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The “Easy Groomer”—an exciting new innovation in personal care products. It is a light weight, hand-held automatic brush that is simple to operate. This extraordinary personal care tool will literally pay for itself. Its unique design enables the user, at the flick of a switch, to start the rotary brush that will thoroughly brush short-styled hair, form popular ethnic wave patterns, and eliminate the time and effort involved in these usually, time consuming processes with minimal effort. The “Easy Groomer” comes with interchangeable attachments that can be used to brush hair, beards and mustaches and even includes a scalp massager. It is sure to be a hot seller amongst many Americans that wish to neatly groom themselves in a timeframe consistent with their busy schedules and day to day lives.

Johnson, Ricky Bernard (Jacksonville, FL, US)
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A45D1/04; A45D24/00; (IPC1-7): A45D24/00
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Ricky B. Johnson (Jacksonville, FL, US)
1. I, Ricky B. Johnson, claim the following invention: “Easy Groomer” which functions as an electrically powered hair groomer.

[0001] The following report is based on an invention called Easy Groomer, as described by it's Inventor, Ricky B. Johnson. This report has been prepared by American Invention Associates, based upon information provided by the Inventor and by American Invention Associates' Research Department and research consultants assigned to the project.

[0002] Ideas and comments lying outside the realm of the Inventor's specifications have been added throughout the report. These comments are the result of in-depth study by the research department, consultants and technical writers.

[0003] Everyday people go through the same tedious grooming rituals of getting themselves presentable to go to work. People will spend hours trying to get their hair just the right way before they leave for work at which time they declare that their arm is tired and they are having a bad hair day. A new invention called Easy Groomer, works as an electrically powered hair brush to help alleviate a tired arm or wrist plus the time it takes to groom a person's hair.

[0004] This report is designed to help the Inventor better understand the major components of Easy Groomer and thus assess its future possibilities. It seeks to discover those strengths and advantages that make the product unique and novel. It also seeks to identify potential problems of which the Inventor should be made aware as well as explore possible variations and modifications to further improve the design of Easy Groomer.

[0005] A complete description of the invention, its applications and purposes, as well as any possible modifications or variants are found in Sections A, B and C. Section A serves as a background for the need of an invention such as Easy Groomer, while Section B describes its technical workings and Section C outlines any possible modifications that would enhance its use and possible markets. Such modifications are suggested in addition to, not instead of, the basic premise as described by the Inventor. A discussion of the technical assumptions, tooling processes and technology is located in Section D, followed by cost and price estimates of the invention in Section E.

[0006] In covering these considerations, however, the report does not propose to be all-inclusive of every aspect that these factors attempt to address. The aims and purposes are to chart one or more paths by which the innovation may be advanced and, again, to enlighten the Inventor of any potential problems that may arise, requiring additional research and ensuing development.


[0007] To assess any new product's future acceptance and popularity and its utilitarian purposes, one should research the background and the need of such an innovation. In the wake of such necessity, we shall delve into the basic attraction of Easy Groomer, while examining its operation and use, and in so doing, we shall look at the populace that would find the invention beneficial and, perhaps, profitable and examine the reasons why.

[0008] We also shall research any problem or problems Easy Groomer, through consumer application of the product, might address and, therefore, serve as a sensible solution. In describing the performance and possible benefits of Easy Groomer, we attempt to relate those views held by the Inventor as to intended execution and advantages.

[0009] This section addresses the background of the idea's conception and the problems it is designed to ease or eliminate.

[0010] The Easy Groomer is an innovation that works with a main agenda of creating a convenient and efficient way to groom a person's hair. It has the basic concept of allowing the consumer to be able to groom their hair with an electrically powered rotating brush.

[0011] The convenience of such a product would immediately appeal to a broad market of both men and women to use in their daily grooming, but would also have a broad appeal for hair salons as well.

[0012] Imagine a typical scenario of a woman with a thriving business career. She has worked hard to get where she is, but also takes great pride in her appearance. Every morning she rises at the same leaving herself just enough time to get ready and arrive at work on time. Unfortunately her hair does not always cooperate with the time she has allotted for grooming in the morning and before she knows it her schedule is off and she is late for work. This is a relatively common occurrence, which could be avoided with the use of Easy Groomer.

[0013] In addition to reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to groom a person's hair, there are other advantages to the use of Easy Groomer. First and foremost is the performance and versatility of the brush. The brush enables a person with short hair to develop wave patterns, especially for African American men. People with longer hair often get a tired arm or wrist. In addition, since the brush automatically rotates in either direction less effort is needed.

[0014] A second advantage is its economical value. Easy Groomer is equipped with several different brush which are interchangeable, therefore not requiring any additional brushes and further adding to the brushes versatility. All these factors make Easy Groomer a product that would have great marketing potential.

