Artificial glaciation
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An Artificial Glaciation controlled lowering the level of the oceans by storing ice on the Arctic sea-ice with the help of the winds, first, by developing big ice-dams in the Arctic Straits for preventing the outward flow and for holding the stored ice firmly on the consolidated sea-ice, making it thicker and thicker gradually, directing the big Arctic rivers to the top of the sea-ice, later on allowing them to create their “tundra-land seas” with large open surface areas, allowing the uncooled Gulf Stream to penetrate to the Severnaya, with all of these causing the winds loaded, producing more precipitation, and gaining the lowering the level of the oceans with 1.5 cm/years, producing wide free continental shelves, making all the rivers energetically stronger, free from their old floods, but above all, saving mankind from its present run towards its self annihilation with the increased polar melting.

Herpay, Zoltan (London, GB)
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DR. Zoltan Herpay (London, GB)
1. An Artificial Glaciation triggered and controlled man-made lowering the level of the oceans, as an exact reversal of the current ocean level increment, in which the Arctic ice cover on the sea is planned to be consolidated, seriously thickened, and some parts extended out to the Sub-Arctic, making a considerably sized Arctic Ice Dome, about 17 times thicker in the form of a new ice cover than the lowered ocean level in terms of centimeters per year, and using mostly the freely give wind power, except in the final works of the ice dammings of the greatest Arctic Strait with a very deep dam over a section about 150 - 200 km long, where the sea is 2,600 meter deep, with the use of hot-air jet engine power, as sea-water blowers, mostly made from cheap ice or plastic, but used on a way that all could pulverize the uplifted sea water into the cold air for making large quantities of ice drizzles, so great in quantity that in 6 - 8 - 10 years they could create a bottom sitting non-leaking ice dam between Greenland and the Severnaya, as well as in the Bering Strait, in the meantime driving the big Arctic rivers onto the top of the sea ice in winter, powering the uncooled Gulf Stream as far to the North-East as the Severnaya, with full power, and with these concentrated warming and moisturizing processes filling the winds and the big Northern Planetary Wave for transporting more precipitation to the Sub-Arctic, preferably to the ice-dammed areas for making the actual lowering the level of the oceans in years after years.

2. An Artificial Glaciation triggered and controlled man-made lowering the level of the oceans, in which the sea water sprayers are either large threads reinforced polymeic films and skins of air-compressing canopies, or cast ice bodies in similar shapes, both mas produced for the use of wind-power, or they are large aero-jet enginees, and the ice-sheet drillers are flame-sprayers.

3. A lowering the level of the oceans, in which, in which the sea-water blowers are used in the ice-dam making in the Arctic Straits in order to close the Arctic completely from the world oceans, but the actual lowering the level of the oceans is planned to be made by the loaded winds with precipitations on the enframed Arctic and with large sitting ice-plates on the Antarctica, as the sea-level goes down.

4. A lowering the level of the oceans, in which grand scale human efforts are needed in the evacuating of the coastal Arctic townships, where the invention wants to develop “tundra-land-seas”, or ice covers, making it clear that some rehausing is necessary when the whole growing human population have to be saved.

5. A lowering the level of the oceans by the creation of two large river-delta-seas, preferably with permanently open surfaces, perhaps with gradually growing bodies, which could discharge their running waters and broken ice-plates even in winter times, making the air warmer and wetter.

6. A lowering the level of the oceans in which the uncooled Gulf Stream is directed full-bodiedly towards the Severnaya, deeply into the Kara Sea, transporting more warm waters with more warm air to the Sub-Arctic.

7. A lowering the level of the oceans in which the Mackenzie Sea is discharged either towards the Bering Strait, or towards the Baffin Bay, but the Lena Sea is discharged into the Kara Sea, both with great new powers.

8. A lowering the level of the oceans in which the winds and the great Northern Planetary Wave could be extra-loaded for gretaer prcipitations.

9. A lowering the level of the oceans in which big continental shelves could be reclaimed in the overpopulated areas, and all the rivers would be speeded up to an energetically much more acceptable level, exactly in the time when the fossile fuel is going to be squanderized away by antisynergetics.

