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The service V is unique in form because of its design. This is because from the opposite end of the tennis court, the server stance because of footwork and shoulder pointing to the service box will create when serving from both right and left court a (V) shaped figure. This from the servers end will look like an upside down (V) this unique thought came to my mind while teaching mostly six to twelve years to serve, and some adult beginneers, who could not get their shoulder to point to the server box. Therefore I had to use my racket to create on the right service court a mark or angle going to the right, and on the left court angle going to the left. As the diagrams will show a (v) from either side of the court is then formed. From the servers perspectives, (V) is for victory. Therefore I created the service (v) for servers victory.

House, Lance Barant (Orlando, FL, US)
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A63B69/38; (IPC1-7): A63B69/38
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1. I Lance Barant House, claim the service V as my sole invention. I request that the enclosed papers of the disclosed invention be accepted under the disclosure document program, and that they be preserved for a period of two years.


1. The service V is invented by Lance B House on the 9th June I invented the service V as an instrument and equipment to aid and be manufactured, so as to aid and be developed as a teaching aid for all tennis students preferably from 3 years and up. However the service “V” can be used by all tennis professionals, and any sports it deemed to aid and athlete and athletic events. The upside-down look is unique because the service “V” is a service stance with proper foot work and shoulder and body position. It is designed so as to fit the uniformity of the tennis court layout.

2. This idea came to me on Jun. 9, 2001. It came to me while giving lessons to beginners when trying to coordinate their footwork with shoulder and body positions. Saying to my students, “You have to be on this side of the V that I draw with my racket head as the diagrams that is enclosed for both right handed server and left handed server will show the right handed server will serve leading with the left foot pointing to the right net post while his left shoulder points to the center of the service box going to the corner where the service line meets the singles side lines the servers back foot in this case of the right handed server it is the right foot. This foot should be parallel to the base line, as illustrated in the diagrams of the service V. This would be the opposite to the left handed server.

3. The service V has that upside down look to the server initially however, it is the projection into the tennis court while serving from both sides that shows it's V shaped image even though that may be imaginary. But the real effect and form of the service V comes from the server body position meaning footwork and shoulder turn that actually put the server in the unique invention of the service V.