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The doubled sided doll valet, which has potential use in many other fields, is a learning tool sized for children ages, 4-7 and 8-12 years to help assist to develop time conservation of dress that should be beneficial to child and parent. This doll valet will help the smaller child learn left/right hand and feet, zip, snap, tie and button, learn to independently organize and coordinate style of dress and how to keep their room tidy, plus be useful to department stores, schools, model agencies and more. Alternatives are: The magnitude statue of this doll concept is not available in child size capacity as such that teaches from this two-sided perspective for dressing, nor its flexibility or versatility of concept to feature such variety of developmental learning, nor its convenience at one location. The doll has optional fold down and roll about capability at manufacturer's request.

Thomas, Ellen Lelita (Jacksonville, FL, US)
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A63H3/08; A63H3/50; (IPC1-7): A63H3/00
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Ellen Lelita (Jacksonville, FL, US)
1. What I claim as my invention is a doubled sided child size doll valet, male or female, for two age groups, 4-7 years and 8-12 years that will assist the child in developing organizational preparation skills. The doll valet is a valuable asset to conserve time, valuable as a useful tool for organizing clothes at one location for any event preparation and as a fun play model. It will enable children to coordinate clothes to suit the child's style of dress while learning how to independently dress, the smaller child learning to snap, zip, tie and button, as well as, learn their left/right hand and feet. It will help to develop an awareness for tidiness and how to layer their dress wear appropriate for weather conditions.

2. One side of the doll valet will be for the regular or under apparel dress and the other side of the doll valet will be for the outer apparel dress. Garment hangers, clamps or hooks will be available for each garment of wear that will be placed on the body of the doll from head to feet. The child will get the picture of how they will look from the mirror designed on the doll. The storage seating will allow garments or choice items to be stored and provides a convenient place to sit when putting on the foot wear. The flexibility and versatility of the doll valet will also be useful to store athletic apparel, useful for rehabilitation purposes, useful for hours of play-time fun, useful for all types of schools and agencies for coordinating dress styles, useful to department stores for window and floor displays and more. The doll valet will be residential and commercial compatible.



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1. Technical Field

This invention relates generally to a doubled sided, male or female child's learning doll valet that will feature one side; clamps, hangers and hooks available to accommodate its design for hanging the under or regular dress apparel, while the opposite side will have hooks, hangers or clamps available to hang the outer dress apparel. The head will hold the hat/cap, the neck will hold the scarf/tie or choice item. The hands extended will hold gloves, if worn, and the storage seat will be storage convenient and convenient to sit and dress the feet. The final touch is the mirror that is on the bodice of the doll to take that final look of approval. The design is to conserve time, to have comfort, be a stress reliever, be fun to the child while helping to coordinate style and have everything in one location. Suggestive uses: would be designed to be a clothing rack for department stores' floor or window displays, rehabilitation purposes (seniors or children), kindergarten/daycare fun-time or teaching purposes, athletic gear use and modeling agencies for class fashion coordination dress and to public schools for the Autistic, slow and emotionally handicapped child learning. The doll valet is developed to suit residential or commercial use.

2. Description of Prior Art

The doll valet is doubled sided with accessible accommodation for easy and convenient time saving value of dress for the child and the parent. Hangers, clamps and hooks will be available to put on and take off the garments. Sizing will be available for the two age groups 4-7 and 8-12 years with left/right teaching for the smaller child. Less stress of early morning dress or for any dress where limited time maybe necessary will be valuable if pre-dress preparedness is done. The doll valet will consist of a mirrored side for a final look of dress and every area of the body's apparel will be covered for regular garment wear and outer garment wear. The doll valet will be almost child-like in size and designed to be equipped for being a learning tool. It has a storage seat for the convenience of putting on foot wear and storing items. Pre-planning value, style coordination plan, plus time element factor, should create a more relaxed feeling for actual dressing time, a more confident look, a chance to leave the room tidy and a chance to leave the house with a more pleasant out look for any occasion. Suggestive uses: would be designed to be a clothing rack for department stores' floor or window displays, rehabilitation purposes (senior or children), kindergarten/Daycare fun-time or teaching purposes, legal abuse centers (children), athletic gear usage and modeling agencies for class fashion coordination dress. Because of this kind of versatility, at this time, I know of no such product that is child size and is a two sided doll valet that accomplishes any of these features, nor has its magnitude of being a learning pre-planned dressing tool of this statue. Modifications are being developed by me as I write.


The doll valet that is a newly developed product for male or female is a doubled sided designed, child size doll that will be made for two age groups: 4-7 years and 8-12 years, sized accordingly for each group; male or female. The valet is developed to benefit developing an awareness of pre-dress to conserve time for child and parent, to have clothing in one location, a value for fun with apparel, a value for room tidiness, a value for child to coordinate style with independent choice, to then get the approval of the parent. One side of the valet will be to dress the regular dress wear and the other side will be for the outer dress wear or top apparel. A garment for each area of the doll valet is pre-dressed the night before or in plenty time before the occasion from head to feet while learning how to layer clothes, when necessary for weather conditions and more. A storage seat is available to allow more convenience of dressing the footwear and storing needed items. Hooks, clamps and hangers will be available on the doll for convenience to dress for the occasion. The head, for hat/cap and the neck for scarf/tie or choice item to be dressed. Hand and feet to teach the small child left/right learning and to learn snap, button, tie and zip, with a mirror for final inspection. The doll valet should help to speed limited time for morning dress or other limited time dress occasions to eliminate the stress of looking for clothing and other apparel, to teach planning value for dress readiness, to put time into style coordinating, to create a more confident look and to be style creative. Hopefully room tidiness will be achieved, fun time in the Kindergarten, the Day Care or anywhere the doll valet is located for “let's play dress-up.” Other uses: to put athletic gear on the doll valet for easy find, to be used as a clothing rack display for department stores floor or window, to use for rehabilitation purposes, child or adult and at public schools to help teach the emotional impairment and autistic child with slow developmental abilities.

