Universal industrial lightweight non-hazardous sanitary biodegradable/non-biodegradable/non-flammable/flammable, removable and disposable daily use cover/net/tisse/sheet for restaurant/business/public ceiling fan paddles/blades
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A helpful, consumer friendly, industrial covering for eating establishments, human habitation areas, and sanitary areas for daily use, a lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue, non-flammable or flammable sheet/product/material Simple to construct and manufacture, cost effective, one piece unit made from a safe disposable tissue, designed for all type of ceiling fan paddle/blades hanging/operating/not operating in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, cafeterias, dance balls, working spaces, casino's, fast foods, all businesses open to the public and not open to the public. No complicated instructions! The properties hidden on uncover and unprotected ceiling fan paddles/blades which are trapped by grease, nicotine, dust, grime, tar, other sticky substances; which can also grow, breed, kill; insects, flying roaches, mosquitoes, maggots, ants, moths etc., helping them, also releasing them after death; therefore launching substances/bacteria's to wit; becoming airborne, ascending and descending into the air, environments surrounding humans and their foods, drinks and clothing. This protective industrialized cover is easy to slide on and off daily without much effort or hassles, helping to keep a cleaner environment while dining in, about or near American's, foods, drinks, skin, hair, nasal passages, mouths etc.

White, Lisa (Raleigh, NC, US)
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F04D29/38; F04D29/70; (IPC1-7): F01D25/00
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Lisa White - Burnett (Raleigh, NC, US)

What I claims as my invention is:

1. An affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material industrial cover/net, for retaining dust, particles, grease, insects, roaches gathering on ceiling fan paddles/blades, functioning as a complete set, when more than one is made, brought together, uniform or mixed matched, to create a look alike or difference, match a room, cover/net expressing a complete thought or serving to fulfill a common purpose, dual decorative need, in protect, providing effort, to do or prevent from doing; extended beyond the motor and/or joined by a metal or plastic or wood decorative arm attached or anchored by the means of screws to the turning mechanism outside the main motor parts of the enter working of a ceiling fan, said fans paddles/blades cover/net comprising: a oblong shape design having an outside edge to wit: defining the boundary lines of the main body having an identifiable outside surface and an inside surface, said outside surface is surge to prevent unraveling of the said outside edge, said surge edge protecting the said oblong shape from unraveling and creating a strong foundation, thereby preparing the said outside edge for an elastic band; an elastic band, said elastic connected by thread to the inside surface to provide a elastic circumference which adheres to the said paddles/blades, said circumference has two cuts and unfinished ends, said cuts and unfinished ends are bar tacked at the most narrow end of the said oblong shape; a bar tack seal, said bar tack creates a governor and a seal which is made of a and/or triple double stitch providing a wall of strength and an avenue of permanent juncture for the strong and continuous opposing pull while the fan is in operation, which will occur when the said oblong shape and said elastic is adhering to the said paddles/blades and said paddles/blades creates a “g” force while in circular operation; the said bar tacked cut ends, connecting the four elastic bands said cut ends, which are also attache to said a affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material oblong shape also is comprised of medium unbroken elastic straps, which connects, side to side supporting the appearance, shape and look of the said ceiling fan cover/net, two said straps are bar tacked spaciously and evenly in the middle of the narrow end of the said cover/net and two of the said straps are bar tacked spaciously and evenly in the middle broad end of the said cover/net and held in that manner during the application of the cover/net.

2. The method of constructing a affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or adverting and/or combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue, non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material industrialized cover/net for a ceiling fan paddles/blades, said method comprising of the steps of; cutting a oblong shape design, said design having an outside edge and a main body, said main body having an outside surface and an inside surface, said design cut into a oblong shape, said design being made of affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue, non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material, industrialized cover/net; a reliable, retaining, trapping, holding, keeping and maintaining the dust, particle, grease, insect, roaches; said industrialized cover/net outside edge surged to prevent unraveling of said edge and the creation of said stronger foundation; sewing the elastic band to the inside surface of the said industrialized cover/net 1. and the said oblong shape; placing a triple double bar tack stitch in the most end creating a wall of strength, a avenue of permanent juncture, a governor and a seal; bar tacking an unbroken strap in the center most center part of the said cover 1. and the said oblong shape, forming a completion of the said cover 1.

3. The affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue, non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material, industrialized cover/net of claim 1 wherein said design is oblong.

4. The affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material/industrialized cover/net for a ceiling fan paddle/blade of claim 2 wherein said outside edge of said design is sewn to said main body.

5. The said industrialized cover, for a ceiling fan paddle/blade of claim 3 wherein said design is fabricated from a biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue, non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material/industrialized cover/net; the most practical, best, durable, efficient, sheet/product/material/fabric which will conform to all shapes, cuts well, safe, joining and adjoined a long with other materials, matching well, operating well, breaking down well, disposable of well, cost wise, stores well, transport well, easy to comprehend and easy to find and identify, manufacturers and fits after production of all types of designed edges.

6. The said industrialized cover for a industrialized used or public ceiling fan for a paddle/blade of claim 4 wherein said design is fabricated from a biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material, industrialized cover/net which can be advertised on, dyed on, imitated on, duplicated on, copy on, hold up to heat and moisture, dirt well, grease well, internal body fluids from insects, roaches etc., and suitable for any room, area, restaurant, store, complex, facility, schools, homes, nursing facilities or matching expensive to inexpensive, satin, rayon, synthetics, decor, wood, tables, chairs, windows, bathrooms, etc., claim 5 wherein two of the four strap are bar tacked at the narrow end of the sheet/product/material/industrialized cover/net and two of the four straps are bar tacked at the broad end of the sheet/product/material, industrialized cover/net for the supporting and the maintaining of the item keeping it attached/close to/in place and in tack, a long with the appearance, shape, cosmetic satisfying nature, staying appealing to the eye while the sheet/product/material, industrialized cover/net is performing it's duties and assignment attached and the said paddle/blade is in a circular operation.

8. The method of not cutting the two elastic strap used at the most narrow end and narrow end from the center most of the paddle/blade and the two elastic straps at the most broad end and the broad end from the center most of the ceiling fan paddle/blade, having left them in in one entire/whole piece and the method of bar tacking the said straps to the sheet/product/material, industrialized cover/net from side to side.

9. The method of bar tacking the four elastic cut ends for establishing/securing/creating four points of governing and sealing on said industrialized cover/net.

10. The method of using a bar tack to establish/secure/create a pivotal point of contact and connection and a stop on said industrialized cover.

11. The method of using only one of the said; sheet/product/material, industrialized cover/net individually on each paddle/blade, addressing/satisfying/covering the entire wingspread one at a time.

12. The method of using removing one or more of the said; sheets/products/material, industrial cover/net singularly or dual using both hands of one hand for quick/fast/speedy/rush removable.

