Formative pillow with flexible spine
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A therepeutic support pillow device that can be shaped and reshaped to provide a variety of configurations in support of various jointed and appendage elements of the human body such as the head, neck, arms,back, hips, or full body.

Morris, Michele Maria (Indiana, PA, US)
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Michele M. Morris (Indiana, PA, US)

I claim

1. A formative pillow that allows formation of shape over its entire length comprising: a) a core element in the form of a flexible spine, b) said spine having an axis with three metal wires equally spaced therefrom, said wires being enclosed in a vinyl casing, c) said wires extending the length of said casing and caps fixed to each end of said flexible spine, d) a foam rubber sleeve element surrounding said flexible spine over its entire extent, and caps covering said sleeve.

2. The formative pillow of claim 1 wherein said elements are wrapped around with pillow material, said material being covered by an inner casing and an outer pillowcase.

3. The formative pillow of claim 2 wherein said outer pillow case can be fashioned in a variety of styles and patterns and can be held in position by an elastic cord having ends that pass through the seam of said pillow case and are tied ogether.

4. The formative pillow of claim 2 wherein said pillow is made of material selected from the group consisting of cotton and polyester.

5. The formative pillow of claim 1 wherein said pillow is configured to form a “U” shape.

6. The formative pillow of claim 1 wherein said pillow is configured to form an expanded contour shape.

7. The formative pillow of claim 1 where said wires are made of steel having a gauge of 10-12 AWG, suitable for withstanding considerable torsional stress, wherein the diameter of said spine is within a range of 1.5-3 inches, the diameter of said outer pillowcase is 5-7 inches, and said length is 18 inches to 40 inches.



[0001] This application supersedes provisional application 60/405,622 filed on Aug. 23, 2002, for which prioity is claimed, based on said application.


[0002] The present invention relates to the field of terhapeutic support devices and more specifdically, to a device that can be shaped and reshaped so it can provide a variey of configurations in support of various jointed and appendage elemnts of a human body.

[0003] Therapeutic pillows, contoured pillows and adjustable pillows have been presented over time. Some have also included heat and therapy aroma options. Adjustable pillows have been contour elements that provide limited adjustments with straps and/or slider elements, The limited span adjustment offered by these devices accommodates only minor variables, specifically the size of a specified element, of one human being to another.

[0004] Another means of adjusable contour has been presented with air or water inflation devices. These are single or multi-cavity configurations that likewise offer limited adjustment and limited in support to a specific elemnt of the human body.

[0005] Examples of these devices are disclosed in U.S. Pat. Nos.:

[0006] 4,771,493, 5,360,017, 5,708,999, 5,813,065, 6.182,311, 6,202,234. Although this is not a cvomplete listing, it is representative listing of contoured and/or adjustable therapeutic devices currently available.

[0007] The problem with these devices is that they all, alth ugh ach is a different shape, are fixed in form configuration. This limits each device for application to a specified single are of the human body. Although some cited devices have limited adjustment, this is for the minor consideraton of a comfort-zone fit to small, medium and large body types. None of these can be formed and/or reformed to accommodate or support a full range of human body joints, niches and curve&


[0008] The present invention is a round cylinder-shaped pillow that has at the core a device that allows formation and reformation of shape over the entire length. The type and placement of the materials in the device is paramount to the form shaping and reshaping potential of this therapeutic pillow.

[0009] The diameter and length of the Formative Pillow With Flexible Spine can vary in size. Small diameter devices would most often be applied as a cervical or appendage support. Medium to larger devices would provide a therapeutic pillow application to a variety of body areas such as the head, neck, arms, back, hips, legs or full body. The variables in size, shaping and re-shaping leaves little limit to the potential application and re-application this invention can provide as a therapeutic support pillow to various prescribed or desired areas of the human body.

[0010] The device may also include heat and/or aroma therapy elements to add a desired, or prescribed, therapeutic value. Some shaping or contouring may also be applied to effect a particular and pleasing appearance in addition to the valued support condition.


[0011] FIG. 1 is a sectioned isometric view of the present invention. The core element, flexible spine, is shown in relationship to the surrounding formable elements of the preferred embodiment.

[0012] FIG. 2 depicts two distinctly different applications of the invention to a supine human figure.

[0013] FIG. 3a and FIG. 3b depict two of the virtually unlimited number of shapes the preferred embodiment can be formed and reformed to accommodate a variety of needs and/or desire of a user.


[0014] A brief description of an exemplary embodiment of One present invention is set forth herein with sufficient detail to allow a person skilled in the art to understand the operation and fully utilize the invention. The numbered parts of the description refer to the parts identified in the attached figures in which like parts bear like numerals throughout the invention.

[0015] Referring to FIG. 1, the device 10 is shown by means of a sectioned isometric view to best display the relationship of all functional elements. The flexible spine 11 is the core elements of the device. It has a diameter of about 1.5-3 inches. Note that it consists of three metal wires, preferably steel having a gauge of about 10-12 AWG, equally spaced about an axis A the flexible spine and have caps 13 at each end. These wires are not only flexible but have the capacity to withstand considerable torsional stress in the course of shaping the pillow. The wire spine is surrounded by a vinyl casing 20 about 4 inches in diameter. Surrounding the flexible spine is a foam rubber sleeve 15 that also has caps 14 at each end. These elements establish the core that allows for repeated firm formation and reformation of shapes over the length of the device. Polyester or cotton material is wrapped about the core elements to a desired pillow diameter of 5-9 inches by an inner casing and a cotton or similar outer pillow case 17. The outer pillow case can be made in a variety of styles or patterns and can be held in position by running an elastic cord 18 through the seam of the outer pillowcase and tying the ends of the cord together.

[0016] Referring to FIG. 2, a supine female figure is shown with two distinctly different shapes of the invention o illustrate the versatility of the device in a “U” sapplication 20 and a multi-curved application 21.

[0017] Referring to FIGS. 3a and 3b, these again illustrate the versatility of the inventionto be shaped, reshaped and contoured. Specific to 3a, the multi-curved application 21 can also have an expanded contour shape 22 applied at any desired position. Specific to 3b, the “U” shape 20 is illustrated to show a contrasting shape potential of this invention.

[0018] From the foregoing, it is readily apparent that a useful embodiment of the present invention has been herein described and illustrated.