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Cupstick is an outdoor game that can be played on a field course of grass, like the game of golf. The game of Cupstick is played by two or more players, and uses a stick and a cup. At play time, the cup is inserted into the ground, and the players stand approximately 200 yards from the cup. Point marks are placed on the field which designate point scores. The game is played by having each player throw the stick towards the cup to score points. A predetermined maximum number of throws may be specified. Upon scoring the predetermined score, a player can attempt to throw the stick into the cup. The game is over when a player lands the stick in the cup.

Henry, Jimmy Lee (Utica, NY, US)
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A63B65/02; A63B67/06; (IPC1-7): A63F9/02; A63B65/02
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The game components are a cup-type device and a stick-type device, and a playing field.

1. A Cup Device.—The Cup device (similar to FIG. 1) can be constructed of any suitable material such as metal, wood or heavy plastic, and is comprised of a cylinder with two legs. The legs are pointed on the bottom, and attached to the cylinder in such a way as to allow the cylinder to swivel to different angles. The swivel is constructed in such a way as to remain in any angle that it is set in.

2. A Stick. The stick (similar to FIG. 2) is a tapered pole like a spear or javelin. It can be constructed of any suitable material such as wood or metal. The stick is 5 to 6 feet long, has one or more handgrips, and has a round tip on the end.

3. A Playing Field. The playing field (similar to FIG. 3) can be approximately 200 yards with scoring point marks of increasing values marked off on the field, and the cup placed at the end of the field.

4. A game concept using a cup and stick, whereby one or more players throw the stick to obtain points, thereby obtaining a particular score being able to throw the stick into the cup to win the game.



[0001] The game is set up in a soft area such as a grassy field. Two or more players can play a game of Cupstick.

[0002] Approximately 200 yards from the starting line, the cup is inserted in the ground and tilted towards the starting line at approximately 80°, see typical layout illustrated in FIG. 3. Scoring lines are established on the game field at predetermined increments and point amounts. Sticks landing “out of bounds” result in the player not receiving any points for that throw.

[0003] Although the objective of the game is to'shoot the stick into the cup, a player is not allowed to do so until they have accumulated the number of points predetermined at the start of play.

[0004] The game can be played by individual players, or in teams of two or more players. The game begins with first player throwing the stick towards the cup. At the point where the tip of the stick lands determines a point amount. That player's next turn starts from that point. The next player then throws the stick, receiving a point score where it lands. The process continues with each player alternately throwing the stick and accumulating points. Once the predetermined score is reached, the player, during their turn attempts to throw the stick into the cup, being careful not to land stick in the colored circle surrounding the cup if they miss the cup. A game ends after a player is the first to successfully land the stick in the cup.

[0005] Rules of play are flexible, and can be altered to suit each individual playing situation.