Cool-aid fan/shade (outdoor equipment) unit(s)
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A flat-panel, framed fan-unit (1), being tiny, small (2), medium (3), large (4) and extra-large (5) with a light-weight dc-motor drive (6) which attaches to a light-weight composite fan-blade structure (7), having a solid or flexible hinged-lid (shade cover) (8) & (9), that being hinged-mounted (10) to the unit itself for protection of the fan unit (1), and for shade-cover of individuals, pets (11) and occupants beneath the structure, . . . “with this £entire fan unit£ having been attached-to, mounted-to, affixed-to or incorporated into the (fabric-material) (12) and or (frame-structure)(13) of *Outdoor Equipment (14)”: hand-held and market umbrella's, shades, canopies, tarps, tents, covers, awnings, domes, shelters, cabins, tops, toppers, overings, sheilds, teepee's, protectors, Bimini's: hard-tops and soft-tops and covers, Carts: hard-tops and soft-tops and covers, Pet: cages, fences, poles, base-units, stakes, storage-units, houses, homes, canopies, pins, leashes, collars, carriers, boxes, stands and assemblies . . . and having special meaning as being: affixed, assembled, fabricated, and or combined into the bimini hard-tops, soft-tops, covers, canopies, shades, umbrella's, awnings and protective shade-covers of: Automotive, Watercraft, Off-road, Utillity, Reacreational, Mass-transit, Heavy Equipment, Agribusiness, Cycles, Lawn and Construction vehicles and components (14): for the purpose of sucking hot air, and propelling cool air onto individuals, pets, structures, devices, items, etc. This units hinged-lid (cover shade) (8 &9) can be closed-shut to protect the fan unit and occupants during incliment weather. This fan unit can be transportably-attached or detached “without the use of its hinged-lid cover (15)” by means of (an extension-arm (16) which hinge-folds the entire fan unit into a downward-parallel position) when shutting, packaging, closeing, folding a canopy for storage (specificly) and-held and market umbrella's. Power source (17) is supplied by means of solar, portable-batteries, rechargeable-batteries, and or alternating current. This fan unit carries an optional container (18), for storage and delivery of air-coolants onto occupants beneath its structure. This unit has a shell (houseing) (19) structure which allows it to be easily assembled, mounted and or incorporated into pet products, devices and structures.

Boone Jr., David Lee (Washington, NC, US)
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A45B3/00; B62B5/00; E04H15/16; F04D29/60; (IPC1-7): F24F7/007
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1. A cool-aid fan-shade unit for people and pets and OutdoorEquipment a) having a flat-panel frame of light weight b) having a solar panel connected by use of an opening and closable hinge, with solar panels being either flexible or solid c) having solar panel attached to its hinge as a cover or as a lid d) having use of its lid as a closing-protective-cover for bad weather e) having a lightweight, dc driven motor with speed-control mounted to the frame unit f) having light-weight composite, or plastic fan-blades attached to the dc motors drive-shaft: for the purpose of (intake of cool air), (blowing cool air), (exhausting hot air), and (propelling A/C compound from transportable containers) . . . for purposes of cooling people & pets . . . g) . . . when having been affixed-to, mounted-to, and or incorporated into the fabric-material of hand-held and market umbrellas, shades, canopies, tarps, tents, covers, awnings, domes, shelters, cabins, tops, toppers, overings, sheilds, teepees, protectors, toppers, bimini: hard tops and soft tops and covers, cart: hard tops, soft tops, and covers, pet: hard tops, soft tops & shelter-coverings, Pet: cages, fences, poles, base-units, stakes, houses and homes, pins, canopies, leashes, collars, carriers, boxes, storages units, assemblies, stands, and Outdoor Equipment. h) . . . having special meaning as being: affixed, assembled, fabricated, and or combined in combination into the bimini hard-tops, soft-tops covers, canopies, shades, umbrella's, awnings, and protective covers of: Automotive, Watercraft, Off-Road, Utillity, Reacreational, Mass-transit, Heavy Equipment, Agribusiness, Cycles, Lawn, Construction Vehicles and Components: for the purposes thus mentioned above relative to claim 1. i) having this fan unit affixed-to, assembled, fabricated into and or mounted into a device structure by means of: machining, stamping, adhesives, stitching, stapling, glueing, bolting, bonding, zipping, velcro-methods, but not limited to other combined methods of fabrication. j) having this unit a protective barrier, screen, grate, grill or mesh covering for safety purposes k) having power supplied to the fan unit by means of: a solar-hinged lid, a solar cell (flexible or hard) attached to the lid-cover), a solar panel mounted to the hinged lid-cover, a portable solar panel or cell to be affixed or mounted nearby or adjacent to the fan unit, a solar cell or panel that is transportably affixed to the structure bearing the fan unit, by means of transportable batteries, by means of rechargeable batteries affixed to the fan unit, and by means of portably-transportable-detachable batteries with recharge capabilities mounted onto the structure bearing the fan units. l) having the fan unit in tiny, small, medium, large, and extra-large: too fit the manufactured purposes of the shade or cover units mentioned above in (g) or (h) of claim 1. m) having this units hinged-lid: as a (source of power and shade-cover) for the fan unit itself, individuals, animals, outdoorequipment, occupants beneath it, while its affixed-to, mounted-to, attached-to devices or structures of claim 1, (g) or (h). n) having this unit an adaptive-plug extension-cord for recharging of its power sources, or for the outdoor, patio, porch, walkway, shelter, and (optional) indoor usage

