Weather lottery game
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The abstract consist of the following formula, Time (T) as Choice Selection plus Weather (W) as Prediction equals Weather Lottery Winner (WLW), T+W=WLW. The weather is recorded by lottery sponsor, a twenty-four hour log. This log chart will be the reference to determine which player will win. The player most choose the right time which the sponsor draws randomly either manual or computerized. Time as numbers is the equivalent of twenty four as hours of the day. The weather chart will be a logged weather condition recording for each hour. The time as a number drawn will determine the weather number to be use as a match, to win. The player who has selected the right choice of time as a number and has predicted the proper weather match as a number, same as sponsors random drawing pick and weather log match, is the winner.

Harris, Sabin (Utica, NY, US)
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Sabin Harris (Utica, NY, US)

I claim:

1. A method of playing a Weather Lottery game comprising the steps of: a fee is paid for a ticket(s) or computer entry(s) by player a ticket(s) or computer entry(s) consisiting of time as selection choice with blank spot for matching of weather as prediction, is filled-out, as a bet by player, with game sponsor after players betting hours, a record log consisiting of a hourly time with matching weather numbers are recorded by sponsor a random drawing by dice or computerized, is implemented, by sponsor, to represent the record log hourly time with matching weather number recorded, for winning number player(s) with choosen right time and weather number prediction, per ticket, wins

2. The method of playing the lottery game of claim 1 wherein: time as selection choice with matching weather prediction in whole numbers

3. The method of playing the lottery game of claim 1 wherein: a disclose, location is optionable per sponsor

4. The method of playing the lottery game of claim 1 wherein: one or more numbers up to twenty-four numbers as hours in a day, represent time selection choosen by players

5. The method of playing the lottery game of claim 1 wherein: weather numbers conditions allow five different ways to play, consisting of temperature, wind chill, wind velocity, dew point, and humidity, any combination of weather number conditions, or all five weather number conditions in one game

6. The method of playing the lottery game of claim 1 wherein: a list of locations, with one location being a selection choice, with matching time selection choice and weather prediction per ticket(s) or computer entry(s)

7. The method of playing the lottery game of claim 1 wherein: sponsor of game shall keep records of location(s) matched by logged hourly time, matched by logged weather number conditions, for random drawing

8. The method of playing the lottery game of claim 1 whereas: a non-disclosed location for time and weather recording is optional per game sponsor

9. The method of playing the lottery game of claim 1 whereas: one or more, out of twenty-four numbered dice of any shape or computer numbers shall be randomly drawn and will represents the record log hourly time, which has a matched weather number, from time-weather record log, to win the game

10. The method of playing the game of claim 1 whereas: Player(s) who choosed the correct time and weather prediction, same as record log time and weather, randomly drawn, wins the game

11. The method of playing the game of claim 1 whereas: the system of play is Location plus Time plus Weather equals the Weather Lottery game (L+T+W=WLgame).

[0001] Time, the twenty-four hours in a day are the selection choices. The Weather (temperature, wind chill, wind velocity, humidity, and dew point), are the predictions, per-hour. A log, recording the time (hourly) with matching weather, is conducted by sponsor. From hourly matching weather records, a random drawing of one or more hours by dice or computer, is implemented. This hour matched with weather number, same as drawing, per ticket, wins the game.

[0002] Time and Temperature (One of Five Ways to Play)

[0003] The Time and Temperature is one of five ways to play the Weather Lottery Game. All games are number (time) selection choice—prediction (temperature) weather forecast games. This game is design to play a number, base on a particular hour, that corresponds with a precise temperature match, to win. If the random drawing picks the hour and the right temperature forecast a player predicts, per ticket, (refer to drawings), the ticket wins. The other four ways to play the Weather Lottery Games are conceptually the same. Time may be used with Dew Point, Wind Chill, Wind velocity, and

[0004] Humidity to Play the Game.

[0005] Numbers:

[0006] Each ticket has up to twenty four hourly, zones of time. Selection choice, each hour followed by a blank spot for temperature (weather). A number between −150 to +150 can be played as a prediction, to win the Weather Lottery number match. The weather number is written or typed in the blank spot across from the hour one chooses to predict the temperature (weather).

[0007] Numbers are selected by contestant, base on predicting the weather forecast. The winning number is a time (hour)-temperature (weather), “choice-predicted” game. One or more choices of time (hour)-temperature (weather) per ticket shall be utilized and implemented to play the game, sponsors decision.

