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This is a abstract of the game Pay Attention. Pay Attention consist of a jar, the rules, a chart and IOU's and a box for shipping.

Wright, Melinda Mae (Oxford, GA, US)
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A63F9/00; (IPC1-7): A63F3/08; A63F9/00
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Melinda Mae Wright (Oxford, GA, US)
1. Claim that Pay Attention is a relationship game. It is a twenty-four a day seven day a week game forwhere you will pay for what you say. As you will be able to see for yourself, the total in the jar will add up. Pay Attention will teach good morals and respect for the ones who play by the rules. Pay Attention can help build stronger relationships and bring them closer by suggesting that to the ones playing should us the money in the jar to do something together like a movie or dinner.

[0001] We can make a difference in this world if we would only PAY ATTENTION to what we say to one another . . . . With this in mind understand this game teaches good morals as well as respect for others. We all pay for what we do and say in life. So instead of paying with your soul in the end, Pay attention to what you do and say and play by the rules and you'll have guareenteed results. Pay Attention is a game that will help all relationships.

[0002] God Luck and God Bless!

[0003] Rules for Pay Attention:

[0004] #1) First and foremost you must be honest to play the game.

[0005] #2) The game Pay Attention starts the day you purchase it and continues even when you're apart from the ones with whom you are playing. So remember if you are bad somewhere along the day, you must pay.

[0006] #3) At anytime if you do not have the money to put into the Pay Attention jar, (REMINDER), it takes IOU's. Just sign and fill in the amount that you owe.

[0007] #4) It will cost one dollar ($1.00) if you say God's name in vein.

[0008] #5) It will cost twenty five cents each time you swear at anyone. This includes family, friends, coworkers or even a stranger.

[0009] #6) It will cost twenty five cents for bad comments or remarks about anyone (example) Road rage, someone cuts you off or someone upset you in a store, if you make a bad remark or swear you must pay.

[0010] #7) It will cost you fifty cents if you have or start an argument with anyone.

[0011] #8) With whom ever you are playing the game with, if they hear you say or do anything wrong, you must pay, no questions asked.

[0012] #9) If you are playing the game Pay Attention with family members do not use the chart. On the date that you add the total amount together, which should be added weekly. This should be done as a family, together . . . . After everyone has paid their I.O.U's and added up everything, then the family should discuss what their going to do together (examples) the family can go to dinner, movie etc. You can buy a game for the family to play. Anyway you want to spend the total it's up to you and your family.

[0013] #10). If you are playing the game Pay Attention with friends, coworkers etc. You will need to use the chart to keep up with the score. Who ever has the lowest score wins the amount in the Pay Attention jar.

[0014] instructions on how to use the chart are as followed: First list each persons name that are playing on the chart. You must put a check by your name for every twenty five cents that you pay into the Pay Attention jar.

[0015] You must play by rules number one through eight above. If there is a tie in the score? The total should be devided equally.

[0016] #11). If you are playing the game Pay Attention with a classroom, DO NOT use the chart. The teacher can send an I.O.U. to your parent or guardian with a note to explain why and what had happened in class. Teacher and students should discuss what activity to do or what to spend the money on. (example) Some kind of treat or field trip are a couple of sujestions.

[0017] My name is Melinda Wright and I am the sole inventor of Pay Attention.

[0018] Pay Attention is a game that will help build and strengthen relationships.

[0019] Pay Attention will teach good morals to both kids and adults.

[0020] My customers will range from households such as family members, roommates, coworkers, and classrooms in schools.

[0021] A copy of the rules for the game PAY ATTENTION are attached.

[0022] My patent for Pay Attention is pending. Application No. 60349480 Pay Attention will cost pennies to produce.

[0023] I have a manufactor picked out in New York that can produce my game. The name of the company is Aim plastics Inc. 1156 E. 165th St. Bronx, N.Y. 10459 telephone number (718) 328-5224 Mike Backelman

[0024] The game Pay Attention consist of a jar, I.O.U.'S, chart, and the rules.

[0025] My predictions for Pay Attention are that it will be a large seller and a great success, and to be sold worldwide. There is no other game like it on the market, so there is no competition.

[0026] To save money I will do my own maketing, I plan to advertise in catalogs, classifieds, radio, television, web site on the internet.

[0027] Pay Attention will be sold in major chain stores such as: Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Toys-R-Us, and in christain book stores.

[0028] My future plans are too pay off my loan for this game ASAP.

[0029] I will have such slogans as a family who plays together stays together.

[0030] Pay Attention to what you say, it matters.

[0031] Printed on the front of the box,

[0032] Family tested, God Approved.

[0033] Improves RELATIONSHIPS!

[0034] Pay Attention is a game that can improve any relationship.

[0035] Pay Attention will teach respect for others as well as good morals to all who play.

[0036] Pay Attention will teach people to be honest.

[0037] This I claim the game Pay Attention will do. I am the sole inventor Melinda M. Wright.