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An educational board game characterized by individual squares, which imitate immigrants' life experience and the path traveled by them prior to acquiring citizenship. The board game having a plurality of blocks of same spaces therein of varying questions as well as instructions and comments making up the whole board. The said game having been developed for people of all educational background may be used for acquiring fundamental skills of history and government pertinent to passing the naturalization and citizenship exam.

Jinadu, Fola (Owings Mills, MD, US)
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A63F3/00; (IPC1-7): A63F3/00
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1. A game consisting of a square playing board surface divided into several playing sections of 61 smaller squares. The said game includes 226 cards, 8 tokens and 2 dice.

2. A game according to claim 1, characterized by 61 small squares of about 1.8″×1.8″ in dimension. They are distinguished by different headings, symbols and colors.

3. The 61 small squares according to claim 1 or 2, characterized by 40 small squares, which are along the boundary line, and 21 small squares on the inside and connected to the squares along the baseline.

4. The small squares according to claim 3, characterized by a start/finish square, a fingerprint/photograph square, a return to fingerprint/photograph square, a border patrol square, a go to border patrol square, a detention/visitation square, a go to detention square, an advance to Liberty Island square, a Liberty Island square, an advance to Angel Island square, an Angel Island square, a go to Homeland Security square, a Homeland Security square, three Overstays squares, a Customs Inspection square, a Presidents Day square, a Travel Violation square, a Travel Authorized square, two Go to Caution squares, a Caution square, two New Immigrant squares, a Visa Lottery Winner square, an Invalid Passport square, a Welcome to the U.S square, an Immigrants' Rights Center square, a Status Expires square, an H1-B visa square, an Employment Without Authorization square, a Petition for Family square, 26 squares of which you pick a card on landing (eleven of which History and Government cards are picked, seven of which I.N.S cards are picked, four of which Notice to Appear cards are picked, two of which Application for Naturalization cards are picked and two of which Naturalization and Citizenship challenge cards are picked), a return to start square and an expelled square.

5. A game according to claim 1, characterized by 226 cards in total, comprising of 20 Notice to Appear cards, 41 I.N.S cards, 115 History and Government cards, 8 application for Citizenship and Naturalization cards, 34 Citizenship/Naturalization challenge cards and 8 Green cards.

6. The Notice to Appear cards according to claim 5, characterized by the Gavel symbol, color red and includes a verdict which states why deportation proceedings should not be initiated.

7. The I.N.S cards according to claim 5, characterized by the Eagle head symbol, the color blue and includes instructions pertaining to your next move when you land on any of the I.N.S locations.

8. The History and Government cards according to claim 5, characterized by the U.S Capitol building, color yellow and includes questions about the United States history and government related Issues.

9. The Application for Citizenship/Naturalization card according to claim 5, characterized by the signature hand symbol and it serves basically as an application form for your citizenship/naturalization.

10. The Citizenship/Naturalization challenge card according to claim 5, characterized by the Eagle Insignia, color light blue and includes the citizenship/naturalization test.

11. The Green card according to claim 5, characterized by an identification card look alike, green in color and it serves as the green card.

12. A game according to claim 1, characterized by 8 tokens, which are symbols of respect and pride for the American culture and they are: i. The Statue of Liberty. ii. The Empire State building. iii. The White house. iv. The Mayflower boat v. The American flag. vi. The Gavel. vii. The U.S Capitol building. viii. The Police car.

[0001] The player's objective is to become a citizen while basically educate the audience on the relevant issues on the road to citizenship/naturalization. In addition, accustom the players with the History and Government knowledge applicable to a successful completion of the real life citizenship/naturalization test.

[0002] By subsequent instructions on the board and cards, players can also experience a few of life's conditions survived by some immigrants.

[0003] My hope subsequent to playing this game is that people who wish to naturalize or just test their knowledge of history and government might realize few things that may inhibit their success and thus improve on them prior to facing INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service).


[0004] IMMIGRATION to a degree illustrates my individual experience in the US. From the moment I arrived to the time I naturalized. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is a capable agency of double edge sword. Whilst some people are pleased by their knowledge of the organization, others endure disturbing nightmares. The latter is true of me. I became entangled in the mesh of the agency's web as a consequence of my failure to timely renew my alien registration card (Green Card) while serving in the US Merchant Marines.

