Baby Crib Mattress with Personal Label Attached having Adult Mattress Comfort quality , Style and Appeal
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A adult style and appearance bed assembly providing a reduced sleeping surface trimmed to dimensions specified in FIGS. 1 and 2 to allow for a sleeping surface suitable for a toddler size mattress that will fit into a suitable size toddler crib structure or equivalent style crib structure. This can be accomplished by providing raw materials found in certain high quality adult mattresses materials and constructing them using already proven and tested industry techniques to make a higher quality baby mattress, uniquely crafted with an appearance that separates its look, feel and comfort and quality from all other current model baby mattress designs. Customer chosen label is added to the top surface with chosen inscription to add sentimental value and personal description to the mattress. The final trim dimensions of the mattress will be about 51⅝×27¼×9″. Also while the mattress according to the invention can have a thickness of about 9″ like conventional mattress, the inner spring mattress has a riser height typically from about 6″ to 9″ allowing our design flexibility to be able to adapt to non-standard crib design height configurations. The resulting look is fuller, more attractive and provides better comfort and restful sleep for the occupant.

Prince, John Eric (Jacksonville, FL, US)
Prince, Darryl Bernard (Bellflower, CA, US)
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Our design specification claim in FIG. 1 show a minimum 5 layers of materials will be used to construct this unique mattress. The mattress design is unique in several ways:

1. The shape, look and style are similar to an adult size mattress produced by prominent adult mattress companies, such as Simmons, Sealy, Serta.

2. The size has been reduced to the final dimensions of about 51⅝×27¼×9″. This dimension will allow for it to fit into suitable size toddler cribs with adjustable base height or deep setting base.

3. The mattress construction is termed as a non-flip mattress meaning the sleep surface is constructed on one surface only. The bottom surface covering is made of protective material only and is not a sleep surface.

4. The mattress will also contain a customer selected or pre-inscribed label carrying sentimental messages or information regarding the childs persona or description to add a personal touch.



[0001] This invention will be described in more detail in conjunction with the attached FIGS. 1 and 2 that illustrate a few embodiments of the invention, not to limit it. In the figures and in the specification, the reference figure number will be used throughout to refer to the same parts.

[0002] FIG. 1. The top surface of the mattress according to the invention consists of raw dimension (about 53⅝×29½×¾ inches). The invention has about five other layers consisting of materials chosen by the owner or customer to maximize comfort, durability and support. FIG. 1 shows 5 layers, but the construction is not limited to only 5 layers. Material thickness and firmness will determine the number of layers and type and size of the coil and filler material used. The top surface can consist of various colors, designs and patterns of material to reflect the individual choice of the customer. The second layer typically will consist of a convoluted poly material or industry standard filler material as chosen by the company and customer to maximize comfort, durability and support requirements. Layer 3 consists of the coil structure. Typically the coil construction will consist of current wrapped coil technology or other owner chosen coil technology developed that is suitable and will improves the overall comfort, durability and support for the baby mattress. Typical wrapped coil height will be about 7¾ and the firmness will be chosen by the owner and customer to maximize comfort level and customer choice. The firmness level of standard wrapped coil ranges from 0.071 to 0.088. Customer has the flexibility to choose the type of firmness for each mattress. It is recommended that the firmest mattress be used for infant sleep comfort and best support to the developing anatomy.

[0003] FIG. 2 shows the construction results on combining all the layers and using a closing process described in this text to produce the uniquely constructed baby mattress.

[0004] The closing process begins with the selection of layers of materials commonly referred to as the construction materials detailed in FIG. 1. Once these material are gathered, the top surface of panel is cut to raw dimension or approximately 2″ of excess material on all sizes or around 53⅝×29¼×11″. Once the raw panel dimension are achieved, the panel will need to be trimmed to the final measurements and a construction call the flange material is attached around the perimeter of the panel. To attach the panel to the other layers, you need to use a process known in the industry as Hog Ring. It ties the panel to the other layers of construction. In this process border wire is not used, like in some mattress constructions. A border material matching or complimenting the panel appearance and tape is added around the sides of the mattress, aligned with the top panel and closed using a industry standard closing method. Next the customer chosen computer generated label with a personal inscription is attached to the top surface centered between the left and right side near the top of the mattress about 2″ from the top. The mattress construction is completed and a quality control check is accomplished to ensure the highest standards or appearance, construction and industry safety. Free of defects in craftsmanship. The construction and quality process is completed.