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The invention described herein shall be utilized as a self defense and/or martial arts training apparatus and training device, for the practitioner/trainee wishing to engage in the developmental stages necessary to defend against multiple attackers. Such device contains a reinforced housing and a structural platform base support or squared ring for the practitioner to stand centered upon initially. In descriptive terms for clarification purposes only, such a platform may share some minute resemblance to that of a small karate or kick boxing ring of size variation. Respectively, the north, east, west and south quadrants of the base shall include the individual deflectable opponents, which encompass and surround the practitioner on all sides, (four subjugating attackers in total). They are housed and supported individually by both vertical and horizontal stress/truss back plate bars, whose vertical truss is secured and mounted onto the platform base by a revolving/intersecting tension spring joint, which enables such opponent(s) the required resistance and flexibility of movement necessary, and the ability needed to recoil and retract in regularity, from their original point of origin, withdrawing and once again returning sequentially to their original positioning, after receiving a trauma/blunt force and/or physical strike by the practitioner. The resilient Styrofoam opponents are structurally comprised to resemble the average human torso in proportion and dimention.

Borreca, John Joseph (Staten Island, NY, US)
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What is claimed is:

1. A Self Defense martial arts training device apparatus comprising of; four sequential housing opponent members adapted to be mounted onto a support base platform, consisting of at least one receiving structural element; a squared platform housing supported by substructurally positioned intersecting stabilizing bars placed below the underlying base area; a four piece sectional squared base collapsible platform rests upon the securing substructure support members; at least four individual opponents or impact receivers are placed equidistantly apart from each other, as well as sequentially located respectively to the north, east, west and south quadrants of the supporting platform base; a vertical support bar receives the opponent member which then is attached to the adjoining base compartment; the opponent member is secured by several flexible high impact resilient horizontal stabilizer bars;

2. The Self Defense martial Arts training device of claim 1 wherein contains at least four resilient tension spring members;

3. The Self Defense martial Arts training device of claim 1 wherein claims such tension spring member contains a resilient pliable protective encasing, having complete and encompassing coverage of said spring member;

4. The Self Defense martial arts training device of claim 1 wherein claims opponent structural materials consist of a durable Styrofoam padding encased in a heavy leather embodiment,

5. The Self Defense martial arts training device of aforementioned claim found herein above maintain that the opponents components contained within include at least five activating strike/force and monitoring sensors;

6. A Self Defense martial arts training device wherein as indicated in all of the previous claims contained herein, suggest an adjustable pivotal locking device located at the spring joint segment area, found at the base of each opponents vertical stabilizer bar; a cushioning/padding material adjoining a compressed surface material shall encompass, encase and complete the opponents structure inclusively; As so indicated in all of the supporting claims so stated herein, whereas such claims supporting the opponents composition, again claim inclusively, that an internal chamber exists, which is necessary to receive several or more additional components; a structural squared base housing, oriented and derived to receive and accept several or more compatible extraneous locking components, necessary to secure such platform; a base platform collapsible housing combined of four grid plates and substructure supporting stabilizer securing members, have rest upon it, the contained opponents adhered to by the attachable back plate vertical and horizontal bars, which then secure to the base plate grid plate compartment accepting the vertical bar input, supplementing the support system;

7. A Self Defense martial arts training device indicates further claim, whereas in claims as aforementioned herein, as is here stated, the utilization and usage of a substantial durometer of natural black rubber; held as a protective substance, as a rivet, screw or bolt support cushioning, shall be rendered to surface enclose any necessary sharp or protruding rigid ninety degree angle areas which may pre-exist, as exposed areas, where and when found necessary, in order to add flexibility and durability to said structural device and, also, as a protective measure to restrict the possibility of injury, through the implementation of a possible misdirected physical strike;

8. The Self Defense training device of claim 1 wherein is further comprised of interchanging joint members; thus the joints and interchanging joint members are married and coupled together in a fastened tongue and groove fashion and position, forged, tapered and welded to specification application;



[0001] The Self Defense martial arts training device, found herein and, depicted thereto, as the “Invention”, discussed within these related confinds and attached documents, is solely construed to be validated as, an athletic practice/training or workout device, or a self contained piece of exercise equipment, that is structurally secured at its base floor housing, containing at least four spring joint members attached and spaced accordingly; which then have mounted upon them the striking member impact receiver opponents, placed uniformly around the outskirts of such floor or squared platform ring, thus surrounding the practitioner, in order to display and assimilate a confrontational environment. The receiver or recipient striking member is connected to the base spring joint housing platform, through a connecting vertical post and is back braced with horizontal trusses, metal/fiber, rubber and steel fasteners. Upon contact strike, delivering sufficient compressive impacting forces, against such opposing tensile resistance forces of the spring joint, the receiving members spring joint/tension bars shall absorb the stresses applied upon it and retract accordingly, while responsively returning to its original positioning, and lowest point of resistance moments after impact.


