World fitness ball
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The World Fitness Ball is unique both in design and utility format. The design patent covers has Unique feel of the raised borders . The utility patent will have the visual effect of teaching geographies by intending to be both physical and mental conditioning . Mental and Physical Fitness is what the World Fitness Ball will novelize and represent. The manufacturing of the World Fitness Ball will be done using a mold of original design, only condusive for the World Fitness Ball. The reverse inside out cast molding will be introduced, in an all inclusive manufacturing method, which only the World Fitness Ball and inventor can use as an original method of creating the World Fitness Ball.

Levine, Joseph Sheldon (Las Vegas, NV, US)
Mcmurrough, Rebecca Hope (Las Vegas, NV, US)
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A63B23/02; A63B41/00; G09B23/28; G09B29/00; (IPC1-7): A63B43/00
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1. Safety, the World Fitness Ball is safe for everyone. With the raised borders, in these times everyone should know where they are and how they feal. The World Fitness Ball will do just that! Just touching the ball will let the individual decide what to do with it.

2. Satisfaction and Appeal, the World Fitness Ball will enable people to go as far as they want with their own self esteem. Looking at the World Fitness Ball is phenomenal in size and shape.

3. Medical patients should consult their physician before using.

4. Disclaimer: The World Fitness Ball does not suggest over exertion or any misuse.

5. Description; The World Fitness Ball is for fun. You can sit on it carefully. You can do what ever humanly possible, each individual will find a way to utilize it, in a healthy fit way. We use it to lean on in bed, while watching TV.

6. Benifits. Toning, Flexibility, Stregthening, Coordination, theraputic, Stretching, Excersize, and Fitness.

7. Geographic learning benifits: Learn the raised borders and their Countries.

8. Appearance: Multi Colored

9. A method for forming a globe map on a 45-65 centimeter Fitness Ball.

10. Providing a mold.

11. Forming plural globe map elements by printing on said plurality of rubber segments, which pural globe map elements on said rubber segments, when gathered together, form a Globe Map.

12. Employying a vulcanize, with an application of heat, said rubber segments, adhered to said inner ball base, in said mold, after said printing step so as to enablesaid rubber segments to be integrally joined to said inner ball base, forming a Globe Map on a unitary and permanent rubber ball.

13. Application of Design method can be one of the following, Glue, Resin, Vulcanize,or providing a Mold.

14. The World Fitness Ball, shall consist of all Areas of the Globe, Continents in all areas of all Hemspheres, also States and State Capitals.



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[0003] This invention is unique and a new idea in the fitness training, both physically and mentally. We want everyone in the world to enjoy the “World Fitness Ball”. It is the perfect original play toy and educational tool combined.

[0004] 2. Background We, the original, World Fitness Ball inventors found many other balls, none of which, look or feal like the World Fitness Ball. We referenced many balls for different usages, none of which are close to “The World Fitness Ball”.


[0005] “The World Fitness Ball” will have the appearance of the World and and the feal of raised borders of the different continents and also raised grid lines for longitude and latitude. The World Fitness Ball will be made of any combination of rubber that is available to the open market. It is not the intent to create our own combination of said substance, but testing will prove to establish a formula that will satisfy “The World Fitness Ball.”


[0006] “The World Fitness Ball” will be the wave of the future in Fitness and Educational Geography. The ball will actually make you think and feal like your on top of the World.