13. The method of removing and replacing said industrialized covers for sanitary reasons, necessity or principle on a daily bases or after it's, there usage or need the said sheets/product/material/cover/net, upon or designed from wants/needs/desires/laws/demand/convenient/cleanliness/rights of or to or given others/humans/children/animals/elderly/foreigners/ethic groups/genders/smoker or non-smokers etc.,

14. The method of using as many removable/disposable said industrialized covers in a given 24 hour period to satisfy/help/aide the needs/wants/desires of agencies and of cleanliness and top level sanitary needs/measures/steps handed over/down by administrations and companies and alike to protect the people and their products/foods before/during or a part consumption or and of the their/our/all surrounding environments/environment/areas/paddles/blades concerning Clean Air Acts, Environmental Acts, Restaurants Safety and Rules, Cleanliness Acts, Consumers Protection Acts, Workers Safety, Workmen's Compensation Act and alike etc., available on a ceiling fan in a humans/persons/employees environment to form set for a protective and/or decorative purpose.

15. The method of applying an elastic band around the outside edge of the outside surface, to create a grip, a give, a return, a hug, a fit, a snug, a hold, a spontaneous pull, a joining, a easy release, an adhering, a attachment, a safety, a security, a quick fit, a tension, a marriage, an adjoining, a coupling, a gathering, a completion, a togetherness to the paddle/blade.

16. The method of using of no non-disposable materials that are not biodegradable to create this cover/net.

17. The method of using only threads to bind together all the shapes and sizes for completion and the industrial covers creation and use.

18. The method of using no objects outside the said industrial woven fabric for said industrialized cover's completion.



[0001] The paddle/or blade to wit a dual is given in this century, was invented/created near the beginning of time by African Humans, on the Continent of Asia, wish is now known as Asia, Asia Minor and Africa. And throughout time it's development has helped man around the World, pushing, pulling, lifting, cooling, joining, feeding off and taking him places he has never seen before. Helping man to branch out and discover, then branch out and discover again, leaving places in which he could no longer Habitat.

[0002] Moving, aiding, assisting and helping man to cross the Oceans, the Seas, the Rivers and Ponds.

[0003] Attached to hands, boats, windmills, watercrafts, wood ships, rubber rafts, recreational and pleasure boats, automobiles, aircraft of all types not to exclude plains etc. However, and foremost intelligently brought together was an entire group bunched and tied or bound in a fashion to form a circle or a delight, for what is known now as a “WINGSPREAD”.

[0004] A “WINGSPREAD” exist of two/three/four/five/six and in some instances seven or more paddles/blades. Once this formation was created, it/they were spun or moved around about to wit; “WINGSPREADS” were moved back and forth, up and down and side to side, by human hands. This procedure was fashioned to create a wind, draft, circulation of the surroundings, consequently bringing about fresh new air, ridding the environment around him and it's stale surroundings in adherently of insects, bugs, flies, heat, smoke, also creatively cooling his environment and others beside him, by the moving of air surrounding those. These “WINGSPREADS” trapped and lodged bugs, insects, debris, dust, flies smoke, soot etc., inside of and in between it's paddles/blades/straw/strips etc. The matter in which was caught up or drawn into the “WINGSPREAD”, was removed by human hands, picking with a stick or simply beat out. Noticablly in ancient/past times this invention was cleaned daily and after ever use quite frequently and most intelligently simply done. Whatever happened to the standards of past times? Matter which came upon the paddles/blades still exist and attacks and prevails, even in our enclosed areas. Now more matter is upon our ceiling fans including chemicals, sprays, and pesticides.

[0005] The “WINGSPREAD” moved onto greater feats, the ceiling. Pushed and pulled by a pulley, circulated by a string moving in a 360 degree circle. Fans/Wingspread in the last modern 170 years co-joined modestly with electricity moved over our heads in and now are called Ceiling Fans. These are used in our shacks, houses, single standing buildings, schools, restaurants, lounges, hotels, motels, beach fronts, lodges, nursing facilities, in installations/barracks, apartments, homes, plantations/rental facilities, clubs, cafeteria's, malls, fast food establishments, ships, boats, in garages, on decks and porches, in offices and businesses. The ceiling fan has past all small appliances in sell and leads from time to time in distribution The ceiling fan “with” electricity was originally thought of in China and brought to the America's in the last decades strong.

[0006] The paddle/blade was designed to bring about environmental and human change. Stopping and starting, pushing and pulling, beginning and ending, transferring and attracting, was the operating of this item/device. The paddles/blades on the ceiling fans are intelligently known to be constructed/made out of many types of matter/materials. The paddles/blades which they are know to most, have not changed much in form/principle/function and/or conclusion. After many years paddles/blades remain thin, dense, and made to a reasonable length for proper functioning and to be handled easily. Paddles/Blades remain, still removing, stirring stale air, adding comfort, changing the environments, adding to the surroundings, warding off smoke, warding off insects, bugs, bacteria's, flies, flying roaches and causes dust not to settle. However to keep as a reminder, they also do the opposite to wit; store bugs and insects, store contaminates, dead carcass, roaches, spiders, beetles, flying roaches, insect, bacteria's, maintain films of sticky tobacco smoke, grill smoke, general soot formed from kitchens, store odors, Hibachi and barbecue pits. All the previously named matter found upon ceiling fan paddles/blades have and are currently using the ceiling fan paddles/blades as a Hammmick. This is all due to the atmosphere and it's barometric pressures and on static electricity! This is a never ending problem and the only other means to solving this problem, is this newly invented cover/net. Biodegradable or non-biodegradable, non-flammable and/or flammable in it's nature. In the past the only means of approaching the ways of cleaning this item was to have humans/adult humans cleaning them by hand or some other extended apparatus. The apparatus/article which was chosen to clean the ceiling fan paddles/blades became as dirty, gummy, greasy, dark, infected and filthy as the ceiling fan paddles/blades itself Notable this article has and had to be cleaned also. In most cases the second cleaning did not take place. Too much work was the main reasons why brush, cloth, rags did not become sanitized, cleansed, scrubbed or rinsed etc., These apparatus were simply used again. Adding to the pervious problem is more bacteria's, fungus, heavier strands of fungus's, new germs, debris and old dry insect parts and dead carcasses. More diseases to examine or pass on to the or what is thought to be “a clean environment”. Once the ceiling fans resume operation a process will take place. All wet solutions and chemical will dry and break off into particles and enter into the nostrils and foods of many, including the shopkeepers, janitor and the one to whom cleaned the paddles/blades. The list can go on. How sick, polluted, nasty, fowl, diseased the environment in which we eat, drink, speak, sit, bathe, laugh, trust, smoke in, cook in, store foods in etc., no wonder we as a society get sick, suffer with allergies, flu and have never ending battles with the common cold.

[0007] In conclusion and in it's conclusive, and I have found, successful means to tackling this problem. To maintain a sense of assured safety, trusted in cleaning and trust while cleaning again. Covering/netting ceiling fan's paddles/blades with a disposable daily removable cover/net, a favorite/related/advertising message can be displayed. The only safe measure in which strangers/patrons/citizens entering into to a new environment operating ceiling fans, is to cover them. Ceiling fan paddles/blades come in dark woods/light woods/white/colors/decors and alike, so how can a person know, be safe from the dangers of their environment. How can a person/child/consumer intelligently know that they are indeed clean/germ free/debris free etc. and their health is not in jeopardy or recklessly being set up. One safe way to have knowledge, is to display removable/disposable covers/nets. Knowing the environment and knowing that it is being cleaned well and not being kept in a nasty or low grade condition, is important information. Inspectors and many other agencies may have this cover/net as a better means to view, detect problems and problem areas and how to help them better their service/building/ventilation etc. This removable and disposable cover/net can be disposed of without bringing more harm actually reducing the spreading of debris. This ceiling fan can be flushed without consequences to the environment. This cover/net was not invented/design to be “SHAKEN OUT” This cover/net was/is designed to be discard!, not rinsed, not washed, not blown, not beaten, not tumbled dried, or saved. THIS COVER/NET IS TO BE DISCARD and general label and/or warning tag can be placed in or on the outside of this cover/net to give instruction to it purpose. Covers have a history of protecting, removing and showing care.

