Electric oil pump
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The electric oil pump is no more than a small DC motor added to the every day oil pump to get oil flowing before the car engine starts up.

Some oil pump have long necks, some have short necks that will need some redesign, but the long neck pumps will only need the DC motor attached to the pump. The mechanical pump will need at least two bolt down place on pump for DC motor to stay in place while in operation.

Mechanics know that the first few revolutions of starting the engine, it has no oil PSI Therefore the oil light is on for a second or two and the engine is running and there is no oil PSI or proper circulation until the light on the dash goes out. The engine will be already running at this time on metal to metal until the light goes out. DC motor wires will go to the ignition switch and the oil sender that controls the light on the dash board. I have done my own independent search and being that I am a mechanic too, I found nothing like it on the market at this time.

Britt, Robert Lee (Columbia, SC, US)
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F01M5/02; (IPC1-7): F01M1/02
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Robert L. Britt (Columbia, SC, US)

What I claim is as follows:

1. any mechanical internal combustion engine oil pump.

2. Interal combustion engine oil pump made of abs lite weight PLASTIC (inside and out)(identical to metal ones).

3. One Faulhaber (DC brushless motor, series 3564)

4. 3564 motor with two bolt down positions (see FIG. 2b)

5. 3564 motor will be added to a mechanical interal combustion engine oil pump (see FIG. 3)

6. 3564 motor with male shaft that will in the pump female gear shaft to turn the pump.

7. 3564 motor wires will connect to vehical ignition switch to cut on and off.

8. 3564 motor will need a fluctuater to keep it from running all the time (should come on and off like the heart beat)

9. 3564 motor will turn a max:9000 rpms or (150 rpms per second)

10. 3564 motor will need a electrical PSI gauge to bring the motor on and off @ about 45 psi while in operation.

11. 3564 motor added to the pump inside the motor.

12. 3564 motor all in one mounted on the out side of motor (see FIG. 5

13. 3564 motor has shaft coming out of one end, shaft is {fraction (1/4)} inches long.

14. Application qualify for small entity status

15. Application is nonprovisional

16. Application seeks world wide protection with an international patent status and number

17. Application may need to seek a patent design status later on if needed.

[0001] First quarter turn of ingnition key energize oil pump motor, second quarter turn energize starter to start engine. Sender lets you know if motor is working, if PSI is reached its limit to satisfy the light on dash board. Drill one quarter inch hole in oil pan, above the oil level for wires and use a oil seal for wires. Sender must be PSI operated and electric. Motor can be made for 12 volt or 24 volt system. Three or four wires are needed for sender and motor. Motor is DC powered When PSI is satisfied motor will come on and off to keep good flow and not run constant to over due recommended PSI for that engine, while engine is running. Motor sender should have a high and low switch to cut motor off when PSI is to high and cut motor on when PSI is low. Motor will cut on and off like the heart beat in the body.

[0002] Specification of Electric Motor on Oil Pump in FIG. One

[0003] Motor shaft should be at least one quarter inch on one end and one inch long on the outer end with a square end to turn pump.

[0004] Specification of Electric Motor on Oil Pump in FIG. One A

[0005] Armature are like all other electric motors, top part of armature with short shaft where bushings go but some DC motors donot have bushings.

[0006] Specification of Electric Motor Outter Appearance FIG. 2 in Dimensions

[0007] Outter Appearance FIG. 2a Wires

[0008] Outter Appearance FIG. 2b Bolt Down Positions to Mechanical Pumps

[0009] Outter Appearance FIG. 2c Shaft that Drives Mechanical Pump when Attached to it Properly.

[0010] Specification of Mechanical Shaft Driven Oil Pump with Electric Motor Added FIG. 3

[0011] Oil pump has to have a long neck so that electric DC motor can be attach to it. SOME OIL PUMPS has a neck long enough for the electric DC motor to be attached with no problem at all. Oil pumps that has short necks need some redesign in the up coming figures I will give a good idea of what I think it may look like. This is only to help someone get the importance of this invention Iam trying to bring to life.

[0012] Specification of Electric Oil Pump All in One Device FIG. 4

[0013] this is a design of what I think the oil pump all in one may look like with the pump, motor and intake oil chamber, from the oil feed line from the pump with intake tube in oil bath. The device can be 70% hard plastic including the pump because it will be lubercated by the oil it pumps, with the intake tube in the oil bath. It pump oil up through the feed line, into the oil chamber and into the engine. Motor turns pump to start flow to engine.block. Oil chamber take up two thirds of upper pump and the electric part takes up one third and with a separation between the two. PSI sender can be added to separation wall or some where in the oil flow system in the motor. This figure is to help manufactures and engineers help take this to another level. It must be able to keep at least a 40 PSI

[0014] while the engine is running. Pump must be able to get PSI fast, it must turn high RPM,S to do this. Pump must be made of durable parts so it will last the life of the motor. Pump can be mounted in the place of the mechanical one that is in the motor. The manufacturer will need to jest follow each company mounting pattern for that pump. Pump receiving line neck should be one half inch round and extending in oil bath, at the end fleered out to a one and half+three inch wide opening.

[0015] Specification of Electric Oil Pump Mounted on the Outside of Motor FIG. 5

[0016] This is a another look at what I think the oil pump should look like mounted on the outside of the engine of a car etc. Oil pump can look like FIG. 4 and operate like it to. The only thing added will be the flexible intake line and the flexible distribution line to engine. The flexible line can be metal or PSI rubber hose and intake line in the lower part of the oil pan ½ inch from bottom of oil pan, on one side or the other, below oil bath. The pan will need a hole cut in it with a oil seal on it to keep oil from leaking out. Distribution line will need a hole cut in upper part of oil pan with oil seal added with mounting bracket on the end that fit up to engine oil intake from pump. Electric oil pump mounted on the out side is a good idea.

[0017] Specification of Electric Oil Pumping Parts FIG. 6 6a 6b

[0018] This is a look at the pumping part of the electric oil pump. This is only to add ideas to someone that have some idea of what a pump does and what causing the pumping action. This is not a part of a design patent application but to stimulant the imagination of someone with some idea of how a pump works. FIG. 6 gives you a look at the total pump look and a top and side look.

[0019] FIG. 6a is a look at what create the pumping action inside FIG. 6b. FIG. 6a has a swirl look that create suction in FIG. 6b. The top look of FIG. 6a has a square in the middle of it for the shaft from the electric motor to turn it so suction can occur. The side look of FIG. 6a has spaces between them for oil to be sucked up through FIG. 6b feed line and out to the out to the feed line that is in FIG. 4 illustration.

[0020] FIG. 6b is a look at what support FIG. 6a with a feed line that is in the oil bath. When suction occur oil comes up the feed line in the swirl of FIG. 6a and out the top of FIG. 6b and in FIG. 4 feed line into engine. I say again this is only to stimulant the imagination of the person reviewing this application.