Pen toothbrush
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This invention is a device used to keep teeth clean anywhere and anytime. You can carry the PEN-TOOTHBRUSH in your pocket or purse. You can use this at home or office. It looks and feel like a pen. It has a handle and a cap. The cap covers the brush as if it were covering the nib of a fountain pen. The cap protects it from contamination and prevents it from getting dirty. The lower part is the handle and can be use as toothbrush handle. Later on we would like to use that to fill up with tooth-paste.

Kazmi M. A. (Lake Havasu City, AZ, US)
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A46B17/04; (IPC1-7): A46B17/04
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What is claimed is being new, very useful, medically essential and desired to be protected by Patent laws of great United States of America:

1. It is a device to keep teeth clean anywhere & anytime.

2. The bush of the tooth-bush is covered, secured and prevents contamination.

3. It will prevent infections.

4. It can be carried in a pocket or purse.

5. It avoids accumulation of dirt and bugs on the brush because of the cap.

6. It is very easy to be used.

7. It is very easy to carry by travelers.

8. It can be use anywhere, at home, office or on the road.

9. It can be use by patients, truck drivers or travelers.

10. The toothbrushes we have now do not protect them from getting dirty and contaminated.

11. Safety.

12. Ease of manufacturing.

13. Cost effective.

14. Excellent way to protect teeth.

[0001] This is the device to keep teeth clean and Gums healthy. People can use it anywhere anytime. It can be carried in a pocket or purse. The pen toothbrush is like a pen. The bottom is the handle where we can add toothpaste. The cap of the pen is cap of the pen tooth brush. The brush has bristles in 3 rows of 10. The size of this device is same as a fountain pen. The cap does have threads to keep it tight. The handle of the brush snugly fits into the cap. The cap has a clip so that one can keep the Pen Toothbrush in pocket.


[0002] Technical Drawing

[0003] 1) BRUSH: The device contains 3 main parts. The brush is like a nib of a pen. The bristles are arranged in 3 rows of 10. The height the bristles is 2-2.5 cm. The brush is snugly fits in to the cap. It is attached to the bottom with fine neck which slightly curved as shown. Bristles and shape varies with each model. This is just an example of what a prototype looks like.

[0004] 2) THE CAP: The cap snugly fits the handle. It screws into or clicks into it. It completely and securely covers the brush. Its main function is to protect the brush from contamination. It has a clip which allows it to be kept in a pocket.

[0005] 3) THE HANDLE: The handle looks like lower part of a pen. The belly of that contains toothpaste. In case of a battery powered brush one can place batteries in the belly. One can hold that to brush teeth, squeeze that to get paste.

[0006] 4) THE HANDLE CONTAIN TOOTH-PASTE: The belly of the handle contains the tooth paste so that you do not have to carry another container. Thus it is all in one i.e. toothbrush and tooth paste to gather.

[0007] Pen-Toothbrush

[0008] 1. Keep it free of GERMS

[0009] 2. Keep it CLEAN

[0010] 3. Dust free

[0011] 4. Easy to carry

[0012] 5. Take it to the office

[0013] 6. Use anywhere

[0014] 7. Use anytme

[0015] 8. Brush after lunch

[0016] 9. Use it after dinner party

[0017] 10. Feel & smell fresh anywhere/anytime

[0018] 11. Keep smiling

[0019] 12. Healthier gums & teeth

[0020] 13. Affordable

[0021] 14. Carry it in the purse or shirt pocket