2. A cool-aid fan-shade unit according to claim no. 1. a) having a fan unit with a flat-panel frame b) having the flat-framed fan unit being of circular or square in shape c) having this fan unit to be (attachable and detachable), transportable, portably-self-mounted to bimini's, covers, tops, shelters, canopies, umbrellas, hardtops, softtops, poles, stakes, base-units, leashes, cages, collars, support structures, and fences, rods, outdoorequipment and devices listed in items (g) and (h) of claim 1. d) having fan unit, being portably-attached to a device, base-unit, structure, or canopy-cover bearing this unit by means: of an supporting-arm or structure which (hinge-folds) (the entire fan unit) downward, in case of packing or closeing of the units shade-cover, with fan unit being (optionally) detachable. e) having this fan unit capable of being portably, or securely affixed to a device or structure (prior mentioned) “without the use of its hinged solar panel or lid as in (b) of claim 1”. f) having its fan unit the ability to be height-adjusted, according to the occupant or owner of the cool-aid fan-shade unit g) having this unit a protective grill, grate, screen, barrier, or safety cover as in item (j) of claim 1.

3. A cool-aid fan-shade unit as in either claims 1 or 2 a) having a transportable, refillable, reloadable, storage-canister, container, tank, bottle, tube, etc.: for the purpose of holding, containing, delivering, or dispencing A/C (air-conditioning) coolants (dry chemicals and liquids) . . . for the purpose of cooling people, pets, items, devices, structures. b) having this units fan, the ability to blow or propell substances held within the above mentioned containers c) having the containers: an extenable-mounting-arm for connection of the container and fan unit to a device, structure, pole, bar, bracket, or item relative to the prior mentioned, as in claims 1 or 2. d) having this unit a specific market, for hand-held and market umbrella's, but not limited to device structures as in claims 1 or 2 e) having this unit for outdoorequipment: attachable, portable, transportable batteries, rechargeable-batteries, solar-panels that may be affixed to the unit itself, or by means of alternating current methods and technics as the source of power-supply.

4. A cool-aid fan-shade unit as in claims 1, 2, or 3 a) having a protective-covering being vented or open b) having an affixed, or hinged solarpanel-lid mounted to the top of the protective-cover c) having this unit being capable of storing portable or rechargeable batteries, or a battery d) having solar, portable batteries, and rechargeable batteries as a supplying source for power e) having this unit of a flat-frame, thin-panel design: to be used as a protective shell-covering of various sizes, heights, and widths, and as a power source of supply for cool-aid fan-shade units in claims 1, 2, or 3, for means of delivering, blowing, or dispencing cool air onto a subject, anial or individual, along with extraction of hot air from items, as in, (g) and (h) of claim 1.



1. Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to outdoor equipment (for humans, animals & pets) combined with fan assemblies. More importantly, the present invention relates to outdoor equipment (for humans, animals & pets) combined with protective-weather cover-shields and canopies in combination with fan assemblies. Most importantly, the present invention relates too outdoor equipment (for humans, animals & pets) combined with fan assemblies in combination with having weather protection-covers, shields, and canopy-shades, to provide comfort, relief, and air-flow for the purposes of cooling.

2. Description of Prior Art

There are prior canopy and umbrella units that utillize various numbers of moving parts, while having the fan-blades connected-to, or built around the shaft.examples are: U.S. Pat. No. 5,868,152, U.S. Pat. No. 5,273,062, U.S. Pat. No. 5,172,711, and U.S. Pat. No. 6,230,723B1 . . . (US). Unlike these, the present Invention will benefit by use of *an (entire) fan-blade unit, less moving parts, non-complicated mainenance, and less maintenance, having the entirely-combined fan-blade units *attachable, *detachable, and *transportable, having the (entire) fan-blade units “fitted-into the protective-coveshade” or “transportably-attached to the base and or structure” of the devices, having the (entire) fan-blade units collapse when the canopy or structure collapses, by having an extremely *lightweight flat-paneled design, using a cover-lid for the fan-units which doubles as a power-source, hav-a transportable-container too propell coolants, benefiting from a protective-shell housing for other applications, utillizing unique technics & methods for sources for power, “having the (same capabillities as mentioned above) when combined with **various-other Outdoor Equipment: pet, recreational, automotive, watercraft, agribusiness, utillity, sports, offroad, heavy-equipment, industrial, etc.”.


The Invention, viewed in accordance with the pictorial-(description of the drawings) and their reference numbers, will give understanding as to the nature, objects, art-work, mechanics, advantages, features, and benefits given.

The object of the present invention is too (combine) outdoor equipment-structure(s) and protective shade-cover(s) with fitted cool-aid fan-shade technology unit(s), for the purposes of cooling humans, animals, and pets “adjacent to the fan-units”, and for purposes of intakeing cool air & exhausting hot air, while comforting those humans, animals, pets, or objects “residing within the interior-compartment-structures of outdoor equipment and or protective-covershades”.

Advantages, benefits, improvements, and what is needed are as follows: A need, for a fan-unit of *flatpaneled-design and being (*an entire fan-unit), coming in *sizes from tiny, small, medium, large to extra-large (according to methods of operation), having the ability too be (affixed-to), or (incorporated into) *various outdoor equipment-structure(s) and or protective-canopy-cover(s) with the use of *transportable (attachable-detachable) means and methods. “Having (combined) outdoor equipment product-usages for **humans, animals & pets”. Outdoor equipment-structure(s), protective canopy-shadecovers, bimini's (hardtops and softtops), tents, tops, tarps, awnings, shelters and umbrella's “can be fitted with *one or **multiple (combined) *lightweight fan-units, which is presented in the art-work”. Canopies, umbrella's, bimini's and covershade types of structures are given the ability to have these fan-units **£fitted-into£ the (fabric-material) of the cover-shade itself, unlike other canopy devices that incorporate the fan unit underneath the canopy to recirculate air, “this allows the benefit of pulling-in & circulating *cooler air from exterior the canopy”. Canopy and umbrella users of (combined) cool-aid fan-shade unit(s) can attach or **detach £the entire fan-unit£ from its base, shaft, canopy-cover, structure when closeing, storing, or transporting of a canopy-structure, or users may (optionally) **fold £the entire fan-unit£ downward parallel to its shaft or base-mount with the use of a *hinged extension-arm-mount, bar or clamp (as shown in the art-work). Umbrella and canopy users may further benefit from the transportable *container (for storing coolants), enabling circulation of **increased cooler-air-flow to be propelled by the fan-units of outdoor equipment. The £entire fan-units£ may be transported and recharged, or by use of an *extension-cord-adapter. *Powersources for these (combined) outdoor equipment/cool-aid an-shade units include battery and transportable-battery methods, rechargeable-battery methods, alternative solar-power technics, and (ac) current technics. The *hinged solar-lid-cover for the fan units enables the user to (positionaly-rotate) the cover-lids towards the direction of sunlight (a powersource), also acting as “a *protective-cover for the fan-units during incliment weather”. A *protective houseing shell-cover benefits the incorporation of the fan-units into certain pet products. ““One of the greatest benefits is that of the cool-aid fan-shade unit(s) is having an ***incredibly versatile, ((combined)) outdoor equipment-products/market*** for: automotive, watercraft, heavyequipment, agribusiness, offroad, cart, utillity, mass-transit, recreational, construction, industrial, lawn & garden, patio & yard, beach, sports, baby & infant, canopy, umbrella, tent, awning, tarp, bimini, cycle, pet, human, animal, vehicular and consumers etc.””.

