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Containers for sporting equipment include several compartments and supporting hardware such as zipper fasteners, snaps, liners, et cetera. In addition, a bag includes special support for advertising, publicity, and signage. This support is arranged whereby indicia presented thereon is readily changeable and dynamic replacement is facilitated. For example, a panel having a first company logo may be removed and replaced with a similar panel having another company logo. Thus, in a sport such as golf which generates significant revenues from advertising, a golfer can contract with various sponsors to display their message. Any particular message can be displayed for a set period of time and can be changed quickly and easily to other messages to be displayed at other times. Bags which present permanent indicia such as embroidery, the message cannot be changed without changing the entire garment. The special facility includes pockets, in some versions, with a translucent layer; snap on panels; Velcro hook and loop fasteners; et cetera.

Herold, Jeffrey (Huntington Bch, CA, US)
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What is claimed is:

1. Sporting equipment apparatus arranged to contain and transport sporting equipment including a dynamic display function said apparatus comprising a display means characterized as having media supporting indicia thereon the media being changeable and replaceable.

2. Sporting equipment of claim 1, said apparatus comprising a golf carry bag having a main body member, the main body member having a receiving area operable for receiving an indicia substrate.

3. Sporting equipment of claim 2, said apparatus further comprising fastening means to couple said indicia substrate to said receiving area in a removable fashion.

4. Sporting equipment of claim 3, said fastening means comprises fasteners of at least two mechanically cooperating parts, a first part affixed to said indicia substrate and a mating part affixed to said receiving area.

5. Sporting equipment of claim 3, receiving area is an exterior surface of said golf carry bag.

6. Sporting equipment of claim 3, receiving area is a pocket interior, said pocket having a tranparent window.

7. Sporting equipment of claim 6, said pocket and said indicia substrate have a cooperating size and shape fit where the shape of the indicia substrate cooperates with the shape of the pocket to facilitate coupling.

8. Sporting equipment of claim 6, said pocket has a zippered closure at its periperal edges.

9. Sporting equipment of claim 4, said fasteners are hook and loop type fasteners.

10. Sporting equipment of claim 4, said fasteners are snap type fasteners.

11. Sporting equipment of claim 2, said indicia substrate is a rigid piece of molded plastic.

12. Sporting equipment of claim 6, said indicia substrate is a rigid piece of molded plastic.

13. Sporting equipment of claim 2, said indicia substrate is a cloth material.

14. Sporting equipment of claim 12, where the shape complementary in 3D characterized in that it has a concave side and a convex side, the indicia being applied to the convex side to accommodate the curved nature of a golf bag exterior.

16. Sporting equipment of claim 2, said apparatus has a pocket disposed behind said receiving area.

17. Sporting equipment of claim 2, said receiving area and indicia substrate operate together to form a pocket.

18. Sporting equipment of claim 2, said apparatus includes permanent indicia in the receiving area which may be covered when substrates are applied thereto.

19. Sporting equipment of claim 2, having indicia applied to said substrate forming a direct association between a sponsor and a player name.

20. Sporting equipment of claim 19, said apparatus comprising a plurality of indicia substrates each having the same player, and each having a different sponsor message.

21. Sporting equipment of claim 2, further comprising a set of indicia substrates, a portion of the indicia on each of the substrates has a common graphic or text.

22. Sporting equipment of claim 21, said common graphic or text is associated with a particular sponsoring tournament or tour.

23. Sporting equipment of claim 1, further comprising a set of substrates to be used by a plurality of golfers, a portion of the indicia substrate on each has a common graphic or text.

24. Methods of presenting sponsorship advertisement information by tempararily affixing a substrate with indicia thereon to the exterior of a golf bag comprising the steps: preparing a plurality of substrates each having a message thereon; applying a first substrate to the receiving area of a bag; commencing play of golf for a predetermined period; removing said first substrate; applying in its place a second substrate; and continuing play.

25. Methods of claim 24, the steps of ‘removing’ and re-‘applying’ performed for as many times as there are substrates, or alternatively, as many times as is desired.



