Joist-positioning device
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A joist-positioning device includes a multi-sided body, with one side formed with a joist-capture region. The joist-capture region can be made as opposing plates with a space between them. The plates are constructed so that they that have a certain tensioning quality that holds the device relative to a desired object such as the web of an I-joist.

Piscione, Joe (Boise, ID, US)
Dawson, Mike (Boise, ID, US)
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We claim:

1. A joist-positioning device, comprising: a body having multiple sides, wherein one of the sides includes a joist-capture region that is constructed to hold the device in a desired position relative to a joist.

2. The device of claim 2, wherein the joist-capture region is formed as opposing plates that are spaced from each other.



[0001] This application claims priority to U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 60/343,453, filed Dec. 20, 2001 and entitled “Joist Clip”.


[0002] The invention is a joist-positioning device (referred to by the trademark JOIST CLIP in the above-identified provisional patent application) which is inserted into the web of an engineered I-joist before the I-joist is inserted into a concrete foundation wall pocket. The joist-positioning device provides lateral stability for the I-joist before the subfloor is installed over the floor joists. The joist clip also helps center the I-joist in the concrete foundation wall pocket. The attachment includes photographs and graphics and additional textual description of the invention and how it is used.

[0003] On pg. 2 of the attachment, there is a drawing labeled FIG. 1. The joist-positioning device is shown at 10, and may be made from a suitably strong material, whether metal or plastic such as the plastic known as ABS.

[0004] Referring to pg. 5 of the attachment, a sectional view of joist-positioning device 10 is also shown. Device 10 has a multi-sided body 12. A side 12a is formed with a joist-capture region 14. The presently preferred way to form region 14 is to locate opposing plates 16 with a space 18 between them. Plates 16 are constructed so that they that have a certain tensioning quality that holds device 10 relative to a desired object such as the web of an I-joist. Plates 16 can be spread apart under pressure (such as when device 10 is attached to the web of a wood I-joist), but resilient enough so that they will tend to close against the force or object that spreads them apart. In this way, device 10 on pg. 5 of the attachment is pushed onto the web of an I-joist, which causes space 18 to enlarge, and the overall width of device 10 to enlarge (to 1.9″ as described in the attachment).

[0005] The remaining sections of the attachment supplement the above and shows examples of the above textual description.

[0006] The disclosure set forth above may encompass multiple distinct inventions with independent utility. Although each of these inventions has been disclosed in its preferred form(s), the specific embodiments thereof as disclosed and illustrated herein are not to be considered in a limiting sense, because numerous variations are possible. The subject matter of the inventions includes all novel and nonobvious combinations and subcombinations of the various elements, features, functions, and/or properties disclosed herein. The following claims particularly point out certain combinations and subcombinations regarded as novel and nonobvious. Inventions embodied in other combinations and subcombinations of features, functions, elements, and/or properties may be claimed in applications claiming priority from this or a related application. Such claims, whether directed to a different invention or to the same invention, and whether broader, narrower, equal, or different in scope to the original claims, also are regarded as included within the subject matter of the inventions of the present disclosure.