Crib frame
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A crib frame for supporting a mattress or pad has a rectangular frame and a fixed panel defining an opening. A pivotable panel in the opening can be raised by a handle to provide a plurality of inclined positions for the movable panel which is supported by arms that lock in a plurality of positions for this purpose.

Wajnsztejn, Pedro (Sao Paulo, BR)
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A47D7/00; (IPC1-7): A47D13/06
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John C. Hilton (Hartford, CT, US)

I claim:

1. The improvement in a crib frame for use with a conventional crib structure, said crib frame comprising a generally rectangular frame, a fixed panel provided adjacent one end of said rectangular frame, and a movable panel provided in the remainder of said open frame, said movable frame being hingedly connected to said fixed frame for movement between a position wherein said movable frame lies in the same plane as said rectangular frame from and to a raised position wherein said movable frame has an end portion opposite the hinged portion that can be elevated relative to the horizontal frame for raising the head of an infant placed on a flexible pad or mattress resting on the frame.

2. The improvement according to claim 1 said improvement further characterized by two adjustable arms that are each fixed at one end to the fixed frame and at the other end to the movable frame for supporting said movable panel in a plurality of pre-selected raised positions.

3. The improvement according to claim 2 wherein one or both said panel portions (fixed and movable) are fabricated from plywood, and wherein openings are provided in the plywood.

4. The improvement according to claim 3 further characterized by a handle at said end portion for raising and lowering said movable panel.



[0001] This application is entitled to the benefit of and incorporates by reference essential subject matter disclosed in the Brazilian Patent Application No: MU 8202270-4, filed on Oct. 1, 2002.


[0002] This invention relates generally to an improvement in the frame provided in an otherwise conventional child's crib for supporting a mattress of a like. More particularly, this invention relates to an improved crib frame that includes a portion which can be varied in angular relationship to the frame so as to avoid any problem with regard to a newborn or infant child being injured or otherwise incapacitated by asphyxiation or reflux from the consumption of a meal insufficiently digested.


[0003] In order to provide any mattress in the crib so that a portion of the mattress is inclined, the present invention provides a frame especially designed to fit in the crib supports for the conventional mattress support structure. That frame has a portion or section which is adjustable relative to the generally horizontal frame itself, and a convenient means for supporting the adjustable section or portion so that the caregiver can conveniently provide a proper angular relationship between the adjustable section and the fixed portion of the frame.

[0004] A rectangular frame is provided in a suitable size to fit a standard child's crib, and the frame includes longitudinally and laterally extending girders joined at their adjacent end portions to provide and open rectangular frame. The frame has a portion or segment fitted with a fixed platform, and also includes a movable portion joined to the fixed portion and pivotable on a line parallel to the lateral girders for movement between the position where is it coplanar with the frame through any number of raised positions wherein this movable portion or segment defines an angular relationship with the horizontal frame for the purposes and objects described above.


[0005] FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a crib frame constructed in accordance with the present invention with a movable section inclined relative to the horizontal portion.

[0006] FIG. 2 is a perspective view illustrating the crib frame of the present invention in the lowered position such that a mattress or other pad provided in the crib will rest in parallel relationship to the crib frame.


[0007] See now to the specific disclosure of FIGS. 1 and 2 in greater detail, a rectangular frame 1 is provided, and comprises longitudinally extending segments 1a and 1b as well as laterally extending parallel rail segments 1c and 1d joined together at their adjacent end portions in conventional fashion.

[0008] A horizontally extending panel 3 is provided adjacent to the lateral frame element 1c to define an opening between its inner edge 3a and the opposite lateral frame member 1d.

[0009] In this opening of the frame, defined between the edge 3a of panel 3 and the lateral member 1d, is provided a hinged panel section 7 having one edge 7a provided alongside the edge 3a of the fixed panel 3, and maybe hinged thereto by a conventional piano hinge (not shown) or the equivalent. As shown a pivot pin 6 is provided in the longitudinal girders, 1a and 1b for pivotably supporting the lower end of the panel 7 as a result of providing openings (not shown) in the panel's side girders 7c and 7d.

[0010] The panel 7 includes longitudinally extending side members 7c and 7d that cooperate with the upper members 7b to support the panel 7, and these members 7c, 7d and 7b define a U-shaped sub-frame that fits within the opening defined by the fixed frame 1.

[0011] Still with reference to FIG. 1, the moveable U-shaped frame 7c, 7d and 7b is provided with a pair of adjustable support arms 8 that each include a locking element 9, such that elements 8 and 9 telescope to adjustably position the U-shaped frame in a range of angular positions relative to the horizontal frame. Preferably, element 9 defines a series of spaced panels that allow a ratcheting action on element 8 to allow the panel 7 to be held in any one of a plurality of angular positions. This ratcheting action may require lifting the panel 7 to the fully raised position before lowering it to the desired position.

[0012] Note that the side rails 7c (and 7d) include recesses for receiving the adjustable arm 8/9 when the panel 7 is provided within the horizontal frame 1 as described above.

[0013] Finally, a handle 10 may be provided on the U-shaped frame so as to facilitate raising and lowering this movable frame. Preferably, the arms 8/9 are designed to require that the U-shaped frame be raised to its upper limit position in order to disengage the locking element 9, and allow the frame to be moved downwardly. On the other hand, raising the U-shaped frame by means of the handle 10 can be carried out to achieve any desired angular position within the range.

[0014] In conclusion, and by way of summary, a conventional crib is provided with projecting pins of the like to support a conventional frame/spring structure of the type normally provided to receive a crib mattress. The present invention provides a replacement frame which includes recesses as shown at 11,11 to so receive such pins (not shown) as are normally provided in a conventional crib structure. It is a further feature of the present invention that the preferred construction material from which the panels are made is of plywood, in which case openings 4, might be provided as desired to lighten the overall structure, and to provide ventilation to the underside of a mattress placed on the frame panels of the present invention.

[0015] It is also possible to make the frame of the present invention from wood also. However, where desired, a metal frame might be adapted for use with panels of the time described in the proceeding paragraph.

[0016] Alternatively, the panels provided with a metal frame might be fabricated from a suitable synthetic polymeric material. Further, these panels might also comprise a combination of conventional flexible steel straps and/or springs as used in conventional one level mattress support structures generally.