Set of color coded luggage containers
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A set of color coded luggage containers comprising a foldable flat “clam shell” member. The set is color coded, the color reflecting the contents thereof.

Sapyta, Rachel (San Antonio, TX, US)
Murphy, Richard (Milford, VA, US)
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Daniel D. Chapman (San Antonio, TX, US)
1. A system of containers comprising: a first clam shell luggage container having an outer and an inner surface, and hooks to hang the container vertically on a support surface and having a multiplicity of clear pockets on the inner surface thereof, the outer surface of the first container having a first color and bearing indicia thereon, the indicia descriptive of the contents of the container; and a second, similarly dimensioned clam shell luggage container different from the first in the outer surface color, indicia and at least some of the contents thereof.

2. The system of claim 1 wherein the first clam shell luggage container includes some pockets having dimensions different than the dimensions of some of the pockets of the second clam shell container.

3. The system of claim 1 wherein the indicia of the first shell luggage container includes one of the following: OR; suture; staple; team prep; anesthesia; pre-op or post op.

4. The system of claim 1 wherein at least some of the clear pockets of the first clam shell container and some of the clear pockets of the second clam shell luggage container are adapted to be removably secured to the container.

5. The system of claim 4 wherein at least some of the pockets include hook and loop fasteners to removably secure the pockets to the container.

6. The system of claim 1 wherein the first clam shell luggage container further includes a background panel against which the indicia appears, the background panel, indicia and outer surface color being contrasting.


This patent application claims priority from and incorporates by reference provisional patent application No. 60/487,818 filed Jul. 16, 2003.


Luggage containers including clam shell style luggage containers that fold in half.


Luggage containers are often adapted or modified to be used for a specific purpose. Applicant has found a novel combination of features that have specific utility in the medical area.

In a natural disaster, terrorist attack or other emergency situation which there is a sudden need for immediate medical attention to a large number of people with injuries ranging from severe to minor, a medical team is often required at the scene.

Applicants provide a novel system of luggage containers that are particularly appropriate to this situation.


It is an object of the present invention to provide a medical team with a system of luggage that will allow them to easily respond in an emergency, mass injury situation.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a system of color coded luggage with indicia thereon to allow a medical team to quickly and efficiently distribute medical supplies at a mass injury scene.


These objects and other objects are provided for in Applicants' novel system comprising a multiplicity of clam shell luggage containers.

Applicants' novel system of clam shell luggage containers are color coded and have hooks on one cover half to hang the container vertically from a support surface.

Applicants' novel system of clam shell luggage containers with hooks for hanging vertically adjacent a support surface also includes clear pockets, fold-down pockets, and indicia on the color coded exterior surface thereof.

Applicants have found that a series of color coded—indicia coded clam shell luggage containers provide an efficient means for a medical team response at a mass injury site. For example, a clam shell luggage container in a orange color prominently featuring “Suture Pack” prominently on the outside covers thereof may contain, for example, the following supplies: suture material, needles and forceps. These supplies would be used for suturing patients. Another clam shell luggage container in the same set may be designated anesthesia pack and have a surface color of black and contain the following supplies or instruments: anesthesia and syringes. This particular luggage container would be selected by those personnel who would administer anesthesia.


FIG. 1 is a front elevational view of a container in an unfolded down position hanging vertically from a support surface by hooks.

FIG. 2 is a side elevational view of the container as set forth in FIG. 1 above.

FIG. 3 is a rear elevational view of the container set forth in FIG. 1.

FIG. 4 is a right side elevational view of the container as set forth in FIG. 1.

FIG. 5 is a side elevational view of the container in a closed position.

FIG. 5A is a front elevational view and FIG. 5B is a side elevational view of the container in a closed configuration.

FIG. 6 is an exploded view of FIG. 2 showing how the pockets may be removably secured to the inside surface of the cover.

FIG. 7 is a front elevational view showing a second container of applicants' system having similar (but not necessarily identical) exterior dimensions, but having a different color and having at least some of the pockets inside being of different dimensions.


