Strength exercising harness
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A wearable fitness harness with aresistant latex tube interchange system used for closed circuit resistance exercises, primarily pushup and squat, jumping exercise routines is comprised of padding and plastic straps worn on the body which may include Cleats, rings or hooks. Barrel shaped terminal links or plugs can be used for attaching and supporting the resistance of latex tubes or cords to the harness strap key way linkage. The latex tubes are also attached to pushup blocks and foot straps at opposite ends and are stretched and stabilized by using the pushup blocks or foot straps in order to stretch the latex tubes from the harness attachments when arms or legs are extended such reciprocating force is applied to the latex tubes. The latex tubes are length adjustable, interchangeable and detachably and attach ably worn in a series of light, medium, and heavy resistance in order to increase or decrease the resistance, the latex cords can be wrapped like a shock cord.

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1. A wearable strength exercising harness comprising: a pair of push-up stands; a wearable fitness harness; and a plurality of interchangeable resistance elements for removably connecting each said push-up stand to said wearable fitness harness.

2. The wearable strength exercising harness of claim 2, wherein each said resistance elements are adjustable to many sizes according to user arm length for articulation of motion.

3. The wearable strength exercising harness of claim 2, wherein each said resistance element is comprised of latex, and fasteners.

4. The wearable strength exercising harness of claim 1, wherein said wearable fitness harness is capable of being worn behind a user's neck and upon the shoulders, and further capable of absorbing restraint force with padded neoprene polychloroprene.

5. The wearable strength exercising harness of claim 1, wherein each said pushup block which can be injection molded or snapped together using PVC elbows, caps, Tee's, and ELL's and couplings.

6. The wearable strength exercising harness of claim 1, wherein each pushup block further comprises anti-skid rubber feet for use on any surface such as wood, concrete and carpet.

7. The wearable strength exercising harness of claim 1, wherein each said push-up stand comprises: a first hand grip adapted for pushing against said resistance element; and a second hand grip opposed to said first hand grip and adapted for pulling against said resistance element.

8. A wearable strength exercising harness comprising: a pair of foot stirrups; a wearable fitness harness; and a plurality of interchangeable resistance elements for removably connecting each said foot stirrup to said wearable fitness harness.

9. The wearable strength exercising harness of claim 8, wherein each said resistance elements are adjustable to many sizes according to user leg length for articulation of motion.

10. The wearable strength exercising harness of claim 9, wherein each said resistance element is comprised of latex, neoprene polychloroprene.

11. The wearable strength exercising harness of claim 8, wherein said wearable fitness harness having a key way securement to the latex tube and fasteners is made of any suitable durable material that will absorb restraint force.

12. The wearable strength exercise harness of claim 8, wherein said wearable fitness harness comprises: a polymer shell having an upper surface opposite a lower surface; a padding laminated to said lower surface; wherein said harness is capable of being worn behind a user's neck and upon the shoulders.

13. The wearable strength exercise harness of claim 12, wherein said polymer shell and padding is laminated from sheet material prior to cutting and shaping using a waterjet process in which a water and sand mixture is directed through a narrow orifice into a pressurized cutting stream.

14. A method for exercise utilizing a wearable strength exercise harness described in claim 1, said method comprising the steps: These activities are rhythmic and aerobic in nature (rope jumping, dancing, walking, running, stair climbing, etc.) in combination with using the pushup harness for resistance added interval training in which competitive teams of up to fifteen members on each side oppose one another and are arranged in the order of three endurance level groups of five on each team. Endurance level one, endurance level two, endurance level three. Each level group confronts the opposing team members in a process of elimination based on fitness level endurance, the teams have a referee who calls the exercise routines and monitors performance. Points are added for how many repetitions that can be completed in the allotted time, repetitions are combinations of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Each endurance level exercise participant is given a certain amount of minutes to complete as many repetitions as capable of and out last the opposing team members. Awarded prizes and an individual's skill and enjoyment toward an activity are factors that will influence compliance and ultimately the desired outcomes. A variety of group exercises are recommended to minimize repetitiveness leading up to the final test of endurance which is interval or always the last exercise towards the completion of each endurance level contest, the user places stands in a comfortable pushup position to begin a interval exercise routine by first pushing up against the resistant force in repetitions, at any given moment during interval training the user will choose when to draw his or her legs in under their body while maintaining a constant pushup rhythmic motion while their body weight is now supported by their knee pads, the user continues through with higher repetitions while increasing speed of motion pushing up and down against the resistance in an interval of rhythmic vertical to horizontal retroactive positioning accomplished by retracting and extending the legs back and forth appearing to jackknife or as a to push off. While doing these high impact routines user abs and oblique and lower back muscles can be strengthened as well the cardiovascular system and every muscle in the human body under going this effective conditioning whereby the amount of oxygen consumed in one minute of this maximal exercise along with running and other aerobic exercise routines is considered a standard test for improving VO2 max. The exercise, include, pushups, Triceps pushdowns, standing chest press, squats jump, squats and much more.