[0001] 1. Field

[0002] The following invention disclosure is generally concerned with containers for sporting equipment and specifically concerned with containers for sporting equipment yielding a highly dynamic display means for sponsor promotion and publicity.

[0003] 2. Prior Art

[0004] Professional sports events are sometimes supported by commercial entities via promotional sponsorships and advertisements. Major sports events are typically wrapped in a blanket of advertising and promotion of corporate interests. When a sporting event is televised, sponsors enjoy television exposure when their corporate and brand names appear next to sportsmen and athletes engaged in competition. Generally, a sponsor tries to get a logo in the best position possible for clear television and spectator exposure.

[0005] Some paid sponsorships include applying a corporate logo directly to the clothing of a competitor. For example, Tiger Woods can be seen with a Nike swoosh, the ubiquitous corporate logo of the Nike corporation on his hats and shirts. Similarly, Jeff Gordon proudly drives lap after lap in a car marked with the DuPont insignia across the hood. In this way, sponsors can get their names and brand into the households of sports viewers.

[0006] This advertising technique is quite effective but is also very expensive. To sponsor a golf pro or a Nascar team for an entire year is a huge commitment in advertising expense. It is also an all or nothing proposition. A race team typically takes a sponsorship deal which lasts an entire year or more. Tiger Woods has been a Nike spokesman for many years. Although long term sponsorships are quite effective, they are prohibitively expensive for all but the most sophisticated of corporate advertising strategies.

[0007] Sponsorships of shorter duration are also possible. In some instances, a corporate sponsor might desire supporting an athlete for a single event rather than an entire year. For example in the case where good exposure might be available in a certain region that is attractive to the advertiser. An athlete might simply wear a sponsor's logo for a single event; at subsequent events, the athlete can switch to other sponsorship deals. This short term sponsorship is accompanied by the difficulty of changing the logo applied to equipment and clothing. Where new clothing and equipment has to be prepared with new logos, expenses can be considerable.

[0008] Tricks in television production have enabled very novel advertising schemes. For example an overlay image is superimposed upon an area of a playing field to cause a television audience to see a corporate logo which is in fact not visible at the live playing arena. The logo may be switched momentarily without interrupting the game in anyway and athletes remain completely unaware of the ads and the changes to the ads. However, these schemes are less effective as they seems sterile and not part of the actual play or athletes endorsed persona. In addition, sports fans will recall the winners' circle of a Nascar race where the winning driver is being interviewed on television and his crew continually removes and replaces his hat with another hat having a different logo thereon to promote yet another sponsor. This type of logo changing is not so elegant but necessary to support the exposure needs of all contributors.

[0009] It is therefore desirable to provide promotional mechanisms available to sponsors which can be changed easily without great expense. Further, a sponsorship where these mechanisms maintain a close association with a personality or athlete is preferred.

[0010] In view of objects having a display which is changeable, one might consider the following art as leading teachings in the filed.

[0011] U.S. Pat. No. 6,318,555 illustrates an accessory window provided in the flexible packaging bag so that articles can be seen therein. The bag has a plurality of windows which communicate with one another. The use is directed to displaying items for retail sale.

[0012] Further U.S. Pat. No. 5,177,881 is related prior art as it anticipates a device in conjunction with a golf bag which operates to promote a golf event or golf course.

[0013] Inventor Spaulding teaches in U.S. Pat. No. 5,326,575 a ‘bag-in-a-bag window bag’. In this configuration, a bag as part of another allows containment of objects which are then visible from the outside.

[0014] A trash receptacle with a advertisement display means is taught as part of U.S. Pat. No. 5,908,132. The trash receptacle is designed for installation on a support surface and is not a portable object to be operated in various places during normal use.

[0015] Guerra teaches footwear sporting equipment with a changeable message thereon in U.S. Pat. No. 5,813,148. A shoe is combined with an LED display driven by a computer in the heal of the shoe.

[0016] Notwithstanding, techniques have been discovered which provide very novel uses of the sportsman as an advertising platform, particularly with respect to sports sponsorships which may be dynamically changed without complex or expensive maneuvers.