10. A lowering the level of the oceans whose investment capital could be made available immediately from a single year of relief found, the Usa pays out after the devastations of several hurricanes and Mississippi flods, but even on this way about half of the investment could be directed to 15 - 20,000 Arctic workers.

11. A lowering the level of the oceans for the saving of mankind from the antisynergetically planned, “inevitable” self-annihilation before it is not too late.

12. An Artifical Glaciation governed lowering the level of the oceans, which could be made safe, which could offer new and clean, as well as plentiful power for a much greater population.

[0001] This invention relates to Artificial Glaciation generated lowering the level of the oceans, as a reversed process of the antisynergetically triggered ocean level increment, (which could lead to the total annihilation of mankind in less than two centuries).

[0002] The present state of ocean level increasing is caused by the global warming of the bad power supply. This humanly enhanced warming was proposed to be enhanced further by Professor Wigner and Michail Borisov in the mid-90-es. Wigner wanted to employ his hydrogen bombs for the melting of the polar ice caps for making the air warmer over Moscow. Borisov wanted to drive the Arctic sea ice out across the Bering Strait towards Los Angeles by the use of his 4000 huge electric pumps in the Strait, hoping that once the ice is out, the Gulf Stream could go into the always freezing Arctic Ocean, make it warm forever, which in effect would make the whole Asia very much varmer. Both men received huge publicity due to their academical standings, but no paper and printing inc was made available for any criticism from a synergetic point of view.

[0003] The many faceted nature of this ocean level lowering is not yet known. Because I sprayed lake water onto lake ice in Canada for minor test works, it was believed by an ice specialist that my method might improve some other ice-packing methods, and I was informed confidentially about the publications of two Japanese designers about the damming of the Drake Passage with a huge ice dam, made from small ice-bricks, cut out from huge icebergs, towed there by a great many Japanese ships, and made available in continuous works in a permanently warm, 12° Celsius high melting temperature. This alone was not a great shocking. The good Japanese scientists also provided beautiful oceanic isothermal maps and showed that as a result of their damming the Kuroshio could be pushed towards Japan with several millimeters in reality. All the mentioned propositions were colossally expensive. The Borisov Project required 4000 big electric pumps in the 50 km wide Bering Strait at the investment capital almost as great as the yearly budget of the United States, but nobody was shocked about that and because he was an almighty Soviet scientific academician, everybody believed that his wishful thinking provided good calculations. As always possible in antisynergetics, when the money is plentiful for destroying mankind.

[0004] The present proposition could be developed from a few available hurricane and flood-damage-relief budgets the USA is paying out yearly after the natural catastrophes, but it could lead to the good employment of about 20,000 new job seekers, and it could lead to the solving of the problems caused by all the hurricanes and floods.

[0005] This invention could be made real and good working for hundreds of years by the starting up works in ten years by using: 1) wind-power augmenting air-jet blowers over leakages in the sea ice, or 2) similarly shaped but ice blowers, cast ice on inflatable moulds, and 3) using large, hydrogen powered aero-jet engines but in the permanent working, 4) using the big Planetary Wave for depositing a greater precipitation onto the well prepared Sub-Arctic ice-dammed ice dome, which automatically could lead to the lowering the level of the ocean about 1.5 2, 2.5 cm per year. A figure, which seems to be insignificant in the eyes of peoples who became too strongly conditioned to the big explosions. However, all these could be financed conveniently for holding about 20,000 Eskimos in good jobs at the expenses of a singular national authority that deals with the damages of yearly floods and hurricanes. Apart from the wages of the workers about 1200 plastic and about 1600 ice blowers are neaded, together with many auxiliary tools, such as ice-leaks blowers or flame sprayers, howercrafts, housing facilities, food supplies, small hospitals and permanent transport-connections.

