Better golfers aide
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My invention of the better golfers aide has helped me by giving me opportunity to practice my golf shots and improve my swing tempo. By being small, compact and practical i can take it virtually everywhere, especially when i travel.

Isom, Michael D. (St. Louis, MO, US)
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1. What I claim as my invention is a golf practice net that I call the better golfers aide.

2. I claim that i constructed the better golfers aide out of several different types of ¾ inch materials, such as pvc, copper, aluminum and galvanized along with different diameters of tubing.

3. I claim that FIG. 5 and FIG. 6 of the specifications show the better golfers aide in different variations. FIG. 5 shows the same height and a different width FIG. 6 shows the same width and a different height. Both variations share the same design and the same utilitarian usage.



[0001] By being a traveler and not always being able to find a local practice facility i came up with the idea of the better golfers aide. A practice net that afforded me the opportunity to practice more and ultimately play better golf.

[0002] Please refer to the disclosure document filed by me, your petioner Michael D. Isom in June of 2000′.


[0003] The general idea of the better golfers aide is to help you improve your golf shots, tempo and consistancy in striking the golf ball. Opposed to other practice nets that are awkward and big, the better golfers aide is small, compact and can be used almost anywhere. Being a traveler with my work i'm not always able to find a practice range. Now i can keep in touch with different aspects of my game where ever i'm traveling to and when i read something or see something on tv, i can work on it right away.


[0004] FIG. 1 Top View

[0005] FIG. 2 Front View

[0006] FIG. 3 Right Side View

[0007] FIG. 4 Isometric View Complete with net and anchors

[0008] FIG. 5 Modified View Same height, different width

[0009] FIG. 6 Modified View Same width, different height

[0010] FIG. 7 Front View Net

[0011] FIG. 8 Front view U-bolts/anchors

[0012] FIG. 9 Sectional View Showing assembly


[0013] The making of this practice net consist of cutting ¾ in. round stock material, copper or pvc. It can also be made with aluminum or threaded galvanized pipe also. It is cut with a standard hand held tube cutter. The better golfers aide consist of 20 pcs. 17, ¾ in. pieces of round copper or pvc. 9—straight pcs., 3 that are 24 ins., 4 that are 18 ins. and 2 that are 12 in. pcs. 6—90 degree elbows and 2—¾ in. T sections. 1—net that is 36×42 ins., and 2 anchors which are standard U-bolts they are ½×5 ins.

[0014] You can put the practice net together by laying out the parts on a table or the floor. The base consist of 12 pcs. 2—24 in. pcs., 2—18 in. pcs., 2—12 in. pcs., 4—90 degree elbows and 2—T's. Take the 2—18 in. pcs. and slide a T-section on each one. Then put a 12 in. pc. in the opposite end of the T with the 90 end strait uo. You should have 2 pcs. that look exactly alike. Then put a 90-elbow on each end of both pieces, using a total of 4 elbows, again you should have 2 pcs. that look alike. Lay both pieces down flat, turning the elbow in toward each other keeping the t-section facing up , you can do this easily by just turning the pieces. Keep the 2—18 in pcs. one end and the 2—12 in. pcs. at the other. Place a 24 in. pc. in the end of the 90's at both ends. You should have a rectangle. The top consist of 5—pcs. 2—90 degree elbows and three straight 24 in. pcs. Slide a 90 on each end of one of the 24 in. pcs., then slide a 24 in. pc. in each end of the 90's. With the 2 straight pcs. facing the same direction, place them in the T's on the base. The only part that doesn't get permanently glued is the the 2 legs that go in the T-section. The Base can be put together permanently and the 2—90's on top. The top should be able to be taken out of the base so it lays flat for storage or travel. A permanent glue can be used or a J. B. weld type of sealer for copper applications.

[0015] The net should go before you connect the rear to the t-section. To put the net on seperate the base at the T section, the 18 in. part represents the rear of the practice net. Slide the 36 in. part of the net all the way around the rear base. Then slide the top section through through the rest of the 1 in. opening of the net. Then put the top back in the base the net will be loose for the purpose of catching the ball when it's being hit into the net. Now totally assembled the base can be secured with the u-bolts in plywood