15. An exercise method comprising: aerobic activity, in combination with resistance training.

16. The exercise method of claim 15, wherein said aerobic activity is performed as an interactive activity.

17. The exercise method of claim 15, wherein said resistance is applied to the to increase the force required to perform said aerobic activity.



The present invention was first described in U.S. Provisional Patent No. 60/513,325 filed on Oct. 23, 2003. There are no other previously file or pending applications anywhere in the world.


1. Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to a strength exercising harness comprising latex tubes and pushup blocks, in particularly to a strength exercising harness of the type worn on the body whereby the user may vary the resistance.

2. Description of the Related Art

Numerous types of stretch resistance tube exercising equipment and apparatuses are being marketed today. In U.S. Pat. No. 4,961,573 a boxing exercise harness is worn on the upper torso and includes handgrips, a pulley system and elastic straps. The user performs a boxing routine while the latex tubes oppose arm movement. One popular device placed on the market by a company known as Go Fit(™) is a simple 4-foot resistance latex tube. The resistance load for arms and leg muscles are provided by stretching the latex tube between handles or wall attachments during an attempt to stretch and stabilize one self against the tremulous and also do to certain points of fixation none of these apparatuses provide the versatility used for pushup routines or heavy resistance squats. The apparatus design comes in a series of deluxe packages which become expensive and none of the prior art allows the user to buy only the various inexpensive detachable, interchangeable latex tubing as an accessory item in order to decrease or increase the resistance. In U.S. Pat. No. 5,518,481 a resilient stretching exercise device is worn on the body about the shoulders. The body support is comprised of elastic loops which terminate into hand grips whereby the user may exercise the upper body while walking does not provide a means for variation of resistance or nor does it provide the padded comfort as mentioned in the present invention and therefore limited to advanced exercise routines. A popular device placed on the market by a company known as Lifeline fitness is a simple harness worn around the back having interchangeable tubes. User experience discomfort throughout the fingers and hands as most of the forces of resistance is applied to your fingers and hands which are relied upon in order to hold the resistance tubes to the floor as the users hands are also coming in contact with undesirable soiled surfaces while doing pushups. This device cannot be worn while running in place or during aerobic routines and deeper pushup repetitions can not be achieved for broadening the shoulders and chest.


It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide an improved strength exercising harness.

Briefly described according to one embodiment of the present invention, a strength exercising harness is provided comprising latex tubes and pushup blocks, in particularly to a strength exercising harness of the type worn on the body whereby the user may vary the resistance of the latex tubes by attaching and detaching several wrapped cords or light, medium, or heavy latex tubes to the harness and pushup blocks and foot straps. The user can engage in the exercise of arms, shoulders, chest, back, and leg exercises while walking on the beach or through the park or any where such routines would be impossible and inconvenient because other devices are cumbersome and have no transportability and require laying down on a bench with your feet off the floor this will open the chain of muscle groups while it has been discovered desirable a closed chain exercise like pushups which locks the legs feet and arms chest abdomen etc. together will give you a much better result when toning and strengthening muscles and skeletal. There are additionally numerous benefits advantages such as being able to exercise for cardiovascular fitness while wearing the harness being loaded with resistance and no weight that will cause a ballistic nature of forces and a high level of stress on the musculature and skeletal system of the user.

It is the further object of the present invention to provide for an exercise device, having the simple capability for the user to engage in an array of body toning exercises primarily, pushup and squat resistant exercises at any time or any place in a variety of terrains encountered in an outdoor environment which may result in a more all around form of mental and physical stimulus as opposed to mechanically assisted indoor exercise and the which would present a inconvenience and impossible task to use a non transportable cumbersome fitness equipment and is a device that can be used under weightless conditions in orbit about a celestial body.

