Personal pillow transport system
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An improved Personal Pillow Transport System is provided: a closable pouch with two carry straps; the pouch interior defining a storage area specifically sized to fit a standard bedpillow; an opening is defined to provide access to the pouch interior/storage area, wherein the user's personal bedpillow is removably insertable; a closure mechanism in the top and/or side faces of the pouch; and an optional pocket attached to the exterior of the pouch.

Gordon, Vanessa (Moreno Valley, CA, US)
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What I claim as my invention is:

1. An article for transportation of the user's personal bedpillow, comprising a pouch enclosing a storage area that is sized to contain a standard bedpillow;

2. The article according to claim 1, further comprising two carrying straps attached to the top and sides of said pouch and disposed over the posterior surface of said pouch.

3. The article according to claim 1, further comprising a closure mechanism in the top face of said pouch;

4. The article according to claim 1, further comprising a closure mechanism in the side face of said pouch;

5. The article according to claim 1, further comprising a closure flap depending from the top face of said pouch and disposed so as to cover the pouch opening;

6. The article according to claim 1, further comprising a storage pocket affixed to the exterior surface of said pouch.



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[0004] The present invention relates to transportation cases, and more specifically, to a novel case sized for a standard bed pillow and suitable for enclosing same, equipped with straps for suspension as a backpack or which may be gripped together and used as a carrying handle.

[0005] Cases, bags, and containers have been used for many years to protect garments from soil and physical damage while they are being moved from place-to-place. Suitcases and bags for carrying articles having many different designs are well-known in the art.

[0006] Several methods of applying handles and straps to portable padded pillow assemblies are known. However, no prior art was found wherein a travel case specifically designed for use with the user's personal bedpillow was disclosed.

[0007] Many travelers find the pillows supplied by hotels to be inferior to their own, favorite pillow. Some stink of cigarette smoke; some are lumpy; some are too soft. The question of sanitation is a consideration to quite a few: Where has the hotel pillow been? Who or what was in contact with it? How was it laundered, or was just the pillowcase laundered?

[0008] For these and many additional reasons, many travelers stuff their own pillow into a suitcase or bag for use at the destination.

[0009] The present invention is intended to provide a convenient solution to the problems noted above. The user's personal bedpillow, with just the right amount of firmness, clean, and familiar may be packed in its own, correctly-sized, sealed carrier. Handy carrying strap/handles are placed such that the carrier may be transported slung across a shoulder, as a backpack, over the forearm, or by grasping in the hand.

[0010] While waiting in the airport, train, or bus station, the flexible carrier surface allows the user to utilize the entire assembly to support a tired head or to pad the back from a hard plastic chair without removing the pillow inside, which would expose it to the grime and germs at the station.

[0011] Generally, prior art portable padded pillows are targeted for use at sporting events, camping, etc.

[0012] It appears that the cited prior art teaches portable pillow techniques with a view toward an all-encompassing system. Until now, no one has proposed a container that is specifically sized to contain a standard-sized bed pillow with the view that a person could transport their personal, well-used and accustomed bed pillow for use while away from home.

[0013] In contrast, all of the prior art containers cited are intended for generic use, or contain an integral padded area not suitable for use as a bedpillow when removed from the container.


[0014] In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, there is provided an article that is adapted by folding and stitching, or other sealing method, to comprise an enclosed area sized to contain a standard bed pillow. The present invention is preferably closed by a standard zipper assembly, but may be closed by other common closure means. By virtue of the folded and sealed arrangement, a closure flap may also be obtained. Said closure flap may be arranged to cover the opening to the enclosed area and overlap one outer surface thereof. A button, hook-and-loop fastener, a snap or other common closure means may be used to retain the closure flap in the closed, carrying position. An optional pocket may be affixed to the exterior of the article, providing convenient storage of sleeping accessories such as earplugs and eyeshades, or other small items.

[0015] The preferred embodiment has two individual strap/handles, one beside the other. The strap/handles are disposed and of such a length that the user may insert their arms into the loops formed and thereby wear the transport system as if it were a backpack. Alternatively, one arm may be thrust through both loops so as to carry it over the forearm. Another method of carry is to use one hand to grasp the uppermost portion of both loops together.

