Freedom hair dryer
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Having batteries as its primary power source, the Freedom Hair Dryer uses heating coils 10, 15, and 20, or any combination thereof, to generate heat. By connecting the A/C adapter to the A/C adapter inlet 98, you can use A/C current as your secondary power source. With the aid of heat convection material 50, the heat is intensified before being passed on through a heat transfer hose 35, and into a cap 45. All of the parts are protected against heat with heat resistant material 65. The dryer has a pouch which stores the cap 45, and heat transfer hose 35, when they are not being used. This same pouch in FIG. 3, can also be used to carry personal effects when travelling beyond the house. The unit has a cigarette lighter adapter for use in a vehicle. The pouch in FIG. 3 can interchange with the fan section in FIG. 2. The fan 60, helps to accelerate the drying process.

Thomas, Lewis R. (Fort Worth, TX, US)
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Lewis R. Thomas (Fort Worth, TX, US)

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1. The Freedom Hair Dryer has a plurality of components, which when combined in their respective order, affords its user the luxury and convenience of mobility and freedom to perform other tasks, while generating enough heat to dry their hair.

2. One of the said plural components is the heating section.

3. The heating section in claim 2 has a small heating coil, a medium-heating coil, a large heating coil.

4. A heat convection material encases said heating coils in claim 3.

5. A heat resistant material encases said heat convection material in claim 4.

6. Said heating section in claim 2 has a battery storage compartment on each side.

7. Said heat convection material in claim 4 has a heat outlet in the top of it.

8. Heat leaves said heat outlet and enters into a heat transfer hose.

9. Said heat transfer hose deposits the heat into a heat inlet hose.

10. Said heat inlet hose disperses the heat into a cap.

11. Said heating section in claim 2 has a lock slot on one side and a pivot post on the other.

12. Said pivot post in claim 11 allows either a fan section or a pouch to be attached to said heating section.

13. Said lock slot in claim 11 allows either said fan section or said pouch to be securely fastened to said heating section with the aid of a lock pin.

14. Said heating section has a heating control which regulates the number of said heating coils that are on at a given time and the fan in claim 12.

15. The fan section in claim 12 is another said plural components in claim 1.

16. Said fan section controls are governed by said heating controls in claim 14.

17. One side of said fan section's housing is covered with said heat convection material as in claim 4.

18. Said heat convection material in claim 17 in encased by said heat resistant material as in claim 5.

19. Said pouch in claim 12 is one of said plurality of components in claim 1.

20. Said pouch houses said cap in claim 10 and said heat inlet hose in claim 9 when they are not being used.

21. Both said cap and said heat inlet hose in claim 20, are included in said plurality of components in claim 1.

22. Both said fan section and said pouch in claim 12, have 3 matching said lock posts.

23. One said lock post in claim 22 rests atop of said pivot post in claim 11.

24. The other 2 said lock posts in claim 22, rests one above and one below said lock post in claim 11.

25. Said heating control in claim 14, has an A/C plug inlet to either recharge the batteries or run the unit off of A/C current.

26. Said fan section in claim 12, has a power plug inlet which becomes attached to the power plug inlet of the heating section in claim 2 when the two units are connected properly together and closed.



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[0002] 1. Field of Invention

[0003] This invention relates to the freedom of movement while drying your hair.

[0004] 2. Description of Prior Art

[0005] It has been said, “A man works from sun to sun, but a woman's work is never done.” I am almost inclined to agree. But, if there is one thing that can put a woman's work on hold, it would be drying their hair.

[0006] Before the days of electricity, women had to rely on good old Mother Nature to dry their hair. As times changed, Mother Nature gave up her monopoly to the stationary hair dryer.

[0007] This proved to be much faster, but, it was stationary. One had to sit there until the machine ran its course. Depending on the amount of hair to be dried, this easily took hours. There were several other things that the woman could be doing had she not been confined to the hair dryer.

[0008] As times progressed, the stationary dryer gave up a part of its monopoly to the portable hair dryer. This was great. Now a woman didn't have to spend her entire day at the beauty salon. Irregardless, she was still confined to the machine for the duration of the process. Another drawback to this was the noise.

[0009] Hearing while sitting under a hair dryer is virtually impossible. I guess this is why most ladies read books and magazines while they are getting their hair dried.

[0010] Though the woman is at home, her other chores are still put on hold due to her limited roaming space.


[0011] In accordance with the present invention, restricted mobility will become a thing of the past while drying one's hair, as well as the inability to complete other tasks simultaneously.


[0012] Let me re-iterate on a previous statement, since a woman's work is never done, now she will be able to do other things while completing this grueling task. A woman's day will no longer have to be planned around her beauty salon appointment.

[0013] While drying one's hair, one could complete other family duties and household chores. If you needed to go to the grocery store or mall, no problem!

[0014] The unit is both lightweight and very portable. It is also quiet enough so that one could hold a telephone conversation while using the unit. It is D/C operated and can be used in the automobile while driving or riding. It has an adapter that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter.

[0015] This unit comes in two models. One has a pouch for the storage of small personal items i.e.: change, money, driver's license, lipstick, checkbook, keys, cell phone, or any other small personal items that a woman might need to carry with her while she is out and about. This unit is used when the ladies might not be pressed for time, or might be doing some moving around outside of the house.

[0016] The second model does not come with the travelling pouch, instead, a small fan replaces it. This fan is used to speed up the drying time/process. It does not inhibit one from travelling outside of the house, it merely means that one would have to carry their purse with them instead.

[0017] While this unit is battery operated, the batteries are rechargeable. Moreover, this unit would be much less expensive than conventional hair dryers.

[0018] While several advantages have been mentioned here, still further object and advantages may become apparent from a consideration of the ensuing drawings and figures.

