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The Pacifier Keeper is a small piece of pliable material, approximately the size of an outlet, which has three circular indentions in it. Those indentions are going to hold or store pacifiers for infants or toddlers. The hard circular “handle” of the pacifiers will be placed in the indentions so that the nipple is facing out. A small lip of the same pliable material will hold the pacifiers in the Pacifier Keeper until they are removed. The Pacifier Keeper will attach to a crib or any other area around the house to allow independent access to pacifiers.

Parker, Susan Marie (McKinney, TX, US)
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A47D15/00; A61J17/00; (IPC1-7): A47C31/00
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Susan Parker (McKinney, TX, US)

What I claim as my invention is:

1. the semi-circular or ovular indention in conjunction with1 the small pliable “lip” around the indention, and the function of this indention and “lip” which is to hold a pacifier securely and allow for easy access to the pacifier.



[0001] This application claims precedence over application No. 60/348,825 filed on Jan. 14, 2002. The Pacifier Keeper is an invention that will attach securely and flush against a smooth surface and hold three pacifiers, nipple side out. The Pacifier Keeper will allow for the convenient, independent, accessibility to pacifiers by an older infant or toddler. Since it glows in the dark, the Pacifier Keeper is designed mainly to be attached to the crib so that an older infant or toddler will have access to pacifiers during the night that otherwise might be lost in the bedding or have fallen to the floor. However, because of its small size and invaluable function, the Pacifier Keeper can also be attached to other surfaces such as refrigerator doors, the back of a seat in the car, or any smooth surface that the parent chooses which will allow the older infant or toddler independent access to their pacifiers. The Pacifier Keeper, while allowing independent access to pacifiers for older infants and toddlers, also provides a safe and convenient storage place for the pacifiers as opposed to counter-tops, pockets, the floor, or wherever else they tend to land.

[0002] This Pacifier Keeper will attach to a solid crib headboard, footboard, or other surface by means of a durable double-sided tape that will cover the entire backside of the Keeper to hold it flush and securely against a solid crib wall or surface. If the crib has slats on all sides then an attachment piece, that will be included, should be used for proper installation. This attachment piece will consist of a solid, smooth, lightweight material with the exact same measurements for length and width as the back of the Pacifier Keeper, and some hard-ware for attachment purposes. The Keeper will be secured to this piece in similar fashion with durable double-sided tape. Either form of attachment to the crib or other surface will provide a safe and convenient storage place for pacifiers with accessibility for older infants and toddlers.

[0003] The Pacifier Keeper is one solid piece of a pliable rubber-like, non-toxic material that measures approximately 5 inches in length, 2½ inches in width, ½ inch in depth, and has four rounded comers. The backside is smooth and will attach flush via a durable tape to the crib, surface, or to the attachment piece provided.

[0004] The front or face of the Pacifier Keeper (FIG. 1) consists of three, semi-circular or ovular indentions that measure approximately the same size as the front hard circular or ovular shape part of a specific pacifier (for instance “MAM” pacifiers, but any pacifier with similar characteristics will do) as shown in FIG. 2, labeled. These indentions will have a small “lip” all the way around, also made out of the same pliable material, to ensure that a pacifier will be held securely in place until an infant or toddler grabs for it, and with only minimal effort the pacifier will release from under the pliable “lip.” For added help in locating the Pacifier Keeper during the nighttime hours, a luminescent substance will be added to the pliable rubber-like material during production so the entire invention will subtly glow during the night.

[0005] The face or front of the Keeper will have slightly shorter dimensions for the length and width than the back measured at approximately 5 inches by 2½ inches, so that the sides can taper slightly from the front to back. This feature will deter the infant or toddler from trying to detach the keeper from the crib, surface, or attachment piece. In addition, all four corners will be rounded to deter detachment as well as for added safety.


[0006] FIG. 1: Front-side or face view with slightly shorter measurements than the 5″×2½″ backside to allow for the tapered side-walls on all four sides, labeled “a” on this diagram. Label “b” shows one of the three half-circle indentations that will hold the pacifier.

[0007] FIG. 2: Cross-sectional side view of the Pacifier Keeper. Label “a” once again shows the tapered sidewalls. Label “b” refers to once again one of the three half-circular indentations. Label “c” refers to the pliable small “lip” that aids in securing the pacifier in the Pacifier Keeper. Label “d” shows the hard plastic semi-circular part of the pacifier that fits into one of the Pacifier Keepers' indentions. Label “e” shows the nipple part of the pacifier. Label “f” shows the pacifier being held securely in the bottom indention of the Pacifier Keeper.

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