[0008] Many paddles/blades which are know to humans and some which have been recently discovered in the last decade to wit are; wood, plastic, cane, bamboo, metals and/or a combination thereof, all of these paddles/blades are in position to become dirty and carry unknown things/matter on them etc., some which are thrown back into the environment and some which are thrown back to humans in a different forms and/or matter. This adherently useful device/tool/joining apparatus, “the ceiling fan” took on a more refined/cosmetic/sighting and has removed an intense viewing away form the bacterial problems it has and can produce.

[0009] Appealing look over the centuries and now in modern times have allowed this society to display this Invention/Creation inside the homes/businesses/eateries and like establishments, now known to all as a “Household Ceiling Fan”, which operates on a daily bases. Because of it's non-threatening appeal many have indulged into this hanging and energy efficient device. Shop Keepers and cleaners of these devices most commonly see and also view a little dust as not having to be removed thinking “people really don't mine”. It has been known to be a large undertaking and a large job, costly job to do/tackle. Daily cleaning is a big job for most companies, stores, shops, fast food, schools, cafeterias and places of businesses, they simply can not handle another load or the man power time, person falling down from cleaning blades, or another apparatus being removed or stolen from their place of businesses. One common fact of Americans, they hate heights and high up jobs. The less time they can spend up, the better. The less time Americans can spend time cleaning, they will. A cleaner place is inherently a safer place and that means more business will come and more persons will have a feeling of safe and clean. Another know fact is that paddles/blades are attached to the motor and frighten employees, managers and homeowners. Climbing and wiping or having to use a bucket and then spilling water or sprays on the floor etc., is sometimes too and far too much to bare. However, this item must be kept up with on a daily bases! These daily directives come from the office of; FOOD, SAFETY and HYGIENE and many more branches of the restaurant commissions.

[0010] This useful invention hanging in this “modem times' is in over 422 million homes across American, however this device/tool/joining apparatus has reached portions in the billions and still remains the top selling household item in the country and around the world. So due to the large request and task and undertaking, which has to be met by shop owners and renters, this invention was created to help save companies, save time, save employee, save man power, save money, save injuries cost, save cost on cleaning fluids, save towels, save rags, save scrubs, save squirt bottles, save uniforms, save water, save filters and also save cost on fines and commission and personal lost/insurance/suits.

[0011] American's has a love relationship and a passion with this helpful device/tool/joining apparatus and the pleasures it brings to it's clients/customers/patrons/shop owners/shop holders and a like. Whether it is hangings inside a rooms/space for, awareness, comfort, energy saving advantages, distributing air pollutants, Americans love ceiling fans. All the free standing buildings, row/adjoining restaurants, schools, nursing homes, offices, banks, offices, etc., and the people around them have a fascination for them and like wise around the world.

[0012] Approximately no closer than 7″ inches to a ceiling, is a recommended standard for hanging a ceiling fan This industrialized cover/net can accommodate any ceiling fan anywhere. No matter how big or small, wide of thin the paddle/blade, this cover/net will fit. It's design assures an accommodating fit to each and every paddle/blade, to fit tight, close, snug and grip. Just simply clean them for the last time and then place one on each the paddle/blade and it is over. It will only take a shopkeeper a matter of 6 minutes to prepare his or hers shop for customers and any hygiene or sanitation engineer or inspector in case they should “drop by”. These covers/nets are easy to apply and will not take from the beauty of pleasant look or the nature or the operation of the fan. A cover is design to cover and provided protect in both arena's to wit; shield from the environment and the environment shielded from it. There is not one “perfect” thing, broom apparatus, vacuuming attachment/device, etc., “that gets it all” and “does everything that needs to be done/completed” and/or “saves everything”. However this invention is here and the one “perfect” solution to this aggravating and persisting unending problem Placing “an industrialized temporary, disposable, removable, adaptable, logical, biodegradable, non-biodegradable, non-flammable and/or flammable covers/nets over the paddles/blades. This will indeed ensure a timely cleaning rule and cleaner looking environment/item. There is no other means whereby shopkeepers, janitors or owners can use, to prevent a no “MESSY JOBS” and “CLEAN-UP JOB”.

[0013] The ceiling fan, a popular item found in every part of the world, began in the 1800's, in it's distribution around the world. A well known company “Emerson Electric” who has been leading this field and doing so for more than 100 years, producing and distributing more than 3 billion fans around the world. This item can be purchased in a price range between $12.00 to $700.00. This successful product has been in the market place for a great length and still “dust, grime, grease and debris” remains it biggest draw back and at times can become the biggest health risk.

[0014] Protection for the public and the children of this world/society is first and foremost. This invention demonstrates and possesses several; quality of decreasing dust, dirt, grease, grime, bugs, insects, roaches, flying roaches, this is so due to the pre-woven threads. This cover/net is also available for the addition or the use of a non-toxic spray or a light adhesive or starch, before or during it application or after it's application. This cover/net so light, approx. less than ¼ ounce, is design fittingly, tightly around, a paddle/blade (as to receive no Airlifts) makes it ideal for this problem and object.

[0015] A weight so conservative, so that this cover/net can be handled and understood with ease, it's look, design, construction and creation will add to the greatness of an already great product and ideal, keeping simplicity simple. Ceiling fans are fragile and will wobble. These covers/nets will not interrupt nor disturb the balance of the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are fragile and so are the environment surrounding us. Working together, this item will and can collect all including (50% of additional matter will be collected because of the daily stick spray, daily or shift changes and/or logical changes) or most of the above unwanted matters and helps in many ways to reduce bacteria's, flies, bugs, grease, pollutant's etc., things which can be thrown or admitted (also called emissions) into the air knowingly and unknowingly. No matter the speed of the ceiling fan or the deg./angle setting of the paddles/blades, these paddles/blades never fail to get dirty. No matter the speeds or settings of the paddles/blades, application of sprays, polishes, 409 cleaners, agents of any kind or types, etc., the paddles/blades will always gather dirt, dust and all other matter, nothing is protected or will stop dust. Dust is an earth thing and people are also. Protecting people from the spread of as much as we can possible is the goal of this cover/net. Lastly from unwanted matters from reaching our foods, drinks, plates, elderly, hands, eyes, shoes, lips, lungs, ears, tongues, children bodies, clothes, etc.