[0006] This invention is trying to reduce the greatest humanly handled works to the most important ice-dam makings, in which the gigantic looking Greenland-Swalbard ice dam requires a special attention, however, not as great an effort as we might think when the population of the tundra-land and the Siberian Arctic coastal townships have to be evacuated with state interference, which is usually criminalistic, because in it money and the future of the people is involved. The ice dam, necessary in the 420 km wide and 2,600 meter deep Greenland-Swalbard Strait have to be about 10,-12 km wide on the sea level at its deepest section, and about 450 high over the sea level. It have to be made about 1200 blowers mostly with wind power, and only in the final two years with warm air blowing aero-jet engines. The warmer air could transport the finest ice or pulverized water-drizzles to the required height with a slight wind. The number of the probably expensive aero-engines is about 200. But the total length on which they could be made operative is many times greater than the length of the Bering Strait what Borisov wanted to fill with his 4000 pumps. While Borisov wanted to drive the ice cover out, this invention suggests to reinforce and increase the ice, always as much as 17 times thicker than the lowered level of the world-oceans. The Arctic peripheral ice dams are necessary for the holding of the water as well as the thickening ice inside the Arctic ice dome, which would exert a gradually growing isostatic pressure upon the whole Arctic basin. After the ice dams are completed in the first ten years, the yearly precipitation would maintain their height with a special care, not a subject of this invention. The biggest plastic canopy for blowing pulvarized water from a large flame-cut hole in the ice about 10×15 meter in area, could be 150 meter long 100 meter wide, 50 meter high, stretched up by two small lighter-than air mini airships, kept up by steel ropes, having a frontal- or mouth-area of 5000 m2 for taking in the wind, and a high speed jet producing nozzle at its lower end which could vary between 120-150 m2, allowing to create minimum 40 times greater jet-blowing over a leakage than the available wind speed.

[0007] As the high speed jet blows horizontally or slightly upwardly on the top of the leaked ice, it blows out about 300 m3 of water per second, when the wind speed is only 20 km per hour. This Venturi-effect would make the water pulverized and crystallized into fine ice-drizzles, moving probably as far away from the plastic canopy as 1.5,-20 km, but its width would not be greater than a few hundred meters. Thus it is necessary to position similarly acting canopies side-by side in a close distance, about 250 metres away from each other. The number of the very big plastic canopies are about 600. The medium sized canopies are also 600. Still designed for the making of the Greenland ice dam, but towards the islands. The longer but not very deep straits between the Swalbard and the Severnaya Islands would require six-rate facilities, probably all the blowing canopies made from cast ice bodies. The greatest advantage of these blowers is that they could work with the wind quite well in or about 200 days per year, and they could make the Arctic ice sheet consolidated in the first year of the works. The process of consolidation requires every bit of extra watering or iceing on the top of the ice. One of the best ways is to drive the big Arctic rivers onto the ice on the sea as long as possible, by elevating them with delta-floodings, merely for making the sea ice gradually thicker and thicker, as well as making the air warmer and wetter. This eventually could lead to a gradual growing of the watering capacity of these rivers, until they are no longer capable to flow upwardly to the thickening Arctic ice dome, and they must find thir way outwardly from their well elevated new sea-bodies. The Lena-Sea for example, across the Proliv Vilskutskogo, a 45 - 50 km wide mini strait between the Severnaya and the main land, in which ice dam is not designed. Across this strait the Lena Sea is planned to run continuously in a catarrach-like manner, carrying its own ice-plates into the warmer Kara Sea, where the full bodied Gulf Stream is waiting for the discharged ice-plates of the Lena Sea. This extensive warming and air-moisturizing over large and long areas would modify the presently dry and cold winds, including the big Northern Planetary Wave, which if loaded with more moisture, it could penetrate deeper beyond the projected ice dams with many new snowing and raining by which the actual lowering the level of the oceans could take place in a very fine gradually increasing manner, whose calculation is difficult. Therefore I fashion the approximate level lowering in or about 1.5, 2, and later on 2.5 cm per year in the first 100 years. This seems to be very insignificant to the feable minded, but it must be comprehended that if mankind would wait too much with this project, later on the result could be less and less until there would be a zero rezult. However, if 1.5 or 2 meters of lowering could be achieved in the first hundred years, the colossally sized Antarctica would senze the human works and makes its own contribution without the need for any human help, merely by sitting with its huge ice-plates onto a wider and wider sea bottom.

