Two bottles/containers in one
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Two bottles of any size, shape, color or texture one with a regular size spout, another with a much greater opening or any combination of the two. The concave bottom with a cap like grooved stopper within of the first bottle would allow the second bottles neck like structure to penetrate and twist itself tight into the first bottles bottom therefore creating only one bottle with two separate chambers. Allowing you to place any combination of liquid or solid matter like; soda, candy, soup and bread, detergent and fabric softener, oil and coolant, toys, t-shirts, trinkets etc.

Catalin, Robertino (Gaithersburg, MD, US)
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B65D21/02; (IPC1-7): B65D1/04
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1. A drinking and/or dispensing device that allows another of the same nature to use its bottom as a cap in order for the bottle/container to twist itself into the cap like concave bottom to close shut thus; a bottle with a concave, almost funnel like in shape bottom pointing upwards, within the bottle a soda like cap found at the highest and thinnest top of the concave funnel to be noticed if looking inwards looking inwards at the highest top of the concave cap of the first bottle grooves will be found a second bottle without a cap second bottle will penetrate the first bottles concave bottom twisting the second bottle into the first to have one longer bottle with two separate chambers



The present invention relates to a two in one bottle/container, which is appropriate for holding more than one liquid or solid matter. Such bottle/container is typically constructed of, but not limited to resilient plastic. Marketing research shows that by co-branding a more famous product with one that is less desirable results in overwhelming sale increase. The name branding process as defined is a multi billion-dollar industry. Currently there is no such bottle on the market.


Any given size or shape drinking/dispensing bottle/container or the like that has a second bottle/container with a spout of the same size as the first bottle/container or grater that screws itself into the bottom of the first bottle, thus creating two bottles in one that can dispense just about any liquid or solid matter. Such a bottle/container would allow any company to co-brand any two given saleable items into one package that can be sold over the counter or through a normal vending machine. Soda and cookies, juice and a surprise toy, water and a t-shirt, detergent and fabric softener, oil and coolant, the possibilities are endless. This product can also be used for promotional purposes, emergency purposes, or even for the army. Other uses include alcohol/peroxide and bandages, syringes, etc . . . .


FIG. 1A depicts how the two bottles attach one to the other thus forming one bottle.


A drinking/dispensing bottle/container adapted so another of the same likening can attach itself to the first bottle by method of screwing one of the spouts or opening to the concave bottom of the like, in order to have two separate chambers that can hold what ever the size of the bottle/container allows.

For description purposes we will use a bottle. A bottle of any shape, size, color, texture with its own individual label that has a concave bottom with a circular whole and grooves around it, just like the inside of a funnel with a soda cap at the end of it.

Second bottle of any shape, size, color, texture with its own label that has the neck of a soda bottle, yet the same size of the circular hole found under the first bottle so it can screw itself within bottle number one. Bottle number acts like a soda cap for bottle number two.

Therefore forming one single bottle with two separate chambers. This two chambers can hold any liquid form such as but not limited to: soda, soup, detergent, etc, any solid item such as but not limited to candy, food, trinkets, toys, CDs, clothes, accessories, tickets, etc.