Golf bag construction and method of making and using same
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A golf bag is disclosed having a removable and replaceable outer layer enabling a worn outer layer to be replaced and also permitting the owner of the golf bag to use interchangeable outer layers having different designs and indicia thereon thereby permitting a single golf bag to have a variety of appearances.

Borrelli, Joseph A. (Havertown, PA, US)
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What is claimed is:

1. A golf bag which comprises: a body adapted to hold golf clubs, said body having a shell and a cover detachably connected to said shell; a top member operably connected to one end of said body; and a bottom member operably connected to the other end of said body.

2. A golf bag comprising: a body having a shell and a cover detachably connected to shell.

3. A golf bag comprising: a body having a shell and a cover detachably connected to shell by a fastener from the group consisting of a zipper, a screw, a button, a snapably engageable fastener or Velcro.



[0001] The present invention relates to golf bags in general and to golf bags having a removable and replaceable exterior cover in particular.


[0002] The vast majority of golf bags have the same basic design. Such bags include a center body, a bottom member affixed to one end of the body and top member connected to the opposite end of the body. The body includes a shell made of a rigid or semirigid material and an outer layer which is permanently affixed to the shell. The outer layer is generally made of a waterproof fabric or other suitable covering material. The particular shape of the top, bottom and body of the bag vary widely as does the manner in which the top and bottom are affixed to and mate with the shell. Similarly, the outer layer or covering vary widely and in large part determines the overall appearance and some functionality of the golf bag. The outer layer is made of a variety of materials and generally include pockets which vary in number and shape. Some of the pockets are expandable and may include closeable flaps. Straps for carrying the bag are generally connected to the outer layer.

[0003] In sum, the overall appearance and functionality of golf bags are determined by the primary components, i.e., the body, top, bottom and the body outer layer. As a result of being used for their intended purpose, golf bags wear out. Most of the wear and tear which causes the bags to cease being used is due to the wear and tear encountered by the body outer layer. The outer layer becomes worn, torn, discolored, and as a result thereof looses its attractiveness and functionality. The degree of functionality lost is determined by the degree of wear and tear and the design of the particular bag. For example, pockets may be torn or the anchoring means for the straps associated with such bags may become broken or become detached from the bag.

[0004] Needless to say, such bags are generally replaced along with the attendant cost associated therewith.

[0005] Golf bags frequently have various designs and indicia imprinted or affixed to the golf bag cover. Such indicia include advertising, names and logos of golf clubs, businesses, schools and the like. Such indicia must either be affixed to commercially available bags or ordered from a manufacturer so that the indicia is placed on the outer layer prior to it being affixed to the shell. This results in the quality of the indicia on the body being limited by cost, expediency of delivery and the space available for design of the indicia itself.


[0006] The present invention provides a golf bag having an outer layer which is detachable and reattachable to the golf bag body shell. This permits a worn cover to be replaced. It also permits a golf bag owner to change the appearance and, to some degree, the functionality of the golf bag by simply changing the outer layer or cover. Depending upon the particular circumstances of the use of the golf bag on a particular day and the golfers personal preference, a cover may be selected which has a greater number of pockets for storage or a cover which is aesthetically more pleasing.

[0007] The cost of manufacturing golf bags may be substantially reduced as covers for such bags will not be permanently affixed to the shell.

[0008] Detachable covers also increase the availability of the variety of indicia on golf bag covers. A school, business or any other entity which wishes to have indicia of its choice placed on a number of golf bags can simply order the outer layers having the desired indicia placed thereon for use on a compatible golf bag of the present invention. Such indicia need not be limited by the configuration of the cover which has been permanently affixed to the bag.

[0009] The present invention will also enable a golf bag retailer to order an array of covers which can be personalized according to the desires of the purchaser. Such customers could purchase a golf bag as a gift commemorating a particular event in the life of the recipient.


