Comb case
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A comb case fabricated or made from a plastic sheet material formed into an envelope type enclosure having one wall transparent and a closure flap extending from the rear top wall down into closing relationship with the envelope without obstructing the viewing panel and including Velcro fastening means therefor.

Carson, Karen E. (Toledo, OH, US)
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Paul F. Stutz (Toledo, OH, US)
1. A novel comb case formed of smooth, flexible plastic material such as polyvinyl chloride, said case comprising; a first rear panel member of generally opaque, but attractive sheet material generally in a rectangle form; a second panel formed of a similar material although being transparent/translucent and secured at end edges and a bottom edge to define space for a personal comb to be inserted; said upper region of said rear panel being foldable about a bottom fold line above the upper edge of said transparent panel to form a closure and; means for securing said closure segment of said rear panel into partial overlapping relationship with said transparent panel whereby dirt, debris etc. is precluded from entering the so called pocket for the said comb in recessed relationship.



[0001] The present invention relates to a novel case for carrying a comb conveniently and protected from surrounding debris.

[0002] The art and the public is quite familiar with the fact that locating a personal comb in ones pocket or purse is fraught with problems.

[0003] First there is the problem of finding the comb. Secondly, is the problem of finding all the teeth thereof intact and if intact, they are usually found filled with debris of one sort or another ranging from dust balls to lint to threads to key chains, and a whole variety of clutter, which interferes with ones use of the comb as a grooming aid in the expected manner.


[0004] There are a number of comb cases which have been designed and are on the market including those shown in various patents of which I am aware and some of which I am not aware. The comb case of the present invention is seen as superior to any of the comb cases in the art referred to hereinbelow or any of the cases that I have seen on the market.


[0005] I am aware of a number of U.S. Patents which are disclosive or a variety of comb cases of one sort or another. These Patents are:

[0006] 1) U.S. Pat. No. 3,616,991 (dated Nov. 2, 1971) issued to one Hans Beck of Nutingen, Germany. This Patent discloses a package for a flat article, but it features an openable slot, which is unlike Applicant's and it also includes a flap for hanging from a shopping display on serially located hooks of a display rack.

[0007] 2) U.S. Pat. No. 2,110,514 (dated Mar. 8, 1938) issued to Frank E. Wakefield of North Attaboro, Mass. This Patent discloses a receptacle for combs and files, but contemplates a finger member 10 and additionally lugs, which detract from its usefulness and teaching of anything valid regularly posted having a structure.

[0008] 3) U.S. Pat. No. 5,657,862 (dated Aug. 19, 1997) issued to Stephen Burke of Pukalani, Hi. This Patent is in reality a spare key holder contemplating a rather complicated structure and having a see-through panel which is otherwise unlike the case of the present invention.

[0009] 4) U.S. Pat. No. 5,441,153 (dated Aug. 15, 1995) issued to Cindy L. Lahaye of Houston, Tex. This Patent discloses a lipstick case, which is inclusive of a viewing feature and a rectangular mirror, which is otherwise foreign to Applicant's proof case.

[0010] 5) U.S. Pat. No. 3,557,853 (dated May 1, 1969) issued to Mary Henning Jones of Birmingham, Mich. This Patent discloses a holder for an item in the form of a clothe bag, which can be folded flat when empty and expanded when an item is inserted therein. It does feature a closure flap extending from the upper edge of the rear panel of the holder, but it otherwise unlike Applicant's device.

[0011] 6) U.S. Pat. No. 2,004,044 (dated Jun. 4, 1935) issued to Stella Meyers Fiegel of Marshall, Tex. This Patent discloses a foldable comb and brush structure having a pivotable arrangement between the two and an elongate case, which is otherwise irrelevant to Applicant's structure.

[0012] 7) U.S. Design Pat. No. 128,503 (dated Jul. 29, 1941) issued to Jacques Schwalbe of New York, N.Y. This Patent discloses a vanity case, which features a foldable flap having what is presumably a mirror or some other unexplained device as a part of the unit.