It is a further object of the present invention to provide for an exercise device which may be simple in construction being partially made from existing materials found on the shelf such as ½ inch PVC elbow joints, 45 degree angle joints, conduits, couplings and T connectors. The harness is worn on the shoulders in a natural and comfortable fashion while also being used to perform pushups and achieve a deeper descending motion for broadening the chest squats and other jumping routines. Having a design which will allow user to increase and decrease resistance with little modifications, and also isolate the particular muscle group for which conditioning is desired. It is a primary object of the present invention to connect pushup blocks with latex straps or tubes to a wearable harness to provide for a total gym that can be worn and used in a variety of terrains easily fitted for the user to wear on the back and shoulders supports and simply straight forward in articulated motions. The form of the device is out of a padded strap harness being comprised of fasteners. The padding and adjustable straps are sewn webbing materials together with components that are a type of clam cleats, semi circular barrel shaped terminals, rings or eyelets. The rings may have hooks in order to attach and detach latex tubes or cords having plugs or bungs, and links co frictional fitted, wet end insertions. The latex tubes can be made in a variety of ways, lengths diameters and elasticity's to accommodate different sizes and strengths of the user.


The advantages and features of the present invention will become better understood with reference to the following more detailed description and claims taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which like elements are identified with like symbols, and in which:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a PVC pushup block stands hand grip of the present invention comprising neoprene handle grips and plug or bung holes for the bung and latex tube insertion through the corresponding points of articulation;

FIG. 2 is an orthographic view of a polymer harness of the present invention comprising pushup blocks having latex tubes which have adjustable length increments in the form of plug fasteners to the harness key way strap securement.

FIG. 2a is a bottom view of a harness showing the cleat or semicircular barrel shaped terminals sewn with webbing directly to the nylon straps.

FIG. 3 is a perspective view of an entire assembly of a light weight portable variable resistance latex tube apparatus having a harness and handle grips in the form of a pushup blocks and stirrups;

FIG. 4 is an orthographic view of a molded harness, webbing and rings, hooks and latex tube, and PVC pushup block assembly;

FIG. 5 is a view illustrating the latex tube interconnection to the handle grip pushup block point of articulation;

FIG. 6 is a view illustrating latex tube, plugs, and semi circular barrel shaped terminal link;

FIG. 7 is a view illustrating a fitness harness pushup block stands and stirrup squat configuration being used accordingly;

FIG. 8 is an orthographic view illustrating the latex tube interconnection to the foot stirrup;

FIG. 9 is an exploded view of the PVC pushup block assembly; and

FIG. 10 is an orthographic view design of a one piece molded harness comprising FIG. 10a cleats.

FIG. 11 is a perspective view of a die cut polymer harness with latex tube key way notch feed through holes.

FIG. 12 is an orthographic view of the injection molded pushup block stands.


The best mode for carrying out the invention is presented in terms of its preferred embodiment, herein depicted within the Figures.

1. Detailed Description of the Figures

Now, referring to FIG. 2 and FIG. 10 and FIG. 11 which are perspective views of a widely held concept of a wearable strength exercising harness (1) being adjustable to many sizes according to user arm and leg length for articulation of motion. Neoprene polychloroprene, is an extremely versatile synthetic rubber; the basic chemical composition of neoprene synthetic rubber is polychloroprene. The harness (1) pads (14) maybe made of any suitable durable material that will absorb restraint force maybe made of neoprene (polychloroprene) upholstery or one piece molded Urethane foam, Ethyl Vinyl Acetate. The harness will also be die cut from sheets of other suitable material such as a UHMW polymer that can also be padded with a extruded EPDM or neoprene closed cell sponge for padded comfort and offer water resistant protection as shown in the design of FIG. 4 and FIG. 2A. Now referring to FIG. 11 which shows of the latex tube fastening after the latex tubes are pinched between the key way hole notches (9) of the harness shoulder straps (1a) and securely coupled in the key way holes (9) that are cut through the Ultra High Molecular Weight Polymer harness shoulder straps the latex tube (3) lengths can also be adjusted through the pushup block (23) holes (16) using the aforementioned adjustment method. The harness (1) straps (1a) can also be a fabric with interwoven strands of synthetic fiber such as nylon sewed together with an elastomer or neoprene water repellant material, any of various substances, such as certain forms of plastics rubber, or cellulose that have Sponge rubber like qualities that will provide a worn padded comfort protection against abrasion. The harness (1) may be equipped with rings or eyelets (11) and links (8). A polymer harness FIG. 2 FIG. 11 of the present invention comprising pushup blocks (23) which will be ultimately injection molded of one or two piece parts for final production according to the design shown in FIG. 12 having holes (16) for detaching and attach ably securing the latex tubes (3) that can be length adjusted by way of inserted latex tube fastener plugs (4) which are spaced apart in series and form adjustable length increments acting as mechanical fasteners to the harness strap key way securement.