A prefered embodiment/process, would include having outdoor equipment-structures and canopy-covershades (some of which mentioned above) ((combined)) with cool-aid fan-shade units too produce innovative products. The fan-units are made of light weight material, having a lightweight motorized unit like that of electronic instruments, products, and toys, controlled by use of a switch or knob, having a protective safety guard, and having a hinged solar-lid protection-cover for the fan units made from lightweight (flexible or hard) materials, composites, fabrics or plastics. The cool-aid fan-units are attached-to or fitted-into the canopy-cover(s), base-unit(s) and or structure(s) of outdoor equipment & products. In further detail, giving the user the capability too colapse the canopy-cov ver with the £entire fan-unit£ still entact. Futhermore, giving the user the means of attaching and detaching the fan-units from its outdoor equipment too (optionally) become fitted into or affixed-onto various other outdoor equipment canopy-covers or structures (transportably). One or several methods (mentioned above) supplies sources of power to the the fan-units motor for enpowerment. Having the fan-units be flat-panled in design means lightweight capabillity. Having the fan-units be fan entire unite means easy transport & repair. Having the fan-units come in many sizes means cost-savings when it comes to purchasing, and providing an option for one or several fan-units providing additional cooling technics. Having the fan-units produced with use of low-cost preferbly plastic or composite materials means lightweight profficiency thats less costly too produce. This is affordable, profficient, low-cost, transportable, productive cooling-relief and comfort for humans, animals, pets & objects.


VIEW Aa is an overview of the cool-aid fan unit, having a flexible solar-lid cover, with exclusion of its combined outdoor equipment.

VIEW Ab is an overview of the cool-aid fan unit, having a solid solar-lid as a shade-cover, excluding its combined outdoor equipment.

VIEW A is a large market, garden or outdoor-canopy fitted with the flat-paneled, cool-aid fan-shade unit, in this case, having usage for animals and pets.

VIEW B is a tent structure fitted with a light-weight cool-aid fan-shade unit, in this case for human useage.

VIEW C is a hand-held canopy/umbrella, having a tiny or small cool-aid fan-shade unit of light-weight, (“fitted into its shade-cover”).

VIEW D is a recreational vehicle with a circular, flat-paneled, cool-aid fan-shade unit fitted into its canopy or cover-top, in this case, having usage for golf.

VIEW E is a agricultural-vehicle or tractor, having being fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit (into) its canopy-top or protective cover.

VIEW F is a watercraft-vehicle, boat, or yacht, having being fitted with cool-aid fan-shade technology into its bimini-hard-top protective cover.

VIEW G is a watercraft-vehicle, or boat, fitted with cool-aid fan-shade technology into its bimini, soft-top-canopy covering.

