Safety survival kit
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A safety and emergency kit for deployment in a building and including safety, evacuation, and communication equipment for use in evacuating the building and protecting the user from hazardous conditions during evacuation.

Bud, White (Redmond, OR, US)
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1. A safety kit for deployment in a building comprising: a container; at least one two-way radio; at least one portable light; at least one pair of goggles; at least one protective breathing apparatus; at least one pair of gloves; an alarm for generating an audible and a visual signal responsive to detecting an emergency in the building; and, a floor plan illustrating the floor plan of the building and floor where the safety kit is deployed.

2. A safety kit according to claim 1 further comprising the at least two two-way radios.

3. A safety kit according to claim 1 further comprising the at least two portable lights.

4. A safety kit according to claim 1 further comprising the at least two pairs of goggles.

5. A safety kit according to claim 1 further comprising the at least two protective breathing apparatus.

6. A safety kit according to claim 1 further comprising the at least two pair of gloves.

7. A safety kit according to claim 1 further comprising the alarm including a light emitting diode.

8. A safety kit according to claim 1 further comprising a listing of local radio stations and emergency phone numbers.



[0001] This application is a continuation-in-part of U.S. provisional patent application Ser. No. 60/457,376, which is hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety.


[0002] This invention relates to home and building safety, and in particular to a portable kit containing safety items and information helpful in an emergency, and which is tailored to the specific building.

[0003] 1. Field of the Invention

[0004] A person spends a great deal of time in buildings such as offices, plants, and hotels which are not particularly familiar to the person. If an emergency occurs while a person is in such a building, it can be very difficult to find one's way out or to a safe area. Many buildings have safety kits dispersed throughout the building, but such kits typically include first aid equipment, and do not provide any building specific information for use during an emergency, or safety equipment that is selected specifically for the building in which the kit is located.

[0005] 2. Description of Related Art

[0006] Turning to the drawing, this invention includes a container that holds and organizes a number of safety related items. The container includes a host of items that are useful in the event of a power failure, fire, natural disaster or other emergency, including an assault on the building by way of noxious fumes. In one aspect of the invention, the items selected for inclusion reflect items that address specific safety issues for a particular type of building, a specific building, and in one preferred embodiment, a specific floor of a particular building. In another aspect of the invention, the kit includes personal protection and safety gear for a predetermined number of persons. In the embodiment illustrated,


[0007] Turning now to FIG. 1, among the items included are two-way radios 12 and 14 preset to a predetermined channel to permit communication between persons in the building during an emergency, a pair of headlamps 16 and 18, two pairs of gloves 20, 22, extra batteries 24, and two smoke masks 26, 28. In addition to these items, the container includes information that is tailored to the particular location in which the kit is deployed. The kit includes a specific floor plan 30 of the specific floor of the specific building, and which shows exits, exit routes, stairways, and fire extinguishers. The kit also includes facility specific information about local radio stations, phone numbers and other important local information that would be of use in an emergency. Finally, the kit includes an alarm 32 that can be configured to signal either a loss of power and/or the presence of smoke in the area. The alarm includes an audible and a visible alarm such as an LED to indicate that the alarm is operable, and to indicate that the alarm has been activated. These items are housed in a clear container with an operable cover, placing the items in ready view.

[0008] Two-way radios 12 and 14 are preset to a predetermined channel to permit communication between persons in the building during an emergency.

[0009] While the invention has been described by reference to the preferred embodiment describe above and in the accompanying drawing, those of skill in art will recognize that the invention can be varied in detail and arrangement without departing from the scope of the invention.