[0016] This invention “An Affordable Daily Use Lightweight Thin Adaptable Plain and/or Decorative and/or Entertaining, and/or Advertising and/or Combination and/or Collaboration, Sanitizing, Removable, Disposable Biodegradable or Non-Biodegradable Tissue, Non-Flammable and/or Flammable Sheet/Product/Material, Cover/Net, has the following findings to wit; Weight, Usage of Material, Adaptability, Intelligent, Concept, Scope, Affordability, Manufacturing, Effectiveness, Safety, Style, Utility, Design, Shape, Stability, Appeal, Cost, Understanding, Sensibility, Beauty, Delivery, Time Saving, Quickness, Readiness, Completion, Disposable, Customer Friendly, Availability, Suitability, Supple, Environmental, Logic, Consequence, Notability, Demand, Need, Want, Aide, Security, Wisdom, and Strength etc.


[0017] In reference to this new invention; “an industrialized affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or advertising and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or biodegradable tissue, non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material ceiling fan cover/net/shield. This invention backs and addresses standards, values, safety, cleanliness, cleaning restaurants, preparing environments better where food and drinks and people are and may dwell.

[0018] Servicing, health, hygiene, the spreading of bacteria's, food contamination, food production, smoker rights, non-smokers rights, insect repelling, disease, digestion, germs, debris, waste, dust, mold, mildew, grease, airborne dead insect shells, airborne unknown substances, allergies, insect body fluids, crawling matter, bedded matter, flying insects and roaches, human errors, human and employee injury, disposable apparatus's, social surroundings, industrial environments, air pollution, pet bacteria and pet hairs transported/carried in customers/consumers/persons clothing and released inside closed areas, flea, beetles, itch-mites, lice, etc.

[0019] Measures added and performed such as; the industrialized covers/net embodiment, the embodiments straps, methods in how this invention is constructed and why.

[0020] With this industrialized cover/net/shield, improvements will be made not only in the cooking and dwelling, playing, participating and sleeping environments, but in the quality of inside air. This type of “AIR” is very rarely seen or can be seen, except only in the sunlight or in a beam of light; natural or otherwise. This type of air is felt and the bacteria's felt in this enclosed “AIR” gives to us (society) things that we are often unaware. However, what is in the air can carried with people and contained in side of their bodies, clothes, foods, drinks, and alike.

[0021] The matters within the “Restaurant Air” and other closed off areas can harm persons short term and long term. This air is more dangerous because society has learn to trust this type of enclosure.

[0022] This type of environment is more felt the normal. Persons are at most times unaware of what matters are floating in the “AIR” and most times the environment has captured. When a person scratches, is bitten, couch's, deeply inhales, exhales or a combination of both, sneezes, itches, moves around, brushes themselves off, start complaining, experiences feelings of tiredness, headaches, dizziness, indigestion, gas, lost in thoughts, sleepiness, laziness, thirst, madness, craziness, decrease in breathing, interruptions in breathing, asthma attacks, heart attacks, chest pains, yawns, prepares to go, it is the environment.

[0023] Clean Air, allows people to move around freely and feel less challenged. The application of dust, germ, debris and grease retaining covers/nets/shields will allow the enclosed environments to become carriers of less pollutants and germs; and less carriers of lesser form of life and a diligent polluters to wit; bugs, insects, roaches, flying roaches, mosquitoes, spiders, incest eggs, etc.

[0024] Studies, Researchers, Schools, Agents, Committees, and Special Interest Groups and/or Focus Groups have shown that over the years and over the centuries, that insects can and will survive, can be transported by humans in different ways, dropped off in environments and kept by these environments due to the supply of grease, germs, bacteria's, insect eggs, droppings and certain types if a combination thereof These matters can drop along the floors, in bathrooms, kitchens, on seats, in offices and many other places in the public. Whether public or private places knowingly or unknowingly people, pets can leave matter and these matters move into places and breed. People, chemicals and even prayer can not stop them. All matter and manna possess the desires to live and want to live and sometimes with people and in there food. They have desires, needs along with wanting to breed/nest. Once they have survived and have successfully generated they can freely and quietly move about and up. They have adapted to the climate, environment and surroundings and now will survive.

[0025] Various types of insects can stay around 365 days a years, providing the environment maintains it's needs and studies show that they can, especially inside of Restaurants. Dust-Mites are the worst. Not all intruders of the lower form of life can be removed with cold climates, disinfectants, sprays, washings, polishes, solvents, ingenious ideals (mixtures) and alike. Things that man/people/employees/shop keepers/patrons spray or admit into the air can stop or slow them down. Businesses with air filter not regularly changed on systems and mops/brooms/duster/cloths/rags not changed, disinfected or cleansed maintain and keep, matter/things causing them to multiplying and growing. Devices around restaurants/places are not dried completely, enough or properly.

[0026] Mold and mildew add to this problem tremendously. Not all matter/things can be removed from environments and when they are not being removed, they are being kept. People have to work smarter or harder. Ceiling fans are one of the uncontrollable items in places that contribute to spoils Ceiling fans are a problem to clean and a mess, trouble, nuisance to clean.

[0027] More than people and the environment knows, bacteria collect on ceiling fans. Ceiling fans spin around gathering all lightweight flowing and flying mater in the air. Anything placed or welcomes itself into the environment can become apart of the paddles/blades of a ceiling fan.

[0028] No matter how low of high into the ceiling/air they draw things. They are generally and widely used to remove things and help with the cleaning, safety, beauty, softening, clearing, covering and maintaining of shop enclosures.

[0029] Ceiling fans are pleasurable to the eye and appealing form different points of view. However, these fans get dirty and filth gathers and that same ceiling fan spreads the dirt and filth a around the environment in which it is operating in. Even filters can not remove most of what gathers onto them. Heat or and cold air can dry these matters up and out if they are trapped/lodged. Most are not educated on the facts and matters surrounding diseases and ceiling fans so this problem persist. Matter can and does take flight into the air and become apart of people or apart of their drinks/foods. They are harmful, causing suffering slightly or seriously later in people to wit; their nervous systems, lungs, eyes, ears, nasal passages, mouths and/or/could hurt people too.

[0030] This invention is a practical means, a cover/net for the ceiling fans. An inexpensive items which helps our society in any ways, two of which are in the area's of efficiency and cooling, has to be protected. They do not have to be removed, however they must be kept clean and safe from distributing bacteria thus states the Food, Safety and Hygiene Administration which watches over Restaurants and foods they serve, People that eat in the places they serve food in and the environments surrounding the food.

[0031] Ceiling fans have a built in magnet for matter. Ceiling fans produce static electricity. Static electricity attracts things and the things in which people can not see harm the environment. The static electricity it produces maintains dust/debris and moisture, smells, smoke and soot. Insects love these places and love to breed in these place. The dust and debris seen on the paddles/blades come from out of the environment and from off the motor. No matter how much a person/employer/company cleans these energy efficient devices, they will still attract. Most of these ceiling fans are in no way clean properly. Companies find it to be a waste of money and time. No one is eating off them or putting into their mouth or up to their noses, so what does it matter. People matter! People do not indulge in flying insect parts and dust.

[0032] Ceiling Fans put, bring, throw things/matter into the air below and above people, which floats down. This invention will help to lessen and stop in most cases this from occurring. A choice of a “biodegradable/non-biodegradable” whether “non-flammable or flammable” will enable persons to become more alert, to what is around them, become better in tune to what is in their environments to wit; flies, roaches, spiders etc. So in conclusion, the daily removal able and disposable industrialized biodegradable and/or non-biodegradable, non-flammable or flammable ceiling fan cover/net, will be responsible for approx 70% of what is admitted into the restaurants and other enclosed places operating ceiling fans, provided they are responsibly changed.