The doll valet will be made safely, durable, attractive and cleanable from materials to suit the purpose. Wood, hard-plastic, rubber, Plexi-glass and/or other materials that are of quality for its design. Safety locking wheels and hinges at the mid-section of the doll to fold down is available. The doll valet may be used in residents or commercial locations. Other modified versions of design are in the near future for this doll valets production will be robotic with more body dimensa and voice box. The doll also has an option to fold down by request to manufacturer.



FIG. 1) Shows Front and Rear View Plan. 1a. is the front view of the doll valet showing the hanger hook to hang top wearing apparel. 1b. is the hook for optional hanging hooks for the regular wear garments and the left/right sticker area for labeling hand/feet. 1c. is the clamp for skirt/pant hanging. B. is the rear view that shows the top or outer wear garments. 1a. is the left/right sticker area-feet. 1b. is the mirror. 1c. is the storage seat. 1d. are indication areas for left/right stick on labeling. 1e. the head area will hold the name plate (stick on) of letterings. If. is clamp in mid-section to hold skirt/pant.

FIG. 2) Shows the Pictorial View of Hooks. A. optional hook B. hanger hook.

FIG. 3) Shows the Side View of the storage seat, the mirror and doll.

FIG. 4) Shows the Pictorial View . A. storage seat base. B. hinge C. seat top

FIG. 5) Shows Pictorial of storage seat hinge and mid-section hinge.

FIG. 6) Shows the mid-section optional fold of doll with mirror, storage seat and wheels.

FIG. 7) Shows Pictorial View of the clamp to hold clothing items.

FIG. 8) Shows Pictorial View of safety lock wheel.


FIG. 1) Referring to the drawings and starting with 1 that shows both the front and rear sides of the doll valet. 1A. is the under or regular dress apparel side which 4 is the hook that holds the hanger in place to hang the blouse/shirt 3 are hooks for optional hang and sticker area for lettering left/right to hands 5 for clamp that holds the skirt/pant in place. 1B. is the rear view that shows where the top apparel garments are put on either to wrap around doll or 3 hooks to hang and area for left/right sticker lettering while 2 is mirror for final inspection after dressing with 6 being the storage seat to store items and sit to dress the socks/shoes.

FIG. 2) A. is the optional hook for hang 3 and 4 the hanger hook for clothes.

FIG. 3) A. shows the side view of 6 the storage seat. B. shows 2 the mirror and 1 the side of doll.

FIG. 4) A. shows 6 the open storage seat with 8 showing the top seat hinge and 7 the seat top.

FIG. 5) Shows the hinge 8 that is shown on storage seat 6 and mid-section of the doll to fold down.

FIG. 6) A. shows the mid-section optional fold of doll. B. shows side view of mirror 2. C. the side of storage seat 6 while D. shows side of wheels 9.

FIG. 7) Shows 5 the clamp to hold clothing items.

FIG. 8) Shows 9 the safety lock wheel.


This invention is a doubled sided doll valet, male or female, that will be made to accommodate pre-dressed time saving value by having hooks, clamps and hangers available on the doll both front and back sides to hang, hook or clamp under apparel clothing and outer apparel clothing that will have every garment that the child will need for the occasion. The side that has the under or regular clothing of the child's style, will be hung on the body for that wearing occasion. The head will hold the cap or hat, the neck tie or scarf will be in place at the neck, the blouse or shirt will be placed at the body—the arms, the pants, the dress, or skirt will be put in place on the body with a belt or suspenders if necessary, socks or stockings will be applied to the legs/feet, and the storage seat will store the under wear or other necessities as well as be convenient to sit and dress the feet with its accessories and shoes. The smaller child will learn to snap, zip, tie and button.

The other side that holds the outer wear apparel also have hooks, clamps and hangers that accommodate the sweater/jacket/coat, hat/cap and other apparel that is to be worn The smaller child will recognize to learn the left/right hand and feet as the necessary apparel is put on while sitting on the storage seat. Final inspection will be accommodated by the mirror located on that side of the doll.

Further usage is built in the design to feature it for department stores clothing rack or window displays, use for rehabilitation purposes, athletic gear usage, use to modeling agencies, Kindergarten/Daycare learning purposes and more.

The doll valet will be sized for the 4-7 year olds in dimensions of height, width and depth; the same will be sized for the 8-12 year olds. Hard plastic, wood, rubber or any other safe, durable and easy to clean material that will be quality made for longevity of use. A combination of any of these materials may be the order of its design. Safety locking wheels are attached for easy moving and mid-section of body is hinged for easy fold down in case of storaging and transporting purposes. It is residential and commercial compatible.