Roof rack for plywood
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There are many aspects of the Roof Rack for Plywood that are new to the industry that it is intended for use. The most apparent benefit of this invention is that I have improved upon a long used wooden rack built by contractors to hold plywood level on the slope of a rooftop. These racks are normally built from materials on the jobsite, wood that will now be discarded at the end of the job, as it is no longer useful. The Roof Rack for Plywood is a reusable, lightweight, easily installed or removed, adjustable version of that same rack. Roof Rack for Plywood will be both safer and more economical for contractors; it is studier than the traditional wooden racks and will eliminate the need to waste time and materials building the wooden racks currently in use.

Barker, Wade M. (Tacoma, WA, US)
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E04D15/00; E04G3/26; (IPC1-7): A47F7/00
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Wade M. Barker (Tacoma, WA, US)
1. I claim the Roof Rack for Plywood to be my invention; I am seeking a patent that allows me all rights to this product, and protection of this product from the producing, manufacturing, or selling of the Roof Rack for Plywood design or product, by any entity, excluding myself, without prior written approval from me, the Inventor.



[0001] To facilitate one's proper comprehension and understanding of a new product, its idea must be describes not only as it exists as an answer to a subsistent problem but also as it functions physically. Also, incorporated into this overview the Invention must be outlined and described in its physical appearance.

[0002] Based upon the Inventor's description and any outside research that may be pertinent, we will describe the basic overall shape and design of Roof Rack For Plywood. Materials of which the Roof Rack For Plywood would be produced also will be highlighted where appropriate.

[0003] Essentially, this product is an adjustable triangle made of either an aluminum alloy or another lightweight metal such as a steel alloy. The dimensions of this triangular device would be five feet by three feet by one foot to two and a half feet. It would have a fixed five feet long section that would form the piece that would lay on the roof's surface. It would also have a four feet long section that would form the part of rising above the top of the roof as well as a third section that would be adjustable in length. This last part would connect the other two parts and would be placed facing towards the roof's edge. Rivets or other pieces of hardware such as nuts and bolts could be used to connect the pieces of hardware that are set in length. The fastening hardware should be placed at the vertex of the angle formed by the meeting of these two pieces. This placement would allow for the upper section to be raised at such an angle to the lower section a level area would be formed on the top for the placing of plywood pieces. Securing these two pieces into position would be the third section, or the adjustable leg of the triangle. This leg would be fastened or anchored into holes that would be found on both the upper and lower legs of the triangle. Adjuster bolts would run these holes and secured with nuts into position. A series of holes would be designed into the upper and lower pieces of the triangular unit to offer a number of fastening options, making the opportunity for leveling of the surface greater.

[0004] The adjustable leg would be a three-piece unit. This would make it possible to extend the leg from as low as twelve inches to as high as thirty-two inches, allowing the product to adaptable to a variety of roof pitches.

[0005] It should be noted, however, that the basic form and function of Roof Rack For Plywood might be varied or modified so that the application and use of Roof Rack For Plywood could be broader than originally envisioned. The next section explores possible modification that could further enhance the design of Roof Rack For Plywood.


[0006] To fully appreciate the attraction and need of an invention, one should consider any possible modifications that would arise from employment of the idea.

[0007] We, therefore, shall suggest other applications of Roof Rack For Plywood that would merit future consideration and study. The scope of such review will entail the use of materials, other than those previously specified by Wade Barker, the Inventor, of which the product might be manufactured; the possible expansion of the suggested color scheme or plan; a broadened consumer outlet, other than the market specified by the Inventor, or any other possible shape or design that may enhance the utility and salability of Roof Rack For Plywood. All in all, we shall attempt to identify any variations that further would define the scope of the idea.

[0008] One must remember, however, that these modification suggestions may be limited within the latitude of Roof Rack For Plywood. Some innovations lend themselves easily to future applications, i.e., different shapes, material variants, color schemes, etc. Other Inventions, however, are geared to a specific group of consumers, to only one type of material during the manufacturing process, or to a particular design. Thes ideas, therefore, would not be amenable to modifications, or suggested changes that perhaps would be construed as destroying the foundation of the product idea.

[0009] Problems that might arise during the development of Roof Rack For Plywood should be amenable to resolution through normal product testing and refinement processes, after which we would anticipate the product, could be produced routinely. Whether it would be feasible to do so from the standpoint of economics is another question and one to be decided by potential manufacturers of the product after additional studies.

[0010] A number of possible modifications to the basic concept are suggested to augment the usefulness and the popularity of Roof Rack For Plywood, as well as some proposals to help solve any problems that might exist.

[0011] This product could become a permanent item needed by homebuilders much as are many other tools and supplies. With this in mind, it might be well to consider a method by which this product could be stored and transported from one job to the next. A locking device that would allow the unit to collapse or fold into five feet long by one feet high piece could prove beneficial. In this way the unit could be easily by a worker to and from its position on a roof. A carrying case might be considered also although that might prove too cumbersome for most workers to tolerate especially at the end of a day's work. Certainly a way by which the fastening hardware could be secured would be of long-range benefit to workers and the value of the product. Perhaps a simple attachable casing could be fastened to a leg of the unit in which any fasteners or other additional hardware could be placed.

[0012] Overall, the basic concept behind Roof Rack For Plywood appears to be sound and the product idea workable. The basic materials are readily obtainable, and the concept of a device which would add to the safety of construction workers while providing more economical and efficient use of materials and operating machinery would appear to appeal to millions of consumers across the U.S., as well as worldwide.

[0013] Given the previous description of how Roof Rack For Plywood would function and, taking into consideration the questions facing further development of the proposed product it is our tentative judgment that the idea is based on sound principles and that production versions of this item could be developed to perform generally as the Inventor has stated.