[0005] Ultimately I was arrested and placed in detention (deportation proceedings). I was locked up in a cold cell in the dead of winter where I had plenty of time to think about my foolishness. Eight shivering hours later I was released after exhaustive investigation was conducted and it was indeed learned that I was at sea all the time and could not have possibly come ashore. After I was released from detention, I literally ran straight to the INS office, which was about four blocks away, and had my status adjusted as well as filed an application for naturalization. Two years later I became a citizen and realized the beginning of the rest of my life. My inspiration to design this “game” is in an effort to promote public understanding of immigration policy through education.

[0006] With deepest humility I understand that my ordeal might be beneath comparison to the experience some may have endured, however, we all share the same initial shock of the possibility of being deported.

[0007] My desire for IMMIGRATION is that it functions as an educational and fun game for many reasons:

[0008] To stimulate the paths of immigrants' life.

[0009] To enlighten on applicable History and Government relevant to citizenship/naturalization.

[0010] To create an implicit environment whereby players can gain some valuable understanding of the historical and political knowledge of our great nation.


[0011] Refer to the drawing on page 4

[0012] #1 Symbolizes government building as used in this drawing to illustrate history and government questions.

[0013] #2 Gavel of justice depicting the Justice Department

[0014] #3 Application for Naturalization.

[0015] #4 Patrol car to indicate Border Patrol.

[0016] #5 Arrows to direct which path the players must follow.

[0017] #6 Family: this indicates family unity.

[0018] #7 A figure in detention: depicts an alien in Detention/Deportation holding unit subsequent to apprehension.

[0019] #8 A man carrying suitcases indicates the opportunity to travel.

[0020] #9 Eagle insignia indicating where a player may take a CHALLENGE in the Citizenship/Naturalization Test.

[0021] #10 Alien Registration Receipt Card (Green Card) is an evident of the player's immigrant's status as used in this game. embedded image


[0022] The game can be played by anyone between the ages of 8 years to adult.

[0023] Numbers of players varies between 2 to 8 players.

[0024] The game contains:

[0025] 1 board

[0026] 226 cards

[0027] 8 tokens

[0028] 2 dice.

[0029] The aim of the game is to acquaint the players with some basic knowledge necessary to being citizens, either by implication of birth or through naturalization. The players must first complete at least one cycle on the board to enjoy “immigration benefits.” To naturalize, the contender must have received a “Green Card,” alien registration card and posses an application for naturalization. Then, he/she must land in the Citizenship/Naturalization (Start/Finish) SQUARE or take a challenge to win the game.

[0030] Example: If a player has not made a complete turn and lands on a block for “Green Card”, he/she will not receive the card since the requirement has not been met!

[0031] Starting the Game:

[0032] Each player throws two dice with the highest contending number starting first and proceed clockwise. The beginning point is the START/FINISH SQUARE ending at the same square or by means of a successful CHALLENGE. Each player will advance the number thrown on the board and follow the instructions on the landed squares.

[0033] Descriptions of the Board:

[0034] Dimensions: 20″×20″

[0035] There are 61 squares (cf. drawing & details on p4)

[0036] A. Employment Authorized Receive Your “Green Card”

[0037] If a player land on this block, he/she may receive a “Green Card” when at least a completed cycle on the board has been made. A registration receipt card (Green Card) is necessary prior to granting application for citizenship/naturalization. Nonetheless, you are not permitted to have more than one “Green Card.” But in instances of a loss of your “Green Card” for any reason, it is possible to obtain a “replacement” when landed in that square again.

[0038] B. Application for Naturalization

[0039] Upon landing in this square, the player may apply for citizenship/naturalization provided he/she has a “Green Card”, and then pick a card for “Application for Citizenship/Naturalization,” (keep both cards until the game is won).

[0040] If you should lose your “Green Card” for any reason, you must surrender your application for naturalization as well.

[0041] C. Citizenship/Naturalization (Start/Finish)

[0042] When a player lands on this square and already has a “Green Card” as well as an “Application for Citizenship/Naturalization” card, he/she wins the game without having to take additional tests!

