Motor roller
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The new thing about this invention is that you don't pay one cent to where ever you want to go. You don't have to buy gas or oil. You can use it for many purpose's. If your car is flat you can go and get help. If your car runs out of gas you can go to the nearest gas station and get gas on the motorroller. You can use it for emergencies. It is made of lumber and four tires. The handle bars are made of aluminum or fiberglass. It has a light, horn and a basket. A light in the front and one in the back. It runs 20 miles per hour. Teenagers can carry their books on it. You can engrave your name and address and phone number so if it gets stolen it will be returned. The motorroller works on electricity. It will come with a battery so you can recharge. You will leave it to charge for 10 to 12 hours. When it reaches 12 hours it will automatically shut off.

Molano, Yolanda Rodriguez (Pasadena, TX, US)
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B62K3/00; B62M6/40; B62M7/04; (IPC1-7): A63C17/12
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Yolanda Rodriguez Molano (Pasadena, TX, US)

I claim as my invention

1. Is for working purposes, activities, and entertainment. It is for indoors and outdoors. We can also add a radio to the handlebars for listening purposes and entertainment. You can hear music or you can listen to the weather. You can also carry your cellular phone on the handlebars, a bottle of water or your lunch, or your medicines from the drugstore or things you buy at the mall. You don't have to put oil or gas in it. You can take your friend with you.

[0001] This invention is made for people who work as nurses, Doctor's , mailmen. Elderly people can also use it. They can use it to go to the store or drug store. They can go to the mall. They can go visiting. They can go to the park. Teenagers can also use it. They can use it to go anywhere they want.

[0002] You can carry 1 or 2 bags of groceries in the motorroller basket. It has a light and a horn and runs with electricity. The elderly people can go to the clinic. The teenagers can go to the store for their mother or father. They can use it to play on the sidewalk. The elderly people can use it to go to the post office. The mailman or maillady can use it from house to house mailing letters. It's easy to put in the trunk. It's not heavy. The handlebars go up as far as you want.