Ultimate picture frame
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A picture frame that can illustrate photographs in various positions and displays universal qualities, ranging from mobile vehicles to stationary objects. The picture frame is constructed of light weight, durable, flexible and transparent properties in which can be displayed/viewed in a fashionable and convenient application. The dimension of the frame is not limited to size or shape, as it can be utilized in several ways. The picture frame is supported by a flexible wand, and requires to be accompanied by mounting devices consisting of, but not limited to: clips, suction cups, adhesive tape, dc adaptor, velcro.

Wolf, William Raymond (Keystone Heights, FL, US)
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A47G1/06; A47G1/17; B60R11/00; (IPC1-7): A47G1/06
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1. An ultimate picture frame, comprising: a) picture frame that is formed of light weight composite, not to limit to size or shape, transparent plastic front surface, a female coupling molded to posterior of durable frame, one access flange which folds upward and outward for opening to photograph film chamber. b) A male coupling which snaps into female coupling as claimed in 1a, this is a ratcheting device that allows picture frame to be rotated 180 degrees. c) As claimed in 1b, attached by a small rivet to join two ratcheting holder, on other side of this is a retainer which a flexible wand is inserted. d) as claimed in 1c, a flexible wand that is not limited to length or size in diameter, this wand is to be manipulated for desired effect. e) As claimed in 1c, a wand inserts into a female coupling which is secured by an adhesive bonding material, this section remains stationary.

2. An ultimate picture frame according to claim 1, wherein: a) multiple devices for mounting consisting of, but limited to, a clamp, suction cups on bracket, velcro on bracket, sticky adhesive on a bracket, dc adaptor plug in.

3. An ultimate picture frame according to claim 1, wherein: a) the device that holds a picture film is made with two casts, b) one cast consisting of four sides, two parallel sides, one bottom side, one back with female coupling, c) one cast which clips on top to seal film chamber.

4. An ultimate picture frame according to claim 3, wherein: a) transparent plastic leaf is inserted into chamber to protect picture film from being damaged.

5. An ultimate picture frame according to claim 3, wherein: a) is supported by female coupling, which a male end will snap into, this will allow picture frame to be rotatable and able to pivot.

6. An ultimate picture frame according to claim 5, wherein: a) male end is connected to ratcheting, two pieces bound together with a rivet, outside of one piece an inside of the other, this will allow connector to be secured, yet able to be moved 180 degrees, to be sustained in any position thereof.

7. An ultimate picture frame according to claim 6, wherein: a) female end of ratcheting device to be supported with flexible wand, this wand can be easily cut to desired length, inserted into female end, adhered with durable adhesive.

8. An ultimate picture frame according to claim 7, wherein: a) flexible wand is not limited to dimensions in diameter or length, wand is to fit snugly into female coupling and is to be supported by same racheting device as is claimed in 6.

9. An ultimate picture frame according to claim 8, wherein: a) the male end of racheting device, to be snapped into a female coupling on mounting base.

10. An ultimate picture frame according to claim 9, wherein: a) mounting base is constructed of durable, light weight material, clamps, suction cups, sticky adhesive, velcro.

11. An ultimate picture frame according to claim 10, wherein: a) mounting base be direct current (DC) adapter, low voltage to be within flexible wand, multiple lighting, but not limited to, that will illuminate picture film.



1. Field of the Invention

This invention pertains to a picture frame that holds a picture film which can only be viewed from anterior of picture frame, yet the picture frame itself can be manipulated to be viewed in multiple positions and angles.

2. Description of Related Arts

Displaying a picture film to be observed on a regular basis is commonly used and is non-biased through out the various of different cultures. There is something that compels people to have a picture that can be viewed easily and to have memories of something that has some kind of value, either emotionally or physically.

A picture film that can be viewed to reflect emotions or comfort.


The objective of this invention is to provide a person with a unique way of displaying a single picture film. This is accomplished by providing a method of displaying picture film just about anywhere a person spends a majority of their time. This application is extremely versatile, and can be adapted to just about any environment.

The application of this invention originates from single die cut picture films being placed on instrument panels in vehicles. This obstructs visual ability of any component on the vehicle in case of malfunction. The instrument panel is probably the most convenient and visible place from the driver seat. The ultimate picture frame enables the person to illustrate picture films in a way that is just as visible and not hinder view of malfunctioning vehicle components or road hazards, at the same time not compromising driving acuity.

This invention is designed for all mobile vehicles such as: RV's, boats, planes, trains, yet it is not limited to.

This invention can also be used to provide more space on computer desks and limited wall space.


Page 9, FIG A is an anterior view of the picture frame that contains the picture film.

Page 9, FIG B is a posterior view of the picture frame that is used to display picture film.

Page 9, FIG C is an illustration of flexible wand that supports picture frame with ratcheting connectors on each end of wand.

Page 9, FIG D through FIG G are mounting devices to suspend wand and picture frame.

Page 10, FIG C1, through C7, explains the ratcheting mechanism that enables adaptability for optimal positioning.

Page 11, FIG H1 through H4, describes the ultimate picture frame with an electric input in which can be inserted into a DC power source to illuminate picture film.


The invention is described by the following in which corresponds page numbers and reference letter components.

Page 9, FIG A is an anterior view divided into three components, A1, is the picture frame, A2 is a hinging flap to gain access to film chamber, A3 is a transparent plastic material which protects picture film.

Page 9, FIG B is posterior view of picture frame, B2 is the female coupling that acts as a retainer that a male ball joint can pivot and rotate.

Page 9, FIG C illustrates the wand and male ball joint, which supports the picture frame. C1 is the flexible wand that is the main support for the picture frame, designed for positioning in a variety of ways. C2 is a hinging point where a male coupling is adjoined for additional positioning. C3 is the male coupling that is inserted into the female coupling on the posterior of picture frame.

Page 10, FIG C is divided into more detail to better explain the versatility of the ultimate picture frame. C1 through C3 is explained in (0019). C4 illustrates the outer casing of the ratcheting device, male coupling is connected to this structure. There is an orifice in both sides, which a rivet adjoins FIG C4 and C7 together.

Page 10, FIG C5 is a rivet that connects C4 and C7 together. The two pieces together allow C4 to ratchet 180 degrees.

Page 10, FIG C6 is the ridges that are located on the inside of C4, and on the outside of C7. These ridges interlink close enough to hold the picture frame being suspended from the wand.

Page 10, FIG C7 illustrates the stationary section of the ratcheting device, also connecting to the flex wand. This device has ridges that interlink with the ridges of C4 explained in (0020).

Page 11, FIG H is an illuminated ultimate picture frame, powered by a power source, consisting of low voltage and low amperage ideally being direct current.

Page 11, FIG H1 illustrates the picture frame with a film chamber, not limiting the dimension to size or shape, this contains lights.

Page 11, FIG H2 are the individual lamps that are placed systematically around the picture frame to illuminate the picture film.

Page 11, FIG H3 is the flexible wand that has low voltage internally placed starting from power supply to picture frame chamber.

Page 11, FIG H4 illustrating a common DC power supply plug, this acts as a power supply and a mounting device.

Description of this invention is explained in detail to show the unique qualities and the multiple applications of the-ultimate picture frame.

As technology advances the ultimate picture frame will incorporate computer hardware which will enable a person to download multiple digital images.