[0017] Comes now, Jeffrey Herold with inventions of sporting equipment containers having a dynamic display means including devices operable for providing changing advertising features. It is a primary function of these devices to provide a removable and changeable display. It is a contrast to prior art methods and devices that present systems do not allow quick and easy changing of sponsorship logos and related advertising. A fundamental difference between the indicia of the instant invention and those of the art can be found when considering its replaceable nature. An indicia substrate may be removed from the container and replaced by similar indicia with an alternate message. In this way, a platform for promotion of sponsor interests is made more functional and provides for updates and change.

[0018] These inventions thus stand in contrast to methods and devices of the art. These inventions operate to display a plurality of promotion messages in the same space which may be changed over time. The art includes those devices which have a permanently affixed logo and graphic which cannot be changed without changing the entire body upon which the graphic is affixed.


[0019] It is a primary object of the invention to provide a platform for sponsorship display in combination with a sporting equipment bag. A better understanding can be had with reference to detailed description of preferred embodiments and with reference to appended drawings. Embodiments presented are particular ways to realize the invention and are not inclusive of all ways possible. Therefore, there may exist embodiments that do not deviate from the spirit and scope of this disclosure as set forth by the claims, but do not appear here as specific examples. It will be appreciated that a great plurality of alternative versions are possible.


[0020] These and other features, aspects, and advantages of the present invention will become better understood with regard to the following description, appended claims and drawings where:

[0021] FIG. 1 is a frontal view of a first preferred version of the invention;

[0022] FIG. 2 is a side view of an alternative version;

[0023] FIG. 3 is a similar side view with an indicia substrate affixed in place;

[0024] FIG. 4 is a side view of another alternative version;

[0025] FIG. 5 is a side view of another version with a substrate inserted in place; and

[0026] FIG. 6 is a view of a bag of these inventions in play.


[0027] In accordance with each of the preferred embodiments of these inventions, there is provided a platform for sponsorship and advertising display in combination with a sporting equipment bag. It will be appreciated that each of the embodiments described may include an apparatus and that the apparatus of one preferred embodiment may be different than the apparatus of another embodiment. Similarly, it will be appreciated that each of the embodiments described may include a method and that the method of one preferred embodiment may be different than the method of another embodiment.

[0028] As mentioned in the background, the dynamics of sports sponsorship objectives demand systems which allow sportsmen to easily present sponsors' logos in a spectator view. Accordingly, these inventions presented here are directed to fill this need. More particularly, a golf bag used for carrying golf clubs about a golf course from hole to hole, is arranged with a special advertising and display means. The nature of the arrangement allows displayed information to be easily and quickly changed from a first displayed message to a second displayed message. The change is made without the difficulty of swapping bags which would interrupt play in a burdensome manner. Further, a displayed message may be updated a plurality of times through the entire playing session. This may be done in accordance with a promotion scheme prescribed by a sponsor or sponsors to effect a desired level of exposure. For example, in a round of golf a player might play sets of three holes while displaying certain prescribed messages. At the completion of play on three predetermined holes, the advertising message can be changed to a different message and that new message would be displayed for the following three holes. In this way, a single round of golf could accommodate six different sponsor messages each displayed during the play of three holes.

[0029] Sporting equipment apparatus in preferred embodiments includes golf bags with a receiving area, a plurality of substrates, indicia applied to said substrates. In addition, some preferred embodiments include means for affixing the substrate to the receiving area in a temporary or removable manner.

[0030] Receiving Area

[0031] Standard golf bags typically having an exterior surface occupied by pockets, permanently affixed graphics, zippers, openings, pouches, et cetera. The entire of the surface is quite busy. As such, a standard golf bag does not include an area into which may be received a large surface area object. Golf bags of these inventions in contrast include a special exterior surface purposefully arranged to receive therein a substrate element. The receiving area is preferably large spatially. A large area provides a more impressive, more visible space into which a message might be affixed. This area is preferably, but not necessarily free of the objects identified above which might interfere with the application of a substrate thereto. Thus, it is possible is some cases to include a pocket in the receiving area which operates normally as a pocket should except for times when an advertisement is affixed there over the pocket. Alternatively, the pocket might extend behind the advertisement with the pocket opening at the top periphery of the receiving area such that access to the pocket is allowed while advertisements are affixed to the receiving area without interference. Accordingly, golf bags of these inventions remain perfectly functional providing all services normally associated with golf bags while in addition providing the changeable advertising space.