[0013] 8) U.S. Design Pat. No. 210,486 (dated Jun. 22, 1965) assigned to The Britton Corporation of Newington, Conn. This Patent discloses a case for grooming implements, meaning a plurality of implements, but its manner of construction is otherwise obscure.

[0014] A close review and examination of the above aforementioned Patents and the disclosure and drawings thereof, which constitute the best prior art, as I know it, to date, fail to disclose, anticipate or teach my invention consisting of the novel structure discussed hereinafter and as illustrated in the various sheets of drawings presented herewith.


[0015] It is accordingly an object of the present invention to provide a comb case structure, which is extremely simple, therefore economical to make and accordingly to purchase and which is composed of a minimum of novel component parts all lending itself to advantageous manufacturer and marketing.

[0016] It is also an object of the present invention to provide as comb case which includes fastening means, which is convenient also economical and particularly protects the interior from the gathering of purse debris or pocket lint etc., etc.

[0017] It is yet another object of the present invention to provide such a comb case, which includes a transparent look-through feature, which is intricately a part of the case itself allowing the interior of the case e.g. the comb to be seen and all without departing from the other features of the present invention.

[0018] It is a further object of the present invention to provide a comb case which is lightweight and therefore convenient as a personal comb case for the purse or the pocket of the individual needing to carry a comb conveniently and accessibly while at the same time protecting the comb from to the teeth or the gathering of pocket debris etc., etc.

[0019] Additionally, by reason of use of the case of the present invention, the comb is undamaged and essentially free of any dirt or accumulated deposits and will therefor not be transferred to the hair of the user when using the comb in the usual fashion.


[0020] The foregoing, as well as other objects of the present invention will become apparent to those skilled in the art in the following detailed description taken in conjunction with annexed sheet of drawings, on which is presented, for purposes of illustration only, a single embodiment of the present invention.


[0021] FIG. 1 is a sectional view taken on the line 1/1 of FIG. 2.

[0022] FIG. 2 is a front elevation view, of the comb case shown with a closure flap in a folded down protective or closure position representing one feature to the present invention.

[0023] FIG. 3 is a front elevation view like FIG. 2, but with the comb removed and with one closure flap folded upwardly for access to the comb and to show the fastening means.


[0024] In its simplest embodiment, the present invention contemplates a comb case of extremely simple, but utilitarian construction embodying the advantages of an envelope formed of two panels, one being a see-through panel, which is the front panel and a rear panel, which is extended upwardly to form a flap and good fastening means on the flap.

[0025] In accordance with a further embodiment, of the present invention the comb case is composed of two pieces of rectangular plastic material sealed partially on three adjoining sides or edges and with one of the pieces of the material forming a rear panel with the rear panel being somewhat longer in one dimension, but having secured along its upper edge a fastening means cooperating with a similar fastening means located on the outer upper back panel of the case.

[0026] The features and constructional details of the comb case of the present invention are essentially cooperative with each other, element to element, to avoid the entry of debris, lint, etc. normally found in a persons pocket or a purse of a woman and thereby retaining the integrity of the comb as a product yet being able to be determined that it was in the case by reason of the see-through feature.

Specific Disclosures

[0027] Referring now more specifically to the drawings, there is disclosed in FIG. 1 comb case 11, having a rear panel 12, a front panel 13, and a extension of panel 12, forming a fold-over flap 14. The comb 15, is shown as in section in FIG. 1 residing between the walls or panels 12 and 13 with the teeth portion of the comb down.

[0028] FIG. 1 illustrates the comb case as being somewhat larger than that shown in FIGS. 2 and 3. The reference numeral 16 identifies a segment of Velcro attached to the upper edge of the panel 12, while reference numeral 16 identifies a matching or engaging segment of Velcro fastened to the outer surfacing edge of the panel 13.

[0029] In accordance with a preferred embodiment of the present invention, panel 13 is formed of a transparent, or at least translucent material such as polyvinyl chloride or the like, such that the interior of the comb case will be visible to the eye of the user whether the fold-over flap 14 in the position shown in FIG. 2 or in the open position as shown in FIG. 3.