[0033] Another of the favorable factors in devising this cover/net is helping persons discover what is coming, living and growing inside of their enclosures/environments. Restaurants having this cover introduced onto the paddles/blades will also inform them of wonderful things and unsafe matters. These cover/nets will tell inspectors, shop keepers, owners, renters and others around or coming in or leaving out of the area by sight or “eye shot” when the cover/net over the paddles/blades, need to be removed or changed. Build up will show and moisture will weight them down if they are not removed. This built system has to do with the cover/net collecting at free will.

[0034] A light fragrance can be added or a means of attracting more dust/debris/germs/smoke etc., can be added also. And, harmless addition with no draw backs, hazards, or influences on people will add to aggressively clearing and cleaning of the environment, helping and aiding persons and shop keepers etc., of what they knows is, lives, dwells and grows inside of it.

[0035] Another factor in having such a cover is, it will tell you upon examination, what is or is exactly inside of the/your environment or the environment that one is eating, drinking, working, living, stay, breathing in. From this point, suggestions and changes can be made or solution to resolving all problems can be acted upon.

[0036] This cover can detect and will detect. It can be a tool in aiding law enforcement officials and fire personnel of any release of chemicals, types of smoke and how much of “whatever” was released/allow/invited etc., into the area/air and this is allowed and due to the nature of the material being used in this invention. This invention can be used either on a much needed bases or on a not so much needed bases. The benefit's will be seem quite quickly upon the placing on of this cover/net/shield and after a few minutes of the operation of the ceiling fan. Also not to exclude the removal of this cover/net/shield.

[0037] In white or array of color in which it can be made from, does not change the outward condition of what is drawn into or onto the paddles/blades. The industrialized cover/net/shield will tell the shop owner or holders, proprietor's, leasing agents, renters, counsel men/women, commissioners, managers, mayors, home owner, representatives, presidents and CEO's, executives, supervisors and inspector of what is inside their closed, open or a mixture thereof; building, business, environment, surroundings, city, state, school, building, This industrialized cover/net/shield, made from a biodegradable or non-biodegradable, non-flammable and/or flammable fabric performs wonderful and with tremendous amounts of results that may be pleasing or otherwise to consumers and users of this product/invention. In place, no additional safety measure will not be needed to secure this industrialized cover/net.

[0038] There are no bells and whistles needed or used. The concept of covering a ceiling fan paddle/blade is not only creative, it is more importantly logical sensible, reasonable, cost effective long and short term.

[0039] Ceiling fans should also be covered for menisspal purposes as well as and for sanitary reasons. And this is for obvious reasons if not more. The air/atmosphere can thicken at an enormous rate, especially in the summer months and everything that nature has to offers tries to discover, food, water and cooler environments. Most persons never considered the facts of dead or half living insects, flying roaches, flies, moths, mice, small and baby spiders, itch-mites, fleas, etc., and/or the wings/hairs/internal organs/heads/tails/legs/antenna's etc., are for the most part first and foremost flung and thrown in to the air, settling down, gliding down, gently falling down, settling against the ceilings, walls, windows, chairs, floors but, into hair and eyes, clothes and unknowingly/consequently/unbearable/some knowingly/graciously/without a doubt and un-measurably into foods, drinks, plates, coffees, teas etc. This cover/net resolves a lot of these problems and pest. Reducing the question of how, who, what, when, where, which and how did “something”,“like this”, “occur to “me”.

[0040] Environments are run by inventions and some can hurt, harm us. This cover/net has no intention in this area. This invention was devised to help/reduce/protect/take out of remove. Air conditioner and their filters can not do this alone. Air units are costly to run and the air filters are costly to replace, so places have turned to ceiling fans, the leading appliance sold in the world. This cover/net is of low cost and will give more back to the environment than any other devise derived in this field of ceiling fan accessories or apparatus.

[0041] This cover/net is consumer friendly and will help minimize high cost of cleaning. The potential for employee injuries will reduce and employee accidents. This cover/net was discovered due to the surrounding environment effecting the invention and the observation of the invention of approx 13 years.

[0042] Pertaining now to hind sight; persons/employees cleaning ceiling fans, get hurt and are continuously hurting, injured, setting people and employers up for Workmen's compensation and days off is another situation to combat.

[0043] However the demands and rules are their and in place for ceiling fans. Adding on to injuries are; allergies/colds/flu's/asthma/asthma attacks/ear infections/fungus in their lungs etc., of the employees.

[0044] Laws such as OSHA are in place to assist employees, assisting in matters when employees are not aware of manners, chemical, procedures, losses and matters that effect them and their families.

[0045] This cover was also invented to assist employees who work for unkind, thoughtless, uneducated shop keepers, bosses, lazy owners and a like, who will not clean their own ceiling fans. These cover/net can also be used in private homes, clubs, recreations and facilities also. Persons are not always to blame in these instances however, they and shop owners are responsible for at least demonstrating or demonstrating meaning taking action, efforts to help, assist and minimize what ceiling fans do and how they stir up matter, pull up matter, attract matter, spun matter around the room, holding of the matter. The industrialized cover stops in most cases and minimizing in most cases also persons violating, companies violating, looking pass health, food, environmental and safety issues. The low cost and the subtraction of many unnecessary steps/processes/directions such as the use of oils, sprays, exterminating sprays, employee time in implementing these things etc. applying industrialized ceiling fan covers/nets help the shop owner while helping his surroundings/his environment and the customers environment. This cover/net is affordable and easier to apply and remove over and over again than watching and washing down ceiling fan paddles/blades, in comparison. Covering and removing a industrialized, sanitary cover/net relating to the ceiling fan paddle/blade is the pinnacle scope of any devised. Good measures lead to good faith and principles when dealing with the public and their trust and foods. The main thrust of every patented ideal is it's conception, discovery and what it can do or add to the world to make it safer, better, healthier, easier, more understanding and simpler. Ease, logic and simplicity should be the premiere scope and number one ingredient. This cover/net was designed to be a no non-sense cover/net, to tackle a non-tolerance subject. This cover/net can be mass produce with ease and understanding and packaged in bulk to wit; the shop holder/owner can remove and/or have dispensed to him all and as many covers/net he or she or any employee can stand/tolerate, with no lost concerns. This daily cover/net is to be removed and thrown away daily. Daily referring to as in one full use on the active paddle/blade, one full use is identified as a 24 hour day, or one 24 hour running or operation of a fan, providing the conditions of a shop holders/owners conditions are not over abandoned, lost, ridiculous, over whelming, ridiculous, unbearable or way underneath the standards of the laws hand over to them, then as many covers/nets as necessary or as many to cover efficiency and slow down or rid the problem/conditions to bring any and all conditions up. The daily removal of dust, grease, grime, bug, fine hairs, smoke, soot, bacteria etc., to promote the environment surrounding all which can be affected, offended or hurt.