[0008] Lottery Drawing:

[0009] Dice in numbers, up to twenty-four, are put into a container for random pick. Also a series of up to twenty-four numbers, a random-pick computerize program, may be utilized. This is the particular hourly time zones playable. If less than twenty four hours of weather is recorded, less numbers representing time zones (hours), are put into the container or random-pick computerize program. The dice numbers match twenty four hours in a day, the time zones. The numbers (Hours) are labeled on dice shape squares (diagram below illustrates). The sponsor of the game picks out one or more dice numbers (Hours) at random or by random-pick computerize program. This number(s) represents the hour(s) of the day in which lottery players, must have chosen and be matched by predicting temperature (weather) forecast, to win. After betting hours, temperature (weather) is recorded hour by hour, by particular weather instrument, necessary for potential winning time-weather number. The next day will produce winning time-weather number matches, for random-pick.



[0011] Starting at 7:00 pm to 7:00 am the next day, a hourly temperature log is recorded. After 7:00 am the day of the drawing, a dice with a number (Hour) is picked out a container or random-pick computerized, to determine matching temperature forecast already logged. The person with the proper time and temperature wins. Each player will register their numbers after 7:00 am and before 7:00 pm, to qualify for the next days drawing Note: Sponsor may choose their own “playing the game time zones”, also game rules and schedule.

[0012] Note: “playing the game time zones” means number of hours as dice equal to time (hours) to play, before drawing.

[0013] One number per ticket, shall be utilized, unless sponsor wants to change the odds of winning.


[0015] The following is a description of the numbers utilized as dice; Note: The actual dice shall be equally square in shape and weight. 1

NOTE: Actual dice will be square, same weight, and size.
1 am2 am3 am4 am5 am6 am7 am8 am9 am10 am11 am12 am
1 pm2 pm3 pm4 pm5 pm6 pm7 pm8 pm
9 pm10 pm11 pm12 pm

Forecast Results

[0016] The forecast results shall be base on weather recorded, up to a twenty-four hour weather log day. A dice number is drawn out a bag (any container with the twenty four dice) or random computerized program. This time (hour) by dice number is matched with a recorded logged temperature (weather) result. The lottery contestant who's lottery ticket chosen hour has the same hourly time (circled, underlined, or high-lited) and temperature chosen (written or typed in empty block), wins.


[0017] There are five ways to play this Weather Lottery. The game is a random choice of time zones (hours), (dice labeled from 1 to 24, #13 dice being 1:00 pm, in the afternoon) with weather (Temperature) as a match to win. The player must choose the right time and predict the number which represent this hourly time zone weather (Temperature) result(s). Refer to lottery tickets in drawing section, for a detail look, back pages. Each player randomly chooses a number from 1 up to 24, as hours in a day. This number must be match with a prediction by weather number (Temperature). A random drawing of the hourly time zone, matched by logged weather, identical to ticket player's numbers, time-weather, (temperature, humidity, wind chill, dew point, and wind velocity), is the player to win the lottery.


[0018] Time—Temperature (One of the Five Ways to Play)

[0019] If a ticket player chooses 3:00 am and predicts +30 (stands for 30 degrees), written or typed in the corresponding blank box, the lottery number played is 3:00 am lottery prediction #30. If a player chooses 2:00 pm and predict −5 (stands for minus five degrees), written or typed in the corresponding blank box, the lottery number played is 2:00 pm, lottery prediction #-5. The hourly time zones are given 1 up to 24 (12:00 am to 11:00 pm) for a circle, underline, or high-lite. Coinciding, are blank spots to predict the temperature. Refer to back pages (drawings) for a look at the actual tickets.


[0020] The numbers representing hourly time zone, is a random pick out of a container, or random number, computerized program, drawing. This number is needed, for corresponding temperature, to win. One out of twenty-four hourly time zone numbers, is circled, underlined, or high-lited to guess a corresponding weather. This is a time (number) matching corresponding spot weather (number), lottery system. This is a random time selection choice—weather prediction, matching number(s), lottery game. Right hour as selection choice plus right weather prediction that hour, is required to win the Weather Lottery Game.

[0021] The same procedure is used all five ways to play, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Chill, Dew Point, and Wind Velocity, The matches are Time—Temperature, Time—Humidity, Time—Wind Chill, Time—Dew Point, Time—Wind Velocity. The game may be played by solo time—prediction match (example-time-temperature), any combination (example-time-temperature and time—wind chill), or all five, to win.

[0022] Note: This Weather Lottery Game, weather log, may be recorded at a disclosed or non-disclosed location, for game play, sponsors decision.