[0019] Title: Freedome Hair Dryer


[0020] FIG. 1 shows the drying unit.

[0021] FIG. 2 shows the fan section of the drying unit.

[0022] FIG. 3 shows the adjoining pouch.

[0023] FIG. 4 shows a cap and the heat inlet hose.

[0024] FIG. 5 shows various attachments


[0025] 10 small heating coil

[0026] 15 medium heating coil

[0027] 20 large heating coil

[0028] 25 heat outlet

[0029] 30 battery compartment

[0030] 35 heat transfer hose

[0031] 40 heat inlet hose

[0032] 45 cap

[0033] 50 heat convection material

[0034] 55 latch

[0035] 60 fan

[0036] 65 heat resistant material

[0037] 70 operating controls

[0038] 75 clamp

[0039] 80 lock pin

[0040] 85 lock slot

[0041] 90 pivot post

[0042] 95 elastic separator

[0043] 96 power plug

[0044] 97 power plug inlet

[0045] 98 A/C adapter plug inlet

[0046] Description


[0048] The preferred embodiment of the enclosed invention consists as follows. The hair dryer has a minimum of three heating coils. A small heating coil 10, a medium-heating coil 15, and a large heating coil 20, to achieve a desired heat level. The three coils are encased in a heat convection material 50, which is in turn encased by a heat resistant material 65. As heat builds up, it is channeled upward and released through the heat outlet 25.

[0049] Heat passes into the attached heat transfer hose 35, which attaches at the other end to the heat inlet hose 40. The heat leaves this hose 40, and spreads throughout the cap 45.

[0050] There are two battery compartments 30, to house the batteries that operate the unit.

[0051] FIG. 3 is the adjoining pouch that is used to carry personal effects when travelling about. This same pouch houses the cap 45, and heat transfer hose 35, when not in use.

[0052] Like the fan, the backside of the pouch in FIG. 3, also has the heat convection material 50, and the heat resistant material 65, separating the pouch from the heat convection material 50. Between the two, is an elastic separator 95, which helps the two sections to seal tightly. The pouch has a latch 55, which can be of the manufacturer's own choosing.

[0053] The heating section in FIG. 1, has a pivot post 90, on one side and a lock slot 85, on the other. The pouch in FIG. 2, has a lock slot 85, on one side and two lock slots 85, on the other.

[0054] A power plug inlet 97, is provided to supply current to the fan in FIG. 2 when it is needed.

[0055] The entire finished product can be covered by pretty fabric prints made of cloth, leather, plastic, vinyl, or any other material of the manufacturer's choice.

[0056] On the rear of the unit, is a clamp 75, which allows you to attach the unit to your clothing or belt.

[0057] Title: Freedom Hair Dryer

[0058] FIG. 2—Alternative Embodiment

[0059] While the dryer will still have all of the aforementioned parts of FIG. 1, it will not have a pouch like the one mentioned in FIG. 3. The dryer will be closed in with a fan 60, section. The exterior wall of the fan section in FIG. 2, will have the heat convection material 50, and be covered with the heat resistant material 65, as a backing to the heat convection material 50.

[0060] The operating controls 70, is versatile and may be placed in different places. Each heating coil has its own control button as well as the fan. Also included is an A/C adapter inlet 98, to either recharge the batteries or run the dryer off of A/C current.

[0061] The fan section in FIG. 2, have lock slots 85, in the same locations as the pouch does in FIG. 3. The lock pin 80, attaches either the fan section in FIG. 2, or the pouch in FIG. 3, to the heating section in FIG. 1. The fan section has a power plug 96, which goes into the power plug inlet 97, when FIG. 1 is joined to FIG. 2 and closed.

[0062] Advantages

[0063] Once the cap has been attached to the hose, the hose to the dryer, and the unit turned on, the remainder of the process is pretty much hands free. If you are not pressed for time, you may use the unit in its freestyle mode, with the pouch still attached. In this mode, should the need arise for you to travel beyond the confines of your domicile, no problem!

[0064] Another good feature of this unit is its ability to be interchangeable. If you are in somewhat of a hurry, the pouch may be removed and be replaced by the fan section.

[0065] The unit has rechargeable batteries that should be recharged the night prior to using your dryer. This will mean that you may never have to purchase batteries for your dryer.

[0066] It's lightweight and will be like carrying a purse around. It can come in an array of fabric colors and patterns.

[0067] Operation

[0068] Before using the dryer, be certain that the batteries are charged. Afterwards, remove the cap 45, and the heat transfer hose 35. Attach one end to the dryer and the other end of the heat transfer hose 35, to the heat outlet 25. Place the cap 45, over your hair and be sure that it is sealed snugly against your head. Turn the unit on and attach it to your clothing. You are now free to do other things.

[0069] If you want your hair dried in a faster time, remove the pouch and replace it with the fan 60, section. To do this, turn the power off, remove the lock pin 80, open the two sections up, lift the pouch off of the pivot post 90, and insert the fan 60, section. Close the unit and replace the lock pin 80. Turn on the power to the fan, attach the dryer to your clothing, and continue going about your day.


[0070] Some people are into fashionable attire. The Freedom Hair Drver can take on some of those same fashionable characteristics. It can be encased in designer fabrics, if the manufacturer so desires. The unit is compact enough to be carried inside of a coat or jacket.

[0071] It has built-in features to guard against shock as well as incidental burns.

[0072] The unit may be oval, round, rectangular, or square. Again, manufacturer's preference.

[0073] The order or positioning of the inner components may be altered to accommodate the structural housing.

[0074] Although the preceding descriptions contain many specificities, these should not be construed as limiting the scope of the invention. Instead, the scope of the invention should be determined by the appended claims and their legal equivalents, rather than by the examples given.