[0015] Because of the problems that Easy Groomer addresses and solves through its application, consumers will find such an invention attractive and appealing. But purchases of items such as Easy Groomer depends upon the level of discretionary purchasing power, that is a portion of a consumer's income remaining after necessities such as housing, transportation and food, have been provided for.

[0016] The American economy, during the 1980's, experienced a term of expansion, followed by a period of recession. Business cycles are inevitable in our capitalistic system, and typically, post-war recessions have been characterized by a duration of from 18 months to 30 months. Experience has also revealed that periods of readjustment in the economy have little effect on the introduction of innovative products into the market place.

[0017] The following graphic presentation identifies the potential markets for the product. The chart will serve to determine and quantify those groups within the population that are most promising as consumers of this product, or if such identification and quantification are impossible, to estimate the potential market with a chart that recognizes trends in sales or production of the product group within which the invention falls. embedded image embedded image Frequently Asked Ouestions I Freedom of Information Act I Cstomer Survey Privcy SecurityStatement i n AI cessjiltyi nformation f Labor Statistics Phone: (202) 691-5200 Building Fax-on-demand: (202) 691-6325 s Ave., NE Data questions: b sata staffbIs.gov C 20212-0001 Technical (web) questions: webmastpebis.oov Other comments: feedbackbls.gov


[0018] To facilitate one's proper comprehension and understanding of a new product, that idea must be described, not only as it exists as an answer to a subsistent problem, but also as it functions physically. And incorporated into this overview, the invention must be outlined and described in its appearance.

[0019] Based upon the Inventor's description and any outside research that may be pertinent, we will describe the basic overall shape and design of Easy Groomer. Materials of which the invention would be produced will be highlighted where appropriate.

[0020] The design of Easy Groomer is simple. The basic shape of Easy Groomer is that of a cylinder about 6 inches in length. The interior of the cylinder contains two batteries and a small motor. The motor rotates the shaft of the brushes. Depressing a button decides the direction of the brush's rotation. Several different types of brushes are easily interchangeable with the Easy Groomer's body. The brush can be powered by the batteries or an electrical cord which extends out the bottom of the body. The brush would be constructed mainly of high-impact, injection-molded plastic. This material is durable, lightweight, and has high tensile strength and is relatively inexpensive.

[0021] Injection molding is a process that has been in use since the 1920s and provides a versatility almost unmatched in the mass-production of any material. It requires that melted plastic be forcefully injected into relatively cool molds. As the material begins to harden, it takes on the shape of the mold cavity and, when cool, requires few post molding operations. Other advantages of this process include speed of production and the ability to simultaneously mold multiple parts.

[0022] It should be noted, however, that the basic form and function of this invention may be varied or modified so that the application and use of Easy Groomer could be broader than originally envisioned. The next section explores possible modifications that could further enhance Easy Groomer's design.


[0023] In order to fully appreciate the attraction and need of an innovation, one should consider any possible modifications that would arise from employment of the idea.

[0024] We, therefore, shall suggest other applications of Easy Groomer that would merit future consideration and study. The scope of such review will entail the use of materials, other than those specified by Ricky B. Johnson, the Inventor, of which the product might be manufactured; the possible expansion of the suggested color scheme or plan; a broadened consumer outlet, other than the market specified by the Inventor; or any other possible shape or design that may enhance the utility and salability of the invention. All in all, we shall attempt to identify any variations that further would define the scope of the idea.

[0025] One must remember, however, that these modification suggestions may be limited within the latitude of the invention. Some innovations lend themselves easily to future applications, i.e., different shapes, material variants, color schemes, etc. Other inventions, however, are geared to a specific group of consumers, to only one type of material during the manufacturing process, to a particular design; these ideas, therefore, would not be amenable to modifications, suggested changes that perhaps would be construed as destroying the foundation of the product or idea.

[0026] Problems that might arise during the development of Easy Groomer would be amenable to resolution through normal product testing and refinement processes, after which we would anticipate the product could be produced routinely. Whether it would be feasible to do so from the standpoint of economics is another question and one to be decided by potential manufacturers of the product after additional studies.

[0027] A number of possible modifications to the basic concept are suggested to augment the usefulness and the popularity of Easy Groomer, as well as to help solve any problems that might exist, as well as some proposals.

[0028] A large portion of the market for Easy Groomer constitutes both men and women concerned with their appearance as well as anyone working in a commercial hair/beauty salon.

