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What is new in the art of “Glory!” is that there has never been a Christian board game designed or illustrated such as this! From each individually characterized figurine representing the “Armour of God” to the uniquely designed game cards to the destination in which we seek has never been placed on a board ever! The particulars of the game give each Player the opportunity to learn about God in a more personal way while learning how to study the word of God at the same time. “Glory!” is solely designed to enhance the Christian and/or “unbeliever” in their walk with God simultaneously bringing the family together in an atmosphere that is conducive for learning and growing together. It has its ups and downs as with all games because there will be winners and losers and in this case, there will be those that make it to “Glory!” and those that don't! Continual playing of the game will bring hours of family entertainment and enjoyment in a good and positive atmosphere!

Martin, Senora Melody (Baltimore, MD, US)
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1. What I claim as my invention is the newest, most dynamic and exciting Christian board game ever to appear for such a time as this! This game is designed for the “saved” and “unsaved” alike to grow in the nurturing word and strength of the Lord God! It enables the Christian to embark on a journey through the written word of God beginning with Genesis to Revelation with a few bumps and bruises on the way to “Glory!” It will also enable the “unsaved” to get “saved” and truly learn about God and how to live according to His word. This game will teach you how to remember and cite scriptures, how to spell and how to read as well as bringing forth lots of excitement while playing the game with others. It is user friendly providing those with no knowledge of God's word to move around the board easily based on what they think they may have learned from watching biblical movies on TV, and/or what a preacher may have said at a sermon that they may have heard, however learning the truth of what God word really says about daily living. This game will also provide the “scholar” of God the opportunity to move freely throughout the game with the knowledge he or she has obtained. I challenge you to make it to “Glory!”

[0001] Objective: Each person moves around the game board until he/she reaches “Glory!”

[0002] Contents: Eighteen game pieces include: Eight (8) Crowns of Life; a Shield of Faith, a Sword, a Belt of Truth, a pair of Praying hands, a Staff/Rod, a Breastplate, a Foot shod, Girdle of Truth One (1) one-minute timer, and two (2) dice. Cards should include: 350 Quiz Cards, 350 Scripture Verses and 350 Golden Opportunity Cards.


[0003] 1. To begin game place all game pieces at “Start” and each Player rolls the dice to see who gets the highest number to start. The highest roll begins first, and/or if a tie occurs, break same by throwing dice again (but it's easier to just move clockwise around the table).

[0004] 2. First player rolls the dice, move the amount of spaces thrown; do whatever the space landed on requires (i.e. answer a Quiz Card, memorize a Scripture Verse, Wait on the Lord, etc.).

[0005] 3. The first person to reach “Glory!” wins and receives a “Crown of Life.” The other players continue to play until they reach “Glory!” and/or go to “Hell.”

[0006] Rules of the Game:

[0007] Quiz Cards

[0008] The player to the right hand of the dice thrower reads the Quiz Card to that Player.

[0009] The Player then has one (1) minute to answer each card (if needed).

[0010] If you answer correctly advance (1) space or if the card has multiple answers (i.e. the Ten Commandments, the Twelve Tribes of Israel—correctly name them all and advance ten or 12 spaces—depending on how many you answer correctly).

[0011] If you should answer incorrectly, then there is no advancement.

[0012] Should you decide to answer the ‘Bonus’ part of the card and correctly answer, you can then advance another space (and/or multiple spaces as above), but be careful “all that glitters isn't gold.” One false move can land you in “Hell” and or back to the beginning (Second Thessalonians 5:6 “Therefore let us not sleep, as do others, but let us watch and be sober”).

[0013] Scripture Verses:

[0014] The Player has one (1) minute (if needed) to memorize the Scripture Verse from the time he/she reviews the first word (the player to the right of him/her times the Player (but to avoid the “I wanna do it's” and “You did it the last time,” just appoint a keeper). The complete reading of the Scripture must include the “Book, Chapter and Verse” in its answer. The Player would recite, “Second Timothy 1:7, For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.”

[0015] After memorizing the scripture verse—the Player has one (1) minute to recite the Scripture Verse. (The Player is no longer allowed to view the Scripture Verse). If one word is wrong during the recital then the Player has the minute to get it right, but if it is not correctly recited there is no advancement: the Player remains where they are until their next turn.

[0016] If you correctly memorize the scripture verse(s) you can advance accordingly:

[0017] One (1) space for one (1) line long: One line is considered up to the first comma (depending on the length of comma—use your own discretion) and/or the first colon, semi-colon or period (again, depending on where that punctuation point is—again using your own discretion).