[0032] Some versions include a receiving area integral with a bag side member. Bags are sometime constructed with a top, bottom and side pieces. The side may be fashioned to support various ancillary element for example a pocket. In addition, the actual side of the bag may be used to support a receiving area. To the material from which the side is made, fasteners of the removable sort may be affixed. In this way, the side of the bag becomes an operable receiving area.

[0033] As the sides of bag are sometimes made from nylon cloth or leather or similar material, preferred receiving areas are also made of nylon cloth typically used in golf bag construction. Leather is possible also. The side of a bag is functional for a receiving area if it has sufficient space as associated fasteners whereby substrates may be temporarily affixed thereto.

[0034] In some versions, the receiving area may have a permanent message therein, for example the bags' manufacturer might put an advertisement there, that advertisement being subject to cover when the bag is used and a temporary substrate is applied over the area and permanent message. In this way, when no advertisements are applied, the receiving area still provides at attractive and finished look rather than presenting a large blank space.

[0035] Although a pocket behind a receiving area is fully contemplated as described, there is another version of importance. Some special golf bag receiving areas are comprised of a pocket which includes a ‘see-through’ or transparent panel whereby a message may be viewed through the pocket siding. In this way, the receiving area is combined with has function other than advertisement; i.e. it operates in conjunction with the pocket to hold objects therein.

[0036] Finally, there is the version where the receiving area and its fasteners plus an applied indicia substrate and its fasteners operate together to form a pocket. When the indicia substrate and the receiving area are arranged in this fashion, they each become one side of a pocket and the fasteners hold together the periphery of the pocket. This is particularly useful when a zipper fastener is used. Access to the pocket is via the same zipper which holds the substrate to the receiving area.

[0037] Indicia Substrate/s

[0038] Golf bags of these inventions include at least one substrate which is operable for carrying indicia thereon. Several versions of substrates are possible. In a simplest embodiment, a cloth material may be cut such that its periphery is similar to the periphery of the receiving area designed into the golf bag. In addition, the substrate may be arranged with a fastener or fasteners whereby it may be applied to and joined with the receiving area. The fasteners such as snaps may be permanently affixed to substrates in patterns complementary with the pattern of the receiving area.

[0039] A substrate is generally substantially planar in form. In the case where it is made from cloth, the flexible nature of the cloth does not render it anything less than planar as sheets of cloth tend to be cut. Where the substrate is made of cloth, it is sometimes preferable to make the substrate of the same cloth as that from which the bag is made. Some versions of these inventions include those which employ an inexpensive cardboard or paperboard as a medium upon which an advertisement message may be applied. In some special versions, a substrate may be a rigid plastic material formed in a molding process. As such, the plastic may support a shape which is complementary in three dimensions with the receiving area to which it may be designed for coupling therewith.

[0040] The substrates are prearranged to carry graphical or textual information or other indicia of various forms. This may include by way of example, cloth prepared with a silk screen process to impart a color graphic thereon the surface of the cloth. Alternatively, embroidery may be applied to a cloth substrate with a computer driven sewing machine to impart a high resolution attractive graphical logo. Molded elements may include a surface relief design and might incorporate ‘cut-out’ sections which carry a graphical importance. Thus, indicia substrates are best described as a vehicle upon which text and graphical information is carried.

[0041] In some versions, a plurality of substrates, a set of similar substrates is included as part of the ensemble. Sometimes these are prepared, one each with a different message. Special versions include sets of substrate which cooperate with one another. For example, a common graphic may be adopted and shared by each of the substrates. A golfer name may be applied in one area the same on each substrate while the advertisement message is applied in another area of the substrate, each substrate having a different advertising message. A special tour or tournament could include a graphic which is played by each of the many players in the tournament thereby promoting cooperation between a plurality of users to produce a very attractive look. Thus, there is not only cooperation from substrate to substrate of a single golfer, but in addition, there may be from golfer to golfer in a common tournament.