[0046] This industrialized cover/net is made of only one type of fabric. This cover/net is no more than 1.25 in weigh after a complete set of 5 has been introduce as a set. This cover/net is so light as to not disturb the functioning and the balance of the ceiling fan while in operation. This cover/net is constructed out of a material dependable and inexpensive collectively, many can be used and sold at a low/reasonable cost and still show profits to the customer and the producer. This cover/net can be applied from either end of the cover/net and still give application to the paddles/blades, conforming to it's style. This cover/net can also give protection while painting, reconstruction is occurring or extermination is at hand. This cover/net serves no understanding to the problems of the daily attacks and solutions to the daily environment and it's surrounding.

[0047] This cover/net has a wide adaptability and capacity cover a wide paddle/blade and perform well, of any other prior This cover/net has the capacity to adapt in length as well as width without tearing. This cover has not hazards. This cover/net hands visible assurance to the shop keeper and patrons of a clean environment above and around them, providing consumers are using said cover/net properly. This cover/net can be quickly removed and replaced. This cover/net has the best construction ideal of any other prior art. This cover/net is so simple in it's fashion, that is needs no instruction to apply or remove. This cover/net takes 2 minutes to construct due to it's simple design, from beginning to completion. This cover has a cost factor low enough to bring advantages to the shop keep as not to bring a financial strain upon the keeper. This cover/net can not confusing and can be applied with only comment sense and no drawn out details. This cover/net possesses the wisest approach to collect matter one a daily bases, while keeping cost low. The method could be described as a intelligent invention and as an intelligent means of covering/netting insect and bacteria which attacks, lives, thrives and collects on a paddle/blade. This approach is one of the most conventional, and contemporary looking and functional methods all in one application. One in which all persons and types of businesses can understand, use, enjoy, benefit from, design on, etc., for all ages, needs, reasons, sizes, shapes, thickness, locations, places, races, greed's, national origins This cover/net show no bias. This cover/net does not weighs heavy upon a person, company personas, look, decor, time, cost., etc. This cover possesses no bells and whistles, needs not to be cleaned!, folded!, ironed!, dried!, sized!, sprayed!, shaken out!, dry cleaned!, adjusted!, pressed!, under warranty!, hidden!, stored!, carefully handled!, kept, burned!, saved!, set!, turned inside out!, sanitized!, deodorized!, turned on or off!, laid to the side!, sized up!, fitted!, paddles/blades do not have to be removed or detached from the motor/fan!, Ceiling fan does not have to be take down!, cover/nets do not have to be recorded!, registered!, logged!, formed!, cut!, shaped!, tucked!, pulled!, drawn!, dragged!, untangled!, unwrapped!, wrapped!, un-winded! or winded, unraveled!, raveled, untwisted or twisted!, flatten!, gently handled!, washed!, waxed!, polished!, fused!, altered!, changed once onto paddle/blade!, clued!, licensed!, understood!, tacked!, sewn to or into it!, put together!, managed!, governed!, gathered at the ends!, tied!, or fixed etc., To apply slip on, to remove slip off!

[0048] A no non-sense and no energy taking tool/apparatus/cover/net etc., It simply makes up keeping easier! And businesses operating ceiling fan inside and outside of their business or companies a little less of a hassle! This cover adds, protects shop keepers, maintain shop keepers rights, owners of large, small stores, chains, It adds. No other cover/net specifically designed for ceiling fan paddles/blades can compare! This cover was invented to help save the environment and allow ceiling fans to be kept, hang, continue to operate and remain as a “main” stay in public places and private places. Enclosing, this cover/net/invention was invented/created to help, aid, end disputes, add and end pride, allow freedoms and liberties, protecting the rights of customers, shop owners and pleasures/enjoyments between all to wit; Americans/Foreigners and Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Americans/Foreigners, bringing about full awareness and full consciousness and “keeping the rights” of maintaining company, having ownership, possessing certain properties and/or items, visiting places in peace and with assuredness without due caution and circumspections.


[0049] In reference to the invention's detail description of the preferred embodiment it is as follows;

[0050] Referring now to the drawings FIG. 1. Shows an oblong shaped design referred to as a industrialized cover 10. The industrialized cover 10. has a industrialized main body 12., comprised from a flexible, strong, dense, absorbent, pliable, affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising sanitizing removable/disposable, biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material industrialized 12. whereas the maximum volume of the affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or a combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material industrialized 12. used which does not surpass 1 ounce after it's construction into the industrialized cover 10. and/or industrialized tissue 12., no matter the size of the ceiling fans paddle/blade. In the preferred industrialized cover 10. affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material is the preferred industrialized main body 12. and an elastic circumference 20. which is sewn onto and into the affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or a combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable sanitizing biodegradable or non-biodegradable, non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material 12. (not shown) which allows it's oblong shape to adapt or conform to any shape of the paddle/blade withstanding oddities and differences to wit; round, beveled, square, cathedral, crown, bent, jagged., in which the paddle/blade is design out of or completed from wood, plastic, bamboo, cardboard, metal, glass not to exclude messed or pressed materials or any combination thereof to wit any formation or deviation within or out of the scope of the genuine ideal also to include damages, normal wear and tear, erosions, eruptions, fractures, cravings, embellishments, carvings, risings, bubbles, designs intentionally or unintentionally created/made to include, warping, crackling, deteriorations naturally or unnaturally etc., within it's body/structure/mass or outside thereto enhancing or create difference knowingly or unknowingly to include the entire mass and the circumference's edge or edges and outer edge or edges. Not shown however, variations, differences and/or a demonstration, look or the operation of a this item.

[0051] The four ¼ inch straps 26.,28.,30.,32., two provided at the narrow most end, beginning left, from the center 26., 28., and two provided at the broad most end, beginning, right from the center 30.,32., evenly distributed through the industrial cover/net 10., and the industrialized main body 12., for a even display, a suspension, a perfect balance, a perfect distribution for fastening/security, a weigh exactness, a wide perfect fitting while dressing the paddle/blade which prevents “quick slippage”, in the event this industrialized cover 10. has any tampering or sabotage which has/can take place or because of sudden miss-fortune's or human errors a common phenomenon, placing the industrialized cover 10. on incorrectly without knowledge, logic, sensibility or common sense not to exclude the industrialized main body 12. being turn in up side down. The four straps collectively 26., 28., 30., 32., also “heightens” the appearance of the industrialized cover 10. increasing the industrialized cover's 10. value, appeal, beauty, flat, flush, perfect fitted and smooth look. Not excluded is the exciting, almost, polished, picture perfect look; “it's Enunciation”, as if the embellishment is/was literally placed demonstrating a no/non-removable, baked on fixture or a part of the paddle/blade itself

[0052] Referring now to the drawing FIG. 2, the reverse of FIG. 1., which shows a oblong cover industrialized 10. which is comprised of the preferred material to wit; an affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or a combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material 12. in which designers, manufactures, promoter, artists, clients, proprietors, companies, advertisers, entrepreneurs, can creatively blend colors, words, ideals and meanings or entire works of art or collaboration etc., which allows the printing on/upon the affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or a combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material industrialized 12. because of the it's know and it's unknown properties/materials, quality/nature said industrialized main body 12. Versatility, convenience, flexibility, durability, reliability, safe, sensible, agreeable along with the environment and most notable holding logical properties and factors which are namely the tissue's strong points, not to exclude it's array of colors and acceptability to inks, other colors, dyes, paints, neon's, gloss, glow in the dark solutions/chemicals/properties, not to excluded it's acceptability to threads etc.