[0018] Two (2) spaces for Two (2) lines memorized

[0019] Three (3) spaces for three (3) lines memorized, etc.

[0020] “Board Landings”

[0021] If you land on the space marked “Hell Bound,” then that's where you go (game over for you).

[0022] If you land on the space marked “Didn't pay your tithe,” then you go back ten (10) spaces.

[0023] If you land on the space marked “Still not paying your tithe,” then you go back 14 spaces. Romans 2:22 says, “Thou that sayest a man should not commit adultery, dost thou commit adultery? thou that abhorest idols, DOST THOU COMMIT SACRILEGE? (and sacrilege is temple robbing). Also, we find in Malachi 3:8, “Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings. (So we can't have any God robbers—now can we?).

[0024] If you land on the space marked “Wait on the Lord,” then you must skip your next turn and “be of good courage.”

[0025] If you land on the “SV” that is a Scripture Verse—follow the rules above.

[0026] If you land on the “QC” that is a Quiz Card—follow the rules above.

[0027] If you land on a space where nothing is indicated that is a “resting place.”

[0028] The Quiz Cards and Scripture Verses Consists of the Following:

[0029] “Who's Who in the Bible?

[0030] “Spellings of Names and/or Places” (i.e. Player must say “Capital M” ephibosheth, (Mephibosheth) to spell out name and/or place).

[0031] “Life's Over” and “No Time For Repentance” cards

[0032] “Blessings”

[0033] “Divine Intervention” cards

[0034] “Advance on to” cards

[0035] “Go back to” cards

[0036] Rolling the Dice

[0037] If you roll the dice and you get a double, move the desired spaces and roll again. (If you land on the “Hell Bound” space only at this time can you avoid it.) If you roll a double a second time move those desired spaces, also. And should you roll the dice and obtain a double three times in a row then advance to Jude; pick up the Quiz Card; answer correctly and go on to “Glory!” to be with the Lord! And don't forget your crown!

[0038] If you roll a seven and want to roll again to see if you can roll two more sevens to enter “Glory!” then you may try to do so, however, if you don't roll the second seven then you must remain where you are and wait your next turn. But if the Lord sees fit to bless you with three sevens (any combination) in a row you are to just go on to “Glory!” to be with the Lord and don't forget your “Crown of Life!” (Remember that “7” is God's perfect number and sets forth the day of completion).

[0039] If you roll a “six” that looks like “3 and 3” (rules for doubles apply) and then you roll a second six (any combination), YOU MUST ROLL AGAIN! If you roll a third six (any combination), YOU HAVE OBTAINED THE MARK OF THE BEAST ACCORDING TO THE WORD OF GOD AND HELL IS WHERE YOU WILL GO! (Revelation 13:18 and Revelation 20:10).

[0040] Once you have gone around the board and are within six spaces from Jude (Philemon), then you have the opportunity to use one dice to roll for the amount of spaces left. You roll as usual and advance to each space accordingly and answer each question or quote each scripture successfully.

[0041] Also after successfully going around the board and landing upon the space marked “Jude” you are then required to answer the “Quiz Card.” If you answer correctly you then go on to “Glory!” and don't forget your “Crown of Life!”

[0042] If you don't answer correctly you stay there until your next turn but you no longer have to roll the dice. You will continually pluck from the “Quiz Cards” until you successfully answer the question and/or your fate changes.

[0043] A Golden Opportunity

[0044] This portion of the game is for the Player left alone on the board. It is the will of God “that none should perish” (Second Peter 3:9) and since you are the remaining Player, you still have an opportunity to go on to “Glory!” To play you must successfully answer seven (7) of the 350 cards correctly. The cards are referenced to the Book of “Revelation” only. If you obtain a card that has more than one answer: then the rules for “multiple answers” apply here helping to increase your chances. If you don't know an answer to a question you can skip as many as you like but you must answer seven (7) in all. If you answer all seven correctly go on to “Glory!” and don't forget your “Crown of Life!”

[0045] After a Player has heard his/her question, they have the right to pass or answer that question. If that Player has started to answer the question then it must be completed. The Player cannot pass in the middle of an answer if they realize they do not know the answer. So think before you answer (2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth).

[0046] Should you miss one answer in the series of seven (7), well then there is only one other place you can go. Bye-bye now! Luke 16:20-31 tells us of the story of “The rich man and Lazarus.” In this we find at verse 26, “And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.” This would mean nobody can get “prayed out of Hell.”