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Pic-O-Pic is a board game of various levels of skill. The moves required to win is similar to a combination of chess and checkers. There are the “power” pawns which are guarded by the “security” pawns. The way to score is for one player to place his or her power pawn on top the other player's power pawn and then the score by multiplying the numbers assigned to both of the power pawns. There are only two sides but each side can be represented by one player or a team of two players (only one player on the team makes the moves). Each side sets up their respective pawns in one of two ways. The first move is made by the player whose first name is alphabetically first. After a series of moves and countermoves, whoever completes the numbers in the margin of the board game first—wins.

Jolicoeur, Pierre Claude (Bridgeport, CT, US)
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A63F3/04; (IPC1-7): A63F3/02
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Pierre Claude Jolicoeur (Bridgeport, CT, US)
1. As a board game its color scheme and design have never existed before. The circles with transversed horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines are very distinct and combine concepts from geometry and multiplication.

2. The movement of the “power pawns” and how one scores is also very distinct. After reviewing numerous other board games, I claim that the movement and scoring concept of the “pic” is unique and does exist.

3. The name Pic-O-Pic has never existed prior to the submission of this application.



[0001] Diamond Game is a game that is based on numbers that are specified and established from numbers composed from two series of numbers that are numbered from 1 through 8. The final outcome is to win and to have interactive communication. The goal of Diamond Game is not only to be fun, but also to enhance the player's knowledge in Mathematics, Statistics as well as Graphs found in Economics. Another conceptual basis for Diamond Game, is to instill in the player the virtues of patience as it relates to decision making and the consequences of these decisions.


[0002] One rectangular shaped board.

[0003] Diamond written in big letters and Game centered directly below the word Diamond. On the right of the board two squares drawn inside two diamonds separated by a large “x” proportionate to the size of the two shapes. In the center of the two shapes are yellow circles and inside the yellow circles are the number 8 written in black.

[0004] One geometric figure, centered by a diamond shaped figure cut in triangles, square trapazoid and labeled by specific numbers.

[0005] Thirty circles that are cut in 10 to the right, left, and on the bottom of the board—This is where the pawns will be placed.

[0006] Bars to reflect the diamond at the four corners of the board.

[0007] Two series of cards: 1 through 8 doubled and one series of thirty from the segment. (1 to 8; 1 to 8)

[0008] Thirty pawns representing the places

[0009] Color: Composition

[0010] Dimension of the Board: Variable


[0011] Pic-O-Pic is a mathematical based board game, which uses rules of geometry and multiplication.

[0012] The concept used is gradually to improve your math skills, logical reasoning and concentration.


[0013] This board game contains:

[0014] Nine vertical lines

[0015] Nine horizontal lines

[0016] Fifteen diagonally lines(left direction)

[0017] Fifteen diagonally lines(right direction)

[0018] Eighty one circles

[0019] Eighty one point inside the circles

[0020] Pic-O-Pic at the board corner

[0021] Cerebral Sport in the face of players

[0022] Five rectangular squares on the left and five rectangular squares on the right.

[0023] Four arrow

[0024] Two series of nine pawns of different colors(1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9)

[0025] Two series of five pawns of same colors(1-3-9-27-81)

[0026] Colors: Composition

[0027] Size of the board: 17½ by 17½