[0053] This industrialized cover 10. is/or shall be, or is/was designed to be used as a tool/device/apparatus for and to protect/aide/maintain a clean environment inside and outside places/facilities/units/temporary stays especially environments that contain things and environments which surround things such as; living breathing people to wit and thereto; “close off” areas, closed areas, secure areas, eating areas, sleeping areas, resting areas, bathing areas, visiting areas, lounging areas, gambling areas, gaming areas, recreational areas, facial areas, tanning areas, smoking areas, drinking areas, dancing areas, relaxing areas, viewing areas, sporting areas, snacking areas, pool areas, steaming areas, working areas, cooking areas, betting areas, industrial areas, shop areas, shopping areas, park areas, sheltered areas, table areas, school areas, cafeteria areas, nursing areas, nursery areas, dusting areas, television areas, studio areas, testing areas or any area which house/keep/entertain/maintain/capture the attention or/or time of any living breathing human being/creation/creature, for any length of time or simply passing by. This industrialized cover 10. industrialized main body 12. which used as a tool/device/apparatus to cover the paddles/blades and all focal points which are exposed to the elements during it's operation and non-operation status. The industrialized cover 10. which hugs the paddles/blades and it industrialized main body 12. which is made from a daily, lightweight, thin, adaptable, removable/disposable, biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable or flammable lightweight sheet/product/material industrialized main body 12. is held/supported/suspended by four straps 26., 28., 30., 32., two left from the middle 26., 28., and two strap right from the middle 30., 32. Said four straps 26., 28., 30., 32., are placed underneath the elastic band 22. wherein the industrialized main body 12. joins the elastic circumference 20. and the biodegradable or non-biodegradable and/or non-flammable and/or flammable woven fabric 24. and bar tacked with a triple binding stitch, creating eight ¼ inch width seam lines 34., 36., 38., 40., 42., 44., 46., 48. covering the width of each elastic band's 26., 28., 30., 32., edge the total sum of the elastic bands 26., 28., 30., 32., width. The entire sum of the cover after it's completion remarkably weighing no more than 114 ounce to fit a large ceiling fan paddle/blade and weigh less to intelligently cover a smaller than large paddle/blade after it's construction as to not infer with the operation/function and speed of the ceiling fan, which is design to capture elements, particles large and small, seen and unseen, living and non-living things, which have been thrown, introduced, admitted, taken in, taking, stored, presented, sprayed, squirted, blown, smoked, carried, poured, spilled, flown, flung, kept, placed, overthrown, brushed, wiped, feathered, dropped, indirectly and in some cases directly and/or by accident or by principle into areas, entire properties, vacancies, dens, facilities, boxes, spots or containers carried or not, closed or opened in the environments or any environment which living things pass through, thru, by, dwell or have a being and/or purpose. The industrialized cover 10. which wraps around the paddle/blade is comprised of a tissue material possessing a small woven mesh composition either of a daily, lightweight, thin, adaptable, removable/disposable, biodegradable or non-biodegradable which can be non-flammable or flammable industrialized 12. hugs the paddle/blade and can not take flight to wit; the safe straps 26. which will not come away from the elastic circumference 20. because of the durable, triple binding strong seam lines 28., 30., while it is in operation or a non-operational status. The industrialized cover 10. and it's industrialized main body 12. helps to aide in the prevention of “repelling/releasing”, temporarily and in most case permanently, things that the industrialized cover 10. and it's industrialized main body 12. has captured, is holding, holding, maintaining, housing, storing, keeping inside of it etc., things or substances which have and persistently adhered or attached to the paddles/blades in the current times, past times etc., because of heat, changing room temperature, change elements, environmental temperatures, static electricity, moisture, sanitary and unsanitary conditions, smoke, various types of grease, cooking oils, fumes and perfumes, dust, smells, vapors, etc., not to exclude the; manufactures/companies/industries/producers/retailers/custodian and alike who have placed on/upon the paddles/blades a protective coatings, manufactured shines, or added on shine and/or chemicals which are know as to the public such as; baked on glosses, glows, gleams, shields, thickened shines, anti-fading treatments, wood treatments, oils, polishes, etc., to meet customers standards in look, appeal which tends to break down and change composition in time once the paddle/blades are exposed to the environment in which they are operating or hanging to wit, more changes occur such as it's design, look and intended purpose. In addition and over time, change occurs to the paddles/blades function, glamour, attractiveness, beauty, benefits, effectiveness, appealing nature and becomes; unknown, unfamiliar, unattractive, unhealthy, a death trap for things and insects, tasteless, toxic, a grease pit, forbearing, unexpected, intolerable, disgusting, unsightly, non-productive, mounting, combined, inadequate, poisonous or potentially poisonous because of substance and/or things which attache, crawl around, attack, fix, fuse, home, live, gain access, die, dry up, bred, increase, nest, dwell, multiple, keep to, bake to, adhere to, stick to, connect to, rely on, stay on, feed on and in most cases stay trapped on for no certain length of time, therefore to wit; inspectors/agents/companies/customers/visitor/lab techs, chemist/engineers/experimenters/manufacturers, etc., investigated and research and which discovered or found in most instances after continuous and/or various examinations, theories, test, research, scenarios, conquest, changes, experiments, conclusions, cases, trials, test runs, observations, quest to see, ventures, etc., this device which functions well and aides needs to be kept clean, washed, sanitized, wiped, watched carefully, prepared for the next business day, cooking day, service day, open buffet day, etc., because of unhealthy matter which can and does connect and develop due to it's operation and nature, exposure to the elements, development of static electricity, motion, privacy, enclosures, lighting capabilities, and all it's collection powers/forces. These things are not know to most humans or to the innocent public which shows contempt, carelessness, ignorance, arrogant, offenses and effect and harm and potentially more.

[0054] Harm to persons, which is logically and remains consequently out of the “best” interest of human beings young and old, their environment and foods which they consume. Matter and things which fly, crawl, connect, join, or may run into the present uncovered paddles/blades knowingly, unknowingly, quietly, persuasively and pervasively, temporarily or permanently upon and/or around the paddles/blades edges, entire circumference, metal screws, arms, brackets, embellishments etc., attached to the ceiling fans not covered while operating or currently not operating thereinafter of this item must be covered to lessen, decrease, subside, shrink, reduce, curtail, dwindle, eliminate thereafter; bugs, flying roaches, flies, dust, debris, spiders, cob-webs, dead skin cells, beetles, cock roaches, Spanish roaches, smells, micro-organism, itch mites, lice, fleas, flea eggs, night flies, moths, ants, mosquitoes, silverfish, palmetto, water bugs, crickets, maggots, larvae etc., These lower forms of life feed and exist on and upon things that gather, accumulate, stick and stay, giving life then dying and after death turn into dead carcasses so lightweight their shell, dry matter, flake off, become airborne and are thrown about because of the objectivity, circular motion of the fan. These paddles/blades attached to ceiling fans are in restaurants, homes, hospital schools, cafeterias, hotels, clubs, casinos, fast food places, many places so numerous to name/list etc., where humans gather and breathe introducing into their nasal passages, mouths, main foods, dinners, lunches, breakfast's, snacks, sandwiches, dairy products, hair, eyes, ears, hands, clothes, shoes children, the elderly etc.