[0043] D. INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service)

[0044] When a player lands on this square, he/she must pick an “INS” card and read it out-loud, follow the instructions on the card and replace the card at the bottom of the same stack of cards.

[0045] E. History & Government

[0046] When a player lands in this block, he/she must pick a History & Government question card and without peeping at the questions, hand it to the player to his/her right to be read.

[0047] Wrong Answer

[0048] Move back one block and follow the instructions in that square.

[0049] Correct Answer

[0050] History & Government: Remain where you are. Do not replay and put the card back at the bottom of the same stack of cards.

[0051] Expelled!

[0052] When a player is expelled (lands in the EXPELLED square), he/she will be ejected from the game. However, an Amnesty Card may serve as a redeeming tool to remain in the game.

[0053] F. Notice to Appear

[0054] When a player lands on this block, he/she has an order to show cause why deportation proceedings should not be initiated. The player must pick a “Notice to appear” card and read the verdict out-loud. Good luck! Replace the card at the bottom of the same stack of cards.

[0055] G. Go to Caution

[0056] When a player lands on this square, he/she must follow the instructions on the board and proceed down the inner blocks. The caution is simply a warning on circumventing the IMMIGRATION laws. You can be ejected from the game in the process. (Only the Amnesty Card can save you.)

[0057] H. Detention and Deportation/Visitation

[0058] If a player lands on this square by the throw of dice, he/she is in visitation. However, should the player be instructed to proceed to Detention and Deportation, he/she can only be released in 2 ways:

[0059] 1. By presenting an Amnesty Card. The player is able to continue the game after losing a turn.

[0060] 2. By throwing a 6 on one of the two dice. The other die counts the distance the player must advance on the board.

[0061] Example: the player throws a 6 and 3. With the 6, he/she is released from Detention and Deportation and 3 counts the number of spaces to be proceeded on the blocks.

[0062] Concerning Others Squares

[0063] Follow the instructions on the board.

[0064] Classification of Cards:

[0065] There are six (6) categories of cards:

[0066] “Notice to Appear”

[0067] “INS”

[0068] “History and government”

[0069] “Applications for Citizenship/Naturalization”

[0070] “Citizenship/Naturalization Challenge”

[0071] “Green Card”

[0072] Notice to Appear Cards

[0073] There are 20 “Notice to Appear” cards with different instructions:

[0074] Go to Detention and Deportations (2 cards)

[0075] Lose your Green Card (2 cards)

[0076] Return to Customs inspection (4 cards)

[0077] Stay where you are (4 cards)

[0078] Free Turn (4 cards)

[0079] Go back to start (4 cards)

[0080] INS Cards

[0081] There are 41 “INS” cards with different instructions:

[0082] Free Turn (6 cards)

[0083] Pick a “Notice to Appear” card (6 cards)

[0084] Amnesty (3 cards)

[0085] Go to Detention and Deportation (2 cards)

[0086] Stay where you are (6 cards)

[0087] Lose your turn (6 cards)

[0088] Move back 2 blocks (6 cards)

[0089] Advance 2 blocks (6 cards)

[0090] History and Government

[0091] There are 115 questions on History and Government

[0092] Application for Citizenship/Naturalization

[0093] There are 8 applications for Citizenship/Naturalization cards

[0094] Citizenship/Naturalization Challenge

[0095] 34 cards (3 part question) on History & Government

[0096] Green Card

[0097] There are 8 Green Cards

[0098] Explanation of Some Cards

[0099] Amnesty

[0100] This is a relief provided by IMMIGRATION to prevent the removal of certain players “aliens” from the “country” (the game).

[0101] If you pick this card, you may keep it as a way of getting out of Detention and Deportation or being ejected. The card is redeemable only once.

[0102] Lose your Green Card

[0103] When a player receives this card, it means he/she may have committed a deportable offense. As a result the player loses his/her Green Card as well as the Application for Citizenship/Naturalization if it's in his/her possession. However, if the player doesn't have a Green Card, he/she must advance to detention and & deportation until able to get out.