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The Bathsert is a unique, and functional piece that allows plumbers and homeowners to replace dual faucets with a single faucet design. It provides a good looking alternative to current chrome plate covers. It also adds some functionality with small storage shelves for shampoo or soap.

All parts are made of molded plastic. This makes the entire Bathsert corrosion proof. It also allows it to manufactured in a variety of colors.

A vinyl seal around the edges forms a water tight barrier when the unit is clamped in place. The clamping mechanisms are accessed from the front and can accommodate walls up to four inches thick. The seal will work on tile, plastic, or fiberglass enclosures.

Ross, Joseph V. (Hawthorne, NJ, US)
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E03C1/042; (IPC1-7): E03C1/00
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Joseph V Ross (Hawthorne, NJ, US)
1. The Bathsert is a unique and easy to install component. It allows for more workspace than current designs. It also provides a good looking, corrosion proof, and useful alternative to what is now available. In addition it allows for easy removal if repairs are needed.



[0001] The Bathsert is a device used when replacing dual faucets with a single design. This applies mainly to old tubs and showers. All parts are made from molded plastic for ease of manufacture and corrosion resistance. It can be provided in matching or contrasting colors.

[0002] The idea allows faucet replacement while providing the plumber room to work. It also Provides a functional, and good looking cover for the work, allowing easy access if necessary.

[0003] The Bathsert has two top shelves and is attached with plastic screws and clamps. A vinyl Seal stops water from leaking behind it. This will seal against tile, fiberglass, or plastic. Once the unit is in place screw caps will cover the screw holes.

[0004] The idea for this invention came about when I tried to upgrade my tub and shower faucets from dual to a single lever design. I talked with several plumbers and supply houses.

[0005] The best they could come up with was a large, ugly, chrome plate.

[0006] My wife and I both decided this was not acceptable.


[0007] These items show the complete Bathsert along with specific components. All components are made of molded plastic to eliminate corrosion.

[0008] The top has two 3″ deep shelves to allow for shampoo bottles or soap. The bootom is flush allowing room for plumbing fixture installation. The rear recesses allow ample room for the piping and fixture.

[0009] Plastic clamps slide in molded tracks to secure the unit to the wall. A vinyl seal prevents moisture from getting behind the wall.