[0055] Used as a tool/device/apparatus this industrialized cover 10. the industrialized main body 12. is made from the best material to handle this situation/problem/concern/matter. The preferred material a daily usable, lightweight thin, disposable/removable, biodegradable or biodegradable, non-flammable and/or flammable, industrialized 12. is bind together by sewing the elastic 22. over top of the daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable or flammable sheet/product/material, industrialized 12. circumference 24. The thin elastic band ¼ inches in width 22. cut to a margin 24. or between ⅔ inches to ¾ inches of the entire outer circumference, the margin 24., the elastic circumference band 22. permanently. The industrialized cover 10. has a seam lie 18. which is present at the base at the cover 14. is described as the narrow end. This closed seam 18. is a heavy bar tack stitch which allows the industrialized main body 12. and the elastic 22. to maintain a sealed position, the completion of the elastic and the finishing of the adjoining between the two materials in their conclusion form a seam 18. needing no further apparatus passing through, into handle or loose article to thread, apply, attache, remember, incorporate, or assemble. The combination of two simplistic and easy to find inexpensive product such as the disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable in non-flammable or flammable, industrialized 12. and elastic 22. together, but at a conservative measure. The preferred material of the industrialized main body 12., make this invention the best, lightest, sensible, artistic, realistic, and simplest of all and pervious inventions in this field, for it's and this multi-purpose, in which a industrialized cover 10. in raw product use, with out printing or adding too it, can be constructed in 3 minutes, from start to finish, filling the criteria in this section described as a, “any person of ordinary skills in pertinent art can do/understand etc.,” The selection of these material for this invention creates a industrialized cover 10. this caliber of industrialized cover 10. which is brilliant, logical, honest and conforms to scope, holding fast within the objective, which is to cover the object in the most practical, economical, sensible, caring, loving, easy, reliable, conventional, understandable, recognizable, inexpensive, quick, fast, pleasurable, non-risking, delightful, way. This collaboration 24. created a industrialized cover 10. a protective cover; a affordable daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue, non-flammable and/or sheet/product/material, industrialized 12. weighing less than 1 ounce which is considered by the average person as lightweight. The ¼ circumference 24. and the elastic band 22. permits this particular industrialized cover 10. to hold fast to the narrow end 14. and the broad end 16. with ease forgoing any need for additional material excessive material, passages, closing devises or apparatus, glue, air ducts, ventilation, holes, special cuts, drawstrings, spandex, tricks, stretch materials, etc., or type of gimmicks or excessive ideals which have been in prior arts such as; U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,591,005, 5,564,900, 581,093, 5,591,006, 4,832,572, 5,516,264, 4,676,721, 5,470,205, 5,947,686, 6,015,261, 09,925,490, etc., The elastic strap 26. ¼ inch in width made of elastic material identical to the circumference 24., which was developed for the purpose of maintaining the flat, flush, smooth appearance of the industrialized cover 10. which is seen on the reverse side FIG. 1., and note; this is not the main function of this strap 26., this function is to increase and secure the flat, flush smooth appearance directly and indirectly providing a added protection and more so a added sense of protection and comfort to the consumer until this industrialized invention/cover 10. in fact becomes a regular seen and used in the restaurants, homes grills, offices, schools, hospital, etc. This strap 26. created a side to side pulling action keeping and artistic creativity on the front of the industrialized cover 10. flat, flush, understood, in position etc., and the entire industrialized cover 10., from taking flight, leave, launching or sliding off. In reference to this industrialized cover/new invention 10. being understood, this ¼ inch elastic strap 26., also fits snug and sturdy also conveying a notation of safety while this industrialized cover 10. moves in a circular fashion at any speed, this would be considered a added value. In case this industrialized cover 10. loses it's strap 26. or have it removed, for any reason, this industrialized cover 10. will not take a flight quickly, come apart or slide off the paddles/blades. This strap 26., is 3 ½ inches in a relax state, and stretches to 4 ½ inches when applied to the paddle/blade when stress is added. The cut or loose ends of the 3 ½ inch strap 26. is heavily bar tacked underneath the elastic circumference, seen at the seam line 28. 30., for beauty, strength, neatness, safety, flexibility. This elastic strap 26. has an advantage over the above prior art shown in U.S. Pat. No. 5,591,005, by McCready in that he regards and defines his “hook and loop fasteners 20. as a “securing method” a way of keeping his cover 10. attached to the blade! Also the interpretation of his “hook and loop fastener” 20., idealistically presents a “item of protection “thought. In respect to that, any items used as a means of a passage can consequently come unfasten over time or while shaking or the fan wobbling, temporarily operating/turning to the statement found in this prior arts paragraph, “installation simple to providing means to keep the cover on the paddle/blade”. This invention now presented introduces a simpler, efficient, cost effective, faster, less dangerous, ingenious way, intelligent way, healthier way, clear cut way, sanitary way, etc., to keeping these paddles/blades cleaner, safer, operating with in the guidelines of the 1. Food, Safety, and Hygiene Association 2. The Food and Drug Administration, State Agencies 3. The Department of Health and Human Services, Clean Air Act and Services, Consumer Protection Service etc. This invention now presented re-introduces a simple ideal/solution for protecting items and protecting people from flying, releasing dust, flying debris and grease particles, bugs and old/dead cells belonging to humans, animals and insects and whatsoever may knowingly or unknowingly effect the environment surrounding persons. Therefore creating improvements, methods, designs, which are simpler, logical, better, easy, remaining non-harmful and understood to wit; the industrialized cover 10. and it's industrialized main body 12., which can be well and widely understood and comprehended by the US. Patent and Trademark Offices, and also in books pertaining to allergies, airborne particles and micro-organisms, diseases, dust, debris, bacteria growing and dispensing from/off spinning paddles/blades, flying off ceiling fans paddles/blades into the path of foods, humans, drinks etc., not to exclude licensing agencies and health bureaus and departments, historical records and laws handed over to restaurants, nursing home, cafeterias etc., according to Food, Safety and Health Bureau.


[0056] FIG. 1. is a perspective view of the top side of a of a completed affordable industrialized daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or biodegradable tissue non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material ceiling fan cover, oblong shape and smooth in appearance, which is installed by the means of sliding on and removed by the means of sliding off.

[0057] FIG. 2. is a perspective view of the backside of FIG. 1. to wit: a oblong shape affordable industrialized daily use lightweight thin adaptable plain and/or decorative and/or entertaining and/or advertising and/or combination and/or collaboration sanitizing removable/disposable biodegradable or non-biodegradable tissue non-flammable and/or flammable sheet/product/material with a medium size elastic band: respectively a ceiling fan cover; and a view medium size elastic band attached to the material circumference, which creates a seam in the cover design: and a view showing a seam which is located at the inventions most narrow end demonstrating a closure of the circumference medium size elastic band; and a view of four medium size vertical straps, eight horizontal seams, one located at each end of the preferred band; whereby each seam connects to the circumference outer edge and presents closures, to wit: two medium size vertical straps positioned in the middle of the narrow end cover, and two medium size straps are positioned in the middle broad end of the cover, to wit: the completion.