[0008] By doing that, the Antarctica would release less and less icebergs to the oceans and the rate of level lowering is gradully increasing, without making the Arctic ice dome proportionately thicker. Again, the exact calcultation is very difficult. This is an up to now not yet comprehended synergetic advantage, about which Buckminster Fuller was never informed. It is a great pity, for he comprehended synergetic and tanergetic designing very fast, and he was lucky enough for doing publications. After his death antisynergetics quickly became totalitarian, which is reflected in the serious suppressions of all the synergetic and tanergetic scientific struggles. There is a possibility that mankind could not be informed about the greatest danger that antisynergetics is planning its complete annihilation. Antisynergetics simply makes the problems greater and greater, until Good Bye Mankind! No more problems.

[0009] It is therefore a crucially important decision in the life of mankind to see, what would be better: 1) To be annihilated by antisynergetics soon? or 2) To stay on board of a sligthly cooler, but humanly triggered artificial glaciation controlled planet with lowered ocean levels, making large areas free for many new millions, and working for a few more centuries, perhaps as far deeply into the future as the end of this new Millennium, with still gradual global warming which eventually would create its own glaciation control, in the final run perhaps together with a complete weather control.

[0010] A specific embodiment of the invention will now be described by way of example with reference to the accompanying drawing in which:

[0011] FIG. 1 shows the side in cross-section of a threads-reinforced polymeric canopy for the augmenting of the wind speed into a narrower but much higher speed jet flow, directed horizontally or slightly upwardly over an open leakage in the sea-ice in order to blow a great amount of water pulverizedly to the top of the ice cover, causing to the latter to sink as it is loaded.

[0012] FIG. 2 the profile of a similar canopy, made from ice on an inflated rubber body in a fast casting method, in which sea water is sprayed up to the mould in the cold air, three or four a day.

[0013] FIG. 3 shows a specially designed aero-jet engine for using hydrogen fuel on the final on the final stage of the big ice-dam making, in which extra thermal energy is needed in order to lift the upgoing fine ice-drizzles or water droplets as high as 400,- 450 metres with a slight help of the winds.

[0014] FIG. 4 shows a top planar view diagram of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic with two wavy-lines of the Northern Planetary Wave, A and B, lines, in which the B line is meandering on a wider path and penetrating deeply into the creation field of the Arctic ice dome, due to the grand scale warmings on the ground.

[0015] Referring to FIG. 1 small plastic canopies were stretched out by tubes on a lake ice in Canada in the mid 70-es, when the wind speed was less than 15 km per hour, merely to make some measurements on the stored ice later on, as the winter passed by in late Apryl, when no ice remained anywhere in the vicinity. Apart from a few indians nobody was interested about “a new method of fishing.” The gained water-spraying jet flow was only 20 times greater than the wind speed. A tremendous amount of drizzled ice was blown out across the 1.5 km wide lake in a 200 meters wide strip, which went up on the hill-side at the other side and made the trees white over the approximately 300 metres high hill. Because I did photographs from the bendings of the overloaded ice on the lake, some believed that I wanted to make ice storages in useless lakes merely for making the fast coming hottest part of the early summer cooler. The ice heep remained on the lake about a month after all the ice covers disappeared. However, in this invention the best proposed size of a threads-reinforced plastic canopy C is 130 metres long, 50 metres high, 100 metres wide, lifted up by easely operational, small lighter than air balloons B , stretched out with steel ropes R, and while the opening or intake area OI is about 5,000 m2, the output jet opening J is only 100 - 120 m2, making the outblowing air jet minimum 40 times higher than the speed of the wind. If positioned over a lrge leakage in the ice and directed slightly upwardly over the 150 m2 hole, it could lift about 300 m3 of water per second into the air pulverizedly, and such a blower could generate a square km great ice-heep one meter high in an hour time, if the wind is about 20 km per hour. On the Arctic such “windy” days are about 200 per years. Winds are considered as serious power-sources in many countries. The plastic canopies could be modified in their positions. The holes or leakages are cut by flame-sprayers. Each water sprayer is positioned about 250 metres beside another. Each canopy have to be looked after minimum two men in a brief period of time. The making costs of the plastic canopies are split-fragments of the costs of the big electric engines of Borisow, who wanted to employ 4000 big pumps in the mini Bering Strait. The total number of plastic canopies in the Greenland Strait is 1200. The power, used by them is free.

