Wheelchair blanket/jacket/slicker
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A wheelchair blanket/jacket/slicker garment that provides those who are elderly, disabled or other adaptive persons with warmth, protection and convenience. A full sleeve, full front portion with a contoured wing-back portion design that lends freedom of mobility while maintaining objectives without sacrifice to comfort and style.

La Scala, Linda B. (Yorkshire, NY, US)
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A41D13/12; (IPC1-7): A41B1/00; A41D1/00
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LINDA B. LA SCALA (Yorkshire, NY, US)

I claim:

1. A medium weight garment comprising: a front portion of full length from neck portion to ankle and upper contoured wing-back portion that connects to front portion encompassing sleeve portion, elasticized neck and cuff with Velcro closures at back portion and lower front portion, a chest wet-guard portion, whereby said garment provides freedom of mobility without the sacrifice to warmth, protection and convenience.

2. The garment set forth in claim 1, wherein said front portion from elasticized neck to ankle having Velcro tabs to enclose around legs, consistent with front portion a pocket located 10″ down from neck portion.

3. The garment according to claim 1, having an upper contoured wingback portion with Velcro closure.

4. The garment according to claim land 3, encompassing front and back portion around sleeve attaching under sleeve portion.

5. The garment according to claim 1, chest wet-guard located on backside of front portion to protect against damping to under garments.



[0001] The present invention relates to the general field of apparel worn for warmth, protection and convenience for the elderly, disabled and other adaptive people that have the need for wheelchair use.


[0002] Numerous varieties of wearing apparel have been provided for such adaptive persons. Due to the multitudes of inconveniences such as, bulk, slipping, multiple pieces, drafts and so on, are results of problematic areas of the prior art. Prior apparel such as the poncho, have been suitable for there use yet, do not have the full effective purpose like the present invention.

[0003] Hence it is most beneficial to provide a blanket/jacket/slicker, (bjs or present invention), that supplies the multi-care needs as stated above to achieve the warmth, comfort and protection from the elements with freedom of mobility still intact for the user.


[0004] The present invention (17) provides an adaptive wheelchair bound individual to have the freedom of mobility while maintaining warmth, protection, and convenience, without sacrifice of style. This invention is worn like a jacket with sleeves (1) or a poncho without sleeves that can be pulled over ones head or Velcro (2) is used to close (10) the winged back upper portion (3) without having the bulk on ones back. While the upper back portion (3) length goes to just under the shoulder blades (16), the front portion (4) continues the length to the ankle (5) having Velcro tabs (6) to close the lower front portion (4) around the calf area of the user. The upper full sleeve portion (1) has ribbing or elastasized wrist or cuff area (7) for wear ease. A pocket (8) maybe placed 10″ down from cowl or v-neck area (9) of the front portion. An optional hood (11) with Velcro tabs (12), that attaches to Velcro on neck area (12), for easy ability for removal as well as, tabs (13) for closure around the face. For individuals with drool or wet problems, a wet guard is opted for in chest area (15).


[0005] FIG. 1 is a front view of present invention with elevated contour wing-back portion and hood portion.

[0006] FIG. 2 is a three-quarter view of present invention shown in FIG. 1.

[0007] FIG. 3 is a full back view of present invention with view of wet-guard outlined in FIG. 1.


[0008] Referring to the present drawings in detail, wherein as reference characters refer to like parts throughout the three figures, elements and portions. A further description is specified with detail to parts of referred invention 17. FIGS. 1-3 shows garment 17 in full showing a back upper portion 3, two arm sections 1, and a front full portion 4.

[0009] FIG. 1 shows a full front portion 4 with an elevated upper back portion 3 that shows the winged-back Velcro closure 10,2. The front portion has an applicated double pocket 8 with a cowl neck 9 portion. As shown in FIGS. 1-3, the arm or sleeve portions 1 are attached to front and back portions 4,3. Sleeves 1 address wrists 7 with ribbed cuff that are elasticized. The function of the elasticized neck and cuff 9,7 are intended for a close fit to minimize infiltration of wind and water about the garment. As shown, Velcro tabs 14 are used to attach hood 11 that have the male Velcro end 12 to fit the female end adjacent to cowl or v-neck portion 9. The attachable hood 11 may be enclosed around face with located tabs 13 on inside of hood 11. FIGS. 1-3 also give attention to the upper back portion 3 that encompasses the shoulders and closes with Velcro 2 located at back of neck 10. In addition, the front view 4 shows the length extending to ankle 5 with Velcro male and female tabs for optional leg closure 6. Having an option to enclose the invention would prevent flapping if worn outdoors.

[0010] FIG. 2 shows a three-quarter view with shadowed side indicating the back-side of invention 17. FIG. 2 also gives an open view of upper back portion with the Velcro male and female closure 10, 2, 3. This view shows the detail of the contour that is the wingback 3 that connects front 4 and upper back portion 3 to sleeve portion 1. As can be seen the figure, a minimum seam is in view to lessen any irritating discomfort that can come from multiple seams. Developing the wing-back upper portion 3 eliminates the discomfort of bulk and shifting that can be received from alternative garments.

[0011] FIG. 3 gives a full back view of invention 17 with upper winged-portion 3 open with total view of chest wet-guard 15 and contour cowl neck 9. The chest wet-guard is applied to inside to prevent damping of garments under blanket and out of view to others. As in FIGS. 1 and 2, front portion length to ankle 5 as well as the Velcro male and female tabs 6 are also in view. The Velcro male and female tabs 2 that close upper back portion 10, 3 are in view like that in FIGS. 1 and 2. The view in FIG. 3 show shadowed area for sleeve portion 1, 7.


[0012] The embodiment disclosed herein has been discussed to familiarize readers with the aspects of the invention. It is understood that modification, substitution and many changes may be made.

[0013] Therefore, with present form of invention of blanket/jacket/slicker is shown and described, skilled persons in the art will appreciate that various changes and modification can and may be made without departing from original invention as defined in the following claims.

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