Scrubber glove
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The Scrubber Glove is a rubber glove modified to include the following features, all of which facilitate its use for washing dishes: (1) sponges attached to palm and finger areas for washing dishes; (2) additional abrasive material on the fingertips; and (3) a liquid soap reservoir on the back of the hand, which when a fist is made, squirts liquid soap.

Presniakov, Alexander (San Francisco, CA, US)
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A41D19/00; A41D19/015; A47L13/19; A46B5/04; A46B11/00; (IPC1-7): A46B5/04
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Alexander Presniakov (San Francisco, CA, US)
3. A scrubbing glove to be worn on the hand of the user, comprising: a. Rubber Glove, with b. A spongy, soap permeable, material on the palm and the inside of the fingers, and c. Abrasive material on the finger-tips, and d. A soap reservoir on the back of the hand with a tube extending towards the front of the glove, and e. An air compressor in the palm, when a fist is made, squeezing the air compressor, soap is released from the reservoir through the tube.


This product was first invented by myself on Thanksgiving Day of 1988.

Design advantages and descriptions of my Scrubber Glove are as follows.

Eliminate need for user to stop washing dishes to reach for seperate abrasive pad and liquid detergent.

Allows user to scrub even tough burned on food particles from pots and dishes in one quick step.

Provides more scrubbing power by allowing use of the entire hand.

Protects hands from drying effects of soap and water like regular glove.

End need to purchase several different products to wash dishes.

This product can be used for much more than simple dish washing as it can just as simply wash the family car, boat, bath, tile, vinal upholstery windows, counter tops and more.

Design features as follows.

Modified rubber glove has sponges attached to palm and finger areas for washing dishes, etc.

Liquid soap contained in air compressor located on top of glove.

User makes fist to squeeze air compressor causing soap to be forced out of a shaft on top of glove.

Finger tips contain bristles to allow user to scrub away burned on food particles, dirt etc.

Producible in a variety of colors and sizes or of a heavier grade rubber for commercial and industrial use.