[0042] Fastening Means

[0043] Fastening means of these invention include those which allow two objects to be held together while remaining removable without damage to the fasteners or the objects being held. Generally speaking, fasteners of the mechanical interlock type are preferred. Snaps, zippers, hook and loop, type fasteners illustrate fasteners of this genre. They are arranged in complementary pairs, one each on the objects to be held together and they operate in cooperation with their mate to perform a removable fastening function. Glue is not a candidate as once fastened, objects cannot be easily removed. However, some adhesives will perform the removable function and those are intended to be included here as ‘fasteners’, albeit not of the mechanical interlocking type.

[0044] Means for affixing the substrate to the receiving area may be embodied in several ways. A first illustrative example includes use of snaps of two complementary parts. A male and female snap can be respectively affixed to the receiving area and the indicia substrate to affect good alignment between those elements. A plurality of snaps can be applied in a predetermined pattern about the periphery of each the receiving area and the indicia substrate to bring about a secure fastening combination. In versions where a plurality of substrates are used, the same gender of snap is applied to each of the substrates such that they always cooperate with the opposite gender affixed to the receiving area.

[0045] To employ zipper type fasteners, they may preferably be arranged about the periphery of each the receiving area and the indicia substrate in a manner whereby those edges are held together. In a special version, the zipper might further cooperate to provide an opening for a pocket created between the receiving area and the indicia substrate.

[0046] Alternatively, hook and loop type mechanical interlocking fasteners sometimes and popularly known as “Velcro” work well for most substrates contemplated here. The two cooperating portions of the hook and loop fasteners may be placed on either of the receiving area and the indicia substrate. On portion goes on the receiving area facing outward and the other on the backside of the indicia substrate in a pattern which causes them to come into alignment when the indicia substrate is applied to the receiving area. Velcro provides the nice advantage that the alignment may be very rough and not materially affect the function. This is quite good in systems where many changes are expected as it relieves the operator of distractions from the game.

[0047] Modes of Use

[0048] When a player is engaged in the play of golf, he or she might have a caddy tending to the golf carry bag which is used on the course. The caddy may be tasked with changing the displayed sponsor logo from time-to-time. As presented in the illustrative example above, the caddy might remove a first substrate and replace it with a second substrate having different indicia thereon. This is made readily possible with the arrangements taught herein. A caddy need only peel away a first substrate and align and apply a second prepared substrate in its place. In this way, the caddy changes the sponsorship logo quickly and easily. The next time television cameras are set on the player and the clubs, the new logo is exposed for all to appreciate. In this way, one golfer in a single game can enjoy the benefit of having a plurality of sponsors and associated revenue.

[0049] Methods of presenting sponsorship advertisement information in accordance with these inventions include temporarily affixing a substrate with indicia thereon to the exterior of a golf bag. More precisely, preparing a plurality of substrates each having at least a portion of the message thereon different from that of the other substrates in the plurality; applying a first substrate to the receiving area of a bag; commencing play of golf for a predetermined period; removing said first substrate; applying in its place a second substrate; continuing play.

[0050] The steps of removing and re-applying may be performed for as many times as there are substrates, or alternatively, as many times as is desired.

[0051] With this firm description in hand, it is now beneficial for a more complete understanding to consider the following illustrative examples with reference to the drawing figures. In particular, FIG. 1 illustrates a particular golf bag of these inventions. The bag main body 1 is formed with pockets and support for carrying equipment including golf clubs. The body includes a special area 2 which is large spatially and has appreciable cross section easily viewed by observers. The area is suitable for receiving therein an indicia substrate 3 with graphical and text indicia 4 applied thereon. The substrate may be fastened to the receiving area via cooperating pairs of snap fasteners 5 which couple the indicia substrate to the receiving area for temporary fixture. The substrate may thereafter be easily removed from the receiving area and replaced with another. This operation is done without damage to either of the components as the snaps are operable for many cycles of affixing and removing. In the case of the present example, the indicia associates the name of a famous player ‘John Smith’, albeit fictitious in this case, with a product manufacture ‘Club Glove’. In certain versions, a pocket opening 6 may be arranged at the top periphery of the receiving area with the pouch portion of the pocket extending behind the receiving area. In this way, neither the receiving area nor the indicia substrate interfere with normal golf bag function. Other than the special receiving area and perhaps a fastener set, the bag may be otherwise complete and normal with regard to standard bags in play today.

