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This invention is a brand new device that I have made for Police people all over the World. I call it the light stick it is a very unique police tool. It is also 20 inche long it has the ability to change it's size it can go from 22 inche all the way down 6 and half inches. When the light stick become smaller it has been turned into a weapon for police men to use during duties or if they choose to they can use there light stick and trans form into a flashlight for a special situation the light stick is the newest crime fighting tool that is handy and reliable. Police men everywhere will depend on for specific situation. The flashlight also carries two battery it has all the same quality as ordinary flash light. I know the Police justice system will find it to be very helpful of the Police force.

Campbell, Damion (Toronto, CA)
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F21V33/00; F41B15/02; (IPC1-7): A63B15/02
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Damion CamPbell (Toronto, ON, CA)
1. This invention is new device for police men all over the world it is a flashlight and a night stick combine into one crime fighting device this device this device is capable of changing its size it has the ability to change its self into a flashlight. The flashlight be very useful for police while they're on the job, but that is not all it can do its capable of turning into a nightstick so that police officer can use when they need to do on criminal, it is very unique and most importantly it can help to fight criminals from all over the world it is vary something that police mans will be more than happy to use it will make a good weapon with the police force batter and more interesting out of all they equipment that police officer use my invention will prove to be one of the most interesting it will make a good and useful weapon for the police force.

[0001] The light boton invention is 22 inches long.

[0002] When the light boton becomes a flashlight it is 6 and half inches the flash light is also design as a handle so that when you hold it you will have a good grip for when it is turned into a boton.