FIGS. 1 through 6 illustrate a luggage container (10) having an outer cover (12) thereon. The luggage container (10) may have a longitudinal axis (LA) (see FIG. 3), which longitudinal axis will be vertical when the luggage container is in the open and hanging in the position illustrated in FIG. 1.

Thus, it is seen that there are two “halves” to this clam shell design, which halves are separated by hinged member (18) and connectable to one another by a cover zipper (17) or other fastener so that, in an open position, the luggage container (10) may hang as seen in FIGS. 1 and 3 and in a closed position appears as set forth in FIG. 5.

Both first cover half (14) and second cover half (16) typically have the same color which is typically the same color as inner surface (19). Furthermore, indicia (15) is typically provided, prominently displayed on one of either first cover half or second cover half or on both covers. Indicia color will contrast against optional background color panel (21), for example, indicia may be black, background color white (or vice versa) on all bags—and both colors contrast with the color of the outer cover (12) of the luggage container. Further, indicia (15) may also be printed on the inner surface (19) as illustrated in FIG. 1.

Hooks (20) or other hanging means (grommets, straps or the like) are provided, typically two and spaced apart as set forth in FIGS. 1 and 3. Hooks (20) are provided to locate luggage container (10) stably against a vertical surface, such that when in use attached pockets (22) and the optional fold out pocket (24) are easily accessible. Note that attached pockets (22) are typically attached to inner surface (19) in a manner such that a pocket zipper (28) is available in or adjacent pocket top wall (30) to allow access to the contents of the pocket. At least some of the pockets are clear vinyl to allow identification of the contents thereof.

The multiple pockets are typically sized to conform to the medical instruments or supplies carried therein. Furthermore, pocket side walls (26) are typically at least partially non opaque. Pocket dividers (32) typically are provided separating the interior volume defined by the walls of the pocket into separate spaces. The pockets are typically accessible through the top by means of pocket closure means such as zippers or Velcro.

There are attached pockets (22) which are typically affixed, either temporarily as by Velcro fastener means (VL and VH, FIG. 6) on the back walls of the attached pockets (22) to the inner cover, or permanently affixed as by sewing to the cover inner surface (19).

There exists also a novel fold out pocket (24) with a front wall (24A), typically non-opaque and a typically opaque rear wall (24B). Attachment edge (24C) is provided, which maybe along the top wall and side edge (24D) is provided which may be capable of opening, as by Velcro or the like. Optionally, elastic loops (34) are sewn into the inside of the covers to provide or storage and retention of instruments and/or supplies provided with the kit.

FIG. 7 discloses a similarly dimensioned kit, except for the color, indicia and dimensions of some of the pockets, designed as they are for instruments and supplies required by the suture technicians.

The table below illustrates the proposed set of kit names, kit colors and kit contents:

The external dimensions in a closed configuration as set forth in FIG. 5 are about 18″×18″. When folded out, it will hang to have about 18″×36″. The cover material may be made preferably from a heavy duty cordura. The pockets may be made, in opaque portion, of the same material. The non-opaque or transparent portion of the pockets may be made from clear vinyl. The pockets may be edged with reinforcement material such as nylon tape.

OR PackRedOR Pack
OR Patient PackGreenOR Patient
Suture PackOrangeSuture
Staple PackMaroonStaplers
Team Prep PackGreyTeam Prep
OR Ans. PackBlackOR Anesthesia
OR Ans. Patient PackTealOR Anesthesia
Pre-Op PackPurplePre-Op
Pre-Op Patient PackRoyal BluePre-Op Patient
Post Op PackOlive DrabPost Op
Post Op Patient PackNavy BluePost Op Patient

While the color coded luggage is provided with medical kits and supplies, the same system may be used for other items, such as veterinary supplies or even tools. Moreover, the shape and design of the luggage container need not be of a clam shell design—in the broadest sense the invention relates to any color coded, indicia bearing luggage set.

Although the invention has been described with reference to specific embodiments, this description is not meant to be construed in a limited sense. Various modifications of the disclosed embodiments, as well as alternative embodiments of the inventions will become apparent to persons skilled in the art upon the reference to the description of the invention. It is, therefore, contemplated that the appended claims will cover such modifications that fall within the scope of the invention.