Transportable factory built wood foundation
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A permanent wood foundation built in a factory and transported to a building site upon a wheeled chassis. The wheel and axle assembly are removed prior to the foundation being placed on the building site.

Stichter, Kent (New Paris, IN, US)
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E04B1/00; E04B1/343; (IPC1-7): E04H1/12; E04B1/34
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Kent Stichter (New Paris, IN, US)

I claim:

1. Factory built permanent wood foundation with transportation chassis and removable wheel assembly for transportation from a factory to a building site.

2. The wheel assembly of claim 1 may be fixed if additional excavation at said building site will facilitate said wheel assembly.

3. A permanent wood foundation manufactured some distance away from said building site in a single or multiple module form and transported to said building site.



[0001] 1. Field of Invention

[0002] This invention relates to the manufacture of permanent wood foundation structures, specifically built in a factory and then transported to a building site.

[0003] 2. Description of Prior Art

[0004] A permanent wood foundation is an in-ground foundation system designed to support the building above and turn a building's foundation into usable living space. An alternative to conventional block or solid concrete foundations, a permanent wood foundation is constructed like the lumber-framed walls of the rest of the building, with plywood sheathing attached on the exterior. The permanent wood foundation uses wood that is pressure-treated with preservative, to protect the wood against decay, fungi, termites and vermin.

[0005] Typically, these foundations are built on the building site by attaching individual components or panels together for form the foundation. The foundation is waterproofed prior to back excavation. This method of construction is subject to detrimental weather and varied working conditions. Construction times using this method increase, thereby increases the building time and costs.


[0006] Accordingly, several objects and advantages of my invention are:

[0007] a) to provide a stable and consistent building environment, not subject to inclement weather conditions;

[0008] b) to increase efficiency of construction that can only be obtain in an assembly line type of manufacture;

[0009] c) to speed up construction, thereby lowering building costs;

[0010] d) that multiple foundation modules may be placed together to create many building design configurations.

[0011] e) that waterproofing methods are consistent with current applications


[0012] FIG. 1 shows a cross section of two factory built foundation modules with a building outline above and site constructed footings below.

[0013] FIG. 2 shows a cross section of a single module with transportation gear attached

[0014] FIG. 3 shows an exploded view of a typical foundation module


[0015] 1 pressure treated sill plate

[0016] 2 wall insulation

[0017] 3 pressure treated wall stud

[0018] 4 pressure treated plywood sheathing

[0019] 5 foundation footing

[0020] 6 steel transportation chassis

[0021] 7 pressure treated wood floor joists

[0022] 10 treated footing board

[0023] 11 support beam

[0024] 12 ceiling joists

[0025] 13 support post

[0026] 14 building on foundation

[0027] 15 removable transportation wheels and axle assembly ps Description of FIG. 1

[0028] A typical view of a building on a factory built permanent wood foundation is shown in FIG. 1 cross section. A building site is prepared, based on site soil conditions and engineering data, A footing board 10 is placed on a footing 5 prior to a foundation module being set, and a foundation module is set in place. A support post 13 supports a support beam 11.

[0029] Description of FIG. 2

[0030] A typical view of module transportation cross section is shown in FIG. 2. A module is weather protected for transportation 16 and has removable transportation wheels and axle assembly 15 attached to a steel transportation chassis 6 prior to leaving the factory. A pressure treated floor 7 is secured on a transportation chassis 6. A floor and chassis attach to wall studs 3. A treated sill plate 1 attaches to the bottom of a wall and pressure treated plywood sheathing 2 attaches to the outside of the wall studs 3. Wall insulation 2 is placed in the open spaces between the wall studs 3.

[0031] Description of FIG. 3

[0032] A typical exploded view of one foundation module shows the relationship between the major components. A stairway 18 is shown with an opening in the ceiling joists 12. A pressure treated sill plate 1 attaches to a steel transportation chassis 6, which is attached to a pressure treated floor 7. Floor decking 17 is attached to the floor. Pressure treated plywood sheathing 2 attaches to the outside of the wall studs 3.