VIEW H is a hand-held canopy/umbrella transportably-fitted with a cool-aid fan unit (excluding its hinged, lid cover) by use of an attachable, detachable folding (extension-arm). “Having k) as a source of power: . . . *hereafter*, will always make reference to k) relative to claim 1”. The emphasis here is for conventional canopies (not having been equipped with a device or method for purposes of cooling) a subject or individual.

VIEW I is an overview of a cool-aid fan-shade unit fitted with its outdoor equipment (hand-held umbrella) in this case. Shows partial view of units composite fan-blades and flexible solar-lid cover for the light-weight fan unit.

VIEW J shows a large canopy apparatus aquiring a cool-aid fan-shade unit having a solid solar-lid cover for the units fan system which is fitted into cover of this apparatus.

VIEW K shows a portable, large-canopy, having a circular cool-aid fan (without the use of its hinged lid-cover) portably attached to its structure with the entire fan unit being detachable, and transportable and not fixed.

VIEW L shows a pet leashe with a detachable cool-aid fan unit (without a hinged lid cover) transportably-fitted to the outdoor structure.

VIEW M is a cool-aid fan-shade unit (with its hingable-lid cover attached) fitted to the base-structure of a (pet-apparatus).

VIEW N shows apparatus (small animal cage) fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit into its protective-cover.

VIEW O shows a cool-aid fan-shade unit (without its hinged-lid cover) fitted into the stand-structure of a (pet-apparatus) and having a protective canopy-cover for animals.

VIEW P is a tent structure fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit. This time having a fixed solar-celled device (located inside of its flexible, hinged-flap cover shade lid), (becoming exposed and operative only when the cover flap is pulled open) for operational use of the device unit.

VIEW Q is a tent structure for (pets) and animals, fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit.

VIEW R is an animal transport-carrier, having a cool-aid fan unit fitted into its protective cover-top.

VIEW S is a fence for animals and pets, which is fitted with (two) cool-aid fan-shade units within its structure.

VIEW T is an animal-pet transport-container, fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit into its protective cover hard-top.

VIEW U is an animal fence fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit into its canvas-style protective cover-top.

VIEW V shows a canopy-structure for water-craft and boats, fitted with a medium to large size cool-aid fan-shade unit within its cover.

VIEW W shows a canopy-structure for water-craft, boats, seats, benches, etc., and its fitted with a tiny or small cool-aid fan-shade unit in its cover.

VIEW X shows a bimini-soft-top covershade incorporating a cool-aid fan-shade unit.

VIEW Y shows a pet and animal cage equipped with a cool-aid fan-shade unit.

VIEW Z shows a hand-held canopy with a portably-attached cool-aid fan-shade unit, (having a transportable, detachable container) for the purposes of storing coolant-liquids and chemical products for means of delivery, to be propelled by the fan unit for cooling purposes.

VIEW Z1 is an animal collar, fitted with a hollow-shelled, protective-houseing-cover, “having a cool-aid fan unit located inside of its structure”, for the purposes of propelling cool air exterior of the houseing shell. This houseing cover protects a cool-aid fan unit.

VIEW Z2 is an animal collar having (two) cool-aid fan units that are detachable.

VIEW Z3 shows a transportable infant-carriage, fitted with (two) cool-aid fan-shade units.

VIEW Z4 represents a transport-animal-carriage-box fitted with a medium to large size cool-aid fan-shade unit, in this case.

VIEW Z5 is an adaptive-plug cord, for purposes of charging and or operating a cool-aid fan-shade unit or its power-sources.

VIEW Z6 is a ground-stake incorporating a cool-aid fan-shade unit.

VIEW aa represents a utillity, off-road, or recreational vehicle or cart, that is fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit into its bimini-soft-top-canopy.

VIEW ab is a canopy-bimini, or covertop fitted into the hardtop of a small to medium size vehicle (tractor).

VIEW ac an off-road transport-utillity, recreational vehicle or cart, fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit into its bimini, hardtop or protective-cover.

