Upright stand bible/book holder
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The Portable Upright Bible/Book Holder is constructed out of plexiglas material. The holder has three sections which can be assembled or dismantled easily without tools for transport. The bottom section is the base of holder, the center section tube supports the table top and also is constructed to hold writing material and other small items. The third section is the table top constructed to hold a book. The three interlock to form a durable table to be used in the home and at meetings.

Martin, Hilda Virginia (Hampton, VA, US)
Gatling, Josephine Almeda (Hampton, VA, US)
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A47B19/00; (IPC1-7): A47B19/00
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Hilda Virginia Martin (Hampton, VA, US)
1. The portable upright bible/book holder claims are as follows: (a) Comprise of three separate sections attachable to form one holder unit. (b) Stand is durable and easy to transport. (c) Holder open center section can carry supplies such as pencils and other materials.



[0001] PURPOSE—This invention is a useful item of support for use at such places conferences, workshops, churches and schools. It will allow users hands freedom to write and/or handle other materials in meetings, or personal use in office, or home. Prior to this useful invention people have clumsily tried to stabilize books and other materials on their laps.

[0002] CONSTRUCTION—The Upright Stand Bible/Book Holder is a three piece unit made of acrylic material, which makes it easy for transporting. The center support tube of the stand is constructed to carry writing items and materials.

[0003] Material—Plexiglas (clear, or solid colors)

[0004] Parts—Nineteen pieces

[0005] Height—Adult size 26 inches & child size 24 inches

[0006] Width—Top 10×14

[0007] Base 5×5

[0008] Number of sections after assembled—3

[0009] Purpose—Designed and constructed for use in meetings where desk, or table for placing books are not available.

[0010] Special features—Holder can be placed between feet of user without acquiring much space. Holder can be dissembled into three sections for easy transporting. Tube sections opens on one end allowing user's to carry items needed i.e. pens, pencil, highlighters, rulers, rolled maps, eyeglasses, artist supplies and other items.


[0011] (1) 1 and 1A are the same sizes. 1 is the base of the holder and 1A supports the stand top 6. 1A is glued to the bottom side of 6.

[0012] (2) 2 and 2A are the same sizes. 2 is glued center top side of base 1 and 2A is glued to the bottom side of 6.

[0013] (3) 3 and 3A consist of four 1½ inch square pieces which are glued together to form a four side square. One open end of 3 is glued to the top side of 2 and one open side of 3A is glued to the bottom side of 2A.

[0014] (4) Section 4 consist of four pieces (25×1{fraction (7/16)} inches) The four 25 inch sides are glued together to form 1{fraction (7/16)} inch square cube. The lower bottom of tube end is closed with Plexiglas square and will fit into section 3 when assembled to transport.

[0015] (5) 5 consist of cork (1{fraction (7/16)} square×2 inch height) 1 inch to fit into bottom open of 3A and 1 inch into top open end of section 4.

[0016] (6) 6 is book holder top and will be glued to top side of section 1A.