[0002] All competitive sports and their athletes, in one manner or another, utilize training devices in order to enhance or maximize their abilities. The basic training techniques utilized in self defense, martial arts schools and schools of related similarity, include the usage of a variety of students and teachers or assistants of different graduating levels of experience, style and ability. Their presence is relegated to the training of “Form and Technique”. Which, evidentially is the basis and route area of importance, as well as the most critical and vital factor, which is needed to satisfy the developmental stages of the practitioners quest for advancement. But, this type of training process, although archaic in itself, becomes burdensome to a point, whereas, the dependence upon too many underlying and extraneous outside factors, may eventually result, in the lack of preparation and uniformity, which is needed for the success of such an event. These unsatisfactory conditions, which may further degrade the training processes.

[0003] While such a physical sequential training drill, regarding multiple attackers has probably pre existed time in one shape or form, before today, and still exists in todays market of self defense training, no effective product exists on the market today, which can afford the training practitioner the opportunity to develop the necessary coordination, speed, stamina and endurance needed to advance his/her skill level, while training ALONE, individually, at a pace and time of choice, without the assistance or need of supporting assistants. This training device will satisfy the need, wants and desires of any and all serious minded practitioners. It shall provide, unlimited, unending opportunities to maximize the skills of almost any individual seeking a more effective way of training and defending against the possibility of multiple attackers.


[0004] The Self Defense martial arts training device, and Invention, is intended as a supplemental training tool, which can and will enhance the physical attributes, characteristic skills and abilities of the practitioner, through the usage of a floor base, or a connecting platform ring, which is mounted upon such, resilient, flexible opposing simulated attackers, (four at minimum), secured by an equal amount of spring joint supports. The striking member includes at its base structure, a spring joint and latch bar needed to secure directional positioning. Such is the ability of the receiver to deflect, retract and return to rest at the point of origin and impact.

[0005] The substructure base depicted in the attached bottom view drawings, (refer to ex. drawings bottom view), contain a central conjoined metal or cast iron, light weight compound, or alloy tempered bar, framed with an interlocking centerpoint, in order to give support to the above floor plates, which then rest the practitioner and receiver opponents. An additional constraint of similar dimensional strengthening bars or pegs, shall be placed below each corner square, of the floor plates. At each exposed end of the four bars previously conjoined, will be found, a base support bar/plate, transversely secured at a ninety degree angle, placed opposite and away from the interlocking conjoined bars direction. At the central point of the bottom area, shall be found a larger squared plate or flat bar, which rests directly below the conjoined segment of the base, as a support, in order that it may comply with design and utility uniformity.

[0006] Each receiver/opponent shall be and can be operated individually and independent of itself.

[0007] The object of such invention and its primary purpose is conclusively founded to promote speed, reaction timing, endurance, focus, technique, accuracy of striking form, etc.

[0008] It shall provide the opportunity to practice different forms of self defense techniques against unrehearsed, randomly imposed attackers. The defender must react within micro seconds to perceive and recognize the possibility of a potential threat and to strike with the appropriate response.

[0009] The object is to primarily develop the practitioners skills to his/her fullest capabilities, without encumbering the infliction of possible physical injury, which may be imposed by the assistance of a confrontational training partner(s); as well as affording such individual the opportunity to practice alone, where and when necessary.

[0010] All of which has been said herein, as is attached hereto, dignifies in conclusion the total objectivity of such inventions purpose. All that is characterized in the aforementioned claims and design drawings, with examples of this disclosure document.; and, as particularly describes the entity of the invention it is comprised of; its uses and objective necessities as well as performance capabilities.


[0011] As to clarity and to better display the physical attributes of the intended invention, so detailed within the contained drawings and specifications, so here attached, the objective drawings shall be displayed and found below accordingly in numerical sequential positioning wherein:

[0012] FIG. 1 is a frontal view illustration of the Self defense martial arts training device invention.

[0013] FIG. 2 is a side view illustration, inclusive of blow up segments displaying the spring joint and padded bag/opponent segments of the device in detail.

[0014] FIG. 3 is a top view picture illustration showing the exposed floor plates and opponents poised and pre-positioned.

[0015] FIG. 4 is contained a bottom view illustration of such invention visually exposing the substructural components of the base stabilizers and movement constraining parts.

[0016] FIG. 5 is a perspective view of the described apparatus/invention, showing a transverse combination view of natural form and vision.


