Laptop bible/book holder
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A lap top Plexiglas bible/book holder is assembled having an expansion base with attached holder to hold book. The base has a right and left section made identically from the same mold. Side Plexiglas enclosure brackets are permanently attached to both top outside edges of left base section. The enclosure brackets will allow the left and right side sections to interlock. The adjustable base will expand to property fit over the user's lap horizonzontally. The book support stand is permanently attached to top side of left section. The two sections can be easily dismantled for easy transport. The right top side of base may be used as writing desk.

Martin, Hilda Virginia (Hampton, VA, US)
Gatling, Josephine Almeda (Hampton, VA, US)
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A47B23/00; A47B97/04; (IPC1-7): A47B97/04
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Hilda Virginia Martin (Hampton, VA, US)
1. (a) comprise of a two part detachable holder to fit across lap with span to fit small medium and large: (b) support book holder is durable and adaptable to hold various sized books. (c) book holder two sections slides together for easy transport.



[0001] PURPOSE—This invention is a useful item of support for use at such as conferences, workshops, churches and schools. It will allow user's hands freedom to write and/or handle other materials in meetings, or personal use in office, or home. Prior to this useful invention people have clumsily tried to stabilize books and other materials on their laps.

[0002] CONSTRUCTION—The Laptop Bible/Book holder is a two piece unit made of Plexiglas material that makes it easy for transporting.

[0003] Material—Plexiglas (clear, or solid colors

[0004] Parts—7 pieces

[0005] Height—17 inches

[0006] Width—23 inches

[0007] Sections after assembled—2

[0008] PURPOSE—Holder can be used where table, or desk is not available. Holder base can close, or expand according to user's lap size. Right side of base can be used as writing desk. Base can be dismantled into parts for easy transport

[0009] HOW USED—Book holder base is adjusted for fit and placed horizontally across user's lap.


[0010] Material—Plexiglas

[0011] Parts—7 pieces

[0012] a. Two 12×6×⅛ across top and 6×6×⅛ down side with 7½ inch span fold.

[0013] b. One 12×2×⅛ with {fraction (1/4)} inch span fold over measuring 12×1×⅛

[0014] c. One 12×3×⅛ with 1 inch span fold over measuring 12×1×⅛

[0015] d. One 12×10×⅛ with 1½ inch span fold over measuring 12×2×{fraction (1/8)}

[0016] e. Two brackets 5×¼ inch

[0017] Sections—Two sections after being assembled. One side of base with holder and brackets attached and the other half of base with no attachments.

[0018] 1. Base section—consist of four pieces, two 12×6×⅛ across with 6×6×⅛ sides—two brackets 5 inches×{fraction (1/4)}. The two 5 inch brackets are glued five inches from end on both top sides of one 12×6×⅛ top with 6×6×⅛ side. The second 12×6×⅛ with 6×6×⅛ open end slides into brackets on first piece.

[0019] 2. Top section—consist of three pieces—one 12×10×⅛ with 1¼ inch span fold over measuring 12×1×⅛ inch—one 12×3×⅛ with 1½ inch span fold over and one 12×2×⅛ with {fraction (1/4)} inch span Fold over measuring 12×2×⅛. The 12×3×¼ piece is glued on the right half base of base lengthwise ½ inch from back with fold 3 inches from front. The 12×10×⅛ piece is glued lengthwise to the 1 inch raised section front of 12×1×⅛ fold. The fold of the 12×2×⅛ is fitted onto top of 12×10×⅛ with 1 inch section facing the front and glued.

[0020] The two sections are easily assembled for use by fitting the left side into the brackets on right side. Reverse directions for disassembling.


[0021] (1) 1 is left side of base. 3 and 3A brackets are glued on left side of 1 open ends.

[0022] (2) 2 is the right side of base and is not permanently attached to other side base section 1. Designed to slide into brackets on 1 to complete base of holder.

[0023] (3) 3 and 3A brackets

[0024] (4) 4 is glued horizontal from center to back on flat top side 1

[0025] (5) 5 back side is glued to raised side of 4 and 5 bottom is glued to flat top section of 1.

[0026] (6) 6 fold is placed over top section of 5 and glued in place.