VIEW ad is an animal-transport-carriage or tent-structure fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit into its top or cover.

VIEW ae is a canopy, fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit, combining an animal, reptile, bird, insect or hampster style of cage for pets.

VIEW af is a utillity-lawn style of tractor combining a canopy (for people or tractor) and having a cool-aid fan-shade unit fitted into its cover-shade.

VIEW ag represents another view of a lawn or utillity tractor incoporating a canopy, having a cool-aid fan-shade unit fitted into the fabric-material of its cover-shade.

VIEW ah is another view of a hand-held canopy, having a cool-aid fan-shade unit fitted into its cover-shades fabric-material.

VIEW ai is a sun or rain, beach-style canopy-cover with a cool-aid fan-shade unit fitted into its cover-shade, fabric-material.

VIEW aj is a canopy-cover, fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit, combining an infant-transport vehicle-carriage.

VIEW ak is a frontview of an overhead canopy, combined with, or attached-to a push-type mower. This unit shows that the canopy may incorporate (one) cool-aid fan-shade unit, or (several) units, as the (front view reflects the back view), also having another (optional) cool-aid fan-shade unit installed, same as in the front.

VIEW al shows a partial-overhead front-view of the cool-aid fan-shade units, fitted into the fabric-material of a hand-held canopy. The front view, being same as the rear view, and with the fan units (one, or several) being of lightweight. ““The hinged (shade-cover-solar-lid) closes-shut to protect the fan unit in case of incliment weather and the £entire fan-unit£ collapses downward with the canopy-cover when closing, and for storage of the outdoor equipment, . . . or the £entire fan-unit£ may be detached, and transported. Solar, batteries, rechargeable-batteries, are all means of a power source for this unit, with (ac)current) being (optional), or as a method for recharging these sources of power.””

VIEW am simulates a (people) or (infant) human-transport-vehicle, combining an overhead canopy, which is fitted with cool-aid fan-shade technology.

VIEW an shows the front or rear-view of a hand-held canopy, fitted with tiny or small cool-aid fan-shade unit(s).

VIEW ao shows an overview of a hand-held canopy, fitted with a (tiny) cool-aid fan-shade unit or unit(s).

VIEW ap shows a partial-overview of a cool-aid fan-shade unit fitted into an overhead canopy-cover, combining, or affixed to an (outdoor equipment) lawn-tractor of a different sort.

VIEW aq shows a cool-aid fan-shade unit of a (different design-style), fitted into the cover-shade of (a canopy or overing for chairs), having the chair mounted or affixed to a watercraft-vehicle.

VIEW ar shows a partialview of the underside of a cool-aid fan-shade unit combined into a bimini, canopy, or shadetop for boaters.

VIEW as is a large cool-aid fan-shade unit, fitted into a bimini-hardtop for water-craft.

VIEW at is a bimini-softtop, having a cool-aid fan-shade unit (excluding its cover-shade hinged, solar-lid), which is affixed or mounted to a watercraft vessel.

VIEW au is a construction-utillity tractor having a cool-aid fan-shade unit affixed into its bimini, or softtop-cover-shade.

VIEW av shows another view of a cool-aid fan-shade unit fitted to a base-unit for patio, yard and outdoors, incorporating an extension-shaft having a canopy mounted to the shafts bar or pole.

VIEW aw shows another view of an animal-pet-leashe, fitted with (several) transportable cool-aid fan-shade units.

VIEW ax is a transportable or stationary animal-containment unit, fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit into its softtop cover.

VIEW ay shows a fence-structure for animals fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit into its canopy-rooftop.

VIEW az another view of an animal-transport container or box, fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit into its cover-top.

VIEW bb a portable, or stationary animal fence, or cage-structure, fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit into its rooftop, or cover-top.

VIEW bc is a canopy comprising a cool-aid fan-shade unit, and being affixed, attached, or mounted to the structure of an animal-cage or fence.