[0023] Note: This Weather Lottery Game, may use a non-disclosed location format for weather logging to prevent the following:

[0024] 1. Weather reports having a advantage in lottery playing

[0025] 2. Time in which numbers are played has less of a advantage

[0026] 3. All participants have a equal chance of playing the Weather Lottery Game

[0027] NOTE Time-Humidity (humidity percentage shall be number(s) played) Time-Dew Point (dew point shall be instrument reading as number(s) played)

[0028] Time-Wind Velocity (shall be Mile per hour as number(s) played)

[0029] Time-Wind Chill (chill shall be temperature as number(s) played)

[0030] Time-Temperature (temperature may be in degrees as number(s) played)


[0031] A step by step procedure for play:

[0032] 1. Tickets available (See attached drawings) for betting. On tickets, a hourly time zone to circle, underline or hi-lite, as choice. Across from each time zone (hour), is a blank box for temperature (weather) prediction. Circle, underline, or hi-lite one number (time) coinciding write one prediction number as temperature (weather), per ticket. Time circled, underlined, or hi-lited is a match for each blank box for a written or typed temperature (weather) predicted.

[0033] 2. Tickets most be filled out and turn in before a stated time to sponsor, to qualify for the drawing.

[0034] 3. A hourly time—temperature (weather) is recorded and logged by lottery sponsor. For every hour a temperature (weather) is recorded within game time zone (hours) as a log. This log will be the bases for ticket entry selection choice and number predictions, from 1:00 am to 12:00 pm, or any sub-set of time. These are the hour selection choices for predicting the temperature (weather).

[0035] 4. A next day random pick, out of a hat as dice or random computerized program, time (hourly), as a number, from the hourly time zone recorded, shall decide which temperature (weather) logged, will be the time—temperature (weather) match number, to win.

[0036] 5. Time—Temperature, time—humidity, time—dew point, time—wind chill, and time—wind velocity will be five ways to play the games. One or more Weather Lottery Games may be implemented by sponsor.

[0037] See ticket drawing details, for all five tickets to play the game.


[0038] The Weather Lottery is the first of its kind, involving selection choice for prediction, in the arena of gambling and prize games. A similar game is the State Lottery systems. However State games are purely random choice. The Weather Lottery is a selection choice base on twenty-four hours in a day, to predict a weather forecast. Its a prediction games, yet different from casino Keno, horse and dog racing numbers. Weather conditions however are included in horse and dog racing. The Weather Lottery, is a bet on the weather itself, part of nature, just like animals.

[0039] Time and weather makes the Weather Lottery playable. Time as a selection choice, decides the potential of a winning weather prediction. Choose the right time within twenty-four hours, if random drawing comes up with that time, ones weather prediction qualifies for a prediction match, which is the makes-up of a winning ticket. If one predict at the random drawing time the correct weather forecast, logged results, the ticket is a winner. Its gambling with nature, yet different from horses and dogs, the State lottery, Keno, or other lottery games (Broadcast Lottery, see Cross Reference to Related Appl.)


[0040] The objectives and advantage, a list of positive aspects of the Weather Lottery are as follows:

[0041] 1—Chances of winning is base on choice and prediction (weather). Weather cannot be fixed or controlled (weather). Others games cheating is possible, games such as horses, dogs, and machines.

[0042] 2.—Conditions and forecast predictions by meteorologist allow logical references. However a option of a NON-DISCLOSURE LOCATION, makes the game advantages less-predictable.

[0043] 3—The weather is a interesting topic to most people and varies per location.

[0044] 4—The economy has a potential to become increasingly active, by taxes collected, also winnings as purchasing power.

[0045] 5—Weather is a fair varable which no human being can controll.

[0046] 6—No one will have a advantage base on experience, everyone will be allowed a equal chance, (if weather recorded is at a NON-DISCLOSED LOCATION)

[0047] 7—Gambling habits have a open watchdog, the public, not as private, the social factor of weather conversation is involved. Chances of bienge gambling is less likely.

[0048] 8—The weather is a mainstream relativity factor, much of society wants to know the weather forecast for daily activities. Weather advertisement will get a lift in relations to the commercial market, advertisement.

[0049] 9—A new and innovative recreation activity, is healthy for society and economics

[0050] 10—The Weather Lottery is base on less random choice and greater prediction, than most gambling and prize games. This means less guessing and greather thinking.

[0051] 11—The Weather Lottery game will be utilized by lotttery sponsors, sweepstake businesses non-profits, churches, and/or commercial industry, with cash or prizes for winners. The Tickets will be playable by cash, purchasing power, simple entrance, and/or donations, depending on sponsor,(State lottery, Corp. lottery, casinos, cruise liners, airlines, churches, businesses, medical related organizations, community organizations, youth organizations, etc.)

[0052] 12—If the games is utilized by airlines, computers, cruises and vacation guide businesses, a security revenue source could become available. The cost of security since Sep. 11, 2001, has cause many businesses security expenses which demand a new profit/revenue source—THE WEATHER LOTTERY.