[0010] The accompanying drawings, which are incorporated in and form a part of the specification, illustrate the embodiments of the present invention and, together with the description, serve to explain the principles of the invention.

[0011] FIG. 1 illustrates a golf bag.

[0012] FIG. 2 depicts a wrap of the present invention.

[0013] FIG. 3 depicts a wrap connected to a shell.


[0014] In describing a preferred embodiment of the invention, specific terminology will be selected for the sake of clarity. However, the invention is not intended to be limited to the specific terms so selected, and it is to be understood that each specific term includes all technical equivalents that operate in a similar manner to accomplish a similar purpose.

[0015] A golf bag 10 is shown having a top 12 and a bottom 14 connected to a body 16. The outer layer has a pocket 22. The body 16 includes a shell 18 having a cover or outer layer 20 connected to it. The top and bottom engage shell 18. The bag top, bottom and body have all been depicted as being circular, for convenience in describing the present invention. As is well-known to those in the field, the shapes of these three major components vary widely depending upon the design of the particular bag. The available shapes of these components in practicing the present invention will also vary widely depending upon the design choices made by the designer.

[0016] Just as the prior art covers vary widely, so will the detachable outer layers of the present invention vary widely. The covers of the present invention may be made of any suitable material as long as they can be attached and detached from the golf bag shell. Such covers may be made of any suitable fabric, i.e., canvas, leather, synthetic leather and any other suitable material.

[0017] Various fasteners for detachably connecting an outer layer to the shell may be provided.

[0018] As used herein, detachable also means reattachable. Attachable as used herein does not include removing a cover which has been “permanently” attached. Permanently means that the cover was affixed or connected to the shell with the intent that it not be removed. Detachable includes any fastener means which, when used to secure the outer layer to the shell permits detachment and attachment by the average golfer which does not harm the shell, the cover, or the fastener. Such fasteners include but are not limited to Velcro, snapably engageable fasteners, zippers, buttons, clamps, screws and the like.

[0019] FIG. 2 shows an outer layer, or wrap, 24 of the present invention which can be “wrapped around a golf bag shell 18 and connected thereto. The wrap 24 is in essence a detachable version of the permanently affixed outer layer 20. A wrap 24 is shown in FIG. 3 connected to a golf bag shell 18. The opposing ends 24a and 24b abut one another and each end is connected to shell 18 by fasteners 26 which in this instance are Velcro which latch onto mating Velcro strips connected to the shell. Attaching Velcro strips may be connected elsewhere to the shell and the wrap as needed to provide an operable connection. Fastener 26 could also schematically represent a zipper. As previously indicated, other additional point to point fasteners 28 may be used. Such point to point fasteners include screws, snapably engageable fasteners and the like. FIG. 3 also shows a buckle or eye 27 connected to top 12 to secure a strap. A strap means may also be connected to wrap 24.

[0020] The present invention will enable a particular manufacturer to make a particular golf bag model having a fixed design for the top, bottom and shell and design any number of different outer layers for that particular model, each having in common at least one feature, the ability to be used in conjunction with that particular model. The covers may vary by being constructed of different materials, have different shapes, colors, aesthetic designs, fastening means and other indicia. This will enable golf bags to be sold with covers having indicia placed thereon selected by the purchaser or even designed by the purchaser. Covers may be designed so that indicia may be placed on the cover at the point of purchase. The customer may select pre-existing designs or designs or indicia designed by the customer.

[0021] While the invention has been described in its preferred embodiments, it is to be understood that the words which have been used are words of description rather than of limitation and that changes may be made within the purview of the appended claims without departing from the true scope and spirit of the invention in its broader aspects. The inventor further requires that the scope accorded his claims be in accordance with the broadest possible construction available under the law as it exists on the date of filing hereof, and that no narrowing of the scope of the appended claims be allowed due to subsequent changes in the law, as such a narrowing would constitute an ex post facto application of the law, and a taking without due process or just compensation.