The latex tubes (3) have an adjustment means whereby notched or drilled holes (9) through the harness straps (1a) serve as a key way coupling securement for the latex tube and fastener plugs (4) which are larger in diameter than the key way hole (9) for securement. The latex tube (3) may have two or three plugs or knots which may be inserted and spaced apart inside or outside the latex tube which serve as fasteners to the strap key way notch (9) in order to adjust the latex tube length by pulling the latex tube through the keyway (9) and latching the plug or knot into the keyway notch (9). Similar type adjustments can be achieved with sewn fasteners such as FIG. 10a cleats (27) shown in FIG. 10. FIG. 3, which shows various details and interconnections between latex tubes (3), pushup blocks (23) and foot stirrups (18), the tubes are interchangeable in order to increase or decrease the resistance which range from light, medium, heavy, resistance. The latex tube or bungee cord (3) shown in FIG. 6 have connections co-frictionally fit with a wet component such as a ball bearing, bung, plug (4) inserted at one end of the latex tube and a semi circular barrel shaped terminal link or cleat (8) which can be designed with multiple links having preferably counter sink semi circular holes through a barrel shaped terminal link or cleat (8). Barrel shaped attachment end shown in FIG. 2a is secured to nylon straps by sewn webbing. The latex tubes (3) are inserted through the semi circular tapered holes (16) of a pair of handle grip pushup blocks (23) shown in FIG. 4 which may have various design iterations suitable for attaching and detaching the wrapped latex cords (3). Rings are sewn to webbing which can correspond to latex tubes having hook inserts with frictional fits to fasten. FIG. 1 and FIG. 9 shows a pushup block which can be snapped together using PVC elbows, caps, Tee's, and ELL's and couplings or be made of injection molded plastic or a light weight alloy. Now referring to FIG. 5 which shows a pushup block 23 assembly comprised of PVC white or clear schedule 40 fittings soc, Couplings, Tee's, caps and 45 and 90 degree ELL's, conduit pipes having a ½ inch out side diameter and a length of 1 and ⅛ inch up to 5 inches roughly. This snap fitted assembly has a similar injection molded design and can be produced in a variety of designs having holes (16) for securing the latex tubes. The injection molded designs also comprise foam grips. But for the purpose of prototyping and testing evaluation the PVC fittings can be glued together for reinforcement and secure fits. Holes can be drilled in order to attach the latex tube (3) by simply inserting the tube (3) through the holes of the push up stands (23) 90 degree ELL'S and tying the latex tube in a knot at the concealed inserted ends. Each pushup block will also have anti-skid rubber foot prints for use on concrete and carpet. The rubber feet will permit the pushup blocks to be used on wooden flooring in an aerobic environment as well. Hand grips will be added to the assembly to give a finished look while providing comfort and support for the user's hands. The assembly will be as follows but not necessary in this order. Slide hand grip over a 5 inch in length PVC conduit, at each end secure a 90 degree ELL which may have been pre drilled and permanently secured by gluing. Place two 11/4 inch conduits in the open ends of the ELL's and adjoin 1 coupling to each the 11/4 inch conduits then place another 11/4 inch conduit in each of the open ends of the couplings then snap a Tee on each of the conduit ends. At the front and rear end of the push up blocks (23) assembly an 11/4 inch conduit will be placed in each open end of the Tee's. In order to identify the rear end place a cap over each conduit at this point. In order to specify the front which appears considerably wider than the rear, snap one 45 degree ELL onto the end of each of the 11/4 inch conduits that have not been capped, then place a 11/4 inch conduit in each open end of the 45 degree ELL's then cap each end of the 11/4 inch conduits. The holes (16) can be drilled clear through into the bore of the ELL's, which can be tapered or semi circular forming a plug stop securement for the plug, knot or ball (4) and latex tube (3) or an outside mechanical fastener crimped around a series of wrapped latex cords can also form a plug while being inserted through to the under side of holes (16) of pushup block (23) to provide a strong mechanical securement between the latex tube or bungee cord (3) and the pushup blocks (23) or stirrups (18) FIG. 3. The latex tube (3) will fit through the semi circular counter sink hole (16) of the pushup blocks (23) which are constructed by using off the shelf components such as PVC conduit tubing and elbow joint fittings etc., and is fasten to the harness via latex tubing and cleat (27), hook or link (8) eyelet or ring (11). The counter sink holes (16) may be surrounded by an elastomer or plastic that minimizes wear on the latex tube. Friction is caused When latex tubing is constantly rubbing the pushup block (23) counter sink hole (16). The surface friction at the point of pressure generated by the tensile force exerted by the user on the latex tube (3) under such circumstances a protective wrap around a series of latex cords (3) is preferred or simply semi-circular holes will reduce surface friction. FIG. 7 the harness (1) is fitted over the shoulders of the user and a strap (1a) and pad (14) is extending co-extensively between the shoulders, trapezium, behind the neck for stable support. FIG. 2 the harness (3) comprises three pads (14) and can be designed to comprise more than three pads (14). While particular embodiments have been described, changes and modifications in these embodiments can be carried out without departing from the scope of the invention, which is intended to be limited only by the scope of the appended claims. Two or more, up to four pads (14) and straps (1a) are shoulder pads (14a) or strap (1a), which offers support that form a cross or dual lateral T-shape or trichotomy design over each shoulder laterally and longitudinally. Also to accommodate users arm length can be provided a strap (1a) having each strap (1a) adjustment securement (9) and a ring or eyelet (11). A clam type designed cleat (27) FIG. (10)(10a) serves also as an adjustable means which offers a frictional securement when latex tubes are pulled through the cleat in one direction, the cleat also locks the latex tubes when pulled in the opposite direction. The latex tubes (3) are of a length that would offer a competitive resistance to the user and maintain suitable tensile strength. FIG. 7 a user leg attachment for squat exercising is also contemplated into the invention that will offer some lower body strengthening. The user in a crouched position attaches a slightly longer latex tube (3) ranging in short, medium and tall. The latex tube (3) could be, coextensive from the user waist to the femur bone length and attached to his or her ankles or feet by way of a simple design nylon strap foot stirrup (28) detail drawing shown in FIG. 8. In operation the user simply squats or jumps up and down or extends arms when engaging in other various types of exercises to manipulate the device against the latex tube (3) resistance.

