Wheel campfire
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Wheel Campfire has a removable spring-loaded rolled galvanized pipe with specific sized holes, to allow for propane to flow throughout the pipe; this has been designated as the burner. The burner is then set inside a base which is a steel wheel, and then locked into place. At the end of the burner that is set outside of the wheel, a LP gas hose is attached, which then attaches to a valve, which then attaches to a regulator, which then attaches to a propane tank. The valve is adjustable and can regulate the amount of propane that flows to the burner. Once the adjustable valve is turned on, propane will flow through the hose and burner and escapes through the specific holes in the burner. The consumer can then light the burner with a lighter, which will produce a fire above the burner, which will create a range of flame.

Butcher, Jerry Max (West Jordan, UT, US)
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A47J37/07; F23D14/10; F23D14/20; (IPC1-7): F23C1/00; F24C3/00; F24C5/00
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Dobbin IP Law, P.C. (West Valley City, UT, US)
1. What I claim as my invention is the Wheel Campfire. It is a fire restriction approved propane fueled portable campfire. It is a removable spring-loaded rolled pipe used as a burner. The burner is then set inside of a steel wheel which is used as a base. The design of the invention allows for various cooking methods. It is intended for use as a fire for heating and recreational use either during any type of fire restriction or as a convenient portable fire. It is intended for use in all outdoor settings such as, but not limited to, camping, hunting, fishing, patio, and backyard use.



  • Regulator
  • Valve
  • 6′ LP Hose
  • Burner Unit ½″ galvanized conduit pipe
  • Car of Truck Wheel
  • Connection fittings and plugs
  • Storage Bag (optional)

Approved by Forest Service for camping.

Burns clean and safe (no sparks, smoke, or ashes).

Adjustable flame and immediately shuts off.

Sits down inside of Wheel for wind blockage.

Wheel makes great stand as well as burner holder.

Wheel can be used to transport and store propane bottle.

Burner unit rolls up for easy storage.

Store burner inside custom bag to keep safe.

Wheel keeps fire safe and contained inside.

Great for camping, backyard use, ice fishing, ect.

Use for heat, light and cooking.

Can be made to fit in any car or truck wheel.

Burner unit snaps in and out of wheel for easy removal.

Can be hooked to almost any propane bottle or barbequer.

Wheel is strong and is virtually impossible to damage with proper use.

FIG. 1: Wheel and Burner

    • A. Hose
    • B. Fitting
    • C. Burner
    • D. Notch in wheel
    • E. Lip of wheel
    • F. Wheel
    • G. Burner holes
    • H. Center of wheel
    • I. Plug

FIG. 2: Burner inside of Wheel

    • A. Hose
    • B. Fitting
    • C. Burner
    • D. Notch in wheel
    • E. Wheel
    • F. Hole in top lip of wheel

FIG. 3: Wheel Campfire assembly

    • A. Propane bottle
    • B. Regulator
    • C. Valve
    • D. Hose
    • E. Burner inside of wheel
    • F. Wheel

FIG. 4: Burner

    • A. Burner (removable)
    • B. Holes
    • C. Threaded plug
    • D. Threaded fitting
    • E. Hose

FIG. 5: Transporting Propane Bottle

    • A. Propane bottle
    • B. Wheel
    • C. Bungee Strap
    • D. Hole (lip of wheel)

FIG. 6: Burner assembly

    • A. Regulator
    • B. Valve
    • C. Hose
    • D. Fitting
    • E. Burner (spring loaded)
    • F. Holes
    • G. Plug