[0016] The soft, flexible material of which the transport system is made protects the pillow from contamination by dirt and germs, while allowing the user to pad a hard seat or chair back, or to prop up a head, arm, feet, etc. While worn as a backpack, the chair-back-padding function is completely automatic. To pad a seat, the user merely needs to slip the strap off of their shoulders, thereby allowing the assembly to descend lower.

[0017] As noted, security for the contents is provided by closure means and/or an optional closure flap. Closure may be effected by way of manipulating a button, snap, buckle, zipper, ZIPLOC™ or VELCRO™ closure, among other common means.

[0018] In summary, the Personal Pillow Transport System gives the user the convenience of keeping his or her familiar bedpillow at hand when traveling, and eliminates the need to use up valuable suitcase space for it. This novel concept reduces the discomfort that the traveler must endure in public transportation waiting areas. The concept may be used for non-standard sized pillows by adjusting the dimensions to fit.


[0019] FIG. 1 is an anterior view of a Personal Pillow Transport System in the preferred vertical carry configuration and utilizing the preferred zipper closure.

[0020] FIG. 2 is a posterior view of the same item.

[0021] FIG. 3 is a side view of the same item.

[0022] FIG. 4 is a plan view of the same item.

[0023] FIG. 5 is an anterior view of a Personal Pillow Transport System depicting the horizontal carry configuration and the side zipper closure.

[0024] FIG. 6 is a plan view of a Personal Pillow Transport System utilizing a flap closure.

[0025] FIG. 7 is an anterior view of the same item, further illustrated by Sectional view I-I.


[0026] Details of a Personal Pillow Transport System according to the invention will be more fully understood from the description given hereunder with reference to the accompanying drawings.

[0027] FIG. 1 is an anterior view of the preferred embodiment of the present invention, in the form of a Personal Pillow Transport System utilizing the preferred zipper closure. The depiction of a Personal Pillow Transport System is for illustration only; the present invention may be applied to similar styles of construction. The Carrier Body 1 is a bag form of customary design, which is preferably of a vinyl material, and which after folding and seaming includes a top-side opening, the edges of which are preferably joined with a Zipper 2 of customary design. When the Personal Pillow Transport System is deployed, the user's personal bedpillow is inserted within the cavity of the Carrier Body 1 and the opening secured by manipulating the Zipper Pull 3. The Personal Pillow Transport System further includes Left Carrying Strap 4, and Right Carrying Strap 5 that define openings for insertion of the user's arms (for backpack carry) or hand (for hand carry).

[0028] FIGS. 2, 3, and 4 illustrate the construction of the preferred embodiment of the present invention, depicting alternate views. FIG. 5 illustrates the construction a Personal Pillow Transport System in the horizontal carry configuration, anterior view, utilizing the preferred zipper closure on the side face.

[0029] FIGS. 6 and 7 illustrate an alternate closure method, Flap 6. In this embodiment, the anterior surface of Carrier Body 1 does not extend to meet the uppermost point of the posterior surface of Carrier Body 1. The upper edge of Flap 6 is attached to the uppermost point of the posterior surface of Carrier Body 1. The lower edge of Flap 6 may be secured by any number of common fasteners, or may be left free as illustrated more clearly in Section I-I.

[0030] It should be noted that the proportion of height to width may be adjusted so as to accommodate a pillow held either vertically or horizontally, as contrasted in FIGS. 1 and 5. The preferred embodiment is a vertical carry, as shown in FIG. 1. However, the horizontal carry mode is also intended, in which case the closure may be placed on either the top or side face of the article, or across both the top and side faces. One such horizontal carry configuration is shown in the FIG. 5. It can be seen that the difference between the vertical and horizontal configuration is one of proportion.

[0031] It will be readily understood by those persons skilled in the art that the present invention is susceptible of a broad utility and application. Many embodiments and adaptations of the present invention other than those herein described, as well as many variations, modifications and equivalent arrangements will be apparent from or reasonably suggested by the present invention and the forgoing description thereof, without departing from the substance, scope, spirit or essential attributes of the present invention.

[0032] Accordingly, while the present invention has been described herein in detail in relation to its preferred embodiment, it is to be understood that this disclosure is only illustrative and exemplary of the present invention and is made merely for purposes of providing a full and enabling disclosure of the invention. The foregoing disclosure is not intended to limit, nor is it to be construed to as limiting, the present invention or otherwise to exclude any such other embodiments, adaptations, variations, modifications and equivalent arrangements, the present invention being limited only by the claims appended hereto and the equivalents thereof.