VIEW bd shows a house or home for animals, having a cool-aid fan-shade unit fitted into its covertop-roofstructure.

VIEW be shows another angle of a home for animals & pets, fitted with a medium to large-size cool-aid fan-shade unit, having its solar-lid-cover opened.

VIEW bf shows (two) animal/pet homes £at top of page£, fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit(s), with their “vented-protective-housing(s)” which cover and protect the fan units. **The botttom of the page shows a pet/animal-transport box or container, which is fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit, thats “located inside-of the solar-vented-protective-cover” £affixed to the top of the animal transport-containerbox£, having been hitched to a vehicle in this case.

VIEW bg is a pet/animal, or reptile cage, fitted with a cool-aid fan-shade unit into its structured-cage, and in this case, having the power-source for the fan unit located atop the cage-units cover-top.

VIEW bh is an animal/pet or reptile cage, having a canopy attached to its structure, with a cool-aid fan-shade unit fitted into the canopy.

VIEW bi shows a tent animal/pet-structure, having a canopy affixed to it, and having a cool-aid fan-shade unit located within the canopy.

VIEW bj is a home for pets and animals, with a canopy affixed, having a cool-aid fan-shade unit fitted into the canopies cover-shade.

VIEW bk shows a circular cool-aid fan-shade unit which is (transportable) and attached, and or fitted into the cover-shade of a vehicle.

VIEW bl shows a cicular cool-aid fan-shade unit which is (transportably) mounted into the cover-shade of a vehicle, having its source for power affixed atop the vehicle.

Page 01 shows a picture of a cool-aid fan-shade unit, along with a descriptive relative to its make-up and workings. *Opening Statement: (Reference to Page 1), further describes page 01

Page 02 shows a descriptive of how (several) cool-aid fan-shade units would look (“with their hinged, solar-lids shut, and when in an open position”), when fitted into a canopy, cover-shade, structure, or object such as outdoor equipment.

Page 06 shows (several) cool-aid fan-shade units, fitted into the canopies, awnins, covers, tops, tents, shelters, bimini's and gazebo's of outdoor equipment.

Page 2(x) shows (several) cool-aid fan-shade units *transportably connected to outdoor equipment by use of their extension-arm and a vise-grip/clamp etc., that attaches them to the structures. Ones a hand-held, and the other depicts an outdoor-canopy, with both operational by use of a battery, batteries, transportable-batteries, rechargable-batteries and (optional) solar-powered methods. This Page also shows that “““the cool-aid fan-shade units are *rotational”””, in the picture of the hand-held (having units wind-gust blow towards an east or a westard direction) when occupants are holding this canopy too keep cool. The outdoor style of canopy (has its cool-aid fan-shade unit “rotated in a southerly-position)“as to blow its wind-gust towards the ground”, for cooling of occupants located directly under this canopy-cover-shade.

Page 15 shows how (several) cool-aid fan-shade units (of different styles) may be fitted to a single canopy-cover, or its structure, and affixed to outdoor equipment, such as, hammocks or cots, on this case.

Page 13 shows (several) descriptives of cool-aid fan-shade unit(s) fitted-to the cover-tops and or structures of outdoor equipment, canopy or umbrella's for use as pet-products, in this case.

Page 14 shows (several) more descriptive and innovative methods for fitting of cool-aid fan-shade unit(s) into pet canopies, with one method using solar-energy as a power-source, and the other, a rechargable-battery for power.

Page 04 depicts various tent-structures, and shows some methods of fitting the cool-aid fan-shade units into these structured outdoor equipment products.

Page 18 shows methods of fitting cool-aid fan-shade units into tent-structures for vehicles and transportational canopies, cabins, shelters as same.

Page 10 shows some methods for fitting cool-aid fan-shade units into the canopies, biminies, shelters, awnings, umbrella's, cabins, toppers, and or tarps of wattercraft vehicles & equipment.

Page 09 shows how cool-aid fan-shade unit(s) maybe fitted, or (*transportably)-fitted into the cover-shades, awnings and shelters of campers, vehicular-campers and equipment as such.

