Fulcurum of wind power
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An aparatus for generating electrcity from creation of wind power even when there is zero wind. This invention is a wind tunnel in the form of a metal or masonary pipeline where air can flow in only from one end and a vacuum is created on the other end. According to need a desired number of propeller driven generaters are placed in said pipeline. When wind rushes in to fill the vacuum the propellers turn to generate electricity.

Khan, Sajid Ali M. (Ridgefield Park, NJ, US)
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F03D1/04; (IPC1-7): F01D5/00
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1. A wind tunnel that generates as much wind power as needed even when there is no air flow.

2. An apparatus for generating electricity using said generated wind power.

3. A purality of propeller driven generaters placed evenly at appropriate distances in a pipeline that zig zags and is of desired length and diameter.

4. A trap door near the one end of the pipeline to enable air flow from only the other end of the wind tunnel.

5. An electricity driven fan next to said trap door, placed just before the openning of the wind tunnel. Said fan blows air out of the tunnel creating a vacuum behind the trap door.

6. Said apparatus creating a vacuum at one end to rush air in from other end of tunnel. Thus generating wind power to drive the propellers that in turn generate electicity.



[0001] The present invention is broadly concerned with an entirely new energy efficient method of generating electricty from wind power even when there is no wind.


[0002] Tapping wind power for creating electricity is now quite commom. There are wind farms all over the world.

[0003] The latest wind powered turbines are not much different from the ancient windmills. However many improvements have been made. Propellers now turn automatically toword the direction of the wind. Mostly huge propellers are used and as a result electric energy is generated only when there is a strong wind. Now small propellers alligned together are able to generate electricity even when the wind flow is weak. However no wind means even the small propellers are useless. This applicant has found described below a fundamental princpal of creating wind power even when there is no wind.


[0004] Briefly, the present invention provides an entirely new apparatus for generating electricity from wind power, even when there is no wind. This apparatus comprises of a wind tunnel consisting of a zig zag shaped pipe as per diagram. Inside the pipe are placed propellers each with its own turbine. Each tunnel can have dozens or hundreds of propellrs depending on amount of electric energy needed. Propellers are placed in such fashion as to catch the wind flow. At one end of the tunnel, just inside the openning is a fan that throws air outside the tunnel. This fan runs on its own battery. Just before the fan,away from the tunnel openning is a trap door. This trap door does not let air flow in from this end. Thus air in the tunnel can only flow in from the other openning away from the fan. When the fan is switched on it takes the air from the tunnel. This creats a vacuum just behind the trap door which makes the air rush in from the other end. The many propellers in the tunnel catch the wind and generate electricty.

[0005] The input of energy is from one fan and the output of energy is from as many fans as needed. This apparatus can be used to generate electricty for homes, offices, factories, ships, trucks and even whole cities. Infact this apparatus can be used for whatever electricty is needed.


[0006] When the fan(a) is switched on it creats a vacuum behind the trap door(b). As air can only come in to fill this vacuum from the other end air rushes in generating wind power for all the propellers placed in the pipeline.


[0007] Combining two principles of nature namely that nature abhors a vacuum and that wind energy can be converted to electrical energy this invention consists of creating a long wind tunnel in which wind can flow into the tunnel only from one end of the tunnel.

[0008] And by creating a vacuum at the other end of the tunnel and making sure that this vacuum can only be filled with air that travels all the way from the other end of the tunnel. This invention forces wind to rush in all the way thus generating wind power. Any required numbers of propellers placed in this wind tunnel take advantage of this rushing wind and in the process produce electrcity.

[0009] Each propeller can have its own turbine or it can be connected to a rotating shaft that can be connected to a central shaft that drives a turbine. These mini turbines can be alligned serially or in paralel depending on amount of voltage needed.

[0010] This invention can be made as small or large as needed. A small one for a car and a large one for a whole city. The size of the propellers can also varry just as the length and the diameter of the tunnel.

[0011] Wind power will be many times more powerful at the entry because when wind hits the propellers it transfers mechanical energy to the propellers. Normally hitting the propeller it will weaken and die down but because it has to reach the vacuum it will come in with a greater force so as not to stop before filling the vacuum. The beauty of this invention is that the more the propellers and the longer the tunnel the more resistance will have to be overcome by the air to fill the vacuum. As a result the power of the wind will increase proportionatly. Thus the output will be as much as we choose to make it. This invention is a powerful wind generator. This invention creates as much wind power as needed even when the air flow is zero.