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This “easy putter” is a unique and revolutionary design and it has many adjustable positions at the shaft and at the base of the putter. This easy putter has many functions and with it's thirty different parts that are assemble are needed to facilitate the operation of the putter. From the nut handle to the base of the putter all of these parts serve two main purposes; A) to adjust the shaft at whatever line and angle positions needed to putt correctly, B) an accurate adjustment of the ball bearings, this would allow a smooth rolling stroke at the base of the putter, without hitting the putting sufaces. It will promote an easier swing of the putter and encourage a golf player to reduce his score and enjoy the confidence of putting.

Lusignan, Daniel Adelard (Edmonton, CA)
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A63B53/04; A63B53/00; A63B53/02; A63B53/08; (IPC1-7): A63B53/04
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1. The shaft and the base of the putter is adjustable using the “nut handle”.

2. The “easy putter” will roll on the surface of the putting green, due to the ball bearing design at the base of the base of the putter.

3. The tension of each bearing (at the base of the putter) is adjustable with the use of springs and “setting screws”.

4. This “easy putter” is a confidence builder and because of it's design the average golfer requires less hours of frustation.

5. The concept of the “easy putter” is to assist in a more precise putting an less strokes, which would lead to a more satisfying level of comfort and appreciation of the game, to any who enjoy golf.



[0001] The list of parts numbers and proper descriptions;

[0002] A) The nut handle; #1

[0003] B) Inside threaded shafts; #2 long, #3 short

[0004] C) Holding nuts; #4 top, #5 bottom

[0005] D) Springs; #6, #7 long, #8, #9, #10 #11 short

[0006] E) Washers; #12, #13, #14

[0007] F) Ball bearings; #15, #16, #17, #18, #19 #20,

[0008] G) Outside shafts; #21 long, #22 short

[0009] H) Adjustable set screws; #23, #24, #25, #26

[0010] I) Putter base; #27

[0011] F) Golf grip; #28

[0012] K) Protecting sleeve; #29

[0013] L) Base putter cover; #30


[0014] The nut handle (#1) is to loosen or tighten the inside of the shaft (#2 long) and the shaft (#3 short).

[0015] The inside shaft (#2 long) is threaded and held in place by two holding nuts, one (#4 top) and one (#5 bottom).

[0016] These are mounted to a specific location on the inner part of the outside shaft (#21 long).

[0017] The nut handle (#1) is connected to the inside shaft (#2). When rotated in a clock-wise or counter clock-wise position, the adjustment will result in a proper putting position of the shaft and base of the putter.

[0018] The inner portion of the outside shaft (#21 long) contains; the threaded inside shaft (#2 long), the holding nut (#4 top) and (#5 bottom), one spring (#6 long), one washer (#12), and are connected to the adjustable swivel ball bearing (#15).

[0019] Without interfering with it's designed functions, the top of the swivel ball bearing (#15) is pressurized in a firm and tightened position by the outside shaft (#21 long).

[0020] The bottom part of the swivel ball bearing (#15) is pressurized in a tightened position by the outside shaft (#22 short). This is done with two washers (#13,#14), one spring (#7 long), and another swivel ball bearing (#16), which is pressurized in a tightened position by the outside shaft (#22 short).

[0021] The shaft (#3 short) is threaded at the bottom of the swivel bearing (#16) and threaded at the base of the base putter (#27).


[0022] The underside of the base of the putter (#27) has four holes of equal sizes and are smaller in diameter than all four ball bearings (#17-20). This is so that the ball bearings are allowed to move freely, without falling through the base of the putter and to allow easy movement on the putting surface.

[0023] The top of all the ball bearings (#17-20) each contain a spring (#8-11) and also have adjustable setting screws(#23-26).

[0024] These adjustable setting screws (#23-26) are threaded into holes of equal sizes. At the upper portion of the base of the putter (#27), when the screws are adjusted individually and properly, it causes pressure downward on all four springs (#8-11). This allows equal pressure on all four ball bearings (#17-20) without falling through.

[0025] When the ball bearings (#17-20) are properly adjusted a light compression of these bearings (#17-20) allows a smooth swing of the putter and would act as a space and a cushion. With these adjustments you would avoid hitting or scuffing the base of the putter (#27), and the putting surface.

[0026] At the top of the base putter (#27) there is a base putter cover (#30) to cover the settings screws (#23 -26).

[0027] From the golf grip (#28) to the top part of the base of the putter (#27) there is a protecting sleeve (#29).