Page 07 shows that cool-aid fan-shade units can fit the needs of vehicular machinery, heavy-equipment, agricultural-equipment, constructional-equipment, and off-road, mining and industrial types of equipment or machinery, for purposes of co-ling and shelter.

Page 12 shows another design-type for a cool-aid (pet)/animal-canopy fan-unit.

Page 19 is a descriptive of how cool-aid fan-shade units are fitted to the outdoor equipment-structures of chairs, tables, benches, lounges, etc.

Page 19(x) shows a cool-aid fan-shade unit, fitted to the canopy of a cruiser-style of vehicular-cycle.

Page 19(xx) shows a cool-aid fan-shade unit, fitted to a canopy or cover-top for vehicular-cycles of speed.


The outdoor equipment (14): being portable (01) or stationary (02), has fitted to its ptotective-cover-top, or structured-frame (12,13,14) a framed, flat-paneled fan-unit (1), being tiny, small (2), medium (3), large (4) and extra-large (5), having the fan-units preferbly made from plastic, alluminum, or light-weight composite materials and transportably (03) attached and detached, if prefered, to the outdoor equipment (14) by means of assembling, fabrication, mounting, machining, stamping, stapling, adhesives, stitching, glueing, bolting, bonding, velcro-methods, zipping, but not limited to other technics and methods, with the£entire fan-uint (1) combined with an outdoor equipment device or structure (14) too produce the invention£.

The framed, flat-paneled fan-unit can be either circular (04) or square (05) in design and has a portably-detachable solid or flexible solar-lid (shade cover (8 &9) affixed to its frame-structure (1) by use of a flexible or opening hinge (10). The fan unit has a small light-weight motor drive ((6) mounted within its perimeter frame having a speed-control (06) and a protective safety-barrier (07). Connected to the dc-motor drive (6) is a lightweight, plastic or composite fan-blade structure (7).

Operational method: means the individual or occupant dwelling underneath or within the perimeter of this product should simply, open, or pop-open the hinged *solar cover-lid (8 or 9) 20 to 60 degrees and power the flat-paneled fan-unit (1) as it then pulls cool air thru the top or roof of a protective-cover and blows or propells it onto an individual, pet (11), or item underneath and or adjacent to the structure, having also the ability too extract hot air in the same fashion as stated. The hinged solar-lid-cover (8 or 9) doubles as a protective-cover for the fan-unit (1) also and can be (closed-shut) when in the presence of incliment weather. This £entire flat-paneled fan-unit (1)£: can also be detached, transported (03) and fitted to other outdoor equipment devices, and structures (14) by its occupant or owner £“with or without”£ the use of its detachable, hinged, solar-lid-cover (8- or 9), and or with the usage of an (extension-arm) (16), which hinges too fold the £entire fan unit£(1) into a downward-parallel-position when closeing, folding, packing or shutting a canopy, or structure for storage. (specificly) refering to hand-held and market umbrella's. Power is supplied to the fan units (1) by use of hinged solar-panels, transportable solar-panels, transportable-batteries, rechargeable-batteries & alternating current methods. There ia an adaptive extension-cord (08) for this unit, for use of recharging the fan units themselves and or the units batteries for power, or for patio, porch, or indoor usage.

This flat-framed fan unit has an optional container which is transportably attachable or detachable, therefore, allowing the occupant to affix this device to the fan-unit when necessary, for the “purpose of delivering and propelling coolant/chemicals onto the occupant of the protective-cover (14). This *storage-container (18) is preferbly produced from lightweight materials such as plastic, fiberglass, alluminum and or composite-materials.

This fan-unit comes with a protective shell cover or houseing (19) of plastic or composite materials (for the purpose of covering the fan-unit) when incorporated into pet-products (14), devices and structures. In this case, the solar-panel is affixed to the top of the vented or open-faced shell caseing and portable or rechargeable batteries would be stored inside the inner compartment of the caseing.

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