2. Operation of the Preferred Embodiment

To use the present invention after placing the harness (1) over the head behind the neck and across the shoulder blades, while situating the shoulder pads (14a) over each shoulder right and left. The user arms are then placed between the latex tubes (3) and straddled by the latex tubes (3) that are attached to each shoulder strap of the harness and pushup stands. FIG. 3 There can be multiple latex tubes (3) attached to the harness (1) at one time depending on the user strength. The handle grip pushup stands (23) are then grasped firmly as user extends their arms to stretch the latex tubes (3) and kneeling to the floor simultaneously placing the pushup blocks (23) in a desired pushup position. The user then proceeds to demonstrate a proper and safe pushup technique with reciprocation of the resistant latex tubes (3). User must always remember to keep a firm grip on the pushup handle grips (23a) after every set of repetitions while contracting latex tubes (3) and releasing the tension or simply lying flat on the floor after each set of repetitions and then letting go of the pushup blocks (23) before assuming an upright position. Ideally the harness can be comfortably worn during other exercise training routines such as sit-ups, jogging, and other aerobics style fitness.

The foregoing descriptions of specific embodiments of the present invention have been presented for purposes of illustration and description. They are not intended to be exhaustive or to limit the invention to the precise forms disclosed, and obviously many modifications and variations are possible in light of the above teaching. The embodiments were chosen and described in order to best explain the principles of the invention and its practical application, to thereby enable others skilled in the art to best utilize the invention and various embodiments with various modifications as are suited to the particular use contemplated. It is intended that the scope of the invention be defined by the claims appended hereto and their equivalents. Therefore, the scope of the invention is to be limited only by the following claims.