Super scraper
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The Super Scraper is comprised of seven integral components, to include: The body, the locking slide adjustment knob, the slide able impact weight, impact anvil, blade mounting assembly, impact weight strike pin and the butt end hammer end cap. The force of the slide able impact weight is transmitted through the impact anvil, to a targeted object in contact with the various attachments. The force of the slide ably moved internal hammer supplies the hammer action of the scraper. The blade holder can be fitted with various types of tips to include, but not limited to: scraper blades, chisels, saw blades, grout removal tips, 90-degree flooring blades and a pry bar attachment. Each of the attachments has its advantages in applying forward push force or reverse pull force to a specific surface or targeted area.

Butterfield, Gary (Seminole, FL, US)
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A47L13/08; B25D3/00; B44D3/16; E04F21/00; (IPC1-7): A47L13/02
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Gary Butterfield (Seminole, FL, US)
1. The scraper, made of extruded tubular steel, having a distal end and a proximal end; internally comprised of an impact anvil affixed at said distal end and an impact weight strike pin affixed at said proximal position. Contained within the body of the scraper, the slid able impact weight is connected by external-internal thread collaboration to the external locking slide adjustment knob. The impact weight while moving in a reciprocating motion toward said distal end, strikes the impact anvil; and conversely when operating in a reciprocating motion toward the proximal end will strike the impact weight strike pin.

2. The scraper as described in claim 1—wherein said apparatus can be inverted and used as a prying tool; pivoting on said locking slide adjustment knob, thus enabling adjustment of fulcrum and correlating pivot angles.

3. The apparatus as described in claim 1—wherein said apparatus has a distal end and a proximal end. Affixed at the proximal end, a solid planar surface constructed of hard, ridged material for hammering.


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This invention pertains to a heavy-duty combination scraper tool with focus on the flooring and home repair industry.

U.S. Pat. No. 4,261,424, Gonterman discloses a slide hammer for driving stakes into the ground. The tube has strike plates against which the slide tube strike plates will hit for transmitting the hammering force from the mounting tube to the stake.

U.S. Pat. No. 6,474,198 to Lowther discloses a slide hammer with an internal plunger inserted through the guide sleeve. The force of the plunger strikes the impact head. The force is transmitted through the impact head to the targeted object in contact with the protruding portion of the impact head.

U.S. Pat. No. 2,525,316 to Schiff discloses a post driver and ejector with hammer members mounted at opposite ends of a slide tube. Comprised of a drive pin extending through the anvil and tubular post and into the end of the mounting tube, the force is transmitted from the slide hammer to the post through the drive pin.

U.S. Pat. No. 5,085,281 to Selly discloses a slide hammer apparatus with specified focus of operation in the vertical position for driving and pulling stakes out of the ground.

In order to provide an improved hand held hammer action scraper for uses included in but not limited to the flooring trade and home repair applications, and in particular to add an internally encased hammer mechanism, a pry bar and reciprocating feature to prior hammer action scrapers, this invention has been made.

Description Continued

The present invention, while primarily comprised of a hammer action scraper, offers advantages and improvements over the devices illustrated in the foregoing patents, both in regard to structure as well as use, details of which are set forth below.


The invention will be better understood and objects other than those set forth in the foregoing will become apparent when study is given to the following detailed description thereof. Such description makes reference to the annexed drawing wherein:

FIG. 1 is a perspective illustration of the preferred embodiment of the one piece combination scraper/hammer/pry bar device constructed in accordance with the principles of the present invention, known here and after as FIG. 1.

Slid able impact weight 2. A slid able impact weight, a solid cylindrical component preferably made of high carbon steel with an outside profile which compliments the internal profile of FIG. 1 in a fashion to allow for slid ability. More specifically, the slide weight has two planar surfaces to deliver impact to the strike the anvil 3 and conversely to impact weight strike pin 4.

Impact anvil 3—stationary solid cylindrical component with a planar end to receive impact applied from impact weight 2, preferably made of high carbon steel.

Impact weight strike pin 4. Round pin made of hard rigid material, preferably hardened steel. Receives impact from impact weight 2 in a pulling motion.

Support hole 4A through body 1A for insertion of impact pin 4.

Locking slide adjustment knob 5—Made of hard rigid material, preferably hard plastic, with a threaded external member constructed of steel. Locking slide adjustment knob 5 in collaboration with slid able impact weight 2 applies force to impact the impact anvil 3 and conversely with the impact weight strike pin 4. More specifically, the locking slide adjustment knob 5 when turned in clockwise rotation to fullest extent will lock Slid able impact weight 2 to a locked position.

Slide adjustment knob guide 6. Opening to allow reciprocating movement and stationary adjustment for external adjustment slide knob 5.

Mounting plate 7 has attachment component recess at its upper extent with internal screw threads engage able by the threads 9 and 9A above the blade clamp 9 for coupling there between. The undercut features of attachment mount plate 7 recesses, thus providing solid rigid backup for blade/attachment 8.

Blade 8, rectangular in shape, but not limited to, made of hardened steel. The scraper blade 8 may be fabricated from a material other than blade steel such as a ceramic material, a polymeric resin, or a composite material, using manufacturing methods conventionally used with such materials.

Drawing Description Continued

Blade clamp 9. Rectangular in shape, made of hardened material, preferably hardened steel, the clamp 9, fastens the attachments by external threads 9 and 9A as noted in mounting plate component 7.

Hammer cap end 10. A solid cylindrical component with a planar end, made of hard rigid material, preferably hardened steel used for striking.

Cushioned grip handle 11, cylindrical in shape, preferably made of foam rubber or cushioned plastic, fits over body 1A, for gripping and ergonomic function.


This invention relates to a device that transmits sliding hammer-action impact to a targeted object or surface, as well as transmitting a pulling force when used with a push pull impact action on the sliding weight, thus reducing the impact stress and fatigue on the users wrist and back that is often created with metal to metal contact of current art of similar patents. The features embodied in the scraper also provide additional safety with the internal slid able impact weight, thus eliminating the pinch points and strike injuries of prior scraper/chisel combination tools.

This invention further departs from conventional concepts of prior art and in doing so provides a combination pry bar with adjustable fulcrum pivot point feature with relation to specific usage pry angles.

The novelty features of the internal, reversible hammer slide with external control grip and ergonomic handle give a safer, stronger, versatile tool in respect to advantages over prior art. The purpose and improvement of the present invention described in the foregoing and subsequently in greater detail and illustrations is to provide a new and improved scraper, chisel, hammer pry bar tool and method which has the advantages of the prior art and none of the disadvantages.

Summary Continued

In this respect, the present invention departs from the conventional concepts, usages and designs of the prior art and doing so provides a tool primarily developed for the purpose of but not limited to heavy duty trades and home improvement usage for the purpose of: scraping, lifting molding, prying, flooring, grout removal, chiseling, roofing, furniture refinishing and targeted removal (to include barnacle removal).

Therefore, it can be appreciated that there exists a continuing need for improved combination industrial/trades tools for a combination usage as scraper, crowbar/pry bar, chisel and interlocking flooring installation. In this regard the present invention substantially fulfills this need.