[0030] The panel forming the rear wall including the fold-over flap portion 14 is desirably made of a sheet of plastisized vinyl material such as polyvinyl chloride which is desired by reason of its flexibility and its foldability, durability and its ability to be manufactured or formed in a variety of decorative patterns of pleasing design.

[0031] Velcro, as indicated, makes a useful fastening device such that can be heat-sealed to the panels 12/14 or to the transparent front panel 13 conveniently and securely. Also a variety of adhesives can be employed instead of heat-sealing, albeit heat-sealing may provide the most secure attachment.

[0032] It will be appreciated that in the interest of conciseness and clarity, applicant has disclosed a size for the case normally associated with a small pocket comb. It should be appreciated that the comb case or package of the present invention can be made somewhat larger to accommodate different size combs.

[0033] On the other hand, personal items other than combs, having a size of some thickness greater than a comb, would not suit itself to storage/carrying cases envisioned herein because the thicker size would interfere with proper storage and with other features of the present invention.

[0034] Polyvinyl chloride is the most satisfactory material to be used in making the comb case of the present invention. Although there are a variety of other plastic and thermo plastic type or thermo setting type compounds which may be used, having in mind the manufacturing process desired.

[0035] PVC is relatively inexpensive amongst plastic materials, and can be found available in a variety of thicknesses or gauges and of course, a variety of colors.

[0036] While heat-sealing was mentioned as the mechanism to use for securing the front panel 13 to the rear panel 14 along the three edges, 13a, 13b and 13c and due to the strength in part by the special bond it is likely a preferred embodiment.

[0037] However it will be recognized that with the advent of many new adhesives, that there will be a variety of adhesives that may be used in place of the heat-sealing. Recognizing that some would be somewhat more labor intensive than the heat-seal.

[0038] In accordance with a further embodiment of the present invention it is contemplated that the case could incorporate many attractiveness imparting constructional detail. Thus, it is also an embodiment of the present invention to market the comb case in a package which would include a sheet containing cut out or punch out letters of the alphabet in different sizes and fonts. The card could bear adhesive requiring the application of dampness or it could incorporate an adhesive protected by a stripe away tape, this will allow one buying the kit ofd the case and the cards bearing letters of a punch out variety to use such punch out letters to enhance and individualize the comb case in question. This embodiment would find a ready market in the younger person or young adult in high school or college who would like to individualize their comb case by the combination of a comb case and a variety of stick-on letters, numbers, logos, and shapes could be packages in a single blister pack and marketed in that fashion hanging from hanging arms or hooks in a variety of stores.

[0039] It is further an embodiment of the present invention to contemplate the use of more expensive components to manufacture to make an attractive comb case thus, in place of the ordinary vinyl, PVC chloride, one could use engraved and colored plastics presently available, so that the outer surface of the rear panel would be exceptionally attractive and the rear panel would of course, fold over making the fold-over flap such that the attractiveness would be carried over to the other side just above the clear or transparent panel.

[0040] In place of the Velcro fastening system one could also use a snap or a variety of available hooks etc. or even buttons, in order to provide a more attractive and more expensive appearing comb case.

[0041] It is also possible, in accordance with the present invention to have the front clear panel 13, fabricated of different types of a vinyl material, which would incorporate a pattern and as well, retain a segment thereof in a clear or transparent form. The vinyl material used in front of the sheet material could also have suspended therein extremely small particulate reflective or of an iridescent material such as to add an attractive feature to the comb case of the present invention along with all the other feature of construction as described herein.

[0042] While I have disclosed specific embodiments and features of construction and appearance and the variety of materials etc., etc. I do not intend to be bound thereby since modifications and changes will be suggested to those skilled in the art by the above description, drawings, and language herein.

[0043] Accordingly it is intended that this application shall include all such obvious modifications, changes etc. that fall within the scope of the present invention unless to do so would be violative of the attached CLAIMS.