid with a thin sheet of stainless steel and the size of the wood/stainless steel overlay is 16 inches wide (horizontally) by 14¾ inches long (vertically). The wood/stainless steel overlay also helps to keep the portable refrigerator cubicals temperatures constant for longer periods of time, and this object also gives the cubicals balance, and stability support. The Dry Ice Refrigerator (opening/closing) outter unit cubical door knobs are made with an inner spring that's located on the inside of the cubical. The way it operates so that the cubical doors can open and close child safety proof is, the customer (parent/guardian) have to pull down on the knob of the outter cubical door and hold it steady while pulling it down, which releases the spring mechanism down from it's opened (hole) enclosure that goes up past the very top part of the cubical door; up into the ceiling of the cubical of about ½-¾ of an inch, then pull outward; and this opens the door to the cubical. When the customer wants to reclose the cubical door, just simply push the door forward, pull down on the knob (holding it steady), push forward until the cubical door is snuggly aligned properly for closure and release the knob and it's spring will automatically release and slide it's way back into the opened (hole) enclosure that's located in the cubical's ceiling. On each side of the Dry Ice Refrigerator Portable Cubicals is a small drawer; totalling 2 (small) drawers, and these drawers can be used for the childrens’ diaper (pamper) drawers, shoes, hand towels, dvd's, cd's, and other micellaneous items. The Headboards of Both Twin Beds # 1 and # 2 have engraved wood decorative impressions of artistic art creations, and the same senario holds true for the decorative wood panels located on the right side of Bed # 1; on the side of the Multipurpose Drawers near the Portable DVD Player drawer; at the end of the bed; under the mainframe structure of the upper footboard; on the lower half; in which these same local setting holds true for Bed # 2; located on it's left and right sides; near the Portable Computer Processor Drawer.


The ‘Twinus De La Beddas’ Twin Bed # 2 also, has several dynamic special features, this is the twin bed that's known to be on the left side of the lamp (of the lamp's front view). Starting, on the right side of Twin Bed # 2 at it's buttom base (beneath the main frame structure) is an extra long Toy Trunk Drawer; that's used for the storage of the children's accessible convenient toys. A (portable, laptop, notebook) Computer Processor base portion of the (computer) equipment (keyboard) is enhoused in the Computer Processor Drawer that's located at the foot of the bed, on the lower portion of the footboard which is beneath the footboards mainframe (bedding) structure. The Computer Processor, also allows the children to view, listen and learn from the dvd's, cd's, and programs from the internet. Above the (portable, laptop) Computer Processor Drawer is the 15′ inch-17′ inch LCD (T.V.) Monitor Viewing Screen that's encased in a snug secure wood frame in the upper footboard's mainframe structure. Both the Portable Units of the Computer Processor and the DVD Player base units can be taken out of it's drawers, and it's matching 15’ inch-17’ inch LCD Screens can be removed from it's wood encasements and reattached (reconnected) together and used by the customer (parents/guardians) for portable transport to various other places, then rebooted at the home connection charge and placed back into it's original positions in the beds. The LCD (T.V.) Viewing Screens of both beds are placed and positioned on the inner side of the uuper footboard's; upper mid-section, so that the child/children can clearly see the viewable picture shows on the screen. The (portable, laptop, notebook) Computer Processor is not only great for the childrens' interject, and perhaps a emergency safety tool, but it is also, outstanding for the customers (parents/guardians) in time of electrical outages and other alarming emergencies to have as an emergency communicator, which allows the customers and responsible users to view the weather, correspond nationally and international, communicate by checking and sending e-mail, respond by internet and possible vision/voice phone interlinking over the computer. All of these previously communicable ways can help the customer or responsible user to retrieve help or send notification for assistance. The final special features of Bed # 2; on it's left side, is viewed as the same as the right side of Bed # 1, which is on the left side of Bed # 2; there are also, 4 Multipurpose Drawers (that stores possible clothes, shoes, accessories) which again as previously mentioned next to the engraved decorative wood panels that's located near the Computer and DVD Drawers, underneath the beds upper mainframe. The ‘TWINUS DE LA BEDDAS’ highly technical, yet, comfortable, convenient, accessible baby twin beds will be the New Heat Wave of Childrens Entertainment and Inter lectual Advancement of the Baby Furniture Industry future to come.