[0052] FIG. 2 illustrates another version of these inventions including a golf bag 21 having a receiving area 22 with fasteners 23 affixed thereto at its periphery. Cooperating fasteners 24 also are applied to a special substrate element 25. The substrate in this case may be a nicely molded rigid plastic element having a pad printed ink applied thereto as message indicia 26. The molded shape takes a complementary form with a stuffed golf bag exterior such that when applied to the bag, it cooperates with the receiving area allowing the bag to operate normally and without appreciable interference, simultaneously holding an attractive and clear presentation of the sponsor message. In the case where a cloth is used, it may wrinkle or fold or otherwise have an unpleasant appearance. For this reason, some preferred embodiments employ the plastic substrate molded into a three dimensional shape to cooperate with a stuffed golf bag.

[0053] FIG. 3 illustrates a golf carry bag whereby a rigid substrate has been applied to and coupled with a receiving area by way of removable fasteners. Golf carry bag 31 is arranged when built with a special large space receiving area 32. A plastic substrate 33 has been treated and prepared with indicia 34 thereon to impart a sponsors message. “The Original CLUB GLOVE; The Number One Travel Bag On Tour” is presented for all viewers to see clearly. The substrate in this version is temporarily held to the receiving area via snap type fasteners which are mechanical interlock fasteners of complementary pairs. One portion of the fastener is affixed to the substrate while its mate is affixed to the receiving area. With the pattern of fasteners know and certain, several substrates each having a different message can be prepared such that they may replace the substrate shown in the same space via normal operation of the snaps.

[0054] FIG. 4 shows a very special version of a substrate which cooperates with a special pocket. A golf carry bag 41 includes a pocket 42 of particular periphery including a peripheral opening 43, in example a zippered opening. The pocket has a side 44 formed of transparent material whereby viewers are able to see items placed in the pocket. For example, rigid plastic molded substrate 45 may be inserted into the pocket whereby a portion of that substrate is visible to viewers. A special peripheral edge of the substrate indicated in the drawing as a darkened area 46 cannot be seen through the transparent pocket side. This is due to the nature of its size. Some substrates are configured in size and shape to cooperate precisely with the size and shape of a pocket. Where a pocket includes a transparent side, it is best constructed with a portion of that side in opaque material for preferred cosmetic reasons. As such, the pocket size is slightly large than the transparent window size. When inserting a substrate of these inventions into a complementary pocket, the substrate and consequently the graphical indicia is aligned and held aligned to the window aperture to form a preferred functional fit.

[0055] FIG. 5 shows the same version of golf carry bag with the substrate having been inserted into the pocket such that its message is visible through a transparent window aperture in the pocket side. Carry bag 51 includes receiving area 52, pocket opening 53, substrate with indicia thereon 54, and pocket side 55. For illustrative purposes, a transparent side is shown with white random stippling to indicate the presence of the transparent side which otherwise would not appear in the drawing.

[0056] To more completely show an ad bag these inventions in use, FIG. 6 illustrates a golfer 61 carrying a bag 62 with clubs therein 63 on a golf course 64. A golf bag may otherwise include normal items such as a pocket 65, and in addition it may include a easily removable temporary sponsor message via a substrate 66 having indicia thereon applied and affixed to a receiving area. After completion of the hole ‘2’, the ‘Club Glove’ sponsor message can be exchanged with a different message to be displayed on hole ‘3’.

[0057] One will now fully appreciate platforms for sponsorship and advertising display in combination with sporting equipment bags. Although the present invention has been described in considerable detail with clear and concise language and with reference to certain preferred versions thereof including the best mode anticipated by the inventor, other versions are possible. Therefore, the spirit and scope of the invention should not be limited by the description of the preferred versions contained therein, but rather by the claims appended hereto.

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