Multifunctional pocketed heel of footwear and imitation footwear
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Multifunctional pocketed heel on footwear and imitations footwear, utilizing the heel as a functional compartment to store items, and/or as a decorative purpose. The heel attached to the footwear and imitations features locking device(s) to secure items within the heel. Heel features a hollow space within in which to store items, hence providing space for contents in addition to the interior of the footwear and its imitations. Case in point, imitations of footwear refers (but not limited to) items such as bag designs in the configuration of a footwear where in the functional heel can provide the additional space to store valuables. As a walking footwear function as a hideaway compartment to hide valuables.

Arowolo, Tinuola (New York, NY, US)
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A43B13/37; A43B21/24; (IPC1-7): A43B23/00
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1. Heels will have pockets within it to allow storage of items within it and will be secured using many functions found in closing bottles or compartmented objects.

2. Heels will have inner detachable or built in inner pockets within it to allow for the storage of more tangible belongings, liquid or solid items within.



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1. Field of Invention

The invention relates to additional function of heels on footwear (otherwise called shoes) and imitation footwear such as a bag, as additional compartment to put more personal items. That is more space that might appear like a secret compartment to carry items around.

2. Description of Prior Art

The prior art, heels of footwear and imitation footwear are usually made of solid material whose main function is to give more height, beauty in appearance while the sole is made of materials which allows the form of the footwear to rest upon it, in addition providing comfort in walking to the user. In recent cases some footwear are now being used as bags, which is the foot space used to carry contents like a normal bags.

Heels of footwear vary in different heights. Some feature very long slender heel for more sexy appearance others medium to low heels for more comfortable everyday wear or to indicate a shoe design bag for those used as bags, one of the uses of imitation of footwear. The idea here is to make footwear and imitation footwear heels even more useful and more appealing than just height, beautification and comfort purposes.


My invention is to make heels located at the bottom of footwear and imitation footwear more functional. Regardless of what the footwear is being used for bags, decorative or walking, the invention is to go beyond more than it meets the eyes by making a compartment within the heel as a pocket of its own. The heel itself will be attached at the top part of the heel to the end part to the footwear; the invention is the opening of the heel to gain access to its interior which can be located at any part of the heel. The opening function of the heel can be produced using the same methods used in making normal bottle or any compartment that allows things to be stored within it. Opening and closing methods could be to snap, slide, twist, click it to open; which is all types of methods used in bottled compartment in securing its contents could be used. Some could feature additional mechanism to ensure its closure, various locking devices such as but not limited to magnets to make the top and bottom lock together enclosing items within.

Having access to the inner part of the heel as a pocket will enable the user more secret space to put items they might not want known to the public. For example, the user could be carry a small handbag that day but might want somewhere to keep more private items such as pills, or condoms for a night out. The compartment heel created will make the room for such things, giving the user more peace of mind of ever being suspected of carrying such items, thus more privacy and secrecy. And if it is the case where it is a footwear imitation goods such as a bag, the heel compartment process will also apply.

The footwear imitation goods lets use the bags in this case, which is they feature straps on them that are used to carry around as a bag. Usually the inner area designed to house the foot itself is small and might not allow for much content to be carried within it. The user might want to carry more delicate things that they don's want jingling or mingling with other harder or free things in the main foot capacity area. The user can open the heel area to keep these precious items in. Other possible thing to build within the heel is a smaller inner removable or attached compartment made of materials that could hold liquid or solid content. For example a bottle or a perfume atomizer (a smaller perfume case that could be refillable or not refillable) within the heel. Some users might be going for a long night and not want to carry their bigger perfume bottles with them. Naturally their instinct will be to have a smaller perfume bottle to take with them. All they have to do is open the heel and use the inner bottle built within the heel. One of many other use of the heel that most definitely will appeal to the user is the ability to store currency, precious belongings such as jewelry or any other precious items within it using the inner bottle or simply the heel compartment created. An excellent way to keep emergency money stashed away from easy access and unwanted long watchful eyes from the public. Imagine a user getting robbed and was told to empty their bags (either the footwear being used as bags or actual normal bags). The user could easily comply knowing fully well that there is money hidden in the heels of their footwear to rely on, thus saving their own lives from wanting to resist such temptations. The user could easily show the inner part of the footwear proudly to anyone who wants to admire it without showing personal contents hidden within the heel even if it is well known that the heels have compartment, privacy will be respected.

The creations will make the user want to actually use the heel compartment as they would a normal pocket. Several objects and advantages of invention comprises of:

    • a To provide functional compartment within the heel of footwear and footwear imitations creating more space to store items giving into the idea of a “pocketed heel”.
    • b To provide additional inner compartment made of materials that will allow liquid or solid storage within the heel compartment created.

Further objects and advantages will become apparent from consideration of ensuing description and drawings.


Further objects and advantages are to provide more stylish and functional ways the heel of a footwear and imitation footwear featuring compartments to be more appealing and universally more commercial like a normal pocket or compartment as known to humans. Currently there is no additional use of heels other than serving its purpose of to enhance beautification, heights of footwear and imitation footwear, and to provide more comfort in some cases. The invention is to make heels of footwear and imitation footwear more functional beyond what their original purposes. Something of a modern innovation that is long over due to fit in with the current times of advance technology that has been made available to human kind. To provide additional use of footwear and imitation footwear beyond their current purpose, to have additional compartments making it appeal like a normal pocket to “hide” away precious items.


FIG. 1. Represents the present invention of the prior art featuring the heel as part of a footwear or imitation footwear. The heels purpose is decorative, elevation for heights and or for comfort.

FIG. 2. Represents my invention of the multifunctional heel with a line across the heel indicating the opening to access its interiors.

FIG. 3. Is a close up view of the multifunctional heel depicted in FIG. 2. already opened to show demonstration of how accessible it will be.

FIG. 4. Represents an isolated heel depicted in FIG. 2 and 3 to show further invention of inner compartment within the invention of the pocketed heel.


FIG. 1. Is a representation of the prior art footwear and footwear imitation 2 with heel 1. Referring to FIG. 2-4, a footwear and imitation footwear 2 featuring my invention of the multifunctional heel 1A are shown. The heel 1A is the representation of any heel in any shape or form located at the bottom of the sole 4. FIG. 2. is the closed pocketed heel 1A representation with the line 3 indicating where it can be opened to gain access to the interior 3A of the heel 1A as depicted in FIG. 3..

FIG. 3. Is a close up view of the multifunctional heel 1A showing the pocketed heel interior 3A in its opened 3 position accessing the interior 3A to store items. The many methods of opening bottles, compartmented objects, cases est. can be used to manufacture the multifunctional heel 1A opening. The heel 1A itself as depicted in FIG. 3 with an inner space 3A within it to allow items to be kept within it, thus creates more additional space 3A for storing belongings and a great hide out for more private items.

FIG. 4. Is a microscopic isolated view of the multifunctional heel 1A indicating the existence of my invention of further compartments or pockets 5 within the pocketed heel 1A itself allowing for further capability to store more tangible, delicate liquid or solid things. The inner pockets or compartment 5 can be permanently attached or detachable.