[0017] Referring to FIG. 1 displaying the invention in frontal view positioning, is generally shown by vertical supporting bars (1) for opponent/receiver attachment; and housing (2) adjoining floor plates for practitioner to stand upon. Also seen are horizontal brace bars (3) used to secure opponent/receiver to vertical standing supports. The floor surface shall be covered with a material which inhibits slipping and incorporates a gripping support surface, which shall be applied to absorb moisture on a slick surface, which may detract from a stable footing and cause the possibility of injury (4). Supporting floor plate(s) stabilizers are shown in view within (5). The uncoiled spring joint(s) are shown in view (6) within. The opponent/receiver pads are visually seen in view (8).

[0018] Referring to FIG. 2 displaying such inventions side view and blow up views, contain similar, equal and coinciding configurations, as to with and the same is depicted in FIG. 1. Spring joint and adjustable positioning bars shall be shown herein uncoiled and released in tension (6).

[0019] In specification the exposed area found in FIG. 3 and the intended top view displays the same floor plate area (2) material (4). Also, seen are the top portions of the attached opponent/receivers (8), constrained by the supporting vertical bars (1) and horizontal bars (3). Spring joints are seen by top proportion (6) with its adjustable bar plate joint and latch (7).

[0020] The invention virtually is capable of receiving various amounts of any directional force posed against it, and shall cotain, reflect or absorb the impact as a target receiver object and opponent (8). In each embodiments shown, the same elements are designated with the same numerals repetitively in order to enhance descriptive clarity.(re: FIG>1 through FIG>5). The internal objects or sensors found within the padded opponents (8), shall be designated as numeric value (9). These enclosed sensors are receivers of impact forces and ratio monitors which denote the power, range and substance of the striking impact force. Such sensors, may incorporate a power oriented registration, visual coloration sequential monitoring device, and/or a sound oriented triggering device, which display and monitor performance.

[0021] As is depicted in schematic sequence and drawing of such spring joint segment (6), denoted and displayed in FIG. 2 it is founded that such is a cylindrically shaped spring, of tensile resilient properties and compatabilities, that enables such to expand and retract upon force driven impact.

[0022] All conjoined portions and parts are sequentially attached thereto in the following manner: Thus such apparatus/invention, denotated within the confinds of said document apply item (8) firstly, the said opponent/padded receiver, on to the vertical bar plate support (1). Then such is placed onto the horizontal bar support plates (3), as well as then, applying such vertical bar to the receiving structured conjoining spring joint (6), and bar plate (7); thus, such vertical bar is thence secured to the intended receiver base support bars (9), found within the below base, bottom view

[0023] FIG. 4. The four base pegs are applied to the below base support comers, as stabilizers (10); the four outer area support bar plates (5) are secured in to place to attach on to receiver (9), the below supporting bars. Also, the placement of the centered base plate (11), shall then attach to the receiving portion of the intersecting cross bar base of (9), found within FIG. 4. In finality the fighting square is completed by placing the floor plates (2) and its covering material (4), on to the constructed base bars (9); secured in to place with the appropriate amount of supplied fasteners.

[0024] FIG. 2 blow up segments entail the plurality of the circumferential engagement of the spring coil joint secured by the adjustable locking bar, which enables the opponent to be placed in different positions/directions, at will. The coil segment is fused and welded on to the base support bars (9), receiving and joining the vertical bar, which includes an opening, which receives and accepts the adjusting bar latch lock.

[0025] The operational viewpoint of the invention is, to supply a device ordained for exercise and training purposes only, which will render its trainee the ability to achieve the maximum goals or level of training desired, without utilizing multiple assistants. Such resistive, transending forces supplied and applied by both the opposing and applying attackers, shall aid in the natural developmental stages of the trainee, in the process.

[0026] In result of the structural features comprised of this invention, such Self Defense martial arts training device, may in itself be utilized for each and every conceivable type of physical strike or blow, which may be possibly implemented. In regard to kicks, the inside/outside crescent, hook, back, front, spinning, axe, side, jumping/stationary/running kicks, may be simultaneously applied, conjunctively with fists, elbow and knee strikes, such as front, straight punch, knuckle, round house, slap, back hand, chop, grab and knee, etc. The speed and power, placed against or upon the training device, by the practitioner, will allow the device to respond accurately and immediately, in accordance with the practitioners needs.

[0027] It shall be determined and understood, that the forgoing disclosure relates to only the preferred embodiment, and illustrative principle of the present invention. It is to be fully understood, that such invention is not to be limited to the exact configuration as described and depicted herein. Numerous forthcoming modifications or alterations shall be made therein, without departing from the scope or spirit of the invention as herein described and as to with, is set forth in the appended claims.