[0029] Furthermore, there could also be a configuration of a deluxe model of Easy Groomer that could be one that sells successfully. Such a deluxe model might be one that would be constructed totally of chrome plated metal. Various colors and designs for the body are also possibilities. Specialized brushes for people with thinner hair or sensitive skin could also be adapted, as well as brushes for beards, mustaches, or even an attachment that could massage the scalp and face. The brush could even be modified to accommodate pet owners who regularly groom their pets.

[0030] Overall, the basic concept behind Easy Groomer appears to be sound and the product idea workable. The basic materials are readily obtainable, and the concept of would easily appeal to many types of consumers.

[0031] Given the previous description of how Easy Groomer would function and taking into consideration the questions facing further development of the proposed product, it is our tentative judgment that the idea is based on sound principles and that production version of this item could be developed to perform generally as the Inventor states.

[0032] Detailed diagrams and technical specifications remain to be drawn. Nonetheless, we believe that we have a clear idea of the Inventor's intent and goals in submitting this design.


[0033] We now turn to an examination of Easy Groomer through a study of production considerations. We also shall briefly discuss the need of engineering guidance in the development of a new product such as Easy Groomer, and we shall address the overall technical picture as defined by production technology and requirements. Clearly, however, in studying this range of production considerations, we cannot offer a complete and comprehensive picture of all possible production considerations.

[0034] Drawing on available know-how, the design features included in the Easy Groomer seem well within the limits of technology. Naturally, however, further design work is necessary to determine the ideal size and shape of the product's components.

[0035] The materials submitted by Ricky B. Johnson, Inventor, describe the concept in enough detail to give a clear understanding of the intent of the design. They indicate no unusual design features that would complicate the preparation of the product. These relate primarily to design, however, rather than to production. There is little question that the technology to produce Easy Groomer made of injection-molded plastic not only exists but is well established.

[0036] A single, universally-adaptable version would be the ideal prototype model for Easy Groomer. Variations on the basic model, however, would differ in price depending on the cost of different materials. For purposes of constructing a prototype model of Easy Groomer, a prototype model could be made along the lines of the invention described by the Inventor.

[0037] The production technology would vary little from that currently utilized in the production of similar products Materials, processes and even construction would be similar, with adaptations made for the specific design of Easy Groomer. Variations on the basic model again would differ in price depending on the cost of their components.

[0038] The components of Easy Groomer utilize standard production technology. No new research or development in this area is anticipated, nor is major retooling or materials expense expected. Once the design specifications and the material specifications are worked out, the device will be aided in its development by consulting with design specialists who would advise on the appearance and styling that would best appeal to potential consumers.

[0039] Overall, since this product idea appears to be well thought out and workable, there should be little added research or development required for the production phase of this proposed product, as opposed to that required by the design phase.

[0040] The design of Easy Groomer is innovative and yet relatively simple. Existing production processes and techniques will suffice without resorting to new technology. Based upon our review of the materials submitted by Ricky B. Johnson, Inventor, it is our present conclusion that this product can be manufactured from conventional and commercially available materials with existing production technology.

[0041] As for the final shape, grade of materials used and performance standards for each component, these determinations would depend on the results of both further testing and research.

[0042] The following graphic presentation in this section identifies trends in the production of the material of which Easy Groomer is fabricated, retail sales of the invention product group or retail sales of outlets that would sell this invention. embedded image embedded image embedded image


[0043] Once an estimate of the cost of production of Easy Groomer has been determined, consideration must be given to the type of markup structure most feasible for a particular item in determining its final retail price. Pricing is a complicated process and must take into consideration the cost to manufacturers, to wholesalers or distributors and, finally, to the retailer. There must be margin of profit at the manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing levels over and above the costs incurred at each stage.

[0044] Before manufacturers determine their pricing, they must include the fixed costs associated with their industry and with the particular item to be manufactured. These costs include the cost of equipment or retooling, materials, labor and overhead, as well as non-production costs such as handling and shipping, sales expense and product liability insurance.

[0045] The cost and price estimates for Easy Groomer have been developed by comparing this product to others we judge to be similar in composition and complexity. In estimating retail costs, we have applied markups that are standard in the industry.

[0046] These estimates are: 1

(* These figures are strictly preliminary estimates and will vary according to specific materials and specifications as well as to economic status in relation to current retail buying trends.)

[0047] Production Cost include the costs of materials and labor only. Wholesale Cost Price is freight on board (a price f.o.b. does not include carriage costs from the seller to the buyer), point of manufacture, and includes estimates of amortization of fixed costs, overhead and possible profit to a manufacturer, but not the cost of distribution.

[0048] Retail Price assumes a standard percentage markup for distribution and wholesaling (that in fact varies considerably), and adds retailer's fixed overheads and any potential profits. The resultant estimate is for a “normal” retail outlet.

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