Ear Muff Twisty
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The Ear Muff Twisty is a new and unique ear muff design. Its functionality is like none other of prior creations. It can be worn as a protective agent or an ear fashion. Its flexible design is easily formed fitted to the ear. It is lightweight and is placed over the ear and twisted to secure a proper fit. The Ear Muff Twisty is made of many lightweight, comfortable, and varying colored materials. The inside is made of and includes a lightweight flexing wire that is formed and positioned by wearer and cupped around ear to form fit that particular wearer's ear. The Ear Muff Twisty is therefore as small as his or her particular physical ear once formed to fit as such. Some earrings may also be worn in combination either under or over this ear muff fashion.

Allcorn, Sherry Ann (Burleson, TX, US)
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Sherry Ann Allcorn (Burleson, TX, US)
1. An ear protector comprising: A flex wire positioned and sewn inside of ear muff design to afford the pliability to form fit onto wearer's ear. Once in position a simple twist backwards keeps muff securely in place. The flex wire is what affords this unique design the ability to mold and bend easily. Made of lightweight, soft, and various colors and patterns of material, but not necessarily of thermal construct, but has the consistency and thickness to keep ears warm and substantially impervious to weather conditions. A gathering of material designed and sewn into ear muff, fashions a cupped form that slips easily on top of ear, then twist wire looped inside is pulled down and pinched backwards to secure fit.



U.S. Pat. No. 3,112,493 December 1963 Greenberg U.S. Pat. No. 4,872,219 October 1989 Duncan U.S. Pat. No. 4,713,843 December 1987 Duncan U.S. Pat. No. 5,898,945 May 4, 1999 Weiser


The Ear Muff Twisty relates primarily to ear protection. It is a self-supporting device and can be worn as a device to keep ear warm. The materials of which it is constructed are not necessarily of thermal material, but of sufficient material thickness to keep ear warm and protected from most outside elements. Most muffs of the past have been thick and cumbersome. The Ear Muff Twisty is made of a twist wire so as to fit over ear and be fitted to wearer's ear. This muff is made of lightweight material and is small in comparison to all muffs of the past.


The improvement according to this invention hereof includes a flexible twist wire inside that flexes, bends, and contours easily to ones' ear. It is easy to apply to ear and lightweight. It is particularly appealing in comparison to muffs of the past because of its form fitting to the wearer's ear, as small as the ear and very fashionable. This ear muff is not large and cumbersome and is particularly attractive to the female species because of its petite appearance. It is not a pop on type of past designs or does not have a cumbersome wire attaching one muff to another.


The Ear Muff Twisty is a completely new and innovative way of wearing an ear muff. It may not, necessarily, be worn as a protective agent against weather elements. The material of which it is designed is lightweight, soft, comfortable, and of many fashionable colors and patterns. It consists of a lightweight flexible, bendable, and contouring wire inside. It is therefore cupped over the wearer's ear and formed to fit that particular person's ear. Once placed over the ear, a simple twist down, and to the back, then bend upwards to secure in place. This new and special design will be especially attractive to females because of its petite look and sophisticated style. The Ear Muff Twisty can be worn with or without many earring fashions as well.


It is one general object of the invention to improve detachable ear muffs.

It is another object to facilitate manufacture of detachable ear muffs.

It is still another object of this invention to make a unique design that is small and of lightweight so one can hardly be aware that it is attached to one's ear.

In accordance with this design, one feature and of most importance is the flex wire inside, protected by soft material to wearer's ear, that molds easily to and twist to form fit.

Still another feature, unique to this invention, is the ability to wear with earrings either under or in combination over muff.


FIG. 1 Is a drawing of Ear Muff Twisty once placed over the ear, completely positioned, and ready for wear.

FIG. 2 Is a drawing of the right ear

FIG. 3 Is a drawing of ear muff partially in place over right ear.

FIG. 4 Is drawing of inside and opposite of FIG. 3.

FIG. 5 Drawing of flexible wire as it would look inside FIG. 1.

FIG. 6 Is a cupped version of ear muff before it is placed over the ear.

FIG. 7 Drawing of inside of muff showing flexible wire.

FIG. 8 Drawing of ear muff shape before it is cupped, and placed over ear.

FIG. 9 Drawing of ear muff twisty appearance as it is worn.


In reference to drawings, in particular to FIG. 1 thereof, a new and improved design to ear muffs of the past, after placed on ear, the physical appearance is as small as ones' physical ear. This design is lightweight and comfortable against the frontal part of face as well as all around the ear. This particular drawing is the finished version after muff is secured onto ear and in place. As shown, it is as small as ones' physical ear.

Referring to FIG. 3 and FIG. 4, this is position of ear muff as one starts to place it on the ear, before twisting the twist wire inside to a comfortable position. The ear muff twisty is already in a cupped position to place over the top of ear and the bottom exhibits the slightly curved twist wire inside just before it is placed over the ear.

The twist wire in FIG. 5 is in a position to place over ones' ear and then pinched back to secure a fit. Of course twist wire is sewn inside material and does not physically touch the ear or face itself. The twist wire is soft and pliable of the exact consistency to form a loop, which is already fashioned in oval shape.

As to FIG. 6, this is the drawing of completed ear muff twisty in a cupped fashion before it is placed over the ear, twist wire is inside covered by outside material, also twist wire is secured with a small stitching to remain place around edges of cupped muff.

In reference to FIG. 7, drawing displays the twist wire inside before the outside material is sewn over it. The twist wire is shown with ends sticking out to convey that it is fashioned in this way and placed inside the material by the manufacturer and then stitched to secure it in place.

FIG. 8 displays ear muff before it is placed over the ear in a flat like position

FIG. 9 displays the ear muff twisty as it actually looks on the ear of person.

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