[0016] Referring to FIG. 2 the canopy made from cast iceC/is much cheaper, but it is not mobile. Yet, because most winds are prevailing, a very great number could be made from thse within a few months in the early winter-time, September and October, and they could be very effective in the long wintery months until the end of March. In the oncoming melting summer months they would melt away. A certain amount of the artificial ice heep would also go, but whatever will flow away on the inner side of the Arctic dam, it might stay on the ice-cover as sweet water. Even on the outer side there is a possibility to save some amount of the melted water, but it does not belong to this invention. The ice-blowers are medium sized, yet they might be the “working mules” on the long but not very deep Swalbard-Severnaya section.

[0017] Referring to FIG. 3 any sort of aero-jet engine could do the water-blowing, but the fuel-transportation would lift the costs high. Since there are winds on the Arctic everywhere, there might be a possibility to position many electric power generators and with them hydrogen fuel makers. The aero-jet engines could work even in windless weather. It is believed that in the final run of the making of the very deep dam in the middle of the Greenland Strait would require about 200 such engines in a quick changing of their spraying posts. Note that the number of 200 is not 4000 and the sizes are also smaller, but the width of the straith in which they are planned to be used for one, maximum for two years, is minimum four times wider than the Bering Strait.

[0018] Referring to FIG. 4 two types of the known Northern Planetary Wave are shown; both are working but in our Arctic glaciation the B type is more preferable, for it could transport more precipitation to the Sub-Arctic ice-field making. This wave is working without papers and computers. While it is true that there is no such a thing as a free meal, when we could see the power of this wave, as it would lift some water out from the oceans for us, it might appear that there is a free meal after all, once we know what to do. Though in recent publications scientists are tending to ignore its old name, I am using it, hoping that the readers of this paper could comprehend the scope of this invention. After a short, about ten years long works it is this wave motion which could do the job for us without the need for any further human interference. One of the greatest works for all of mankind, without much need for human interference. The sceptic migth complain immediately about the upsetting of the fine balance. But there is no such a thing. Nature does not work with balance. Nature is either overpoweringly creative, or overpoweringly destructive. Antisynergetics could follow only its destructive, life-degenerative principles with its greater and greater bureaucracy and with the lower and lower quality of life. That is why I propose the employment of Eskimos in the “manufacturing part” of this patent specification. The Eskimos would know, what is not manufacturing, yet it might upset the existing patent system, in which grand scale processes are usually considered as valuless. Accordingly, many of the best grand scale works are ignored and left behind unpaid, until the most irrelevant peoples are getting the revards.

[0019] What are the values of this glaciation controlled ocean level lowerings?

[0020] 1) Mankind could be saved from its antisynergetic self annihilation.

[0021] 2) The ocean level is not merely stopped in its upcoming but it is retreating, leaving behind probably great continental shelve areas.

[0022] 3) All the rivers are loosing their floodings, and all of them are getting to be more energetic, giving ways to clean power supply.

[0023] 4) Two new sea-discharging systems would increase the existing river flow.

[0024] 5) In the final run both of the polar ice cups could be populated.

[0025] 6) The extensive, humanly non-exhaustible clean power supply would lead to a cleaner air and a cleaner sky with less and less greehouse-effect in an epoch, when the human population would be 8 - 10 times greater, the fossile fuel would be history, and mankind could struggle with new sicknesses, probably less dangerous than the sicknesses we are compelled to have today in the fossile fuel-pollution-infected air.

[0026] 7) The complete result of this invention could be enjoyed in a time when the fossile fuel supply would no longer be available, but the population could reach 50 - 55,000 million before the year of 2121.

[0027] 8) The project could be started up almost immediately with a careful information supply, especially towards those peaples, who have to be evacuated from their existing Sub-Arctic townships, by explaining clearly, why the step is needed, and nobody is planned to be made poorer and poorer, but this is the only way of saving mankind from a very dangerous self-annihilation.